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File: 1654453120809-1.jpg (141.21 KB, 1280x853, Iran-Great-Satan.jpg)

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Thread mainly for discussing the war in Ukraine, but discussion of other geopolitical issues such as Yemen CIvil War, the China-US conflict or Iran-US conflict or any X-US conflict is also appreciated.

Previous thread >>818936

For previous threads, check >>>/leftypol_archive/


>N.B. liveuamap.com is not to be trusted, they mostly parrot Ministry of Defence, these others may not be better, check their reporting first



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File: 1656523078100.jpg (173 KB, 720x470, anti bitch wall.jpg)

In Madrid there is a park with pieces of the Berlin Wall. I pray in the future it gets replaced with the razor-filled wall of Melilla.


just got back from a coma
who's winning?


File: 1656528631542.png (505.33 KB, 929x929, ClipboardImage.png)


did the turks get their f35 ?


File: 1656699878626.png (2.91 MB, 1801x1276, ClipboardImage.png)

The western powers have delivered again in our area and the new born is the terrorist who bears all the features of his bearers and behaves like them . These terrorists are not our children they are the children of the father who begot them ie the western civilization . It is in their prisons and in their wombs that he was conceived and given birth
60 thousand terrorists including families are in al Hawl camp in al Hasaka . Almost half of them are Iraqis and half of them are children being raised in this environment . Al Hawl Camp is USA is what USA and the world powers want the world to look like . Hundreds of murders happening there and children growing to become killers and terrorists . No country wants to retrieve its citizens among terrorists who are foreigners confined to the camp . The only country that is interested in retrieving its citizens is Iraq and this because of the threat they represent in operating across borders . The camp is monitored by the SDF forces which are US affiliated and they guard the camp with all its content . The US is the reference and decides who will be recycled or set free or repatriated and so on. The camp is a timed bomb ready to explode, and one wonders why after more then 10 years of fighting terror Syria has not come to terms with terrorism but terrorism is still there and the reason is that we have normalized with terror like we have normalized with israel . And the war in Syria is a long story of normalization with terror if we want to summarize it in one sentence . And this in preparation for the normalization with israel that Syria would have to undergo and the ground is being prepared for this by virtue of which terrorists were integrated in the Syrian Army and pacified and relocated and the sponsors of terror empowered like Turkey . Those who really fought terror are the Resistance and its allies. Otherwise these were maneuvers by Russia and the US Coalition that most of the times worked on sparing terrorists and negotiating with them and keeping them a force on the ground . Until now Idlib is occupied by terrorist groups and will not be liberated . One cannot at the same time coexist with terror and fight it and Syria finds itself in this position.

File: 1656598473784.png (308.48 KB, 620x298, ClipboardImage.png)


What the heck is the white genocide meme? Why do white people believe in that fiction based off baseless claims about a global Jewish conspiracy trying to extreminate all whites down to the last one? Are they just bread ad circuses designed to keep proles away from fighting capitalism?

Picrel is for explanation
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I‘d just like to remark that even if the notion of white genocide as it is believed by rightoids is baseless, genocide doesn‘t have to be that obvious that people are put in death camps.


yeah it pretty much has to or it's meaningless or worse
sage for garbage thread


The amount of incest shit on pornhub is pretty jarring. It wasn't like this 8 or so years ago. Where did all the incest fetish shit even come from?


that's not a bad idea. i was going to write a second book based purely on social and community organization, and i guess i could put a little psychoanalysis in there to talk about what brain-rotten racists actually believe too.


>asking /leftypol/ instead of some retards on /pol/ who actually believe it

anyway, declining relative birth rates in a post-colony == genocide, apparently.

File: 1656598686812.jpg (58.99 KB, 700x394, 61552519_303.jpg)


This conflict is one of the best evidence for why we live in a clown world. We have the leftists (anything left of socdems) and the alt-right/far right support the same side but obviously for different reasons. for the leftists its because of western hegemony and imperialism/spreading capitalism, while for the far right, its because of western degeneracy and the destruction of the white race/culture. Its kinda ironic how leftists usually criticize liberals for siding with fascists when push comes to shove while they are doing the same thing here and the far right are siding with the same people they claim are destroying their race/culture. The most ironic of them all is the fact that Nazis were accused of scape goating the jews in ww2 while in this conflict the nazis have become a scape goat for Russia to attack Ukraine. Overall this conflict is a huge mess so i understand that my observations are not perfect but that is generally what i perceive so far. what do you guys think about this conflict?
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>fascism is nationalist and chauvinist by nature so fascists will turn on each other over nationalist issues. They can never form a stable international coalition because they don't believe in internationalism
What's our excuse then?


I have the correct analysis and revolutionary program and if you disagree with me you are wrong, stupid, bourgeois, and fundamentally evil.


That's the spice.


State repression, a lack of class consciousness in the imperial core, sectarianism and petty historical rivalries.


Depends where. In somewhere like Estonia all reactionaries are for Ukraine.

File: 1652717429848.jpg (208.93 KB, 720x773, 1652712970021.jpg)


>Swedish males between the ages of 18 and 29 are the demographic most reluctant to join NATO, according to a new poll.
>The poll, conducted by Novus, found that 43% of young men are in favour of NATO membership, while another 43% – the same proportion – are opposed.
>By comparison, only 32% of women in the same age range opposed the move.
>Young males were the only demographic somewhat hesitant of the idea, with all other groups showing clear support for joining the alliance. Overall, 53% of the Swedish public say they support joining NATO – an increase from last week’s 48%.
>However, speaking to Swedish broadcaster SVT, Novus CEO Torbjörn Sjöström said that younger people were generally much more hesitant about NATO membership than older age groups.
>“If we go up to the age group 30-49, 51% are in favour,” he said.
>“And then it continues slowly but surely upwards to the oldest age group, 65-79 years, where 61% are positive.”
>In Sweden all men between the ages of 19 and 47 are eligible for military service and conscription.
>In 2017 Sweden re-introduced conscription in response to Russia’s Baltic military drills. This means that thousands of young Swedes born in a certain year are chosen at random to undergo military assessment, and conscripts are required to serve in the military for 9 to 12 months.
>Sweden previously had military conscription until 2010, but at that time only men were eligible for the draft. Now women can qualify as well.
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based erdogan keeping sweden out of SHARTO


New Left rotted their brains.


reminds me of someone



Fully supported by Swedish social democracy of course.

Social Democracy = nazism.

File: 1608680398363.jpg (62.28 KB, 775x514, DOWn.jpg)

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💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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File: 1656670844143.jpg (205.22 KB, 732x633, 16511809444790.jpg)

USA is going to suck their vassal states dry and blame Russia and China for it. This is going to look absolutely glorious the next election cycle


god please let a major crash happen
just break the back of this wretched state


>everyone panicking because their tech and growth stocks are plummeting

If you didn't switch to defense mode months ago with consumer staples let this be a lesson to you.


Collapse of capitalism by EOY, إن شاء الله

File: 1656182891026.jpg (319.45 KB, 900x600, Karl-Marx-Quotes-2.jpg)


In any case…

I ran through a search on the totality of MECW (Marx & Engels Collected Works) – the most complete works of the two – and found not a single occurance of them calling themselves "Left". M&E referred to themselves as communists. There's ZERO implication there that communists should self-identify as "Left."

I did the same for Lenin's, Stalin's, and even Kropotkin's, and Bakunin's works, with the same result. Based on this, any anarchist and Leninist who calls himself a "left-winger" is a fucking clown.

Can we face the fact that naming ourselves "lefty"pol was a mistake or do we concede to the so called" Left," riddled with reformists, woke-tards, and anarcho-imperialists?

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>Based on this, any anarchist and Leninist who calls himself a "left-winger" is a fucking clown.
Who gives a shit

This whole conversation is about words and what you call yourself as if that's what determines the reality. It's the most postmodern thing I can imagine really. You sound like the guy from the Nike ad in the 90s who was like "we are the stories we tell about ourselves" and you're getting very upset these communists are telling the wrong story or something.


Y'all know Marx and Engels spent a lot of time making fun of people making distinctions like this, right. If attempting to place yourself under the 'leftist' label is helpful, then you should do it. And if it's not helpful, then you shouldn't. You have to pick your battles, and sticking to your guns about being outside of the left/right dichotomy is pretty pointless. Like, in the best case scenario, all you've done is piss off a bunch of theoretically sympathetic people. And the rightoids will still think of you as the same anyway.





>correct post
<no responses

File: 1647359368375.png (1.31 MB, 2500x2440, 1639509616599.png)

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Anywhere wood is oxidizing rapidly


And anywhere where the specific chemical reactions that happen in brains are, there are thoughts.


File: 1656645284354.png (350.35 KB, 818x783, ClipboardImage.png)

So this is thinking?


what the fuck is this? left wing occultism?


File: 1654136106399.jpg (886.98 KB, 4096x4096, 20220601_211305.jpg)

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Post your best pride month pictures of corporations, government organizations, and other NGOs doing it for the profits.

Pic related tweet: https://nitter.net/USMC/status/1531994393950953472?t=vnJpDAPcRDdrv3BwAJC0og&s=19
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You've been tricked. There is nothing working class POC about this you fucking idpozzed newfaggot


General medium (country, site, culture, etc.) dependent. I'd say that in some mediums, yeah.


What is the actual alternative to this bullshit?
How can LGBT culture be rehabilitated? What would it look like under communism?


communism is basically already gay


As pride month has ended. Thank you again for posting your best finds. See you next time for the next profitable causes.

File: 1655188158926.png (467.54 KB, 415x562, ClipboardImage.png)

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Thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content.
Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.


This is the place where you can find all /leftypol/ memes n' shit:
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File: 1656618344923.png (119.63 KB, 640x371, postmodernism.png)


based & national salvation council-pilled


I'm pretty sure that i am a total economic loss for my Boss, i spend most of my time At work browsing the internet and procrastinating



File: 1656689864811.png (84.26 KB, 1030x626, ClipboardImage.png)

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post examples of Wikipedia glowing

* glowie rhetoric/rightoid cope on the talk pages
* sus revision histories
* bizarre rightoid editors
* right wing articles with no leftist counterpart
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File: 1655532299075.png (49.58 KB, 913x704, girlvinyl.png)


I followed the github's intrusctions, yet i couldn't get it to work.


This is not very relevant to this thread but I really hate this article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptozoology. 80% of the text is basically "waaah this has not been epically objectively scientifically proved and if are interested in this stuff you are a dangerous fundamentalist conspiracy theorist". The article is even locked. Like, shut the fuck up and let people believe in the Yeti you joyless nerds, who cares.


bumping ebin fred


nobody's disallowing your yeti belief. sorry the article is honest about cryptozoozoo being bunk

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