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File: 1626999543711.jpg (59.04 KB, 457x640, 468bf83e2ebe613d2683af95a7….jpg)


Why is eugenics bad? I have a relatively minor genetic disease I inherited from my father and it sucks. I saw my dad suffering it as i grew up, getting dizzy and having to lie down. I didn't have it at first but now that im older i ended up getting the same shit, i feel dizzy all the time and tired as fuck.

Yes I know eugenics has a bad rep due to nazism and scientific racism. And there's arguably capitalist eugenics as well, preserving the life and health of the rich at the expense of the working class. But if there was a rational social order, eugenics based on actual science and genetics rather than race or class, why would it be bad?

Why would a person who has a chance to pass on genetic disorders, or a serious transmissible disease (eg. HIV) do that? You're condemning an innocent child to a life of suffering.

Is it really wrong to say its a bad idea for people not to pass this on? I only have a minor condition I can only imagine what its like for people with severe conditions
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You have no fucking idea what labor entails, you childish faggot.
I don't know how people believe the ruling elites are secretly afraid of the masses and need to keep buying them off. The only reason they care at all about giving stuff to poors is to keep the supply chain at a barely functional minimum. That is coming to an end, and thus, there are reports of food shortages, all engineered. Farmers are complaining that they cannot sell their crops, because of engineered labor shortages and deliberate sabotage of the supply chain at every level.


I don't give a shit if Bezos and friends fulfill their childhood dream of being astronauts, at the end of the day. This is a false conflict in that we are told we are not allowed to have nice things, and we are supposed to scorn the rich for having nice things, rather than scorn the rich for what they actually do. The really damning thing is that private space exploration is a hilarious joke and a waste of money. About the only reason why this would be revolutionary would be if you subscribe to the belief that the 1960s-1970s space exploration programs were entirely made up.
The other really, REALLY damning thing is that our problems at home are deliberately engineered, rather than some accident which "just happens" to exist. The idea that we would live through Obama's austerity and privatization drive would have been seen as a barbaric outrage in the 1960s. They would think Obama was a ruthless dictator for doing what he did. It takes nothing less than the most extreme propaganda / brainwashing offensive in human history to present Obama as a legitimate head of state, or the whole political order of the past decade as anything other than a movement towards fascism. When that wasn't enough, they had to bring out the Gladio ops and Trumpism to kill even more people, for the sake of eugenics and the greed of the new class.

I can, in the end, expect the rich to do what they do. What I cannot forgive or abide is the new class and their behavior throughout this entire ordeal. At every opportunity, they have chosen to side with the most reactionary of oligarchic aims, clamoring to take them further. This is not even for the material advancement of the new class, but because this new class has become a class of the worst cravens and does so because they know nothing else. They have every opportunity to put a stop to this. All the madness we have seen for the past year could come to an immediate halt if the new class, in unison, exercised the power that was granted to them. They refuse to, because at this point, the new class is for me the greater evil than even the oligarchic capitalists. That's just how it is.


> The idea that we would live through Obama's austerity and privatization drive would have been seen as a barbaric outrage in the 1960s. They would think Obama was a ruthless dictator for doing what he did.
For some reason I doubt the people that lived through and largely supported Reagan, Thatcher, the Clintons, Bush, and Blair would call Obama a ruthless dictator for doing exactly what they all did


Reagan was elected after a very significant chunk of the electorate stopped voting, because the Democrats had become that objectionable and were experimenting with their own kind of neoliberalism. The people of voting age in the 60s thought that if you tried to do even what Reagan did, it would lead to disaster. Reagan had to push hard within his own party for what he was about to do, so much that even Poppy Bush called it voodoo economics. If you told someone in 1964 that you were going to force people to buy private health insurance at extortionate rates, then conspire to jack up the cost of health care even further with the intention of driving poor people to bankruptcy, and you were going to do that by printing 15 trillion dollars and giving it all to banking oligarchs, what do you think that would look like? Shit, critics of Obama when it happened were willing to call this outrageous theft what it was, but the narrative was hypernormalized and turned into "reactionary Tea Party talk". By that time, though, people were so beaten down and demoralized, and Bush Jr. just started a literal Hitlerian war in the Middle East. It took decades of grinding and brainwashing, as I said, for people to support something as brazen as the Obama plan, and this was done in lockstep with every other country in the global capitalist order. China did it to an even bigger extent, except that they didn't have a middle class to dispossess that was particularly large. In China, the way it went, their equivalent of the Obama technocrats were "the rising Chinese middle class", and were invested in this sort of restructuring of society from the start. Those who won in Obama's restructuring of society are the most rabid in favor of the current planned crisis, so long as they retain their position over the lower class and have slaves delivering Grubhub.


Reagan was elected as a backlash to the new left

File: 1627022925244.png (486.53 KB, 720x920, 1627017228240.png)


clearly there is a war on the horizon. do you think the target is a foreign nation or is this going to be a war on citizens led by the feds to officially implement their dreams of fascio-communism?
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what time is soccer practice kids?


File: 1627026631221.png (317.32 KB, 369x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>bugmen in the PRC
>I'm going back to the navy


>100 year old photos of retarded failures that led their nations to complete collapse


File: 1627028468613.mp4 (1.57 MB, 406x720, 特战女兵入伍前后的“武力值”对比.mp4)

The American rulers like "war" because they treat "war" as a business. So, even if U.S. has generally lost money on its wars, they're profitable for the U.S. military-industrial complex. As long as the profit from the "war" for the MIC is greater than the loss (of cannon fodder), then "war" can continue.

There is no such thing as "for the people" or "for the country" unless the country is attacked. If that happens, Americans will unite. But otherwise, when the cannon fodder joins the military, it's to make money, to get the government to pay for one's college education, and so forth. The U.S. also prefers to rely on its technological superiority to wage wars, and excessive casualties will quickly deplete morale.

The woke propaganda from the military shows a few things though. For one, it shows there is not enough white male cannon fodder to go around as before. The U.S. is running out of "rednecks." The rich whites definitely don't join the military to become cannon fodder. And there is racial discrimination in the United States against black people. So, the U.S. puts a lot of black people in the military propaganda, as well as immigrants. But isn't that deceiving blacks an immigrants into becoming cannon fodder for their white masters? And also deceiving women and LGBT people.

The U.S. military propaganda also likes to show itself helping disadvantaged groups in backwards areas. The reality would be: wherever the U.S. military goes, the U.S. military helps people become backwards areas or become disadvantaged groups.


File: 1627045943837.jpg (65.11 KB, 1068x601, 1620642696303.jpg)

>be me
>be ineligible for military service because ADHD and flat feet
Sucks you be you losers lmao

File: 1625664684093-0.webm (9.93 MB, 720x544, stalinexpress.webm)

File: 1625664684093-1.webm (296.08 KB, 1280x720, OOOOOOOOOO.webm)

File: 1625664684093-2.webm (6.2 MB, 616x472, naziatlantis.webm)

File: 1625664684093-3.webm (6.77 MB, 622x474, worldicetheory.webm)

File: 1625664684093-4.webm (2.98 MB, 320x180, trollgebabylon.webm)

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This thread is for posting any form of /lefty/ videos files ranging from .webm or .mp4, or other
The last thread hit the bump limit, so post new or old videos here.
Link to the last thread here: >>201250
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File: 1627043751007.jpg (145.72 KB, 480x480, terry.jpg)

>I wonder if he got a visit from the feds, he's legit making death threats.
Or as I like to call it, based and redpilled


Does anyone have an archive of the last thread? I remember there was an active /leftypol/ webm torrent a few years ago…thought i might compile a more current t one but the previous thread vanished before I could scrape it


File: 1627010342028.jpg (340.64 KB, 900x550, Ancient Egypt social class….jpg)


Socialists and communists claim to want to abolish class, but I must ask this question: how did class originate? It seems that it may have had something to do with the advent of agriculture, but I have also heard that some hunter-gather classes had distinct social classes. At any rate, knowing how social stratification arose in the first place seems important if you want to 1) figure out how or if a complex society could function without social classes and/or 2) figure out how to prevent social classes from arising again in the future.
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I mean most soldiers were offered land in exchange for their service: Roman Legionaries, ennobled Knights, Vikings. As for the clergy, they did not individually control the MoP but organised religion most often did: it's one of the things that the transition away from paganism to monotheism lead to: was the centralisation of land around organised churches.


Cockshott has a series of videos on this, they're quite dry but very good:
Prehistoric economics:
Development of Patriarchy:
Classical Slave economics:
Classical Slave economics pt.2
Feudal Economics:


Classes are large groups of people that are differentiated by a) their place in the historically determined system of social production b) their relation (in large part defined by law) to the means of production c) their role in the social organization of labour and hence d) from the ways in which they appropriate part of the wealth produced by society and the magnitude of this part.
Humanity was for the largest part of its life as a spiecies NOT fragmented in such a way. This is a historical development whose first traces only appeared about 12000 years ago with the agricultural revolution, whereas the human race existed for approximately 200.000 years.
Thanks to labour, men emerged from the animal world and human society arose. The distinctive feature of human labour is the making of implements of production, which was a slow and arduous proces that took thousands of years. he productive forces of primitive society were on an exceedingly low level, the implements of production were extremely primitive. This necessitated collective labour, social property in the means of production and equal distribution. In the primitive community there was no property inequality or private property in the means of production; there were no classes or exploitation of man by man. Social ownership of the means of production was confined within a narrow framework; it was the property of small communities more or less isolated from one another. In Africa men would easily find their means of subsistance and vibe for the rest of the time, however, tribes that migrated to say Messopotamia, had to develop agriculture, in that way developing also the surplus product, i.e. producing more than what is immediatly required for the subsistence of the tribe.
The basic economic law of the primitive community consists in the securing of man"s vitally necessary means of subsistence with the help of primitive implements of production, on the basis of communal property in the means of production, by means of common labour and the equal distribution of the products.Working together, men for a long time performed uniform labour. The gradual improvement of implements of production promoted the rise of a natural division of labour, depending on sex and age. Further perfecting of the implements of production and the mode of obtaining the means of life, the development of caPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Division of labour

File: 1626978317916.png (362.25 KB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)


Are you friends already communist? Do you refuse to talk to libs? How would you engage with old friends that have started down the alt-light path? What do you do with apolitical people who think its all bullshit or people who are really into being outraged about muh freedom?
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>engage in Stalin or DPRK apologia

do you mean 'stalin did nothing wrong' or that the USSR did nothing right?


Would you fight in a civil war against Leninists? What if they were supported by a democratic majority?


My friends know I'm a communist, not because I'm super radical but cuz I told them. I'm never really put into a position where I have to defend my beliefs, but when we do talk politics, I water down my takes so I seem more reasonable and I always at least push back against bullshit. Still, my friends are procapitalist libs at best and libertarians at worst. Figure its better to maintain a social circle than die for my stances, especially when we hardly talk politics.

My family is a different story. All of my siblings and cousins are either socialists or MLs. And we've converted most of our parents into anticapitalists. All we do is talk politics and theory and its fucking lit.


File: 1627033856428.png (119.11 KB, 581x582, 1622515309014.png)



Non-communist friends are not worth having.

File: 1626972796064-0.jpg (107.32 KB, 1200x1200, incy.jpg)

File: 1626972796064-1.png (32.41 KB, 407x742, timeline_frequency.png)

File: 1626972796064-2.png (10.49 KB, 1100x62, yearly_total.png)

File: 1626972796064-3.png (101.39 KB, 1658x370, incel_terrorist_list.png)


Had some free time so I collected all the information about past anti-women terrorists based on the list here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misogynist_terrorism#List_of_incidents and compiled the data.

Pics should be self-explanatory. Mysoginist terrorism is getting more frequent, almost exclusively in the USA and Canada.

Some interesting things I noticed. Not a single perpetrator was in his 30's. It seems to me that when these people get to that age they have jobs, a home, and a (relatively) stable income, thus only in their 40s may their hatred of women resurface, maybe as a complication of midlife crisis. The 17-28 years old range usually have this "last straw" moment (getting kicked out of their parents' home, failing school, etc.) while those in their forties tend to plan more thoroughly, and unload the bullets with their long accumulated desperation.

Not a single perpetrator under 21 was racist while everyone in their 40's was. It's either due to the fact that non-boomers are actually less racist in general, or that racism just tends to accumulate as a general hatred of everything as they get older and more miserable.

Obsessive gaming and 4chan use correlate with – you guessed it – the 'tism. All except one with military affiliations had a kill&injury count above average. All of these people suicided on the scene or attempted suicide by cop but failed. Facial disfigurement seems to have no correlation with the kill&injury count. The two 4chan users are above average in the kill count.

Whether the perpetrator is racist or not seems to correlate with how many people he kills. All but one racist are above the average killed&injured count. All but one non-racist are under the average killed&injured count. Top three killers were of mixed descent (e.g. Chinese mom, English dad) and two of them were racists. (Oh yeah, I categorized ppl "racist" if there were past videos, posts, etc. linked to them where they went on rants against "Nigs" or they had an obsession over Hitler, etc.)

I'm convinced that some of these cases could have been prevented. The two most obvious cases are the German dude (paranoid schizophrenic) and the case of the latest burger killer ("sex addict"). In the former case the German dude contacted the police several times, wishing to talk to themPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1627039201640.png (111.65 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)

>crosseyed and glasses aim better
We must capitalize on this unintuitive revelation immediately.


>Hi everyone, Massthony Killtano here, reviewing Death Grips once again. I finally understand every lyric they've written… Every. Single. One.


they intuitively close one eye when aiming, hence their records


>chinlets can't aim for shit


They all get kicked out of the military for being low-test.

File: 1626881871194.png (50.04 KB, 686x492, ClipboardImage.png)

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So, supposedly McAffe had TBs of incriminating evidence of "the elites". And this is supposedly it, the website has a countdown which ends at the start of the 22nd (which also is remarkable cause that's the date in which the Cuba Bay of Pigs 2 electric boogaloo, now from Miami was gonna happen, and he was supportive of Cuba as well).
What do you think it will be? Is it gonna be something big, or is it gonna be some giant nothingburger? Is it gonna have some stuff about the Cuba situation maybe?
Here's the link to the website btw https://britbonglogpost.com/
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>schizo shit


Whether it's actually part of the DMS or it's an opportunistic disinfo/derail attempt it's pretty significant. They found 2 TOS documents through the countdown that have had strings of letters hidden. Someone has to at least entertain this and /pol/ is useful for that. Glow harder. At the least, anons here should have a better idea of what anons there are doing than "skiz"


Contains the 2nd TOS page with hidden elements:


>I check Twitter
>I’ve read ALL the wiki leaks
Bruh, you are talking about literally millions of files, that teams of journalists spent full time jobs looking through. EL EM AY OH way to expose yourself a complete and utter fraud

>I’m not some polyp


>Alex Jones is based
Kek he’s literally a CIA asset state of you


The Alex Jones in based guy is fed

File: 1627029082208.jpg (23.38 KB, 250x412, 1912759217_b.jpg)


The most radical change possible to the world power structure and the path it is taking who would you choose to be removed?

Alot of people can be replaced by next man up but some out there are very valuable with their knowledge and connections.
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>Stephen Goodson
Shit author who like most right-wing fags, will claim to be against banking, but then stan for Hitler in his privatizing of the three major publicly owned banks of Germany, and effectively allowing them to operate exactly like a privately owned central bank, and not a national bank.


Hitler and Lenin


Dumb op is dumb. Removing a person holding an office or a position just removes the person and another candidate comes along soon enough.

Dumb dumb dumb dumb


congrats, the whites have won the civil war


>wars are won and lost due to the actions of individual great men

File: 1626976148192.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, E6VsHIxXoAIRO6Y.jpeg)


Cyberpunk 20**? Researchers warn of ‘bleak’ future with companies owning private thoughts & world divided between cyborg and human
In a new study published in the APL Bioengineering journal, researchers from the university reviewed the state of BCI research. They raised red flags about the potential commercial exploitation of our innermost thoughts and feelings and warned of a world divided along the lines of access to BCI tech.

Biden to sanction Cuban officials following attacks on protesters
A second person familiar with the administration's plans said the sanctions are part of a series of moves the president will outline on Cuba policy. Other steps include working to expand Cubans’ access to the Internet and assembling an international coalition to condemn the Cuban government’s crackdown on the protestors.

Prison Riots Leave 18 Inmates Dead in Ecuador
The riot in the Guayaquil prison left eight inmates dead and three members of the police injured. In Latacunga prison, the riot left ten inmates dead, 35 prisoners injured, six police officers injured, and damage to the administrative areas of the prison complex.

NPA Engage AFP Forces In 5 Back-To-Back Encounters On Negros Island
Armando Sumayang Jr. Command of the New People’s Army (ASJC-NPA) Southwest Negros Front spokesperson Ka Andrea Guerrero confirmed that a unit under the ASJC was in five back-to-back encounters against elements of the 15th Infantry Battalion (IB) under the 302nd Infantry Brigade Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How Austria is dismantling civil liberties under the guise of 'anti-terrorism'
Just days after the deadly attack in downtown Vienna on 2 November 2020, the Austrian cabinet agreed to broad new anti-terrorism measures. According to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of the Conservative Austrian People’s Party (OVP), the measures were meant to target militants, in addition to the ideology that drives them - in other words, non-militant Islamists. Kurz made international headlines when he proclaimed that he wanted to create a “criminal offence called ‘political Islam’ in order to be able to move against those who aren’t terrorists but are preparing the ground for it”. But amid objections from the party’s coalition partner, the Greens, the bill dropped the term “political Islam” and replaced it with the still quite contentious “religiously motivated extremism”. Still, Austria’s integration minister made clear that the bill would target mainly so-called political Islam. When the “Anti-Terrorism Act” was first presented late last year, several institutions heavily criticised the bill. The European Center for Not-for-Profit Law argued that “the draft law is not in line with international and European human rights standards on freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of association”. Amnesty International released a comprehensive critique, while lawyers, religious communities and NGOs uttered harsh condemnations - but with little impact. The law ultimately passed earlier this month.

McDonald’s and the Failed Promise of Black Capitalism:Review of Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America by Marcia Chatelain (Livewright, 2020)
As Darnella Frazier’s video of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin circulated, hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding an end to racist state violence flooded the streets in cities all across the US. They were met with violent, retaliatory cops tear gassing and shooting them with “rubber” bullets. For the first time in a mass protest against police brutality, corporations from Starbucks to BlackRock released statements supporting “Black Lives Matter,” pledging to promotePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1626993218780.png (177.44 KB, 1008x563, 159998215723638.png)

Thanks news anon




>Journalists could face up to 14 years in prison for stories embarrassing the Government under proposed changes to the Official Secrets Act that would treat them like foreign SPIES
le free world, everybody.


Governments that legally equate whistle blowers with spies, will discourage journalism and incentivize espionage.
Think about it, if would be whistle blowers take the spicy information to the press they will get no protection from the legal system, but if they take the information to a foreign power, it will likely protect them as an informant. The people who are crafting these laws surely are not ignorant about this effect. So we can deduce that they don't care about spies stealing information. They care about stifling journalism.

File: 1626828822156.png (302.58 KB, 1108x796, Screenshot_2021-07-20_19-5….png)

 No.391117[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why do poltards simultaneously call for the extermination of jews, gays, etc. for being cucked emotional libtards, but then turn around and beg for sympathy on their toxic shithole?
I just don't get it, how does one browse this shithole and then turn around and ask for emotional validation from it.
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>That beautiful steam engine that destroyed the small artisan and the small farmer (fuck them) and made the cities the center of all power and influence and economy (fuck the rural and village)
The steam engine didn't destroy small artisans and farmers, because it's just a peace of equipment, what kind of idealism is this ?
There isn't war between cities and villages, there is a class war, enough with the reactionary shit takes already.
>and with the 4th technology revolution we now have the internet which raped any hope of village local.
There was one industrial revolution, and it's the same one that's still "revolving", It's still doing automation of labor. Why would you use these wretched marketing slogans that some corporate hack has dreamed up, instead of the far more precise Marxist terminology. The internet will make it possible for many people to work on high tech projects while living in a village, if they do the kind of work that can be done remotely over the internet, so what you are saying isn't very correct either.

I can't read the post you replied too, because it's already gone, but it seems like you got a little carried away for some reason. The socialist program has always been about bridging the divide between urban and rural. It might even have influenced the flag design like the sickle was the instrument of peasants in villages and the hammer was the instrument of workers in cities. The hammer and the sickle overlapping symbolized common interest in overthrowing the rulers.


>what no theory will do to you


Why do you all speak in catchphrases


This is what /pol/ does to your brain.


>Based Jesus poster.
Said poster, fuck off you faggot.
>You guys spend more time on pol than I do.
Proof? We're too busy arguing with each other to go on /pol/, and mods auto archive the threads anyway over there when the rare discussion actually occurs that has an anon from here posting.

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