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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1633720821263.png (115.76 KB, 322x157, ClipboardImage.png)


So I know this guy is kinda wacky but hes different from the neolib norm.

Leftypol whats your opinion on based ha joon chang is he interesting or is he just a quack
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>Wolff's book contending economic theories is probably better tbh
Yes, but it's a lot.
I'd suggest >>539638
>'23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism'
And that Greek dude



there are at least hundreds of millions of people with something resembling "chang"/"zhang"/"jang", get over it whitey or you're getting Dien Bien Phu 2.0


really this is how useful much of the Western left is, they bitch and moan about idpol but the second someone with interesting things to say has a different kind of name they fucking sperg out like retards thus proving the idpolistas correct about the mindset of white Western chauvinists.



He's Korean.

File: 1633750462091.png (5.82 KB, 310x163, ClipboardImage.png)


prison labour, child marriage, human trafficking, mass shootings, school shootings, riots, endless propaganda and mind control, never ending imperialist wars, rising debt, horrendous race relations, deindustrialization, declining share in the global economy, declining geopolitical influence, low wages, poor public safety, non existent social securities, extreme costs of living, facism being mainstream, every industry is corrupt, bourgeoisie democracy, obesity, rampant drug addiction, constant crises in basic goods and services, rising suicide rates, noticeable paranoia in the general populace of the outside world and the government, domestic terrorism, segregation, still having problems with slavery, corrupt legal system that exists to protect the rich, corrupt and incompetent police force, extreme divorce rates, loneliness crisis, aging and fertility crises, horrendous treatment of migrants both legal and not, all create a country thats so deep into late stage capitalism that at this point I no longer care about how shit it actually is I just wanna see how fucking far these people can go before civil war actually hits.

How much longer do you think theyll last and what will this country look like when its a day before it dissolves as a state?
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bro dont say this even though its based


George jackson



Prison labour is good when it benefits society at large and isn't done by dubiously imprisoned minorities.

So begin nationalizing all prisons and security services and then amend punishment laws that they are better tiered (minor offences get community service all the way up to rape, public liberalism and treason getting death).


you can't get anything large-scale done in the us. just try to help who you can and wait for it to die


I choose stone age communism

File: 1633793954468.png (1.52 MB, 952x792, ClipboardImage.png)


Does Marx believe that capitalism has an essence to it? What's the essence of capitalism?

What about humans?
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the profit motive


this tbh



Marx was anything but an essentialist. He didn't define things by what they are "stuck as", but by what we know that they do. So he defined capitalism and humans by how they run their course in the world. That is why Marxism is a science.

What causes capitalism to run its course is the contradiction between the interests of the bourgeoisie and the interests of the proletariat. This is reflected on the level of the commodity, in the contradiction between exchgange value and use value.

What causes us humans to run our course is that we reflect the world back upon itself through social labor. Our social reality gets caught up in the process by which we shape the world around us. We are a bit more than just tool-using monkeys, because we augment our concrete material tools, like shovels and factories, with virtual supplements: Social relations of production, such as class relations and division of labor.


File: 1633803195261.gif (2.63 MB, 640x640, kekbomb.gif)

>I havent read hegel

File: 1633487993299.png (88.95 KB, 1490x1117, but.png)


Post any criticism or call out any flaws of socialism and its practice IRL here (including its ideological flaws and economic mishaps), and if available, its solutions.
Certainly socialism isn't perfect just like anything else, right?
All these criticism can also be something we can learn from and improve…
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Based thread idea. My criticism? Detente was a terrible idea that kept the comintern on the defensive


>The gist of the general critique is directed against belief systems of a totalizing logic (involving dialectics, teleology, etc.) and it works because a totalizing belief system is fatalist, in the sense that it predicts in exchange for the freedom of choice. This makes it patently obvious when someone is abusing political theory, because they attempt to have chance as well as necessity, choice as well as determinism

God I fucking hate this philosopher mumble. Can you please explain that again in plain english for poor stupid idiots like me?


I don't know how you manage to be a socialist while disliking technical wording. Nevertheless, it's easy to summarize what I'm on about here: If proponents of a political system claim moralfaggotry on their part is a necessary pre-requisite of the inevitable future the theory predicts, their real investment isn't in the belief system, but some emotional complex of theirs. They operate under false pretenses and fuck up the integrity of the theoretical system to justify their appropriating a position of relative power. I sometimes jokingly call it Twitter politics because of how vapid it is, and how much of it is to be found online. People of this sort would fold at the sight of insurrection.


>I don't know how you manage to be a socialist while disliking technical wording
Just the philosophy part is a bit much at time


Parties are more often than not a complete waste of time and usually devolve into cliques and cults. Much better to organize around working class organizations which have a singular specific purpose and to foster links between such organizations (such as, say, between tenants and trade unions.)

Parties let you sit back smugly with a set of theoretical positions, "lines" on issues and facile "demands" (never do those making "demands" seem to wonder, what if the reply was to come: "or else what?" - what is the microparty to do if their demands are rejected? i suppose it could put an angry article on their website…), and this is a tendency which is likely to occur even in a party which puts a premium on actual work. It is a tendency of the structure itself. A party does as a party does. That's why the form itself should be cast aside.

I've excised a lot of thoughts on electoral parties. If your party has an elected communist party, sure, whatever, good job to thm for organizing around some kind of concrete result. But generally, microparties that try to win elections are just as bad as those that abhor electoralism, plus about £100 a year poorer.


Bolivia guarantees full vaccination scheme with Sputnik V
The director of the Bolivian Ministry of Health, Max Enriquez, informed on Thursday that with the next arrival of the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccines against Covid-19, the country will guarantee the complete immunization scheme to the people.

Colombian corruption case latest overseas stain for DEA
The rare prosecution of a once-standout U.S. ally follows a report this summer from a U.S. government watchdog that blasted the DEA’s leadership in Washington for failing to oversee its foreign law enforcement partners even in the aftermath of a string of well-publicized scandals.

Cuba marks 45th anniversary of US terror attack on civilian plane
CUBAN President Miguel Diaz-Canel paid tribute on Wednesday to the victims of the most “horrendous crime” as Cuba marked 45 years since a civilian plane was bombed off Barbados by the US. Mr Diaz-Canel slammed Washington’s hypocrisy, saying that the terrorists who killed all 73 people on board were protected by both Republican and Democrat governments.

NATO Secretary General Criticizes Greek-French Defense Pact
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg offered criticisms of EU defense initiatives and bilateral pacts within the union — such as the one that was just ratified between Greece and France on Thursday. … The ruling New Democracy, Movement for Change (KINAL) and Greek Solution parties approved the agreement, as did independent MP Konstantina Adamou, while main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Greece’s Communist Party (KKE) Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oxfam Denounces Global Tax Deal as 'Dangerous Capitulation' to Corporate Dodgers
A global tax deal reached Friday by 136 countries was widely hailed as a "historic" step toward a more just and equitable economic order. But global humanitarian groups and policy experts warned that a closer look at the agreement reveals it to be a "shameful and dangerous capitulation" to corporate tax dodgers and the countries that enable them.

HelloFresh Is Paying Thousands Of Dollars A Day To Anti-Union Consultants
Filings with the Labor Department dated Oct. 7 (here and here) show that Germany-based HelloFresh is forking over $3,500 a day, plus expenses, to each consultant hired through the “union avoidance” firm Kulture Consulting, which is run by CEO Peter List. The filings list seven different consultants being used between two HelloFresh facilities in Colorado and California, suggesting the company could spend more than $20,000 in a day if all the consultants were deployed.

Senate Republicans sow disinformation after $480bn US debt ceiling deal
Top Republicans in the Senate are advancing a campaign of disinformation over the debt ceiling as they seek to distort the reasons for needing to raise the nation’s borrowing cap, after they dropped their blockade on averting a US debt default in a bipartisan manner.

US Postal Service hit with lawsuit over DeJoy's plan to slow delivery of first-class mailPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Working Class History E55: Gwangju uprising, part 3
Part 3 of our four-part podcast miniseries about the May 18 uprising in Gwangju, South Korea, in 1980 against the US-backed military dictatorship of Chun Doo Hwan. We speak with Kim Yong Ho, David Dolinger and Jeon Yong Ho, who took part in the events, as well as researcher and lead translator of the excellent book, Gwangju Diary, Kap Su Seol.

A look at the new ‘Conservative realist’ policy
ARMED Forces Minister James Heappey said at a Conservative Party fringe meeting that Britain would probably have to “hold its nose” and do a deal with the Taliban. Addressing a packed meeting on Afghanistan, the minister showed how far the Conservative leadership is drifting away from the “neoconservative,” interventionist approaches they embraced after September 11 2001. Heappey was addressing a meeting of Conservative Friends of Afghanistan, which was “marking the 20th anniversary of British troops in Afghanistan,” but did so like the wake for a failed policy. Heappey told the audience: “There is one part of the Taliban we can, sort of, hold our nose and work with,” saying: “We are going to have to work out when the right time is to recognise, work with and try to build a relationship with Afghanistan.” In part, Heappey argued this because the very real danger of a “humanitarian disaster” if the West simply refuses to recognise the Taliban and continues “freezing the assets” of the country. Much of Afghanistan’s budget is held abroad and currently frozen as the new government is not recognised. This could mean salaries of healthcare workers and cash for emergency supplies dry up. A strategy to deny the Taliban recognition could punish the Afghan people and cause many deaths.

Deathly Silence: Journalists Who Mocked Assange Have Nothing to Say About CIA Plans to Kill Him
Yahoo! News (9/26/21) published a bombshell report detailing the US Central Intelligence Agency’s “secret war plans against WikiLeaks,” including clandesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1633737556976.png (741.89 KB, 3000x2467, 1619183183927.png)

Thanks news anon


>HelloFresh Is Paying Thousands Of Dollars A Day To Anti-Union Consultants
In contrast, consider that the COO and other high execs of the Gorillas delivery company dressed as couriers and went to worker strikes chanting "stop the strike, we want to deliver". The fucking idiots were obviously discovered. Consultancy is many times just saying "don't do retarded shit like this".

File: 1632434709962.png (6.24 KB, 235x91, untitled (10).png)


How do you guys feel about economics? I see a lot of replies about who economics is apparently bourgie propaganda. But it isn't it's simply a social (and sometimes other) science that tries to explain price, value, and distribution. Marxism (developed by Marx) is an economic school. So with an actual answer one of the people who say economics only serves the rich step forward and make your argument
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So was Sismondi. Basically any economist who was interest in investigating the social relations of economy rather than vulgar economists that came after.


The secret of economics is in its original name: political economy, emphasis on political. Political for good reason because economy was political when aristocratic landlords still existed and the old feudal fetters still remains in certain guilds. As soon as the entire feudal order was uprooted, political economy became just economy, or economics, which led to vulgar crap. Political economy continues to be political only as it relates to the workers of course.


Smith was a moral philosopher and capitalism was just a side project. Ricardo was right in his day but globalization as a result of technological development has rendered his idea of comparative advantage obsolete. Companies today would rather source products from across an ocean if regulatory arbitrage means they can skimp on taxation, safety, and wage costs.

Covid has induced a supply chain shock though so we're likely to see a reversal of globalization from its peak in the early 2010s.


File: 1633775472806.png (9.3 KB, 1326x61, stjepan.png)

China is state capitalism.
Market socialism would be Yugoslavia, where the workers have control over the means of production.
China would've let Stjepan Mesic build his factory and he would have become a billionaire.


Yugoslavia's "market socialism" was a disaster and pants on head retarded. The Tito admin was one of the first and worst wreckers in the comintern leadership

File: 1633412652999.jpg (638.48 KB, 1478x2014, I7BafgQHzaU.jpg)


Dugin and Eurasianism are the worst enemy of Marxism-Leninism. Divides all mankind into Atlanticist reptiles and Eurasian patriots. The latter should not have any freedom, because this is Atlantic filth.
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>taliban are now giving citizenships to Israeli citizens


This probably goes back to when the Israelis backed the mujihadeen along with the US and China. Israel has probably been involved with the taliban the whole time, probably part of the reason Iran doesn’t like the taliban. Looks like afghansitan is more likely to be a Saudi Arabia than an Iran


Sage this is embarrassing. You literally got raped. Just stop and take the L.


You mean the majority of posters agreeing with me and the other guy posting sources that are direct CIA sources and also disprove the point he was trying to make, k


Also apparently my last response has been deleted wtf


I think that irony and the disease of irony poisoning is destroying the west instead of just plain ass capitalism, sure you got the falling rate of profit and shit like that but the Asian seems like they don't really have a concept of irony and as such the concept of lies, truth and deceit are more clear. In the west, information is chaos and even misdirection can be misinterpreted as fuck. Irony will kill the west as a whole, as nobody is ever really sincere at all and you can't revive the dead. Just check out 4chan, meme subreddits or whatever. People say stupid shit to get attention but then believe that shit whole heartedly. I do the same shit, I'm not better than them. How do we escape the cycle of irony or even just straight up post modernism?


File: 1633757245849.jpg (92.82 KB, 305x475, 990910._SY475_.jpg)

>How do we escape the cycle of irony or even just straight up post modernism?
you can't, its literally the logic of late capitalism itself. read Jameson


Should we just, like, lmao ironically destroy capitalism and install a workers' state, just for shits and giggles? If we can't do it seriously and sincerely, can we do it as an ironic joke that goes too far?



So what's saying there, is that rather than having ironic distance towards the system, Laibach brings out the underbelly of the dominant ideology, underlining it and exaggerating it, while playing it with a straight face and being fully aware of what they're doing. That's what makes them subversive, in his view. There's another group that does this, too.

Also, irony is when you convey a message that is the opposite of your intention, whether by mistake or by hidden intention. There's also posturing, which is like playing a game of "make believe" to impress while one has hidden intentions.


The lyrics come from the poem "ABC" by Heiner Müller (the last president of the DDR Academy of the Arts).


>(Note in the notebook of an 11-year-old Jewish boy
in the Warsaw ghetto)
>(Edgar Allen Poe )

The art is from "Epiphany II (Adoration of the Shepherds)" one in a series of pieces by Gottfried Helnwein.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1632829387672.jpg (171.44 KB, 1532x1021, 1622722051888.jpg)


How do leftists justify working with reactionaries? For example:
Carlos the Jackal working with neo nazis, Red and white army attacking china, Lebanese communist fighting alonside syrian nationalists, Mao and Nixon, hell even the recent Italian communists meeting with the SSNP
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The mao nixon shit was retarded real politik, splitting with the Soviets was retarded real politik shit. Both the USSR and China suffered for it.


>Lebanese communist fighting alonside syrian nationalists
Actually they fought against the SSNP. The latter two examples you give are just retarded wrexker shit.


File: 1633755227232.png (29.97 KB, 343x761, retard.PNG)

do you have any proof of that first claim


File: 1633756475097.jpg (169.03 KB, 720x1312, lebanon crisis Wikipedia.jpg)

yes it was during the 1958 American interference in Lebanon after the communists won


I didn't know that. I was referring to the 75 civil war

File: 1633579183739.jpg (37.6 KB, 500x417, Mussolini arrestado.jpg)


«I am a primitive. In socialism too. I wander around today’s society of businessmen like an exile. … Now that socialism is becoming a business for both individuals and for groups, I do not understand it anymore. I live in a different atmosphere. I am a citizen of another epoch. There was a time in which socialism was not practical, it was not industrial, it was not co-operative, there were no banks; there was a time when socialism meant selflessness, faith, sacrifice and heroism. I speak of 30, 40 years ago. Then there were Socialists who had fallen in love with an ideal; today there are Socialists—a lot of them, even the majority—who have fallen in love with money. Italian Socialism has now become a huge accounting ledger of giving and getting»

—Mussolini, August 11, 1912.
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This romantic tendency in Mussolini's thought is the reason WW1 was able to turn him into a full reactionary. It takes a particularly materialistic outlook to reject all notions of national duty, pride, etc. and correctly observe that your country is led by bankers and plunderers who want to send millions to death for profit.
It's a type of intellectual strength to engage with reality on that level and one that Mussolini clearly never possessed (though I do think the Italian socialist movement suffered from his betrayal; he was a talented writer and speaker).


So basically the only leftist book he read was The Gadfly and he failed to read literally anything by Marx.


>some dumb tortured poet speel
Yeah he was just a narcissist and an opportunist like Hitler, he was never an actual socialist


he supposedly quoted a lot of marxist theorists but i question how well those quotations were
does anyone have a link to any of mussolinis past quotations to marxist thinkers so we can tell if he did it badly


Jesus the savior Christ WTF
the Anglo menace is worse then I thought I didn't think it could be any worse

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