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File: 1694070974831.png (1.04 MB, 1280x623, anime_brics.png)

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Multipolarism, in its most basic form, posits a world where multiple powers (countries or entities) exist in a state of relative equilibrium, challenging the unipolar hegemony led mainly by the United States post-Cold War. The emergence of China, the reassertion of Russia, the rise of regional powers like India, Brazil, and South Africa, among others, suggest a move towards this multipolar world.

BUT is it rly just Capitalism 2: Electric Boogaloo - Neo-Dengism Edition? To what extent is multipolarism just capitalist nationalism for people not in green on this map? If the whole thrust of socialism is now just "America bad" what becomes of the classical socialist goals of workers control of the means of production, and abolishing class society?

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On the last episode of Multi-Polar Z: >>>/leftypol/1571995
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File: 1698093177313.png (432.1 KB, 710x400, ClipboardImage.png)

>Pope Francis has slammed the West for murdering Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein and leaving 'organised anarchy' behind as well as saying that ISIS emerged as a result of 'an unfortunate Western choice'

>"It is true. Of the consequences of colonialism and, in particular, the appropriation of their natural resources. But also of the failure of the West in its attempt to import its own type of democracy into certain countries with a culture, I won't say tribal, but of a similar nature. Let's think about Libya, which seems to be able to be led only by very strong personalities like Gaddafi. A Libyan told me that they once had only one Gaddafi, but now they have fifty-three. The Gulf War was a true disgrace, not to say one of the worst cruelties. Saddam Hussein was certainly no little angel, on the contrary, but Iraq was a fairly stable country. Warning: I am not defending Gaddafi or Hussein. But what did the war leave behind? Organized anarchy and more war. Therefore I believe that we must not export our democracy to other countries, but rather help them develop a process of democratic maturation according to their characteristics. Don't go to war to import a democracy that their people are unable to assimilate. There are countries that have a monarchical system and that will probably never accept a democracy, but we can certainly contribute to ensuring that there is greater participation. In any case, I consider myself ignorant when it comes to international politics, but I believe that the appearance of ISIS is based on an unfortunate Western choice."




The last time we had strong multipolarity, it ended up in two world wars. The reason Pax Romana, Pax Mongolica, Pax Britannica, and Pax Americana are named that way is because there was one dominant power keeping trade routes open, and not having huge conflicts with rivals.

multipolarism is a recipie for geopolitical conflict


You can't oppress the world to unite it. Peace based on injustice is war.


we also got multiple successful socialist revolutions
also the conditions are also vastly different, a handful of colonial powers competing isnt the same as the many regional powers emerging among a globalized and a lot more industrialized world


Why are there virtually no women in higher levels of power in communist governments both current and historical? Considering the enormous social gains these countries achieved for women, one would assume these positions wouldn't be completely dominated by men. I'm not a libtard concern trolling, but am curious for what the explanation could be.
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Anahita Ratebzad is one woman leader from the top of my head. But women are less involved in political activity overall because of mentality etc. inherited from before socialism, still there were plenty women in political work and just because you don't see them in history books with nice big portraits doesn't mean they are nonexistent. Btw they should put on that name thing we had during international womens' day again sometime.


Margot Honecker was a loyal and committed Marxist-Leninist, and defended the legitimate German State to the very end.🚩🫡


AES was still patriarchal


>she literally had blue hair and pronouns
wow Margot Honecker was really ahead of the curve


File: 1700127502179.png (94.38 KB, 660x463, Based and loyal ML.png)

File: 1699216822254.png (540.6 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


wanting palestine to have the right to self determination is not anti semitic. jewish people are deserving of the same as everyone else and there should be no hatred towards them. the israeli government's human rights abuses should not continue however it does not mean terrorism is ever justified
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terrorism literally isn't real pun intended

its just a pejorative used by Nation-States against violence they don't like. The only remotely consistent definition of terrorism is violence from Non-State Actors so just say that instead of some bullshit ass term that more or less exists to justify further violence by going MUH TEBBOBRIBBISM while blowing a hospital full of dying children.


USS Liberty is done by Israel, not Jews in general


Are you being sarcastic?



>forms of attack which fail to differentiate between the enemy and the people

>is 100% what Israel and the US do
>This is referring to the tactics of the CIA, CIA, CIA, CIA, ATF, FBI, etc


Not really, there has been a few cases of individual IRA members targetting civilians, but very generally they warned before their attacks on economic target, however it did happen to kill civilians as a side effect if the biritish authorities didn't do their jobs properly (by incompetence or malice) however out of all the belligerent of the troubles, the IRA are the ones who proportionally killed the less civilians 30% of their kills were civilians, wheras for the british army it was 50% and it was 86% For the unionists

File: 1699258906882.png (969.8 KB, 1024x656, ClipboardImage.png)

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This thread is dedicated to the discussion of Deng Xiaoping‘s intellectual work and contribution to socialism. Discuss theory and China‘s development in relation to the new trajectory Deng has set for the country.

Dent Xiaoping‘s writings:

Making this new thread bcuz the previous thread is full now. Continue and enjoy the discussion !
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Poverty eradication =/= socialism retard


its kind of absurd to consider these figures reasonable or honest when we know in reality that eg; nazi germany was ran by the board of directors of IG Farbin


Yes, nazi GERMANY.

The different material conditions of italy and germany gave rise to different arrangements to preserve capitalism (ie, the worker-bouj relationship), stop coping by insisting on doubting on the source while you have no basis for it at all


>doubting on the source
I just dont think you can call something publicly owned when the state isn't controlled by the public.


Poverty eradication = socialism, retard

File: 1700047284528.png (1.71 MB, 2558x1192, 1652461530803-ghosts.png)


Can we have a thread about cultural psyops in the media
And media that we suspect are psyops
I'll start
>Fight club, it's pretty obvious why. Producer was a mossad spy who was heavily involved with the movie even directing some scenes. Told fincher that he was ready to pay him whatever amount to get this movie made.
>Alien 3: lovecraftian cosmic horror/nihilism
>Girl with the dragon tattoo: misandrist snuff porn. Takes feminist identitarianism to it's limit by presenting males as rapist nazi psychopaths
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>muh substack

Read theory


>schizoposter telling others to get their head out their ass

Lmao ok


Mods let idiots on this site get away with murder. They say nothing serious is discussed here, well, that’s because mods let the loudest, dumbest schizos on the board suck all the air out of the room. Every single thread eventually devolves into this bullshit


what kind of a world do we live in where if you're Jordan Belford and have robbed people of billions you get 22 months in a fancy jail and a movie made out of your life by Martin Scorses where DiCaprio plays you but if I do a gas station stickup I get 8 years in a federal penitentiary?
fuck amerikkka


File: 1699986331395.png (199.88 KB, 850x400, ClipboardImage.png)


In 1920. Frank B. Gilbreth Sr. evaluated the motions of workmen to determine the most efficient techniques to perform tasks
Gilbreth studied the methods of various bricklayers—the poor workmen and the best ones, and he stumbled upon an astonishing fact of great importance and significance. He found that he could learn most from the lazy man!
Most of the chance improvements in human motions that eliminate unnecessary movement and reduce fatigue have been hit upon, Gilbreth thinks, by men who were lazy—so lazy that every needless step counted.”
Another important thing Gilbreth noted was that the so-called expert factory workers are often the most wasteful of their motions and strength. Because of their energy and ability to work at high speed, such men may be able to produce a large quantity of good work, and thus qualify as experts, but they tire themselves out of all proportion to the amount of work done.
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"Think Like a Lazy man" is not the sociological breakthrough you think it is.


>making work efficient === just leech of society


If you strip away the intentionally provocative language the only thing they are wrong about is the AI timeline (too conservative)


increasing the efficiency of a process requires the intellectual labour of considering that process and eliminating unnecessary steps. The past labor of automation and planning decreases the socially necessary labor time required to create a commodity by living labour. Marx knew this. None of what Gilbreth was saying was new.


we can't expect our enemies to read theory, and it seems we can't even expect it from our comrades

File: 1699951614331.jpg (128.27 KB, 780x520, Meme-Che.jpg)


We need a general debunk thread on here, its been way too long since we last had a thread on here unless im blind.
While this is labeled a general thread im curious if any anons can debunk stuff related to current topics, Mainly the israel conflict?


There's already one available(though some of the Google Docs are down), it's in >>>/edu/4210


^That said, /edu/ is /deadu/.


Ah i didnt see, though some of the links on the doc seem to be down with a few archived via archive is

File: 1698920063370.png (551.35 KB, 739x415, ClipboardImage.png)


Before pink capitalism is a thing, why do capitalists espouse homophobia? Is there something to do with breeding more babies to keep labour costs low, or something else entirely?
As a bonus, what are the positive effects for capitalists themselves if abortion gets banned?

Analyse here.

>inb4 culture war bs

Honeyz we're talking about economics here, so if you try to suggest anything off topic or even derail the thread you can just stay the fuck away, please.
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Because a bunch of right wingers show up to threaten it. Like it ain’t hard to understand.


>Host event
>Fascists show up
>Anti-Fascists show up
If fascists started doing anything else other than shitting themselves over le troons then antifa would be there too.


>3rd picrel
huh can't believe i'm not the only one who came to that conclusion


I specifically remember that video where some red faced boomer in sunglasses is in front of a mob of rightoids, and they’re all red faced and angry. He tries to rush them and is pushed back, and he keeps yelling “WHY DO DRAG QUEENS NEED ANTIFA PROTECTION?!?!”

And it’s like, my guy, because you’re there. There’s nothing hard to understand. Like if you post on Facebook that you’re going to storm a drag event, then antifa will show up to stop you. But to these freaks the fact that someone shows up to stop them proves that something must be wrong.


Israel-Palestine: Israeli army conducts fresh deadly raid in West Bank as Gaza toll mounts
The incursion involved bombing a home with a drone strike, tear-gassing a hospital, obstructing ambulances from reaching the wounded, and leaving mass destruction to roads and shops. It comes amid an escalation in Israeli violence against Palestinians across the West Bank that coincides with a bombardment campaign in the Gaza Strip since 7 October.

Three Turkish soldiers killed in actions by the guerrillas
According to the HPG Press Center statement on Tuesday, three Turkish soldiers were shot dead by guerrilla snipers in the region of Zap. The actions were carried out in the resistance areas of Girê Cûdî and Girê Amêdî, both of which are located on the western front of Zap.

Colombia suspends arms imports from Gaza ceasefire opponents
President Gustavo Petro said that Colombia’s government will suspend arms imports from opponents of a ceasefire between Israel’s armed forces and paramilitaries from Palestine. “Colombia will not buy weapons from manufacturing countries that voted against or abstained from voting on the resolution that ordered to ceasefire in Gaza” at a United Nations’ General Assembly meeting in late October, said Petro on social media platform X. The president additionally announced that Colombia’s ambassador to the UN will sponsor a resolution to grant full statehood to Palestine.

Thousands in Mexico demand justice for LGBTQ+ figure found dead after death threats
Thousands marched in Mexico’s capital Monday night demanding justice for Jesús Ociel Baena, an influential LGBPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


LA City Council to vote on rent control amendment amid looming rent freeze expiration
The Los Angeles City Council is expected to vote on Tuesday on a proposal meant to limit anticipated rent increases for properties that are subject to the city's rent-control law. The proposal was previously delayed during last week's council meeting by Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez, who wanted more time for his colleagues to consider the idea. The proposal was prompted by the pending Jan. 31, 2024, end of a pandemic-era rent freeze placed on rent-stabilized units.

Georgia prosecutors seek protective order after leak of videos in Trump case
The request came after several media outlets published details of videotaped statements that former Trump lawyers Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro gave as part of plea deals to avoid being tried as racketeering co-defendants with the former president. The Fulton county district attorney Fani Willis had previously asked for a protective order for the discovery materials in the case. But citing the leak of several of the “proffer” interviews, Willis renewed the request on Tuesday to Fulton county superior court judge Scott McAfee.

The Biden administration is slow to act as millions are booted off Medicaid, advocates say
The projections from the health consulting firm Avalere come as states undertake a sweeping reevaluation of the 94 million people enrolled in Medicaid, government’s health insurance for the neediest Americans. A host of problems have surfaced across the country, including hourslong phone wait times in Florida, confusing government forms in Arkansas, and children wrongly dropped from coverage in Texas.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


How The Israel Lobby Silenced Democratic Dissent
As Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip rolls into its sixth week, the United States continues to offer its overwhelming support to its ally. When asked about the chance of a ceasefire last week, President Joe Biden shot back, “None. No possibility.” According to the Gaza Health Ministry, over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed as a result of Israel’s assault. In 2023, Israel is scheduled to receive $3.8 billion in annual American military assistance as part of a decades long agreement — and may receive another $14 billion, after Biden’s emergency aid package passed the House of Representatives. A ceasefire resolution introduced by Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) has been cosponsored by just 17 other lawmakers. Meanwhile, the House has censured Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for her rhetoric in support of Palestine. Along with 212 Republicans, 22 Democrats voted to censure Tlaib. What could explain this mostly unflinching and unexamined backing of Israel among Republicans and Democrats alike? In large part, this is a political moment created by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the pro-Israel lobbying group. In 2022, for the first time, AIPAC targeted Democrats in primaries — including a Jewish, self-proclaimed pro-Israel Democrat. Now, every Democrat likely knows that supporting anything short of the full AIPAC line — which currently equates to unwavering support of Israel’s siege — means that, in your next election, you may just be spent into the ground.

CP of Venezuela, Christmas without imprisoned workers
Christmas without imprisoned workers :The PCV criticized the call for "Merry Christmas" made once again by the Government, "as if a decree of happiness could be enough to cover up the situation that the oppressed majorities in our country are going through". "A situation characterized by the destruction of salaries and pensions; by the fractioned payment of Christmas bonuses that -in addition- are calculated with incomes that have been frozen for more than a year", explained Andrade. "The government of Nicolás Maduro is approaching a policy of zero salary for workers and this is resented, in momenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1700015604480.jpg (2.28 MB, 2150x2864, 82783.jpg)

Thanks News Anon


"Lunacharsky claimed that, while traditional religion was false and was used for the purposes of exploitation, it still cultivated emotion, moral values, desires, and other aspects of life that were important to human society. He believed that these aspects should be transformed into positive humanistic values of a new communist morality, instead of destroying religion outright when it served as the psychological and moral basis for millions of people. In his idea, God would gradually be replaced with a new vision of humanity"

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marxism is a religion. the party is the church. Marx is the father, Engels the holy spirit, and Lenin the messiah. the bureaucrats are the bishops. Capital is our holy scripture. the Vecheka our crusade. Deniers and falsifiers are demons in the payroll of the demiurge of capital and statism. if you deny this, you are not only an apostate, but a sinner also. you will learn the marxist ways and you will worship the marxist texts. if not, you will be liquidated by the sword of Archangels Dzierzhyski and Menzhynski.



I used to be an atheist, but then I sought out god and something responded. I dunno, life is a mystery.


Socialist computing, socialist religion, socialist anime, socialist coffee. STOP socialists need to stop doing this. Socialism is about economics and politics and that's where it should stay. Creating socialist versions of everything is a path to totalitarianism and dilutes the name too. Stop trying to dictate everything.

>while traditional religion was false and was used for the purposes of exploitation

This is false and its a misreading of Marx too. Marx's critique of religion (Western Christianity and secular Judaism) is that religion preaches salvation in an otherworldly transcendent realm and that political struggle is simply earthly. Does this apply to other sects of Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism? Probably not. The second is that religion is a form of false consciousness that masks class oppression. This false consciousness theory is really simple and has been left aside by everyone from Foucault to Zizek.

As for religion being exploitative, point out to me one idea that isn't exploitative? Or rather one set of ideas that aren't tied up in social power relations. Management studies and geography are tools of the powerful just like anything else. If anything religion has a better track record because religion is more accessible to people than being a historian or a political scientist. Countless rebels and revolutionaries have been religious, just look at John Brown in America. Look at what's going on in Gaza right now.


fuck no. not even anti-religion myself, but this is worse idealist bullshit than most actual religious people


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