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I'm starting this after asking in reading general because there was some interest shown. A thread for the encouragement, maintenance, and organisation of different reading groups- a regular thread will be maintained in order for reading groups to rhizomatically organise. No specific topic of reading is mandated. I would like to start by organising a group, I have a few texts I would be interested in reading but would like to get any kind of feedback because I don't want to propose we read a book and then have a buncha people be like 'nooo i dont like that book' so here are some initial suggestions for what we could read to begin with:

CURRENT BOOK: engels' origin of the family (prehistoric society)

- Baruch Spinoza's 'Ethics'
- Vladimir Lenin's 'Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism'
- Murray Bookchin's 'Post-Scarcity Anarchism'
- Felix Guattari's 'Three Ecologies'
- Alfred North Whitehead's 'Process and Reality'
- Guy Debord's 'Society of the Spectacle'
- Theodor Adorno's 'Negative Dialectics'
- Fredy Perlman's 'Against His-Story, Against Leviathan'
- Friedrich Engel's 'The Origin of the Family'

We humbly invite you all! Feel free to organise and maintain your own group here!
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>it was interesting to me some of the developments of like how fishing and pottery play into human development.
Yup, and how the ones who chose to research animal husbandry got horsemen first.


ok. i gave u bitches enuf time to read and discuss. next chapter!!!


We are on chapter II, the family


I'd like to emphasize the end of this chapter


right, Morgan says (and Engels seems to be agreeing) that reproductive relations may still evolve with society


File: 1683348403084.pdf (723.55 KB, 197x255, origin_family.pdf)

Chapter III. The Iroquois Gens
>Outside the tribe was outside the law.
Nota Bene

File: 1683146673238.png (426.7 KB, 625x1000, ClipboardImage.png)


What was this book about again? It was my least favorite Lenin book. I know it's like the Organon to Engels' Dialectics of Nature, but every single one of Lenin's arguments was so unremarkable that they're forgettable. He's very terse and verbose. Does Lenin argue badly or is materialism a very dull philosophy and we like making shit up (see the post-1968. French Left).

Like, help a comrade out here. I fell in a post-Marxist reading hellscape due to bourgeois propaganda and need a hefty dose of sanity to get back on track.
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><Explain to me why are MLs superior to other leftoid sectarian tendencies, when other tendencies gather more people IRL?
They don't ML, and MLM which are both based in dialectical materialism, are the main communist tendencies world wide. ML is small in the west exclusively due to capitalist propaganda.

><Why should I give money to ML orgs when they are a minority at the protests I go to?

I don't think you necessarily should. Even anarchist or socdems might be the best option depending on your local parties.

>What is so great about "Materialism and Empirio-Criticism"?

The explanation of dialectics and positivism, and how non-dialectical thought necessarily leads to idealism. All the polemics are just fluff provided to give examples, ironically the same as Pannekoeks pamphlet.

>Why was Pannekoek wrong?

He is only wrong about claiming that Lenin was a "Middle-Class Materialist". He is claiming that Lenin is a vulgar materialist or physical reductionist because he doesn't like his use of the word matter or his insistence on its primacy in the dialectic, but he doesn't disagree with his method at all. He thinks that Lenin's insistence on the primacy of matter is fundamentally tied to the implementation of state capitalism over immediate abolition of commodity production and is the source of corruption in the USSR. I don't really see an argument to support this or how one follows from the other.

He is actually correct about dialectics and that you have to abolish commodity production to change the consciousness of people to achieve communism, but he is incorrect that abolishing commodity production immediately in a country that is underdeveloped and lacks industry to defend itself from military invasion by imperialist powers is reasonable or possible.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thank you anon for your detailed answer. I have nothing to add or be all polemical about right now. Cheers.


>Soviets under Lenin invented the science of ecology (before Stalin purged them later, once again)
KEK. This is outright schizo.
>I try not be to be too harsh on the USSR with people outside of our little clique
<Repeats almost every known anticommunist argument about USSR there is
What did he mean by that?


>I have a political event to attend tomorrow and it's fucking late
Stop pretending you are anything but a little troll.


Anticommunis spiel. You manage to hit all the anticommunist talking points like "muh german comrades" who were actual trots (outlawed in Soviet Union in early 1930s) who were collaborating with nazis

Elsewhere you hit on Hungary 1956 which was an Operation Gladio fascist coup attempt in socialist bloc with mi6 arming and training the Horthyites


File: 1682951664459.gif (1002.02 KB, 250x251, downloadfile.gif)


in my country, there is a laborist political movement akin to spanish national syndicalism that appropiated the pro-workers discourse
around the 2000s, they invented the term "popular class" in contrast to the "oligarch class". im not exactly sure of its implications, maybe its a rebranding of the universal "middle class" term, or they (more likely) synthetized an alliance between workers and lumpenproles. what are the implications and consequences of this manufactured discourse?
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pure conjecture cuz im not informed about most South American politics but my guess would be the maoist emphasis on the peasantry and countryside may have something to do with it, the naxalites in india are also have strong ties to indigenous groups for example


you could be less of a pedantic faggot and speak earnestly and politely. i made this thread specifically to learn, not to assert my knowledge. if you took time to read my other posts, youd know that the argentine lumpemproletariat, captured by the bourgeois state, is encouraged to feel pride towards their condition and it is very hard to help them acquire consciousness
i cannot say much about those populations, i live in buenos aires, so i talk from my own experience with urban and suburbia fit militants


>you could be less of a pedantic faggot
My point is your options are to right your mast or accept failure and cope. So many leftists choose the latter. Many of them because it is all they hear, a feedback loop of defeatism.
>if you took time to read my other posts, youd know that the argentine lumpemproletariat, captured by the bourgeois state, is encouraged to feel pride towards their condition and it is very hard to help them acquire consciousness
First of all if you think someone is lumpen because they lack class consciousness and not the other way around you are not a marxist. Secondly if you believe that all the state has to do is tell the proletariat that they should be happy about being alienated we have already lost because whoops tsar nicky just forgot to hit the propaganda button and marxism is solved forever.


what a dense motherfucker. your high and mighty attitude show that you are a basement dork that doesnt interact with people in real life. for the life of me, i cant imagine such a snob organizing or helping other workers

fuck off. reply to me if youre a retarded methhead that diddles kids and takes it up the ass


>Hello I would like help
>Wow you're gay retarded and a loser
What do you want me to say? That it's okay for you to give up and turn into one of those "amerikkka settlers will never be revolutionary" guys but for a global South country?

File: 1683323948882.jpg (355.84 KB, 1200x1278, cannibal of zaporizhia.jpg)


Why give a fuck about those that burn grain while starving? Why not care about those who starve but do not burn grain?


How else were they meant to keep warm?



Some of those that own farmses
Are the same that burn grainses

File: 1683248207117-0.png (12.52 KB, 193x261, irish.png)


>The economy of the Republic of Ireland is a highly developed knowledge economy, focused on services in high-tech, life sciences, financial services and agribusiness, including agrifood. Ireland is an open economy… and ranks first for high-value foreign direct investment (FDI) flows. In the global GDP per capita tables, Ireland ranks 2nd of 192 in the IMF table and 4th of 187 in the World Bank ranking.

how the fuck is IRELAND so RICH? Doesn't this prove neoliberalism works and former colonies of european powers can just neoliberal their way out of poverty?
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Which Ireland the north one or the south one?


The illegitimate free state, the six occupied counties are still under a regime of colonial underdevelopment and the Unionists refuse to enter a government where they have to negotiate with Sinn Fein


The 🍀🍀🍀mods🍀🍀🍀 don't want them to know…


Based fenians



File: 1683080560463.png (231.26 KB, 382x474, 1663911304648.png)


If you told me a fucking ancap would become president I'd laugh in your face, but it seems Milei is leading the polls and might become the next Argentinian president. What does this say about the absolute state of the world?
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don't tell them that, dude

that's our secret

there's literally no options in latam until the US crumbles


File: 1683275830936.jpg (76.41 KB, 1280x640, social-3896228449.jpg)

Let's see if he will last longer than a head of lettuce. Dude even looks like one.


argentina: wincest ending
damn, he left feinmann speechless


fucking legendary program, wondering why you just didn't share the youtube video tho lol


ancap bro's….we won


>Immediately after the statue was erected, the artist expressed his discontent with the little attention it was receiving.
>Engelhardt complained in a letter written to East German leader Erich Honecker
>Honecker in response ordered East Berliners, and later East German citizens, to visit the statue and surrounding area under threat of imprisonment.
>Soon after, however, the monument to the two leaders became well-liked by the Berlin public. Its main audience consisted of locals, travelers, artists, and academics, who liked and somewhat pitied the two modest looking figures, at one point even nicknaming them ‘The Pensioners.’
> After Engelhardt again complained to Honecker about this moniker, Stasi chief Erich Mielke was instructed to investigate and punish those responsible for creating the nickname.

ayy lmao is this true?
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Don't be so fucking rude. But yes of course don't expect anything from them


They're not fucking pensioners. That's Obi Kenobi and Secret Santa


Communism's greatest achievements are all Western myths, in a psychop to induce Paris Syndrome.


>one task we could set out to do is get Radio Free Europe taken off the reliable sources list
man if you could do that, wikipedia wouldnt be wikipedia anymore, thats like asking wikipedia to stop having a lib bias, its literally built in.
Im not into sisyphean tasks


the squeaky wheel gets the grease anon

File: 1683272686462.mp4 (7.09 MB, 854x480, holyfuck.mp4)


What are Leftypol's thoughts on watermelon vendors? Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the role of watermelon vendors in the socialist revolution. Some leftists argue that watermelon vendors play an important role in the struggle for economic justice, while others see them as a distraction from more significant issues.

On one hand, some leftists argue that watermelon vendors are an essential part of the struggle for socialism. They argue that small business owners like watermelon vendors are often exploited by larger corporations and that supporting these small businesses can be an effective way to fight back against the capitalist system. Additionally, some see watermelon vendors as an opportunity to build solidarity within working-class communities and to challenge the dominant economic order.

On the other hand, some leftists are critical of the emphasis on watermelon vendors. They argue that small business owners are not necessarily allies in the fight for socialism, as they often rely on exploiting their own workers to make a profit. Additionally, they argue that the focus on individual actions like buying from watermelon vendors detracts from the need for systemic change and revolutionary action. Instead, they argue for a more collective approach to building solidarity and fighting against capitalism.

Overall, the debate about watermelon vendors highlights the tension between individual action and collective struggle in the fight for socialism. While some leftists see supporting small businesses as a way to challenge the capitalist system, others see it as a distraction from the need for revolutionary change. Understanding the nuances of this debate can help us think more critically about how we can build a more just and equitable society.(irrelevant topic, /siberia/ thread)
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I'll defer to Xi Jinping on this one.


expropriation from the watermelon vendors


The problem of the watermelon vendor is a petite-bourgeois problem which arises only after the revolution, and until that time I'd rather not concern myself.


We're not fans of Erdogan here


Ahem, watermelons are overrated.

File: 1682938179322.png (713.23 KB, 960x540, original.png)


You will eat ze mucus

We will genetically modify all our plantz to have mucus producing penises auto-fertilizing ze soil and you will eat ze mucus plants. You want eat ze pizza? Ze pizza came from flour from jizz producing wheat. You want eat ze pickle? The pickle is mucus cucumber. All ze plants will be mucus plantz and you will eat ze plantz and you will like it.
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The real gas that is actually running out and everyone should be worried is motherfucking helium!


Nitrogen gang rise up


Your fried processed turds will be made with gene modified mucus spitting potatoes in the future.

It doesn't suck it up from the ground but from the air.

>puts helium into balloons for children


I've read your threads and anytime someone criticises you, you go on a bpd tantrum.


You jest but a lot of helium is leaving the atmosphere.

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A lot of you seem to be under the belief that you can have marxist theory without ontological grounding. But to me it seems the positive sciences that say things about the 'world' rely on a totally certain idea of what 'world' means. So why don't we all have a calm discussion about ontology and attempt to come to an understanding of why there are so many of you (usually tankies) for whomst philosophy and ontology appears 'meaningless'? For me it seems to be the most important thing that we properly understand the dependency and aims of sciences (which simply explicate categories about our "external" reality) on a proper approach towards the world. In a sense, I think Marxists also unconsciously on some level agree with this, because you recognise that the bourgeois sciences mainly operate in service of capital, and this is unwanted. But on the other hand you seem to shoot yourselves on the foot by explicitly denying the validity of ontology in favour of vapid essentialism. From where does this 'materialism' come? Even in naive realist ontologies we see that the brain mediates reality, but there is no account for this in the materialist ontology.

I don't see much substance from Marx by way of arguing for materialism either. Deleuze follows kind of a more enlightened transcendental empiricism which I find far more respectable but that required torturous meditation beginning from a throwing away of beings in favour of the search for a proper ontology. But *you* personally, the person who is reading this, how do you understand ontology, if all you've spent all your life on is the pursuit of small-B beings, never evaluating the existential nature of 'world', which rather than being something we are merely placed in, is constitutive of our being?
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these are metaphyiscal positions, not ontological ones. They're focused on substance not being


Isn't ontology metaphysical harry potter


it would be great if you could explain why you think that. most people consider ontology to be a part of metaphysics.


Okay but what the hell does that mean


>these are metaphyiscal positions, not ontological ones.

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