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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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how did Maoists in the west react to the Nixon and Mao visits and later trade agreements

was there any Maoist group who celebrated this, thinking this could get Nixon and the US on the side of communism
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No he openly said he supported the Nazi Christian Democrats of west Germany. There’s nothing to uncover.


>Muh Mongolia is rightful Chinese clay
God I fucking hate Zhou enlai so much


Besides what >>1267720 said, you can also do a giga cope (as I do) and see it as admiting that right wing is much better at creating material conditions for revolution.


File: 1668502758008.jpg (85.48 KB, 830x1024, 1649677530051.jpg)

>see it as admiting that right wing is much better at creating material conditions for revolution.


that sounds like accelerationism with extra steps

File: 1668403059828.jpg (21.12 KB, 293x360, Fgr3ohnWQAE-Lvn.jpg)


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freeze peach, but not like this!!!


I remember we had a toga themed event at school (yes, we were wearing normal uniform underneath you idiot) and I did a roman salute to match it but I think I might have just been doing the nazi salute, I'm not actually sure. Hopefully I had my palm raised.
But no-one asked or complained so I think everyone believed it.


File: 1668462378038.png (115.68 KB, 489x297, dead generations.png)

this is why larping as dead leftists is retarded. people are too historically uneducated for the symbols of the past to resonate with them. just speak to their material interests.


>this is why larping as dead leftists is retarded. people are too historically uneducated for the symbols of the past to resonate with them. just speak to their material interests.

We don't know the motivation of the kid who dressed up as an east german border guard. Maybe he was trolling. But there is zero chance he was trying & failing to be a Nazi. The type of weirdo who would larp as 20th century German military of any era axiomatically knows the difference, lol.

As you implied tho a purely Machiavellian approach would be to simply assume that Americans would be brainwashed to the idea that the DDR is the same thing as the 3rd Reich and proceed from there.

It is pretty pathetic to see tankies doing it though. That is like a III%er mixing up redcoats and continentals or something.


File: 1668529136337.jpeg (237.12 KB, 2170x896, df2.jpeg)

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File: 1667306820737-1.png (119.11 KB, 619x702, ClipboardImage.png)

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Liberal consensus is being fragmented when it comes to climate change topic. The recent demonstration in Berlin caused liberal propaganda outlets to change their stance on the topic of climate change from supportive to neutral.
Big example is Deutsche Welle and their recent report.
The article has a very neutral tone.

I've also checked leddit and there's fucking mad shit happening in r/worldnews thread

As it turns out a lot of liberals unsurprisingly only wish to support a movement when their lives are not affected by it. If activists prevent liberals from doing their daily wagie routine and start blocking roads and making it inconvinient for them - they stop supporting the movement.

Reminder that the proper reson to support climate activists is because a switch from fossil fuels to green and nuclear energy will massively affect the petrodollar and will weaken the capitalist grip on the world trade and world economy.(use the /climate/ general for legitimate discussion, also climate denial is against the rules (for some in this topic))
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>I WONT read 100 year old texts because theyre old and have no relevance to today
<Keeps repeating same questions that were answered by 100 year old texts

>its WROTE memorization ML is DEAD

<writes from the imperial core, where everything is fucking dead

I hate what soviet dogmatism did to communist thought, I also hate what people that dont fucking read say about communism being stagnant in their country because it somehow reached a logical impasse.

Honestly first world westoids should fucking learn another language for once and try to peer outside of their eurocentric global north. Sure Lenin isnt relevant as perahps he was 100 years ago, same thing with other theorists from the time, but if you dont go through them you wont know where to go from their failings. Our task today is to analyze what went good and what went wrong, and that necessitates an understanding of the past and the present. Its a lot more to read, but its the historical necessity. You havent read shit and are repeating wrotely memorized bullshit from literature form a part of the world that exists because it enslaves the rest. Go read fuckhead


The planet can't die faggot as it's not alive
Go worship Gaia you tree hugging, pot smoking cocksucker


File: 1667462990200.mp4 (5.52 MB, 642x360, PVSpBFbf2M67wKHc.mp4)

>Conspira-faggotry is literally the opposite of critical thinking and the highest stage of Dunning Kruger


Documents show Facebook and Twitter closely collaborating w/ Dept of Homeland Security, FBI to police “disinfo.” Plans to expand censorship on topics like withdrawal from Afghanistan, origins of COVID, info that undermines trust in financial institutions.- TheIntercept



File: 1668526516660.png (755.59 KB, 794x861, ClipboardImage.png)

>This new streak of actions by Just Stop Oil is even more blatantly a glowup, literally every single action they do seems to be engineered to make the climate movement as unappealing as possible to the general public.
daily reminder that these totally regular and normal people have gone on the record to state their objectives are to get the death penalty implemented for climate activism in the UK

File: 1665173176884-0.png (1.33 MB, 1200x700, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665173176884-1.png (1.63 MB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

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Previous bread: >>1190050

Links from previous bread:
Tudeh statement: >>1188493
CPI statement: https://archive.ph/twWSK
CPI's Kurdish branch: https://archive.ph/u9iy3
CPI (MLM): https://archive.ph/1cQji
UPFI: https://archive.ph/1WMfD
Rahe Kargar: https://archive.ph/Fx9cT
WPI-H: https://archive.ph/xvAbH
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>the west has just poisoned the well of nuance
You dumb uyghur. The only person 'poisoning the well of nuance' is you spamming this thread with FUD whilst refusing to actually engage with anything in it.


We Condemn The missile attacks of the Islamic Republic regime on the headquarters of "Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran" and "Kurdistan Labor Union of Iran"

At 8:45 am on Monday morning ,23 In November 1401 , the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran attacked the centers and headquarters of the "Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran" and the "Kurdistan Workers' Union of Iran" with missiles and drones, with a clear violation of the sovereignty of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Kurdistan region. Unfortunately, two of the "Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran" Peshmerga were martyred and many others were injured. "Ribvar Abdi" cadre of the "Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran" party from the city of Saqqez and "Aso Tawana" a young peshmerga of the party and from the city of Bukan were among the victims of this terrorist attack of the Islamic Republic regime.

With the beginning of the Iranian people's revolution to end the existence of the Islamic Republic regime, which has now been two months of its expanding process, the regime's security and repression apparatuses tried to suppress the revolutionary movement by resorting to the harshest forms of repression . For the fear of Iran's division, they created a gap in the united ranks of the Iranian people and restrained the advancing process of the revolution. The propaganda apparatuses of the republican regime in their coordinated and non-stop propaganda insinuate that the regime of the Islamic Republic is the only guarantee of the territorial integrity of the country and that if the ruling fascist regime falls, Iran will also fall apart. Attacking the centers and headquarters of Iranian Kurdish parties in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and trying to incite them to The retaliatory reaction and the imposition of armed conflict pursues the same goal . Fortunately, these evil conspiracies of the Islamic regime have been neutralized by the vigilance of Iranian Kurdish parties and organizations . Those who have the slightest knowledge of the past and present of Iranian Kurdish parties and organizations , know that none of these parties and organizations , neither in the past nor now , wanted secession.

What has led the Islamic Republic regime's incitement and incitement to complete helplessness in its propaganda and divisive operations , it is an undeniable fact that with the beginning of the new revolution of thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




Is it true that girl in right is dead?
I don’t usually trust western propaganda, so when I saw the news i just dismissed it as fake, but if real I would reconsider my loyalty to the ayatollah


File: 1668517338027.png (72.9 KB, 1088x850, debt.png)


Why did the Soviet Union and Comecon countries acquire so much foreign debt starting in the 1970s and 80s? Didn't they realize it would give the IMF and Western imperialists leverage over them to impose austerity and destroy the socialist system? Did they not read enough Michael Parenti?

File: 1668494683535.png (765.73 KB, 750x750, ClipboardImage.png)


The proletariat are not simply working class. The proletariat are working class people with the potential for revolutionary emancipation due to the fact that they control the means of production. Baristas are working class but they aren't proletarians, I live in the UK and every coffee shop in the country closed for 6 months and nothing happened because the labour performed by baristas isn't socially essential. If no one drove trucks or worked in food production for 6 months society would be over. 6 days would probably do it.

If your entire industry can shut down with no impact on society then those workers are not proletarians. This doesn't mean they are not working class.
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File: 1668517553624.jpg (133.97 KB, 1080x783, AntiCoomAktion.jpg)

also I agree, OP is engaging in destructive bs


>The proletariat are not simply working class.
Proletariat is a state of masses' relation to capital, not a certain man or profession. (Class-in-itself)
Proletarian is also a state of mind. Lnin called himself a "great-russian proletarian" while being an unemployed nobleman. He was a revolutionary though, thus you may recognize self as a proletarian through the acquisition of revolutionary consciosness. Self-conscios Class or a class in a state of revolution is a (Class-for-itself)




Baristas and truck drivers both exist in the circulation sphere.


Yes. "But the use-value of things is materialised only in their consumption, and their consumption may necessitate a change of location of these things, hence may require an additional process of production, in the transport industry. The productive capital invested in this industry imparts value to the transported products, partly by transferring value from the means of transportation, partly by adding value through the labour performed in transport."
Capital Volume 2 https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1885-c2/ch06.htm

The statement by OP is a mashup of dumb ideas that has made the rounds on pseud Twitter (Haz, Kantbot and the like): Productivity from the capitalist's point of view is treated as a necessary but not sufficient condition of being productive. Services are claimed non-productive. Some things are claimed to be luxuries (much broader than what just the very rich consume) and making them is also considered not productive. If your boss makes some really stupid decisions an the business goes through an unprofitable phase as a consequence, during that you are somehow not working class anymore even though you do the same activities as people who are still working class.

File: 1666039035795.png (198.03 KB, 320x503, ClipboardImage.png)


Why did Marx move to London and not New York City?
There was a bigger radical German emigré presence there, and Marx in his writings showed a bigger interest in American society and politics than he did in British, or really anywhere in “Europe”.
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Capital would have never been written too. Marx was able to take advantage of the large selection of old books the British Library had to offer.


also there was no better place to study capitalism than the place it first emerged


They actually shot labor strikers in America lad. Going there was a death sentence.


>Neither of these are good reasons. No wants to be closer to Europe.
.t burgerbrained


File: 1668512035704.png (1.11 MB, 1371x792, 5469456094850965.png)

Marx lands in New York and is greeted by Willich and his dudes. "Welcome home, we're renaming the city New Baden… and Karl… instead of the Palatinate, there's plate with YOUR HEAD."


A thread about focused on pink-capitalism and it’s effects on society and the actual LGBTQ+ community


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Hey shut up . My bridge is butyfall


It’s literally capitalist corporation exploration of individual desires for accumulation of money. Not to mention it can provoke real homophobia


File: 1668366057376.jpg (17.73 KB, 205x289, 2231.jpg)

>When the last vestiges of the anti-woke pro-con idpol "left" are left wailing and shitting on leftypol threads because their le wholesome GOP lost to a bunch of shitter Dems.
Suck to suck stupidpoltards


Lmo yes


They'll start going more leftward once burger rightoids start calling for open persecution and the demorats can't do anything to stop it.

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>Britain has frozen 18 billion pounds worth of Russian assets


>Advisor to Ukrainian President Zelensky: "Actions speak louder than words. We see no signs that Russia is leaving Kherson without a fight."


>Russia on 'irreversible' path to clash with West, France says


>Moscow sets out conditions for talks with EU


>Dozens of ships carrying LNG linger around Europe’s coast

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>There's too much swampy ground and too many river crossings to make it a viable axis.
That's why they'll wait for the ground to freeze.


File: 1668440237022-0.png (651.28 KB, 585x719, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668440237022-1.png (349.96 KB, 828x507, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668440237022-2.png (1.02 MB, 640x1112, ClipboardImage.png)

Busy getting denazified


>I'm saying that going headlong into supporting any fucking joker who thinks supplying Kiev is bad leads you down a path where you can choose to support left pro-multipolar groups in the global south

That's kind of the point. The divisions over globalization need to be expanded because current left-right divisions over them are incoherent and outdated. Right now we have two options of preserving the democratic unity of the ruling class in the imperialist countries or abandoning globalization altogether. That needs to change. It's either the left wing of capital or going backwards in mode of production. The fact the developed world only has these two options is a sign capitalism is no longer progressive in the imperial core, while the multipolarity offered by the periphery actually is.


Surprise baked bread attack!


>Turk here
Keep us geopolitically/internally updated. as this conflict will affect the ukraine conflict, too. Pelase, thank you!

File: 1668367063191.jpg (31.71 KB, 540x370, 20220816_002338.jpg)


I am disillusioned by armchair theory describing specific forms of socialisms/communisms that seem to be incredibly seperated from current reality. The only seemingly possible paths for western capitalism are disintegration through war or climate collapse, and even any meaningful impact from either of those seems to be beyond anyone's current lifetime. All of the orgs seem to be in urban areas and even then they don't seem to amount to much beyond being reading circles, inner drama, and excuses to peacefully protest. Am I an idiot or is all there is really just waiting and shitposting? What are some options and resources for praxis as someone who can't really organize as someone who does mostly freelance/contract work? All that seems to be left is to be a shitlib internet personality defanging socialism, wait for some posadistic collapse, be incredibly defensive over some historic communist figures, or just work in my best interest and donate to some charities and nutual aids Any resources and opinions are welcome.
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File: 1668421093359.png (105.09 KB, 640x384, p7.png)

>I myself tried to simulate a different policy, but it has the same goal

It is in Russian, an attempt at formulating the policy

Google translated

But as you see no one is interested, may be this imb is not very popular or I'm doing something wrong, not sure.

I was curious how the prices will grow with workers joining factories/production they want, without guide, etc. pic.


I promise that if you let go of capitalist realism and the beliefs that the only future for socialism is for movements from the past to succeed you won’t be so black pilled



class consciousness has been improving for some time, sweet summer child


File: 1668424612779.jpg (269.47 KB, 1092x1092, 1658682171399.jpg)

You are right in a sense. I know people who have been reading theory, organizing and acting for 25+ years and nothing much has improved in our country.
I'm not saying it's pointless to try, but there's a strong chance that nothing will change in the grand scheme of things in our lifetimes

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