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File: 1709356840214.jpg (980.25 KB, 4790x3162, Soviets.jpg)


Let's theorize/fantasize about alternate history.
What if Beria succeeded Stalin and managed to stay in power (let's say at least for a decade like Khrushchev)?
How would he shape the Soviet Union? Was he really going to sell out to the capitalists?

Also, what if Malenkov managed to defeat Khrushchev with his Anti-Party group? Was he planning a full return to Stalinism? How would that go? How would that affect the ongoing Cold War?
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Might wanna check out >>1531900


>Implying he didn't


Not saying it's a flawless system (far from it) but its global rules of inclusion put a lot of emphasis on the "reliability" of sources; a few years ago I witnessed some questionable background info on Che Guevara getting deleted after a discussion by contributors (despite the info being sourced from a published book, and not contradicted by other sources with higher hierarchy). But it admittedly happened within the Wiki in my native language, which is notably more "malleable" than the english version in terms of rules.

That said, if you're implying the entire point was defaming Stalin/CPSU/communism from the beginning, why would they wait 10 years to add that info? I know there are many bad actors editing pages but that paragraph was added by a Norwegian socialist.


Why do people seem to think that Malenkov was some level headed hardline Stalinist when he was really a rat. Molotov was the best choice.


Molotov? Why?


What are we to do with the ever-increasing agespan of adolescence?
This is a serious problem in the first and second world.

Why is it normalised to waste away your teens and twenties (AND THIRTIES!!!) in quiet despair and zero technical skills?
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yes, at least mentally. But to the elites, it will be like the real thing


File: 1711594457912.png (554.95 KB, 700x525, ClipboardImage.png)

It's just evolution. We are becoming higher beings. Eventually we will reach a point where we are still babies at 100 years old like baby yoda.


Lmfao who made this dumbass thread. Sage


> This is why sociwty gets dumbing down.
Most of yall think beginning adulthood in your late twenties is normal.
> This is why we have "incels" and their female counterpart. This is why we have reactionaryism.
This is ahistorical and quite simply retarded


>What are we to do with the ever-increasing agespan of adolescence?
By easing child labor laws.

File: 1707728740120.jpg (133.43 KB, 848x1131, 1689465609328.jpg)


Is there any resource where I can get quick info/copypastes to BTFO anticommunists? I know leftypedia was possibly going to have something like this but couldn't really see anything about it on there. Does anyone else have any ideas for how to compile this?
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This could be actually useful.


See the >>>/edu/4210 debunk thread lol, that's what it's for


Go on leftybooru and search the tag "debunk" or "debunks" there's tons.


The famous workers struggle for 12 hour workdays, indeed


File: 1711599211365.mp4 (7.28 MB, 640x360, the memes.mp4)

just show them this and they'll understand


I can't take this anymore, I need to make some sort of choice. It's undeniable I literally live in the Fourth Reich. This is in fact World War III and I'm on the bad guy side. Since I was a teenager I've flirted with the idea of just up and leaving the USA and somehow making my way in Europe, which is the closest I could get to the good guys without being a colonizer myself. But then as a socialist I decided that the honorable thing to do would be to stay where I am and try to change things for the better here.
I'm wracked with guilt. No matter how atrocious it gets I still go to work every day and go about my life, my rationale to myself is that I have two roommates, whose rent would climb from $800 a month each to $1200 if I were to leave our house-share. Not to mention, my parents are getting old and lonely, and will need my help at some point. I feel so disgusted with my situation, and I confess I'm too much of a coward to sacrifice myself like Aaron Bushnell. I want to believe that if I was actually (rightfully) invaded by one of the USA's many, many victims I could be an ally, but for now until that happens everything I do makes me a rustless screw in the mass-murder machine. Every cent I pay in taxes goes to the bombs, to the guns, to the terror.
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Based if true.
Gaza genocide broke my optimism however


Also ungodly based Fidel edit


Being able to solve a problem is as much an issue of social and physical positioning as being able to cause those problems.


>Good side
<Bad side
Holy fuck
The baby brains on this fucking site


File: 1711590044630.mp4 (4.16 MB, 640x360, 1658454099649.mp4)

Thanks, but I got it confused with this one, which I prefer personally since it shows more of his cute side<3

File: 1708710058269.gif (3.52 MB, 498x498, the-rock.gif)


Let's face it folks, you can only cope with the Red Scare and propaganda keeping you out from influence for so long, it can excuse not holding the reigns of power, it can even excuse not having a mass movement, it cannot excuse having damn near 0 popularity at all and only social democracy being remotely compelling to people

Looking at how tiny and insular parties are, how basically fucking dead most communist chats and forums are (even leftypol is mostly dead) its fair to say that part of the issue is not only that communism has become a subculture, but it's not even a likable subculture for most of the people within it.

If we look at the problems with the people in the subculture it's fairly obvious, and many fellow travelers I know irl tell me exactly why they don't give a damn about interacting with communists.

1. Communists are generally extremely conceited; most commies treat people like morons, this extends to how we generally treat each other in fact, most communists even talk down to other communists
2. Leftist culture centers around critique and polemics at this point, i.e. negativity, it essentially feeds into an internal culture where it seems like communists essentially scorn fun, hence communist subculture cannot even said to be fun
3. Communists generally cannot handle disagreement, they claim it's no big deal, they definitely can, and encourage it, but not at all, its literally a meme in the left that parties will split apart over things ranging from minor disagreements to personality feuds; in the realm of real world politics this takes on the appearance of slaughters of other factions and even wars between MLs
4. Communists cannot take criticism; this is one of the greatest weaknesses of them all, MLs to anarchists will claim they encourage criticism but nothing could be further from the truth, the response communists have to criticism is generally self-righteous indignation and rejection of said criticism, it doesn't matter if it comes from another communist or a liberal, it is emphatically rejected, the communist as much as the liberal; you know it's fucked when you can only abide critique from someone who thinks exactly like you

TL;DR: Communists are way too self-righteous, abrasive, conceited, and fuckin boring
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yeah i think youre right as far as those similarities with antiquity, but gotta remember that in both Rome and most of Greece most of the population were slaveobv eastern roman empire the situation was different, but thats why you end up with the 'oriental' distributist-empire mode of governance lasting so much longer there while europe had that imperial mode imposed as a latifundia slave system directly on top of cheifdom/clan systems and the combination following decline of western rome wasnt able to preserve the formalistic civil law in the form of bureaucracy thats recognizable to us, but the merging of imperial administration with warrior/priest/commoner castes of cheifdom societies did allow for a greater degree of de facto "civil law" among the wider population. honestly its interesting how much early medieval europe resembles say west africa or rural india around the same time compared to mediterranean antiquity or west asia


>They discover gunpowder but they use it for fireworks while Euros use it for guns.
This! CPUSAnon gets it it's more application & scale… The Aeolipile for example…


and indoor plumbing, who am i kidding middle ages urop was a shit…


Oh that was definitely a big help. Europeans could consistently war with one another and develop unique innovations without one massive Empire emerging to Order it and bring peace. I can't remember where I heard this, but I believe during the Crusader period, a lot of Muslims remarked that Europeans were really good at building fortresses. Namely because there weren't these long stretches of peace. War was really fucking common and really horrifying.

And while I don't want to appear as "justifying" or "excusing" the colonialism of Europe, I think what's left out of the discourse often enough is that, in the early days of colonialism, the brutality Europeans visited on indigenous peoples wasn't too alien to what they were visiting upon each other. I've heard excerpts and accounts of what happened to people during the Wars of Reformation, and it's grotesque. It's no wonder they were praying for the return of some continent-spanning Empire because if you were living in Germany there was a very real chance that some feudal lord's levy would rape your wife, eat all your food, steal everything not nailed down, and then force feed you literal feces to interrogate you for any money. It was a horrifyingly brutal time.

I'd say part of the "fluidity" of medieval property rights and the like are because the nature of Feudalism then meant you'd have a real hard time developing a coherent bureaucracy and civil service. Like the closest thing Western Europe had to "bureaucracy" for a period was the Roman Catholic Church, and even then there was a lot of struggles with that. As I understand it, the reason Catholic sacraments (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation) have these gaps between them is because quite often there just weren't enough priests to administer them all. The Church was the closest thing to bureaucracy and it would often get into struggles with local lords over rights and duties.

The Aeolipile is another good example. A lot of people point to it to imaginePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


CPUSA i recommend you read andersons passages from antiquity to feudalism and banajis history as theory, i think youd get a kick out of them

File: 1711248403998.mp4 (11.77 MB, 576x1024, black kruschev.mp4)


I'm sitting in a room where a socialist and a libertarian are arguing about the future. I thought i'd put the libertarians current argument to yall.

Inequality isn't such a big deal because soon (he says in the next 30 years), robotics and ai will make labour unecessary. This will culminate in an insane decrease in the cost of creating housing and pretty much every other manufactured good. This will mean that society will have to change extremely radically most peoples labour will not be necessary. Most people will not have to work because things will be so abundant, this means that people are going to be able to live much more comfortably because they will have more free time and extremely low cost commodities because of the cost of labour has been eliminated from the cost of commodities.
Inequality will be recalibrated to something reasonable in the near future because of robotics and ai.
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>no particular reason
Oh sorry, I meant I will now -list them- for no particular reason. That was ambiguous.


It's one very obsessed autist im pretty sure.
It'd be best to keep one and merge the inevitable future threads into it, probably.


Ok maggot, you now have AGI and robots that can do every mental work in millisecond and only costing as much as 1 gaming pc electricity budget, while the robots can do any physical task and require 1/30th the amount of electricity bill that it would cost to feed starving worker with grain. Human labour is obsolete, but house now costs only half as much and a phone 1/4 as much. Far cry from being basically free since now the price is just sum of the raw resources and energy needed to produce said good. Food still costs lot of money and now you have no way of earning it, all while your old boss owns the natural resources and electricity generator. You can’t do shit and there is no incentive to keep you around. What now?


AI isnt gonna replace human labor. Its gonna distribute labor power to machine maintenance.

Thr more complex the machine the more parts its gonna use which means more maintenance.


anon that was a "schizo response"
but your retort isnt that better since you made it without any sense of…. (glown)
ah i see
but if I were to take your statement seriously, cement mixer or power drill isnt a good rebuttal. Those tools required a human operator. Robots and ai would theoretically replace that human operator. And robots and ai would theoretically also replace the supervisors too. Which negates the point of human labor.
Now the problem is if current ai and robotics can do that. And, well, they are quite limited to the point I cant really see them doing that except augument existing human labor. And even theoreticaly theres a question of how far the tech can go.


I learned about Hypernormalisation theory through an Adam Kurtis documentary. It’s about how the west is going through the same thing the USSR went through in the 80’s. We’re living in a failed state, but lie to ourselves to pretend we’re not, because we don’t see any alternatives.


I was a berniecrat, long before I even knew who he was.
But now, I see the state is far too enveloped in corruption to be trusted.
It’s like trusting a crackhead to buy your groceries.

A 30 year mortgage rate on a middle class home is going to cost over a million dollars. Which has resulted in an abrupt increase in homelessness.
The state of California spends 55k a year on each homeless person. Which is a bargain compared to the 80k we spent on keeping them in prison. But still far above the median income at 33k a year.
So if you worked hard enough to earn as much as the state spends on the homeless, it would cost 22 years salary to pay off a 30 year mortgage.

The whole pyramid scheme is collapsing and there’s no fucking stopping it. We can’t vote our way out of this mess, because you can’t rewrite the laws of mathematics.
All we can do is acknowledge it and look to build a parallel system to fail into.
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>Shills for NATO
>Shills for Israel
>says th most racist shit possible against Russians and Arabs
All in the same episode


File: 1711528798051.png (152.79 KB, 346x300, 1711246564694.png)

Radlibs really want to attach new labels to make the propaganda they fell for feel grander than it truly is. Lenin described the situation perfectly: imperialist states used their immense profits from dependent countries to buy loyalty of a portion of the working class. Everything else is superficial. As you can see, the propaganda that worked on previous generations doesn't work on zoomers nearly as well.

The video is libshit, using words like "powerful new individualism" and saying unsubstantiated bullshit about the USSR. Many, perhaps most zoomers are well aware of the alternatives to the current political system and on board with one of them. The establishment knows this well, which results in dark Brandon and other attempts to stay cool with the kids. It wasn't correct when it came out and it certainly isn't today.


>>1807366 (me)
The very propaganda the west is using right now is very different from end of history bullshit. No one believes in it today. The problem is that there's no actual alternative because there is no vanguard party.


Curtis is an Anglo-Zionist illuminatus, I wouldn't put much stock in anything he has to say.


Honestly, no point in arguing whether he's Marxist or not. He's Marxist or at least understands Marxism very well. More so than most self proclaimed Marxists. That doesn't mean that what he says are in line with communist goals, nor with communist views. He's a Marxist, aligned with imperialism etc.

Gatekeeping Marxism just because he roots for the wrong team is not the best reasoning and will get you nowhere.


UK court says Assange can’t be extradited on espionage charges until US rules out death penalty
Two High Court judges said they would grant Assange a new appeal unless U.S. authorities give further assurances within three weeks about what will happen to him. The ruling means the legal saga, which has dragged on for more than a decade, will continue — and Assange will remain inside London’s high-security Belmarsh Prison, where he has spent the last five years.

Deadly air strikes in Syria kill over a dozen including WHO worker
A hotly contested area of northeast Syria was pounded by air strikes on Tuesday, killing over a dozen people including a member of the World Health Organisation and at least one Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) official, according to several reports.

49 people died in 37 attacks in "de-escalation zone" since the beginning of March, says SOHR
SOHR said that one Damascus army soldier was killed in the attack. It was reported that 'El Fatah El Mubîn' also bombarded the Ayn Issa region in the north of Latakia using missiles. According to SOHR, 49 people have died in 37 attacks in the "de-escalation zone" since the beginning of March 2024.

Wages in Argentina Suffer Record Drop After Milei Devalues Peso
Paychecks plunged 11% in December from November when adjusted for inflation, the largest monthly loss in income since the government’s labor market reports began 29 years ago. The decline, while partially compensated by wage gains in January, led to a “significant drop” in consumer purchasing power, the govPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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War on Gaza: While eyes are on Rafah, Israel is cementing control of northern Gaza
Following his recent approval of a plan to invade Rafah - where 1.4 million Palestinians are sheltering - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last week that the military is preparing to advance. The so-called "triumvirate" war cabinet comprising Netanyahu, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, and former opposition leader Benny Gantz, had already reached a consensus on a Rafah incursion to take control of the Philadelphi corridor (also called the Philadelphi route or Saladin axis). In an address to the US pro-Israel lobby group Aipac, Netanyahu insisted that the "road to victory runs through Rafah", a strategy that he boasts has "overwhelming support" within Israeli society. Yet, while Israeli politicians' threats of an imminent invasion of Rafah are directing the world's attention to the south, the government has accelerated steps on the ground in northern Gaza to consolidate its occupation and ensure its longevity. A key feature of its strategy is to prevent the return of displaced Palestinians from the south as it seeks to change the geographical and demographic characteristics of the Gaza Strip.

What “The Daily” Gets Right and Wrong about Oregon’s Move to Recriminalize Drugs
Many are now asking, what went wrong in Oregon? As a recent episode of The Daily from the New York Times correctly indicated, there were a lot of problems with Prop 110 from the start. The act was to include two main components: decriminalization and an increase in substance-use services and supports. While decriminalization occurred, there were significant delays in launching treatment programs, since the infrastructure for them was lacking. Meanwhile, there were also delays in funding for other necessary services, like housing. The Daily also correctly notes that when Prop 110 was passed, the COVID-19 pandemic took place amid an influx of fentanyl. Even after a cursory evaluation, it becomes clear that, contrary to what the proposition’s opponents would like to claim, many factors have contributed to the increasing number of overdose deaths in Oregon besides Proposition 110’s passing. This led one lawmaker inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1711506001579.jpeg (33.92 KB, 474x474, OIP (1).jpeg)

Thanks News Anon


>working hours being reduced to 35 hours in four stages from 2026 to 2029


File: 1711511882147.png (250.13 KB, 580x768, 1711038042031.png)

came here to post this. fuck british cunts. if they give julian to the seppos we should exit the fucking commonwealth and rip up every free trade agreement and immigration deal with the dogs. there's fifty other countries they fucking ruined go backpacking through nigeria and uganda you bastards.

File: 1711136394856.png (612.38 KB, 1790x825, 1710953513991343.png)


Why do reactionaries denounce marx for being loose with money, but then mock him for living in squalor? What exactly do they allege he spent his money on?
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He didn't have a lot of money though. His parents were bourgeois but they disowned him for being a radical. He relied on charity from Engels his whole life, but Engels was politically active and had a lot of people he helped out so he couldn't always give Karl the exact amount he needed. Things only got worse once he was exiled from Prussia and lived in London. He wanted to move to America and live on a homestead in Texas but was never able to pull it off. Texan Marx continues to be the source of funny speculation.
>Wasn't he just a slob?
Maybe but he also had several children and lived in a fairly small apartment. The building he lived in is still an apartment complex to this day and people still rent there. It's more like a combination of factors, his writing huge manuscripts, his living in a small cramped apartment, his having several children, his reliance on Engels for money, etc. led to him having a chaotic life and led to him having a reputation for being a slob.


>anti-regime person can't get no money from regime
News at 10


>he had like 7 kids and 4 died.
Probably pretty normal for the 19th century.



Because it's character assassination. The hypocrisy is the point. This "information" is meant to intimidate and scare away people that might be interested in actually reading Marx.

File: 1711413035985.png (107.81 KB, 356x420, ClipboardImage.png)


Why is green part so much richer and racially whiter than red region? Is it because they were once part of Austria while the other was part of Spain? Also fuck the stupid one hundred filter, I'm writing this to bypass it
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> whiter
Questo l'ha scritto un padano


Dixiebol and now padanoleaguebol
When will our right-wing stop copying the yanks?


>When will our right-wing stop copying the yanks?
Probably when US hegemony colapses
, the US is after all responsible for propping up right wingers that are the the closest to them


File: 1711500243933.jpg (142.9 KB, 863x863, 1537559478449.jpg)


Fa ridere perché Torino pare Marrakech e Milano pare Medellin.

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