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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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How many of you have actually lived in a "anti-capitalist" community (i.e. a socialist state, an anarchist commune, etc.) ? What was your experience in this community?
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Better organize at work for better level of living first, rather than in a hermit commune. But also it is sort of naive to assume that workers will somehow self-organize, may be yes, but they may need some "push". I mean, are not conditions suited for communism at the moment? Labor productivity is so high that we all could work just 2-4 hours/day instead of 8+ hours. Some communes are sort of cool, too.


>(not my house because technically i have no house)
squatter gang?


damn second international truly never died


I went to china for a month


was it okay?

File: 1608525017125.png (628.42 KB, 980x670, tankos meme-2.png)

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Második felvonás!
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Tzighániok vagytok mind.


File: 1634672014405.jpg (69.4 KB, 1024x681, ba20130113_1987.jpg)


Cigányok figyelmébe ajánlva: >>555307


Megbaszták a tett.merce.hu-t? Nem tölt be.

File: 1634566908984.jpg (39.05 KB, 600x586, 876543.jpg)


What is the /leftypol/ opinion on stocks and the stock market? Do you own any stocks yourself? If so, which ones?
>inb4 stocks are… LE BAD
why do you think so?
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I spend 3k when it was around 400 a share, sold most at around 780 and then rejoined at the 640s, for 6 months I get very good profits from selling put options.


noone? It died?


If its not on the catalog and you want it to be, why not make it?


it was here until recently. it was full. I am for vacation for two weeks and it seems like its dead? thats why I am asking.


It's been here the whole time.
Protip: the site has search features, including in the catalog view.

File: 1634675928123.png (220.56 KB, 704x396, 1634650848033.png)




gg hypersonic missle for the win

all hail xi


File: 1634677100511.jpg (55.36 KB, 500x281, k.jpg)

It's time for GDI to pay for its treachery.


Can someone explain to me what the actual fuck is going on in Beirut….and the entire world in general, it's like everybody want to go to war WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ?
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There's a remarkably low amount of war in the world right now, historically speaking


calm before storm i guess


Ok Obama


It's true though.

Meh, it's possible that there will be an upswing of war once the resource crisis/climate change really kick off, but I mean, all the big players will still have nukes, I don't really see it.


Everything else from the 80s has come back in full force, so why not redo the Lebanese Civil War?

File: 1634530340202.png (4.61 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


>developed in a 3rd world country in the fucking 90s
>gore, cartoonish displays of violence, sexual assault and blatant xenophobia, and documents on CIA and NATOs influence in foreign affairs perfectly allowed
>barely makes any actual revenue meaning it’s moderation team is almost nonexistent
>so moronically dogshit to the point that it got attention from fucking chan users
How has this site survived for so fucking long, it’s not even popular in nigeria
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I think the Hausa Fulani are more despised in Nigeria due to them being a pain in the ass but nope it's the eternal Igbo.


ipob hands wrote these words


my dad used to browse this site. idk about now
>tfw shitposting jeans

someone needs to redpill biafra secessionists on socialism

most of the planet cucked us. there are also some practicing jews who are igbo. i don't know how long their practice has lasted though. probably doesn't date back to precolonial times

idk if biafra is even a good idea. im guessing pan-africans would have rather such autonomous regions after warding off imperialism?



File: 1634595619894.png (2.68 KB, 310x163, ClipboardImage.png)


Important notes

Neoliberalism isn’t gonna survive past next decade, and when I say it’s not gonna survive I mean it’s gonna die globally not even in the USA it’s just too inefficient as a form of capitalism meaning what’s next is either a return to libertarian policies or fascism for most capitalist states with France already bordering fascism

The USA won’t dissolve as a state(you’d be surprised at how fucked a country needs to get to even reach that point without foreigners trying to annex the country) but the bourgeoisie of that country is gonna have to prepare for massive losses because the recent mass strikes and labour epidemics is reflecting an oncoming trend of increasing resentment for the rich in general and shows how far worker abuse can realistically go before capitalists can no longer exploit proles before either losing influence or becoming fascistic, a trend that’s been documented for years now as more Americans than ever identify as socialists, want the wealthy to pay heavier taxation and most of how public services in the USA to be either reformed or abolished. The future for them is gonna be fascistic because based off American history that’s pretty standard but it’s also likely that they will receive some sort of improved social welfare and living standards as American cities naturally grow and more rural Americans migrate to them
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File: 1634664406302.gif (29.13 KB, 200x172, muttlasers.gif)

>american geniuses like Elon Musk
kek burgerstan is FUCKED



>s if you can enslave the working class to foreign corporations you fucking dolt,

most of the countries that used shimomuran economics engaged in highly nationalitstic economics where they prefered funded protected and used domestic firms instead of foriegn ones

> likewise you have cucked as shit countries like SK and Singapore whose economies are heavily reliant on China and the USA

yeah and most of the cuckness started happening once these countries started embracing neo liberal economics.
before that these countries were rapidly developing and rising and spreading their exports world wide. Japan for instance controlled nearly the world wide semi conductor and had top 10 world wide computer companies.

>>guy that made up the belief system said it was unsustainabl

bruh except i said the us could continue capitalism for a "longer while" not forever.For example he us could continue capitalism if they had invested in key industries through credit creation alot post 1960s. Like instead of abandoing the car steel and other important industries industries to die besides tariffs if they had instead invested and engaged in a nationalistic and subsidization policy. It would have delayed the inevitable industrial and economic delay we see in the us. But the burgers are too dumb to do that.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>could continue capitalism
that would be bad for quarterly numbers and any politician or capitalist who attempted a "long game" would be replaced in the pursuit of immediate profit


yeah and thats why america is fucked. because none of them can see the long game or arent interested in the long game for short term profits



or they dont give a shit about america at all and just rather pursue profit no matter what and would do everything to pursue that profit even if it fucks up america


like this book written by a japanese borg even mentioned this when he spent time with american borg

Morita's assertions
It is not unusual that Morita, who lived in New York for some time and was one of the most successful and famous businessmen in Japanese history, would have many opinions on U.S. business culture.

American business
American business focuses too much on money games like mergers and acquisitions, and not enough on creating real goods and manufacturing power.
American business focuses too much on short-term profits, such as moving manufacturing overseas, while sacrificing long term overall livelihood.
American company executives receive too much income, which hurts their companies.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1633498447931.mp4 (922.78 KB, 1280x720, Žižek Cat.mp4)

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first thread: >>>/leftypol_archive/9920
last thread (>>361470) hit the bump limit, so i'm thinking to start a new one

post /lefty/ videos here! we welcome .webm and .mp4, and others
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i'm looking for a similar video which starts with the ussr flag being lowered and at the end there's a picture of a satanic goat
been requesting this vid in a few other webm threads and no luck yet


File: 1634662266022-0.mp4 (12.29 MB, 1280x720, Literally-1989.mp4)

File: 1634662266022-1.mp4 (2.23 MB, 388x240, Funniest-shit-I.mp4)


File: 1634669317247-0.webm (3.08 MB, 320x240, robert hoogland.webm)

File: 1634669317247-1.webm (2.84 MB, 720x480, dilate.webm)

File: 1634669317247-3.webm (2.52 MB, 1334x750, 1578174194327.webm)

File: 1634669317247-4.webm (3.77 MB, 1280x720, 1627116028422.webm)


File: 1634675055570.webm (730.39 KB, 658x480, ledentisthasarrived.webm)


I am getting transgender news only from right wing sources apparently and because I feel gay rights and transgender rights are fully promoted and being used to suppress other rights by neoliberals (I dont have any problem with any of those, I just feel they take massive air time and discussion time, like how the holocaust is only about jews disregarding the other half massacred and being used by Israel to suppress criticism) I am feeling a bit reactionary on the topic lately. Maybe it just that I am fed too much propaganda in all honesty.

What is the definite book or even good written article that I should read on gay/transgender (are those called identity) rights. Thank you.


>I am getting transgender news only from right wing sources … I just feel they take massive air time and discussion time
Well if you're trying to avoid it, I don't know why you're seeking out right-wing news sources on the subject since that's all they seem to want to talk about. Why are you torturing yourself like this?


I am not. Its just that chans are mostly right wing.

File: 1619621596196.png (114.59 KB, 1435x1600, gfhj.png)

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A general thread for all South Asian related discussion.
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why is it so hard to study, even theory
i guess because i worry that it will not help me

also wtf all you guys are posting here?


Sup Asia bros!
I have some questions about Northeast India.
I'm reading up on the Sino-Indian War right now and I'm wondering if this region still is a bit more "based" because of that recent history in contact with the Chinese revolution / communists and perhaps even more so because (as I recently found out) many of the ethnic groups living in this region are either Sino-Tibetan (like the Chinese) or Kra-Dai (like the Lao)?


I'm currently reading 'A Feast of Vultures' by josy joseph and holy shit India's situation seem to be a lot worse than I though it was. Literally nothing works properly, everything is deeply corrupted, and criminals rule over the roost.


Dravidian fbi.gov Server

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