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File: 1655596418983.png (867.1 KB, 1372x686, ClipboardImage.png)


Why do you guys take Marxism seriously as a science when it is something that can't be falsified?
Is there some socialist definition of "science" that isn't as rigorous as what it usually means?
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roughly translates to knowledge creation


this post understates it
falsification is a complete meme in modern day science, positivism is long-abandoned outside of some meme sciences like economics and online crackpots


significant chunks of marxism ARE falsifiable though?
Like, you can actually do the math and it correlates to what has happened historically.


Someone show me the scientific formula for converting "value" to prices.


no such formula exists. prices are stochastic. value represents a statistical equilibrium. see pdf related
>The variability of wages, prices, and profits is taken to be an irreducible fact representing heterogenous economic conditions which drive agents to endeavor to improve their positions in a multitude of ways. The economic system can never settle in some ‘balanced’ state in this framework. Rather, if certain structural variables of global production, employment and money supply were constant, then the economy is assumed to conform to a statistical equilibrium in which the distributions of wages, prices, and profits are stable. Within this state, microeconomic configurations of
workers, commodity-products, and firms are still subject to ceaseless change.

File: 1655635023876.png (1.3 MB, 1244x1244, chug.png)


This thread is for discussing the current situation in Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict.Please keep the mannered environment and denounce the fascist junta in kiev.


>fascist junta
Words have no meaning


Use the Ukraine thread newfren.

File: 1642442497034.jpg (135.91 KB, 1029x1383, DPn0z2WXUAAlxwW.jpg)


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Avete lasciato una hazet 36 in ricordo del camerata Ramelli?




Con Rizzo che appoggia una ex-leghista mi sa che abbiamo toccato il fondo


Oggi il M5S vota sulla possibile espulsione di Di Maio, ormai accolto a braccia aperte dalla politica mainstream per il suo riposizionamento pro-nato.

File: 1654211972237.jpg (126.27 KB, 796x1024, sverdlov.jpg)


It's the birthday of a great communist today, Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov. Anyone have any good books about him? He was a very important Bolshevik in the first 2 years of Soviet power but sadly he died in mid-1919.
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>eric andre
Holy shit, you're right.




Leninhat, what are your thoughts on Chairman Gonzalo?


Not enough boiled baby's


I respect his grind even if I don't agree with Maoism.


US Union Organizing: How the fuck do you do this shit?
My employer recently published an anti-union letter after workers at one store filed a petition to the NLRB to hold an election. In the past, major unions failed to organize the company for several reasons. It currently offers competitive pay but the company's treatment of workers has been going downhill for years. I need Leftypol's help.
- Does anybody have any good resources on amazon and starbucks' independent unionizing efforts? Every article I can find is super vague about structure and strategy, and just blasts business unionism.
- How do you effectively neutralize anti-union messaging?
If any zizekbros know about how to shatter this shit through some kind of lacan-hegel fusion magic PLEASE tell me.
- There's a huge amount of fellow anarkids employed by this company, I would say as high as 5-10%. How to leverage this?
- What are creative forms of direct action that don't alienate comfortable employees from the union supporters?
- Bonus question: How to transform this struggle into a general strike or protracted war against the bourgs and instigate a global communist revolution?

Thanks for any advice bros
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Just dropping this here.


Bruh there’s no fucking way Chris Smalls knows who Caleb is much less watches Caleb’s stupid fucking videos.


Maupin’s ego is fucking enormous.


Thanks I actually bought this book a few years ago and was kind of disappointed by it but I'll give it another go.
It's a supermarket in an area where almost all supermarket clerks are represented.


So here's the update, we have formed an organizing committee of about 10% of eligible workers. The cashiers' department is not well represented on the OC which is our biggest hurdle currently, as they are the only ones access to non-strike direct action that is both effective and highly protected (walk offs).
We have explicit support from about a quarter of the staff, which is a good majority of those who have been asked their feelings.
The CEO of the company has been holding open meetings at the various stores to talk about business plans, so far 100% of these meetings have been combative, with staff complaining. A lose cannon who attended the meeting at our store has left little doubt that there is organizing activity here. Due to this, And the cat being let out of the proverbial bag on both a corporate and store level, we resolved to commit to open but anonymous propagation through the form of printed materials. Escalating tactics from there are not yet determined.

File: 1655485696006.jpg (525.85 KB, 1200x1602, Stalin_nose.jpg)


As a bourgeois, do I have any reason to be a communist?
I live comfortably and when my parents die, I will inherit a bunch of juicy properties

I mean, in a fantasy world where communism would surely be implemented, I don't see a problem with giving up my properties because I would get back much more security from a state that has common interest as its goal ; but if it fails, getting expropriated only makes me lose the capitalism war with no compensation
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nah not really
kill yourself btw


Yes becauee im convinced 100% of people here are bourgeois hedge fund kiddies larping as communists anyways


youre the one true communist


It's true, but the whole productive process is hidden by the commodity, whereas the overconsumption of the individual capitalist is advertised for all to see and it's effcicient at crushing any resolve one could have in changing its own way of life. What's the point of depriving yourself of the convenience of a polluting lifestyle "to save the planet" if Bezos or Musk do not give a shit and basically ruin all your efforts in a few minutes of clowning around in lower space?


>As a bourgeois, do I have any reason to be a communist?
To help others, and help yourself to get out of all your privileges. Hello newfag, and hope you'll stay here, eventually you'll become one!!!

File: 1655135048547.png (741.62 KB, 1200x778, imperialism1.png)

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The communist movement needs to learn from Lenin's opposition to imperialism and opportunism.
Two great videos on the matter:


Also, I will post my response to the leftists Russia white-washing par excellance, the article of the opportunist CPRF against the KKE:
Is Russia Fighting Neo-Nazism in Ukraine? NO

A) National wars in the era of imperialism
The CPRF rightly calls for a concrete analysis of concrete conditions of the war, but does not fulfil to this need.
In his article "Under a False Flag", Lenin responds to the opponents of Bolsheviks who, ostensibly in the name of proletarian internationalism, called for the proletarian movement to join the ranks of one or the other bourgeoisie during the First World Imperialist War. They cited as an example the attitude of Marx-Engels (ME) in favor of Prussia, which was pregnant with revolutionary-democratic processes, against the dynasty of Napoleon III during the Italian War of 1859. In other words, they "confused" the time when the progressive bourgeois-democratic movements were at the forefront of history with the era of monopoly capitalism, where the capitalist class is now parasitic. Even then, however, the position of M-E did not emerge from the current geopolitical correlations, but was in support of the then progressive-popular, today reactionary, national liberation bourgeois movements against feudal absolutism, with the prospect of their permanent, long-term radicalization. The mechanistic transfer of this position to today, where the capitalist class fully controls the state apparatuses and its national movements, as well as their "democratic" form, have for class content the expansion of their spheres of influence and the conquest of markets, is the definition of opportunism, it is dragging the labor movement behind tail of the bourgoisie.
The method of M-E consists in evaluating the objective class content of a historical process at a specific time. With conventional and moPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why not bite the bullet and just credit Nazi Germany for weakening both Britain and France to the point that their empires collapsed soon after the Second World War if this is what you want to quote in justifying your support of Russia and shooing away of labor organization and socialist agitation/political organizing as childish fantasy?

In fact you can start celebrating Donald Trump, become a fan of Orban, encourage people to vote for Le Pen; you realize many fascists around the world also want US hegemony to end because they also oppose globalism for their own warped reasons

This is the route you seriously want to go down, because this is quite literally what you effectively believe in when you discount the socialist movement as fantasies for children and geopolitical real politick between the bourgeoisie as the “realistic” position people should strive towards


If France weren't colossal jobbers, and had a real fight with Germany, they wouldn't have any manpower left to conduct a war in Vietnam, then a war in Algeria, and Thomas Sankara might still be alive. And Germany would have no way to declare on the Soviets.


>Yes, I absolutely do believe in critical support for Nazi Germany in their struggle against world spanning French and British imperialism


>If you feel such disgust at the notion of either mobilizing a labor movement or mobilizing within one, why call yourself a communist at all?
It's pure cope to come to the most online corner of the internet and make a post trying to shame people for not overthrowing global capitalism to stop the latest war


>A communist position on the war wouldn’t center around achieve the aims of Russia, Ukraine, or NATO; communists do not play the game of capitalist geopolitics, I refuse to surrender my mind and will to the blackest reaction

>Realistically I’d say a negotiation that ends in Ukrainian neutrality and to act as a buffer zone to keep NATO and Russia away from each other…

Right, but isn't this what Russia has been demanding prior to the war?
Sure it may be a pretext just like "denazification"(which would be great for the people of Rump State Ukraine, but NATO won't allow it, but hey at least LDPR will probably get it) but that's also the scenario of Russia's victory in the war, whatever the pretexts or real reasons are.
They take a chunk that secures their access to fresh water ports, along with the ones in Syria, and leave Ukraine, now by force since NATO has left no other options, without the military, the morale or the infrastructure to be a front-line for NATO forcing it to be a buffer.

It seems that you agree that Russia's victory is the best outcome, however reproachable you find their motivations.

>…How will an escalating war scenario benefit the workers? In literally any country? For much of Africa and the Middle East the war is inducing famine, for Russia and Ukraine it’s obviously slaughtering proles in droves, for proles in the West it’s massively increasing energy prices, for communists in Ukraine specifically it’s led to an all-out witch-hunt and mass slaughter as the crisis-ridden Ukraine regime goes completely insane, for proles in both competing blocs it will likely induce a mass censorship campaign

>Who’s life is improving in your mind?

This is not Russia's doing though. They may be capitalists and aspiring imperialists, IDK, but this whole Cold War 2.0 and all that has transpired in Ukraine since 2014, is entirely manufactured by NATO who IMHO needs to create the justifications for military solutions to their waning imperialist influence. China/Russia, again however imperialist they are or not, seem happy to simply out-compete the US/NATO by means other than military subjugation.

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File: 1655384808036.jpg (147.2 KB, 478x415, 1648292500588.jpg)

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Geopolitics General >>1004370

Cometh ye folks, cometh into the new age.
For previous threads, check >>>/leftypol_archive/


>N.B. liveuamap.com is not to be trusted, they mostly parrot Ministry of Defence, these others may not be better, check their reporting first



Andrei Martyanov YouTube & blog for how military strategy: https://www.youtube.com/user/smoothieX12

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Don't know about the others, but the Korean guy injured his knee while fighting and went back to south Korea to get surgery (i think an ACL tear iirc). So yeah, he is still alive


New Mearsheimer dropped


>"inter-imperialist war" cucks btfo
one thing that stood out to me is it really seems like this war would probably not have happened if Biden lost in 2020.


Basically "thanks for R&R you cucks." Big blunder from Russian side to keep complete silence, right after amplifying her infamy for killing a civilian couple to keep their kids as a cover for filtration. No details on how she got out either, just some speculations from Ukrainian sources that it was a shady backstage deal for plain cash or Chechen VIP's relative.


>one thing that stood out to me is it really seems like this war would probably not have happened if Biden lost in 2020

It wouldn't. Trump would have basically have it crab along and keep the status quo

Liberals in contrast are highly invested in reasserting unipolarity in the east. They got a lot of power from the decommunization process due to how it involves 'civil society', i.e. a network of professionals and NGOs and such. Russiagate was an attempt to link their struggle against conservatives in the east with that of the west,, both opposing one rising neoliberal system between them or so goes the propaganda.

The push to strengthen the rules based order caused this war since when applied here it went from abstraction to dogwhistle for a closed European system dictating how Crimea and Donbass are to fit into a nationalist Ukraine

But as I said, the former USSR and its security situation isn't divisible like that and we need it to be. Ukraine was never constructed to its current borders to be dictated to by an alignment of the Atlantic and Galicia. So we just cry and blame Russia for any divisions we cause. We basically argue these divisions are sourced externally in past structures and present Russian subversion, so our closed system actually needs more unilateral power to save the international order. As our empire expands and contradicts itself, liberalism becomes just a means to externalize those contradictions and argue the problem is we haven't expanded to a total point.

This is why the expansion of liberal unipolarity is such an epic failure. From the Russian perspective, we basically failed upward to their borders and want a war with them to consolidate our awkward gains. So they pointed their nukes at us and are removing from our grip what we are failing to handle correctly. So we cry Hitler.

This is the state of democratic politics in the 21st century. It's completely hollow and poverty ridden as theories of imperialism have predicted. Even its right wing guardians are looking at the situation with European expansion and are backing off from the excesses. The left is completely absent save for the far left.

It's pretty clear at this point that the way liberals wanted to turn decommunization into the next battle against history thay they wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ecuador should follow its own path, not IMF's, says protest leader
Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso should be less focused on following International Monetary Fund (IMF) policies if he is to fix the economic and social problems his people live each day, indigenous protest leader Leonidas Iza said on Friday. CONAIE, Ecuador's largest indigenous organization, launched protests on Monday. Demonstrators blocked roads across the country in opposition to Lasso's social and economic policies, demanding gasoline price freezes, a halt to further mining and oil projects, and more time for small farmers to pay their bank loans. read more

Peru: State of Emergency Extended as Crime Rises
"To extend the state of emergency for the term of 45 calendar days, as of June 18, 2022, declared in Metropolitan Lima of the department of Lima [center] and the Constitutional Province of Callao," a Supreme Decree released in the Official Gazette El Peruano says.

Duque obstructed peace in Colombia ‘deliberately’
The government of outgoing President Ivan Duque deliberately destroyed Colombia’s peace process, according to more than 275 NGOs. In a report, the NGOs said that “the current government deliberately took to shredding the Peace Agreement” signed by former President Juan Manuel Santos and now-defunct guerrilla group FARC in 2016.

Israel targets Gaza with multiple air strikes following rocket fire
Israel launched air strikes on the besieged Gaza Strip on Saturday, following reported rocket fire from the Palestinian enclave targeting the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon. "A short while ago, in rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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how is ecuadorian protest expecting to get 'fair prices', does that entail the entire planet rolling back prices?


I can bet it means getting back their petrol subsidy. When Lasso won his first term it was axed.
It was one of the reasons of the riots and Quito takeover some years ago.


i think theyll soon be learning some cruel economic lessons about global capital and prices, but who knows, their best bet is to aggressively nationalize industry - really wage labour in general - imo


Or just make it bigger, I forgot they won by making Lasso mantain it.
Looks like the regular is subsidized, and it is not enough or the IMF wants it gone again.
They know anon, and I don't think the Correistas are that radical. Since I have memory they were the more milktoast pink goverments.
And that did not save them of a coup attempt, but that is another story.

File: 1655567148336.jpg (7.67 KB, 261x193, download.jpg)


TLDR at the end for those who don't care about my explanation/story

The mindset that things are the way they are and they will never change frustrates me to no end. As someone who wants to make movies, living in America means I have to conform to the will of mega-conglomerates and let greedy execs ruin potential masterpieces so they can profit. When telling liberals that I was concerned about how artists are being exploited, they say I'm at fault for wanting to create art in a business that big, and that I'm the greedy and needy one. I never questioned capitalism before questioning my career, but now I think my anxiety was misplaced this whole time. I'm not anxious about my career, I'm anxious about how capitalism will ruin my future. Then I realize… this threat is present in all aspects of life all over the world.

The environment I live in is heavily conservative. I've never really had any debates that helped me learn and change. I think it's time for me to wake up and learn new possibilities that aren't "we need to become a fascist state after a bloody race war because globohomo." I also have a lot of doubts about leftism, I think; I'm somewhat religious, enjoy gun ownership, and believe people should speak freely to an extent… and I'm not sure how leftist that really is.

I'd hate to come here and ask you to wipe my ass and educate me, so if you have any reading recommendations based on the concerns I've raised (such as socialism's relation with personal freedoms), I'd love to read them in my free time. Thanks in advance

TLDR: I think I'm a socialist now, so I'd like some recommendations for reading, infographics, and video essays that'd help a newbie learning about the philosophy of socialism.
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Most of the board is ML or some adjacent strain so their relationship with personal freedoms is flexible and that they can be redefined at any time to fit the conditions of the state, and then they get written up into some constitution that people can ignore at their own peril, violating the constitution is how several NKVD chiefs went down iirc.
To give some real world examples in the early Soviet constitution striking was a constitutional right, this was gone by the Stalin constitution because Stalin confirmed in the early 1930's his expectation of a massive European assault on the USSR and therefore he adopted an economically maximalist approach to help defend the country. China's modern constitution is based off the Stalin constitution, only really varying by denying the right to secession, which played some role in the collapse of the USSR and is currently frustrating CIA attempts to dismantle the Belt and Road via supporting Islamist separatists in Xinjiang.
Ultimately there's no long term point in having certain personal freedoms when opposition groups will take advantage of the situation to leverage them into stripping the country of everything and putting you back into wage slavery with even less rights. It's treated as a balancing act rather than sacred principles.


Start with Marx/Engels and Lenin then go out from there. They're the most clear, lucid writers you'll read and everyone is responding to them in some way. Don't bother with infographics, youtube essays, etc.

Socialiasm: scientific and utopian is a good first book. Then you can think on where to go from there yourself.


Thanks for the recommendation, gonna look into reading that. Seems really interesting to be honest, from what I'm seeing so far
Interesting history, never knew about all that. I don't really disagree with their decisions, so, I guess it could be my cup of tea, and at least now I know what to look into. People just treat it as a slippery slope, as in "next they'll take your toothbrush!" or whatever. All we can hope for is a general level of competence and unity.


>I'd like some recommendations for reading
Wage labour and capital
Value price and profit


Read the unique and it's property, it's good to dispel spoogs and you don't necessarily have to be an anarchist. It will help you be more honest with yourself.

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