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File: 1702703637727.jpg (50.21 KB, 560x340, 1583952355.1997.jpg)


Given how there is a new variant of concern circulating and the healthcare system (at least here in the US), is under stress. I'm making this thread to reopen discussion about COVID, and to an equally important extent public health in general. Even if there are other pressing concerns, I believe that it would be a mistake to not discuss the long term issues that will arise due to COVID on the health and well-being of working class populations and subsequently geopolitical implications, and how we as the left can account for this. Please feel free for international anons to give updates on your respective country's response (or lack of one).

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>Experts warn that a rare but dangerous bacterial infection is spreading at a record rate in Japan, with officials struggling to identify the cause.

>The number of cases in 2024 is expected to exceed last year’s record numbers, while concern is growing that the harshest and potentially deadly form of group A streptococcal disease – streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS) – will continue to spread, after the presence of highly virulent and infectious strains were confirmed in Japan.

>The National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) said: “There are still many unknown factors regarding the mechanisms behind fulminant (severe and sudden) forms of streptococcus, and we are not at the stage where we can explain them.”

>Provisional figures released by the NIID recorded 941 cases of STSS were reported last year. In the first two months of 2024, 378 cases have already been recorded, with infections identified in all but two of Japan’s 47 prefectures.



Student absenteeism is double what it was before the pandemic and teacher absentia is up too.


New Data: Long COVID Cases Surge

Experts worry a recent rise in long COVID cases — fueled by a spike in winter holiday infections and a decline in masking and other measures — could continue into this year.

A sudden rise in long COVID in January has persisted into a second month. About 17.6% of those surveyed by the Census Bureau in January said they have experienced long COVID. The number for February was 17.4.

Compare these new numbers to October 2023 and earlier, when long COVID numbers hovered between 14% and 15% of the US adult population as far back as June 2022.
The Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regularly query about 70,000 people as part of its ongoing Pulse Survey.

It's Not Just the Federal Numbers
Independently, advocates, researchers, and clinicians also reported seeing an increase in the number of people who have developed long COVID after a second or third infection.
John Baratta, MD, who runs the COVID Recovery Clinic at the University of North Carolina, said the increase is related to a higher rate of acute cases in the fall and winter of 2023.
In January, the percentage of North Carolinians reporting ever having had long COVD jumped from 12.5% to 20.2% in January and fell to 16.8% in February.
At the same time, many cases are either undetected or unreported by people who tested positive for COVID-19 at home or are not aware they have had it.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>There has been a massive surge in cases of a life-threatening form of bacterial infection in Japan that has left officials investigating the cause of the increase.

The nation's National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) has recorded a significant rise in cases of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS) predominantly caused by the bacteria that causes strep throat and impetigo—Group A Streptococcus.

STSS is caused by the bacteria reaching deep into the body—including the blood and deep tissue—and triggering low blood pressure that can ultimately lead to organ failure. In Japan in 2023, 30.9 percent of cases among those aged under 50 resulted in death, though the New York Department of Health says that up to 60 percent of STSS cases can result in death.

The rise in STSS cases has come in at the same times as a rise in severe invasive streptococcal infections in the country.

In 2023, there were 941 severe streptococcus infections—the highest since before the coronavirus pandemic. In the first 10 weeks of 2024, there have already been 474 infections, according to NIID figures.

In January, the NIID said that between January and December 17 of last year, there had been 340 cases of STSS, of which 97 resulted in death. This was the second-highest total since 2019, when 101 people died, but the highest proportion of STSS cases in six years.

The agency has not given a sense of the proportion of severe invasive streptococcal infections that have progressed into STSS so far in 2024. Figures from local authorities, however, suggest the high rates of progression are continuing to occur.
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>Panic-buying emergency supplies is about the best any one can manage in that situation.
Panic-buyers have anti-social traits and need to be reformed. Resource acquisition (since we do not have distribution) should be approached like the prisoner's dilemma: everyone takes only what they need so and uses it wisely there's no reason to panic buy anything and ruin the equilibrium.


A thread celebrating the birthday of the steadfast defender of the Bolshevik revolution, Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria! Rising to prominence in his expert managing of the Cheka when the workers and peasants of Georgia were revolting against the Menshevik servants of the British Empire, Beria rose through the ranks to squash the terrorist counter-revolutionary Trotskyite organizations after the heinous sabotage of Yagoda and Yezhov left the Soviet state fledgling without experienced managers of Police affairs. It was Beria who stepped to the occasion during this crucial hour and stopped the murderous Yezhov as soon as he could. With extensive thoroughness, Beria reviewed and released over 100,000 wrongfully imprisoned by the Yezhov gang, such as the heroic Konstantin Rokossovsky, allowing him to play his pivotal role in the Great Patriotic War.
After the 1930s, Beria continued his tireless service to the Soviet Dictatorship of the Proletariat, crushing counter-revolutionary plots and gangs of saboteurs. His service during the Great Patriotic War in maintaining domestic stability during the catastrophic conditions created by the German invasion cannot be exaggerated, him taking control of the manufacture of armaments and aircraft, and supervising the Soviet atomic bomb project.
Thanks to the early successful test of the Soviet atomic bomb in 1949, this deadly weapon brandished by the Americans was, to the great relief of all the peoples of the world, countered and could not be dropped as carelessly as the Americans had been dreaming of. Thanks to Beria's oversight, many hundreds of thousands of lives around the world were saved from the most wretched of deaths.
It was due to these revolutionary actions that the gang of revisionists, such as Khrushchev and Mikoyan, saw Beria as the most menacing threat to their aspirations of capitalist restoration. In a dastardly criminal plot, these agents of counter-revolution saw that this great Hero of Socialist Labor, who had fought uninterruptedly for so many decades in service of the people, had to be silenced permanently for their ambitions to be realized. Beria, alongside his trusted Comrades Dekanozov, Merkulov, Vlodzimirsky, Meshik, Goglidze and Kobulov, were unjustly executed by the Khrushchevite gang and its lackeys, who subsequently spread the most heinous lies and slander to justify their criminal deed.
Of course, liberals, including those liberals who wear a red garb, have accepted these KhrushchePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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According to his own son lol


Sons of communists are always a bad source.
T. Stalin


>'I am not trying to rehabilitate my father. No one in that regime can be rehabilitated but things should be known,'
Same son who happened to be a liberal and an interest to make his father out to be a "capitalist roader" to a western press that saw the collapse of the USSR in 1991.


Unlike Stalin, Beria seemed to be a good father and his son is very positive about him.
Wow, crazy how the evil revisionist Khruschev thought Beria was a liberal not a communist, Beria's son also thought so but thought it was good because that's how his father raised him. Molotov also thought the same, despite being no fan of khruschev.
Crazy, seems the only people invested in defending Beria's supposed marxist bona fides are schizos desperate to 'rehabilitate' him solely out of contrarianism and a desire to make khruschev the singular judas of soviet communism so they don't have to apply a shred of marxism to the reality of soviet history.


According to Thus Spake Kaganovich, he alongside Khrushchev and Malenkov had only been getting closer and closer to Stalin in his last years.

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>hyper annoying ideology
>Almost a hundred years of theoretical development
>Millions of dollars invested by think thanks to make it seem reasonable
>Hundreds of pointless internet arguments made trying to convince you that it is the most rational economic system on the planet
>Takes care of one country
>Complete bankruptcy

why do people still take Anarcho-capitalism seriously
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a bourgeois state is already private? or do u think that a toiler can affect any policies enacted in such a state lol? ancaps seek to abolish the state and let the market take care of everything
inb4 yes they can they can cast their vote


>first pic

lmao yeah because if theres one selling point everyone will love, its replacing all government with insurance policies


>Complete bankruptcy
What's wrong with this? They are destroying the state, that's what anarchists do.


It sounds like rebranded fascism tbh.

Ancapism rarely if ever gets implemented "properly" because it pretends you don't need to enforce capitalism. So it ends up being "accidental fascism" every time.


Its over ancap bro

File: 1707686933695.png (1.89 MB, 1399x787, ClipboardImage.png)

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>We form the party in opposition to the policies of the leadership of the entire Swedish labour movement.

>It is the Social Democrats who have been in government for most of the attacks of the last 30 years. Their policies are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from those of the right.
>The Left Party leadership has followed the Social Democrats to the right, in search of government posts and respect from bourgeois public opinion.

>Many people dream of going back to the large-scale improvements for workers of the post-war period, but this was an exception in the history of capitalism that will not be repeated. In fact, it is precisely the illusions of that period that underlie the state of the labour movement today.

>Whole generations of activists were educated in the idea of class collaboration – peaceful cooperation with the bourgeoisie, on the basis of ever-expanding capitalism. Socialism was postponed indefinitely: staying within the limits of what the bourgeoisie could tolerate. Since the boom turned into a crisis for capitalism, this has meant accepting, step by step, and in many cases implementing, the atacks of the bourgeoisie.

>At the same time, trade union leaders have come to see preserving the stability of capitalism as their main task. The message to workers is always the same: it doesn't pay to fight.

>The truth is that the previous period left its mark on the entire Swedish left. It is enough to open any issue of supposedly communist papers like Proletären, Internationalen or Offensiv to see the total lack of propaganda for the need for revolution and communism. They promote the only thing they think workers understand: struggle for minor improvements within the framework of capitalism. The ideas of communism are relegated (at best) to programmatic documents and study circles.

>The whole history of capitalism shows that the working class cannot take power without a revolutionary party on the basis of scientific socialism – Marxism. The immediate task of
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1711661914277.jpeg (10.99 MB, 2580x3531, mac.jpeg)

Mike "Big Mac" Macnair ANNIHILATES the Revolutionary Communist Party with ARGUMENTS and ACUMEN (Part II)



I was part of the Canadian branch for a couple years. It is essentially just a newspaper subscription service and they have completely alienated themselves from basically every other left wing org in the country due to autistic behavior. They do unintentionally funnel people into actually useful orgs, so I guess they're not all bad. Don't see what the rebrand is about


This information is out of date and incorrect comrade, as things have progressed there in the past years.
KAF criticizes the Gonzaloist splitters that fruitlessly tried to will a new Maoist international out of thin air, without the support of the active, leading peoples struggles ongoing in the world.
KAF has the best political line in Sweden currently.



what I find funniest about RKP is their big words, when in reality the vast majority of its members are students, not workers. say what you want about K, but at least they have an actual connection to Sweden's working class


I was briefly discussing how hypersonics could make imperialism untenable, i.e, provide a way for weapons to shut down American bases and carriers anywhere on the globe, but it turns out the Americans are working on megawatt lasers to counter.

The Chinese are claiming to counter with their own anti-laser coating, that ablatively resists megawatt lasers at around 1 km ranges.

But the technology in general seems interesting; i.e, laser maturity is growing at a tremendous rate, and the J-20 is better designed for laser paradigm warfare than the F-35 (the side weapons bay allows the J-20 to carry two laser pods externally, and the two F119-class engines in the WS-15 should be able to generate greater total power than the single F135.).

How much do we know about lasers? For instance, the Chinese were advertising a megawatt class pulse laser, but when it comes to pulse lasers, petawatt lasers are already common.
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Is that the schizo guy who was always threatening to blind people with lasers years ago? He was on 4chan. I think he even posted here sometimes. He's dead then?


I am sorry but you lack basic reading comprehension


yes it's him, and no he's not dead, the pussy turned himself in


He was already insane


You need to express yourself clearly then. WW1 was fought with artillery and that's a defenders weapon, nobody thought it would give first strike advantages.

File: 1711676107628.jpg (166.55 KB, 1024x708, chardakim1b.jpg)


World court unanimously orders Israel to facilitate entry of food aid into Gaza
The court issued the provisional measures which include Israel taking all steps to provide basic humanitarian aid to Gaza, and ensuring with "immediate effect that its military does not commit acts which constitute a violation of any of the rights of the Palestinians in Gaza as a protected group under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide." The court also added that Israel must submit a report on all measures taken to give effect to this order, within one month from the date of the order.

Israeli court halts subsidies for ultra-Orthodox, deepening turmoil over mandatory military service
The Supreme Court has ruled the current system discriminatory and given the government until Monday to present a new plan and until June 30 to pass it. Netanyahu on Thursday asked the court for a 30-day extension to find a compromise. The court did not immediately respond to his request. But it issued an interim order barring the government from funding the monthly subsidies for religious students who are between the ages of 18 and 26 and have not received a deferral from the military in the past year.

Germany Is Seizing Jews’ Money Again It’s fine, they’re pro-Palestine.
A pro-Palestine Jewish activist group has had its bank account frozen in Germany for the second time in seven years, after the bank requested a full list of its members’ details in what experts believe is a breach of German law. The group suspects the move was triggered by its involvement in a forthcoming pro-Palestine conference that has attracted intense scorn from the German mainstream.
https://novaramedia.com/2024/03/28/germany-is-seizing-jews-monPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Boeing union wants a board seat and a say on plane safety
The International Association of Machinists is taking the opportunity to negotiate beyond standard line items like pay and retirement benefits — they want a real say in quality and safety standards. "It's very important to us that we build a safe, quality airplane," Jon Holden, president of the 32,000-member International Association of Machinists District 751, said earlier this month as talks began.

US maritime union sounds alarm over global shipping standards
A top labor union for maritime engineers has sounded the alarm against corporate profiteering in the wake of Tuesday’s cargo ship crash into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, claiming the industry is “probably the worst offender”. The Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association (Meba) warned of the dangers of growing vessels and shrinking crews – claiming that those from overseas are “not up to the standards” required in the US.

Protesters interrupt Biden, Obama, Clinton fundraiser
President Joe Biden and his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, headlined a star-studded fundraiser with former President Bill Clinton on Thursday that organizers said raised more than $25 million for Biden's U.S. reelection campaign. Biden, who arrived with Obama on Air Force One on Thursday afternoon, and Clinton took part in a discussion moderated by "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert at the iconic Radio City Music Hall in front of thousands of guests.

New York City Deals Blow to Landlords
Since the bill has been extended, New York City is also working to implement new zoning ordinances that would permit commercial buildinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




The Great Stink of 2024: Flush away this rotten system!
In the summer of 1858, mounting effluent on the banks of the River Thames combined with unusually high temperatures to produce the infamous ‘Great Stink’. So potent was the stench that it could apparently be smelt across central London. Overwhelmed by the noxious fumes, MPs inside the House of Commons complained that they were unable to conduct important parliamentary business. Out of desperation, some even suggested moving the seat of government out of the capital altogether. Today, a similarly foul smell emanates from Westminster. But the source is no longer the pollutants in the water, but the rancid occupants in Parliament itself – residing in a dilapidated edifice that is aptly crumbling to pieces.

“Our Big Push Was for Union Democracy and a Plan to Win”: An Interview with the Amazon Labour Union Democratic Reform Caucus
In 2022, Amazon workers on Staten Island made history. The JFK8 warehouse in New York voted to unionize, forming the first U.S. union in the company’s history — an independent union known as the Amazon Labor Union (ALU), representing over 8,000 workers. Since then, Amazon has been intransigently refusing to start contract negotiations. Union-busting tactics, such as the persistent firing of pro-union activists, continue at JFK8 and other facilities. Amazon even filed a case arguing that the National Labor Relations Board, the agency that enforces labor law, is “unconstitutional.” Two years after the historic victory, the JFK8 warehouse remains Amazon’s only unionized workplace in the United States. ALU lost the elections at LDJ5 in Staten Island and ALB1 near Albany. These results were a product of the intense anti-union activities, but also a reflection of ALU’s approach under the leadership of Chris Smalls. Under Smalls, the ALU pursued a strategy that relied on a combination of factors: the hatred towards Jeff Bezos, the huge impact of the ALU victory, the image of Chris Smalls, and the support of progressive Democrats. But without rank-and-file organizing, worker’s democracy, direct action, and class independence, it is not possible to win against a trillion-dollar company.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1711680692208.gif (68.02 KB, 441x612, 1711258390701670.gif)

Thanks News Anon


>Greece violently clamped down against demonstrators backed by the country’s Communist Party, who tried to prevent a concert by US military cadets
KKE seems like a very active party even before €urocrisis.


Communism = capitalism with a 100% tax rate.
There's literally nothing else to it.(very obvious b8)
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Milei already received $4.7bn from the IMF, but if there will be military direct intervention, i doubt


Milei never said it would be easy
He said from the start that things would get worse before they get better, but that it was the only way
The people would be silly to rebel after electing him knowing this would happen initially



It will not be easy, i don't think Milei can silly his way out of this one


>The people would be silly to rebel after electing him knowing this would happen initially

Did you ever heard of the recent history of Ukraine elections?


Argentina is pretty allergic to good policies so I think the reactionaries are gonna lick his boot for a second term if the country survives for that long even

File: 1711397721208.png (114.22 KB, 864x486, ClipboardImage.png)


this is something we've always known was going to happen at some point. Now of course the Internet and big sites will still exist(YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) but it will become like television was, a lot more sanitized. There won't really be any real speakers on those sites, just spectators, most rebel sites will be removed other than the enforced squeaky clean ones and I've made peace with that.
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We jumping on I2P right?


>Implying I2P can't be blocked


Sure, but we'll be a leap ahead. First they will censor the easy stuff, like on the big tech platforms. "Independent" clearnet domains next. At least I2P is an anonymized overlay network with strong encyption and commie file sharing built in.
From there it would be easier to then have a vantage point onto where the next logical step is (hypothetically obviously some sort of end-to-end / underground meshnet solution, or something of the sort).


File: 1711668107190.jpg (34.46 KB, 500x370, 3525b431caa3d25c.jpg)

correction: Preparing for the end of the Core Web*
You'll lose your tiktoks, twitters, chatgpts and search engines, sure, but the internet will thrive without those.

>There won't really be any real speakers on those sites, just spectators, most rebel sites will be removed other than the enforced squeaky clean ones and I've made peace with that.

Holy andrew tate batman. Just follow some blogs on your RSS reader already and stop being a performative cynic.


Moved to >>>/tech/23848.

File: 1710801879249.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 196.55 KB, 827x855, IMG_9080.jpeg)


Kill all veterans. The only good veteran is a dead one. Thank God for dead soldiers. Fuck the troops. I support the troops who kill themselves. Major Nidal Hassan did nothing wrong.
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You're beating up a strawman fella. You're also putting in qualifiers that don't need to be there. They used, a LOT, of officers and they commanded units larger than simple companies or platoons. When you're in a battle to the death as the Bolsheviks were… you're in a tough spot. Do you allow the former Tsarists to command this regiment when he volunteers and defects? Or do you trust the former farmer to possibly get men killed?

And look where all this shit gets us. How does this help anyone? Instead of being constructive and saying "hey, we should court all comers, and if they're particularly problematic they should be relegated to non-sensitive duties with the possibility they can work themselves into higher trust" we act like we have the luxury of being this huge movement in the West. We don't.

If someone comes in, wanting to work with us in times of harsh need do we have the time and luxury to ask whether the ditch digger filled out an ideological purification form? Like what are we even talking about here? I actually hold no ill will towards any of you. I met some reprehensible pieces of shit in the military. We've all met some. But what of redemption? What of change?

Comrades, the facts are before us. Our revolutionary forefathers by necessity, had to rely on professional soldiers to win. When the conflict is won, you can worry about reducing reliance on these people and comb their backgrounds to see if they are reprehensible enough to be expelled or even face more serious punitive measures. But we're doing what Marx said the philosophers do, merely interpreting the world. Put the future between a rock and a hard place, there's good chance you'll need military veterans and generally hard men and women who've been there and done that. And there's a lot of good ones, and in my personal experience there's more good than bad.

I'll see you all in a decade or two, when push comes to shove. I hope you come to realize you won't have the luxury of a deep background check when possible recruits come ready to get down with the cause.


>Should we focus on how wars are the bourgeois making the proletarian kill each other? No, let's only talk about soldiers of countries I dislike.
Stupid socdem pussy humanist cuck
Humanism is a bad side effect of the reaction to the bourgoise as a ruling class. Humanism was always an enemy of scientific socialism. They did everything to curtail it


File: 1711667572716.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.29 KB, 338x312, 20240328_190649.jpg)

hecking smol bean colonial police


Please god let more die


If we are only talking about conscripts then that basically just leaves Vietnam vets. This is a dishonest thing to cling onto because everyone in the military now is there voluntarily. Nobody is forced into combat roles either and any attempts of justifying it comes across as extremely shallow like anon above saying he did it to "discipline" himself rather than getting to hold a gun and be a "badass."

I don't know of any cases of jarheads disobeying orders. They love killing brown people and all propaganda about going against orders is just them making up stories about refusing orders to go save their "brother." Iraq proved that zogbots will never question orders and rather just perform them and then cry about it later while simultaneously performing army recruitment propaganda like Chris Kyle's entire story.

They're just as much of an ally as cops are.

File: 1711623480425.jpeg (110.32 KB, 662x955, IMG_5511.jpeg)


How is revisionism bad? If Marxists see their school of thought as scientific then being opposed to revisionism contradicts your allegedly scientific attitude. In fact, that is a blindly dogmatic attitude. It is inherent to science to revise theories if knew information makes a good case for previous theories being wrong and new ones being a more appropriate descriptor of what one is dealing with. So what exactly is your problem with revisionism?
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


In this sense, Soviet revisionism (Khruschevism and what came after) makes a lot more sense as a post-facto retcon of stated doctrine to bring it in line with the behaviour that already existed (Stalinism)


I think you and all the other charlatans ITT have zero clue what revisionism actually is. lunch breaks over in a sec will explain in a bit


>I think you and all the other charlatans ITT have zero clue what revisionism actually is.
Just minimise the thread anon it's not worth it.


I'm back and would like to explain what revisionism is. There are many of these old words from 100 years ago which in contemporary usage may have a new meaning, I had the same issue a long time ago understanding this. OP, if you think that "revisionism" just means "revise" then you misunderstood the meaning of the term. That's not what revisionism means. Revisionism means, when you say for example, that a new event in reality means that Marx and Lenin were retrospectively wrong. That's what decisive about revisionism.

Kautsky and them lot were revisionist because they used a new development in history to liquidate and deny Marx's original discovery. They didn't simply say that we need to update Marx, which is what Lenin and Stalin did objectively. As you say, it is inherent to science to update the standard model and all of our therories. However, they just said that retrospectively Marx was actually wrong, and this was "proven" because the "worker revolution" never happened and because of the rise of the middle class. Lenin was the one who actually saved Marx's original discovery precisely by being heterodox, for example.

I think its actually worth it because OP has the same exact misunderstandings I had when I was a baby marxist 5 years ago.


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