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File: 1713664626351.png (5.42 MB, 2048x1365, ClipboardImage.png)


the manufacturing processes whereby whole foods are converted into junk foods is not a "value added" process like most manufacturing processes. This processing actually destroys nutrients and renders the food less healthy. Therefore it is a "value subtracted" process and the labor used to process these foods into junk food has negative value. It is only the cultural superstructure of respecting junk food and finding it to be subjectively "tasty" that allows this to happen. The creation of junk food destroys the use value of nutrition during manufacturing, and yet the bourgeois corporations charge a higher price for the junk food than its constituent whole foods. Aside from cigarettes and alcohol, I can think of no other area in the economy that functions this way.
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You're comparing raw ingredients to a ready to be consumed product. The raw ingredients provide no utility without the means to cook them. Comparing raw materials that must be worked upon to get an end product can't be compared to an end product.


It depends on the food. Grains usually require some processing, but fruit and vegetables can just be eaten as they are.


>that puts more labor into it, increasing the exchange value.
OP here, I thought it was labour power (the commodity that the worker sells) and not labour itself that gives things value


Right but we all know that the labor power has to be useful in order to create a commodity with exchange value. That's why there is no socially necessary labor time in creating mud pies. So why is the exchange value going up with junk food when the labor power is making a commodity that is less useful than its whole food constituents?


>. Most of the value-added stuff in food production relates to making the product either more shelf-stable or more appealing as a commodity. The additives like coloring and flavoring make people want to eat it more. The processing that removes the "impurities" helps keep the food from going bad for longer, since the more nutritious parts removed (like the bran in grains removed to make the flour) also spoils fastest. There is a use-value to these alterations, just not from the perspective of public health.
OP here. Thank you. this is a good answer.

File: 1713718871288.jpg (154.88 KB, 988x919, 0078.jpg)

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Maoism vs Dengism

Which proved superior?

Why do some leftists credit Deng for the rapid development of China, a principally liberal view of Chinese history.
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File: 1713800987285.jpg (14.67 KB, 255x255, batterup.jpg)

>Samir Amin
Guy literally rejected class struggle in favor of geopolitics.


<read book? GRUG SMASH!!
beyond parody, Mr. Gasm.
>class struggle
You have no interest in such things. Like Turkey and India, you think that you can develop through cooperation with imperialists.
That is why you get hung up on bullshit when you see dependency theory arguments about how superprofits are distributed to the top 10% of American workers and other labor aristocrats in the imperial core, and you think it's the Infrared!Haz argument that baristas are the labor aristocracy.


I understood these things years ago, because I am very inquisitive whenever I am presented with truly new ideas. Few people on this website can manage that, despite trying to be as lulzy and holds-up-spork-random as possible. I do actually have to go eat dumplings now. Take care. Read the 2018 article "The New Imperialist Structure" if you want to see one of Amin's final takes on this world. Or just leave good writing it lying on the ground and go eat poop like a dog


File: 1713808605979.jpeg (28.4 KB, 400x400, lysenko sneed.jpeg)

>read book?
I have a lot to read already on my plate and a lot to reread. The reason I do not blindly regurgitate the names of authors for others to read the works on is because I consider myself a student that is still learning. It would be wrong to suggest a book or theory out of the blue. Amin will surely come up on the long list of books eventually but cursory knowledge of his theory and his writings clearly show a deprioritization of class struggle.
But I will get to it nonetheless. His writings on Eurocentrism did pique my interest.

>you think that you can develop through cooperation with imperialists.

??? Cooperation entails a sense of collective comradery. There is none under imperialism only subjugation. You think I stand at the polar opposite of this argument. You are wrong. We both see imperialism as the primary problem, but where we differ is who we see as the revolutionary class. You see the national bourgeoise as the spearhead for development. I see the proletariat as the revolutionary class and peasantry allied together in which the national bourgeoise should be subservient to. That is where (as far as I see) our primary differences lie (as well as basic Leninist definitions of imperialism and understanding of modern revisionism).


File: 1713819005430.png (Spoiler Image, 148.99 KB, 859x1297, ClipboardImage.png)

I was going to do a joke, but the journo/ecologist who was stoned not a burger but an euro.

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This thread is dedicated to our accomplishment of having broken the upper limit of sea surface temperature and the lower limit of antarctic sea ice amount charts this summer, hence ushering our species firmly into the capitalocene. Good job guys! Welcome to the future.

Here's an article about that:

As for the news, there is a drought blocking shipping at the Panama canal, bad wildfires in North America and Greece, persistent heatwaves in eastern Europe and northern Africa, and floods in central and eastern China.

Here's the latest report from the IPCC
<AR6 Synthesis Report Climate Change 2023

The website of NASA about climate is great for getting data and visualizing climate change

Last thread: >>1332129
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File: 1712581852807.png (414.67 KB, 1200x1002, ClipboardImage.png)

It is going to get hotter on average everywhere, but the temperature change won't be evenly distributed in space or time. For example, more heat in the polar vortex (relatively warm there) will tend to cause it to break out and cause cold weather in more temperate regions.


humanity is not making it to outer space. They never even managed to properly explore inner space.


I don’t think human life was booming back then.


File: 1713815576691.png (1.37 MB, 960x960, ClipboardImage.png)

Happy Earth Day, /climate/

What did you get Earth-chan for her special day?


Life that was adapted to a radically different environment you drooling nitwit.

File: 1713751995877.png (484.71 KB, 457x800, ClipboardImage.png)


A thread for forgotten continent. Post anything related to:

Burkina Faso
Cabo Verde
Central African Republic (CAR)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I think they meant about Mugabe.
>Having dominated Zimbabwe's politics for nearly four decades, Mugabe was a controversial figure. He was praised as a revolutionary hero of the African liberation struggle who helped free Zimbabwe from British colonialism, imperialism, and white minority rule. Critics accused Mugabe of being a dictator responsible for economic mismanagement and widespread corruption and human rights abuses, including anti-white racism, crimes against humanity and genocide.


kill the settler, kill the boer (gigabased)


mugabe was very average as far as 20th century postcolonial leaders go. anyone telling you he was a principled anticolonial communist is lying, anyone telling you he was an evil genocider of whites who personally ran the country into the ground is lying



It'd be really cool if Senegal ended up joining the Alliance of Sahel States (so they aren't landlocked anymore) but I'm not sure if they want to invite the hostility from ECOWAS

File: 1713724580024.png (446.62 KB, 800x1155, wi 800.png)


"What is certain is that [if they are Marxists], [then] I myself am not a Marxist" - Karl Marx to Paul Lafargue

was this book onto something though.. i AM interested.
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The Right to be Lazy is a good read, I felt very connected to what it said.


what readings?


if youre asking for lafargue, this is a fun one: https://www.marxists.org/archive/lafargue/1900/xx/horse.htm

as for marx criticisms of him im pretty sure they were mostly about lafargue doing a lot of radical sloganeering, a lot of which would be perfectly at home on /leftypol/ but marx & engels were of the opinion it was needlessly provocative. cant remember the text off the top of my head, i think it was a letter from marx to engels


>marx & engels were of the opinion it was needlessly provocative
I can't believe Maex & Engels were so fucking gay


bunch of liberals!!!

File: 1698887586346-1.jpg (20.44 KB, 474x265, th-490818336.jpg)

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8th Edition: Failson squad assemble!edition.

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Coming 2024 Elections, open orgs, People that should be dead for different reasons running in Malaysia's elections or just random shit. There are still dozens of us… hopefully! South Asia and Oceania posters can come in to discuss their regional politics as well.

Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/#!YeYeuZuLSYkegWssey:matrix.org

Last threads:
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Maybe to vague a question but was is the feeling on the street with regard to the leadership and the performance of the state?


File: 1713746004408.jpg (133.87 KB, 550x377, phat huy_1.jpg)

The indonesians are colonialists and the australians are opportunists using the rebels for their own gains. Evil vs evil. The rebels are basically similar to the IRA as they want a different system if they were to be united with papua new guinea. But are pretty aimless due to only existing as a reaction to indon atrocities.
The lower level bureaucrats are worried about making any economic decisions. And stuff has been going worse security wise ever since to lam took over pucsec (3 consecutive terrorist attacks) due to him intwentionally wrecking to cause discorse. A lot of people supports trong but anxious about his health and what will happen post Trong in 2025 especially if Lam stays around.


0:33 best gaib


Continuing the case on thuan an, the assistant to Vuong Dinh Hue just got arrested. So he's next on the chopping block. That's 5/16 that got sacked up to this point.


>they want a different system if they were to be united with papua new guinea
What different system do they envision?

File: 1710861240053.png (46.54 KB, 442x393, 632662.png)

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This party sucks shit. It's constantly pissing everyone off and for the past decade it's been on a war path against anything "erotic" and now they are turning its attention towards the most popular manga magazine shonen jump and telling its followers to snitch adult magazines to the United Nations!

Genius moves ostracizing yourselves even more with manga authors and youth, the party is bleeding members fast and they think to prioritize meddling with manga. What's the deal with this party?
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you're so normal for screaming about porn on the internet


See, you're doing it again. You're not actually making a point, you're just hurling insults. You don't accomplish anything with that kind of attitude.


because there are exactly two types of people who care about the JCP outside japan
1. weebs
2. election autists.
weeb leftists see someone wants to ban weeb-smut and rally to the defence of weebs, their position as weebs is much more important in this instance than their position as leftists - particularly because (a) leftists usually hate every other type of communist anyway (b) the JCP doesn't offer much by way of aesthetic or achievements for you to cling to and most of their theory doesn't come with subtitles, making it a boring party to pick if you want a meme ideology.
as always on the internet, it all has very little to do with politics and much more to do with identity. even people who don't like the particuar pornography in question will still rally to defend a sub-set of what they feel to be their community and their hobby. people will argue from a liberal philosophy mainly because it's easiest and plays to current background assumptions in western society - in short because it's easy. it's not because of any deep thought, it's because arguments are weapons and when you feel like someone's attacking your hobby, you grab whatever weapon you can find and hurl it back at them.

t. weeb election autist.


File: 1713803138517.png (498.82 KB, 439x870, 64334634.png)

yoinked from the anime thread, the party is just deeply flawed if you would be asked to leave the party for taking a selfie with some manga. though not entirely sure about the contents of the manga being posed with.


dude, just let them first world communists go. nothing revolutionary will come from the 1st world

File: 1615724007551-0.png (656.83 KB, 652x488, bio.png)

File: 1615724007551-1.png (628.86 KB, 800x596, 2.png)

File: 1615724007551-2.png (158.44 KB, 841x616, nordlands.png)

 No.211966[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread for all things Nordic. Recommended languages: Finnish, Scandinavian and English.
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pojkar och >flickor vad gör vi mot DCA? mer än att skriva på namninsamlingen vill säga. kan vi agitera nog att jänkarsoldater känner sig ovälkomna i landet? särskilt i glesbygdn


It's quite remarkable how uniquely brainwashed most Finns are. Is there similar derangement in other scandi countries?


Was this against the cuckservative 616 or actual fascist NRM?
Just peculiar how willing some people are to die for the well being of American capital. And to do so when the internet exists.


>Just peculiar how willing some people are to die for the well being of American capital
I don't think these people think that way. it's more the constant propaganda of le evil russians, spooking the population into submission. if you criticize this then you are a putin shill. we have no choice but to join nato, allow nukes on swedish soil etc because russia is an evil asiatic horde that cannot be reasoned with


Yeah but the internet exists, and so do history books. How can someone know of the history of atrocity propaganda and the world wars and still not see what is going on?

File: 1699710985385.png (5.12 MB, 1400x1408, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.1675313[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Not trying to be an enlightened centrist here, but it has always seemed odd to me how people on the right and left fetishize the concept of a militia taking down a conventional army, when reality has shown the opposite result every time, I come from a shitty third world nation that is barely held together most of the time, and my country has experienced numerous rebellions by Islamists, ethnic nationalists, and communists, and every time they have failed. This is because a "well-armed and well-funded militia" is no match for a well-armed, better-trained army with superior logistics and structure. Of course, in the event of a total collapse, a militia could potentially become the only proper authority for a region or if faced with an entirely incompetent and corrupt army. However, in most cases, a real army always prevails over militias. I don't know how people fell for this meme really, Eve Marx bought into this up and advocated for workers' militias, which ultimately proved to be a massive waste of time and loss of life for everyone involved, the Spanish Republicans insisted on using them in the Spanish civil war and they were a massive hinderance that lost way too many battles, and thoughts of forming an actual army was "Stalinism" and a betrayal of the revolution.
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File: 1713461828769.png (47.87 KB, 717x778, V3.png)

gr8 b8 m8


All of ME should be under either Turkish or Iranian control tho


Both should be under deez nuts doe


File: 1713786532475.mp4 (22.48 MB, 480x270, Iran - Israel.mp4)

reminder Iran only exists cause of the US and Israel


The Gulf loans didn't reach Iraq until Iranians were at the Gulf's gates in 1982. The value of said loans was about 1/4 of what Iraq got from USSR and other places and 1/10 of the war's cost for Iraq.
Saudi Arabia allowed Israeli planes to bomb Iraq using their air space. They also laundered billions as part of the Iran-Contra affair, funding Iran essentially.

File: 1642442497034.jpg (135.91 KB, 1029x1383, DPn0z2WXUAAlxwW.jpg)

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By this logic, DC achieved communism with IRI.


>he screencapped his own post


damn you're right, that's pretty sad ngl


Dopo la quarta volta che stavo a scriverlo mi son detto che tanto valeva fare uno screencap


File: 1713781896277.jpg (426.96 KB, 1681x957, Ina-Casa-Matera.jpg)

qui Fanfani ha gasato

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