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File: 1655819757526.png (453.86 KB, 764x768, dall-e.png)


Where the Soviet Union experienced chronic labor shortages, Yugoslavia had a major problem with unemployment and even sent guest workers to Germany. Was this solely due to the difference between a planned economy and market socialism?
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Tupac alive Serbia?




about as well as tito and tupac


File: 1655732173570.jpeg (48.25 KB, 446x768, jbwT9Rx8LMwjJnEc.jpeg)


I'm looking at this masterpiece and I feel someone had to have done this as a test on people to see the reactions or see if they can get away with it

Yet people are proud of this masterpiece. It's like a successful psyop
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Which is the point of the OP, symbolic victories demand de-contextualized cultural conformity without actual material improvement for marginalized people and will eventually be used as a weapon against those marginalized people ("we've done so much for them and they're still lousy!"). see >>1024702


But he's not, we were talking about the afro comb which has nothing to do with southern whites. Lol and if that wasn't enough of a diversion, it's now about muslims and gays.

You can't see it because everything is a celebration of your culture. Anytime you see someone celebrating a different culture it's "how could this be happening to me?"


>Sowell's analysis […] is accurate
post discarded


No black people have especially thick hair which is more easily turned into an afro with the assisitance of that special afro comb


Everyone in America had their identity erased, that isn't unique to black people despite their arguing otherwise

File: 1655679006850-0.png (2.82 MB, 1636x1227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655679006850-1.png (2.5 MB, 1600x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655679006850-2.png (8.18 MB, 2500x1667, ClipboardImage.png)


Commodities Of Pride Expression (COPEs)

Porky sells certain groups within the proletariat Commodities Of Pride Expression (or COPEs, for short). Since the greater identity of the working class is divided into subgroups representing special identity-based interests, such as national interests, sex interests, gender interests, sexuality interests, linguistic interests, ethnic interests, racial interests, religious interests, professional interests, hobbyist interests, interests of aesthetic and taste, etc.

It benefits porky to sell these groups commodities whose use value is the expression of pride. The pride lies in the membership of the subgroup of the proletariat. These COPEs which porky sells to the subgroups of the proletariat does not represent "progress." It does not represent "acceptance" by the wider society. It simply represents the commodification of identity, and the fact that the bourgeoisie views these subgroups as lucrative markets. If a subgroup does not receive actual acceptance by the broader society, but porky continues to sell these subgroups COPEs, then these COPEs come to serve two use values. The first use value is the use value for the group being sold the commodity. The COPE is an expression of pride for the subgroup. If an LGBT person purchases and LGBT flag from porky, then the use value of that commodity is the expression of LGBT pride. But there is a second hidden use value, which is for the group outside of that subgroup. Groups which focus their anger at the decay of their standard living against these various subgroups find an equal and opposite use value in the COPE. For them, the COPE becomes a way to identify targets of violence. This is why the COPE cannot serve as a sign of true progress, because of the COPE is, for a group much larger and more numerous than the purchaser of the COPE, a target. Now a third use value emerges. Porky not only succeeds in profiting from the sale of COPEs, but finds in the COPE a use value for himself, beyond the sale of the COPE for profit. Porky finds, in the COPE, a way to redirect anger at capital towards anger at subgroups. Reactionaries view the COPE as a sign of decay in their society. They misattribute the transgressions of capital to the transgressions of the subgroups. Similarly, the purchasers of the COPEs view the COPE as a sign of progress in their society. They misattribute porky's desire to profit off of their identities to a mythical "acceptance" of the widerPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>but you rarely hear about 'straight culture being commodified' etc.
That is because it has already happened?
It is only now that pride is moving away from marches and an open day to closed and ticketed events.


COPE is a good concept but your social observations after are purely homophobic ranting.


OK. So why can't I buy a Confederate flag on Amazon then?


How do you know if something is a spook?


started with a grassroots civil rights movement, ended with porky cashing in

also see: blm

File: 1655241399338.jpeg (101.46 KB, 1102x906, bNDqZlCZEct1.jpeg)


How does Marxism explain this feud that is happening in this photo?

Is there a term for this or is this a new phenomenon in our society is with corporations collective power advancing
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File: 1655720136630.jpg (92.96 KB, 632x302, mcdonalds-founders.jpg)

Literally Marxism 101 of porkies not being the masters of their own destiny and exploitation coming from the system, not the capitalist. Guys like OPs picrel will just get strongarmed out of business eventually by those who are ready and willing to squeeze as hard as they can.


Leftypol is a useless and irrelevant shithole that has done NOTHING for the communist movement.


yet ur here


Established businesses have more resources and experience and thus an advantage so less likely to go under and more likely to have the means to take some risks such as acquiring another business that just went under or employ the labor displaced by said business going under


File: 1655737010521.jpg (80.91 KB, 1200x985, EpNZD-oUUAMtHrO.jpg)

Not that anon but if vulgar anons offed themselves the board numbers would be reduced by at least 1/10s.

File: 1655527794094.png (120.98 KB, 513x476, 1653657210837.png)


Individuals do not choose a particular ideology among several and then conform their way of life to this mindset. Instead, their existence within the contradictory relations of class society puts them into a certain ideological state of mind whose purpose is the rationalization and reproduction of that society. Whereas ideology appears in liberal discourse as a pluralistic set of competing views to be selected by individuals, Marx only speaks of ideology in general, as the distorted consciousness necessarily produced by the contradictions of class society. In short, there is no such thing for Marx as “an ideology” or “ideologies” in the plural, only ideology.

It is not only liberals, however, who have altered Marx’s original conception of ideology, as Marxists themselves have played a major role in distorting Marx’s theory of distorted consciousness. Many Marxists in the present indeed affirm the subjective interpretation of ideology when they speak of the “socialist” or “Marxist ideology” they have chosen as their worldview against “liberal ideology.”

Perhaps more often throughout its history, however, the Marxist tradition has opposed this liberal notion of ideology as something consciously chosen by individuals with a more objective account that treats it as a set of ideas that express the interests of a class (eg., bourgeois or proletarian ideology). But in assessing the merits of ideology based on its class position, Marxists pluralize it and strip it of its purely negative, critical meaning.

Marx’s “negative concept of ideology,” as Jorge Larrain observes, “passes judgement upon ideas, whatever their class origin,” insofar as they conceal contradictions. For Marx, there is not a good ideology (proletarian) and a bad ideology (bourgeois), there is only ideology in general, the distorted forms of consciousness that harmonize social contradictions at the level of ideas.

“Whereas for Marx the idea of a ‘proletarian ideology’ is totally foreign,” as Larrain writes, “for the new generation of Marxists,” beginning especially with Lenin, “each class produces its own ideology, or at least an ideology that serves its interests can be ascribed to it.” In Lenin’s hands, “a move from ideology to class ‘ideologies’ is firmly established which loses the originally negative sense of the concept.” In this positive, neutral version, ideology merely becomes the thought that serves a particular class. Ideology is not a pejorative itsePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> In short, there is no such thing for Marx as “an ideology” or “ideologies” in the plural, only ideology.

I'm not a big brain, but isn't this kinda like saying there is no such thing as particles, there is only "matter"? Like obviously you can arbitrarily subdivide the general "ideology" marx is talking about into a pluralistic set of competing views. This might be misguided or wrong, but to say there are not observable competing ideologies is, I think, incomplete. After all, complaining about how "liberals distort marx" is to acknowledge that ideological liberals exist.


File: 1655658408011.png (415.12 KB, 1157x1464, ClipboardImage.png)


>guy makes a bunch of comments about how poverty fucks over kids and impairs their development
<but he's queeny and annoying and on tiktok so I'm going to ignore everything he said and get mad at his aesthetic

why are people like this


>materialism is ideology
hahaha, no. We will remember this and you will carry out a sentence in the mud wrestling re-education camps for this meme.
this is a good point. But keep in mind, contradiction proves a thing is true. Yes if you bother to peak inside and catalogue the various strains of ideology, there are different and competing outlooks. But they're not competing in the way an idealist would have them be: they slide over each other, they're relegated to different class strata, and all serve the same end of justifying the current relations of our society. How a prole justifies it will be different than how a petite-bourg justifies it. But this pluralization of ideology is different than saying all sets of ideas about the world are "ideologies". It's saying that for marx, ideology was more of an impulse, an instinctive way of reconciling (patching over) the contradictions of the world to ourselves, which needs to be fought through critique. So ideology can take any form, it's not super important what form it takes, it's still ideology. But it does take determinate forms and these determinate forms are what are fought against in the realm of ideas. And to say as you say "ideological liberals" is just using a different (lib) meaning of the word. It's not wrong (it can't be), but as the OP states it's not the marxian sense of the word, and that's really all this is about as far as i can tell. And to bring to attention the prime fact that we take on ways of thinking and seeing the world which seek to justify it, even before we can name these understandings, and not out of some free marketplace of ideas and discussion and true understanding (which is obvious, but the assumption that our beliefs are consciously chosen or agreed with or represent some vote of affirmation based on reasoned thought is part of lib rationalism).
hahaha, good joke comrade, we can all appreciate some sarcasm. Mud camp for you also.
negative meaning critical, devoid of it's own positive conPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


right wingiggers are genetically incapable of scientific socialism

File: 1655664217391.jpeg (209.92 KB, 1290x859, im-559566.jpeg)


This is a key issue in contract negotiations between shipping companies and dockworkers' unions in the U.S. this summer.

Summary of the conflict in these negotiations:


>Automation is shaping up to be a key flashpoint in high-stakes contract negotiations under way between unionized dockworkers and the shipping lines and cargo handlers at U.S. West Coast seaports.

>The ocean carriers and terminal operators that control some of the country’s busiest gateways for seaborne container trade are pushing for greater use of robotic equipment on the docks, arguing it is the best way to efficiently handle the ever-growing volumes of cargo hitting the ports and would help ease the bottlenecks that have hobbled U.S. supply chains.

>The dockworkers’ union, which gave in to some automation in highly contentious talks in years past, wants to draw a line against any further use of automated cranes, self-driving vehicles and other equipment they fear could replace some of the best-paying union jobs in the nation.

>The dispute over automation is a major dividing line in contract talks that began last month and are aimed at replacing the multiyear agreement that expires July 1, negotiations that come as the shipping industry is entering its busiest period while still trying to clear big backlogs of ships and cargo.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1655666176797.png (439.33 KB, 907x509, ClipboardImage.png)

>kill jobs
Killing jobs is based. We're Marxists not Luddites.


This shit has existed for actual centuries to the point mr where in volume 1 of capital this was brought up repeatedly
If it could’ve changed something about society it would’ve ages ago. Stop thinking this system actually evolves dickhead


The people's republic of Israel



Why all the replies to my comment deleted?


lol they need dockworkers, not robots, if there's ever one of the regular fuck-ups in the fragile intermodal supply chain

File: 1655660028388.jpg (116.35 KB, 1024x1006, jiri.jpg)

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I know this will be deleted but why don't poor people get one of thousands of highly paid in demand easy to get jobs that have pensions, support systems, and benefits. Shuttles for poor people without work. Paid training. They exist in every single city. Half my family has one.
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All three jobs i applied for payed anywhere from 100k and up (plus tips for the chauffer). I'm already eyeing a job in a cannery that offers the exact same pay as a cop for zero loss of life.
You're an american and it shows. Nevertheless, seethe


>A job like that likely isn't in demand and highly competitive. Police in the US is in demand and not competitive so it makes it perfect for poor people.
Telling you right now, poor people aren't the ones who are generally going to get that position and it's not a solution their poverty. If it's highly competitive, its also even more unlikely they will get it, and I will never advocate for someone taking up a job that runs entirely counter to the long term interests of the woleing class. If it's a "must", fine, but very quickly you are going to be put into a instigation where you must choose between the police or the workers and unemployed.


*working class


>"I'm poor"
<"Well, you could just get a job where you perpetuate the system that ensures said poverty exists in the first place and actively work against any activity which means to change the system"
>"But I'd rather not do that, I want the system to change"
<"Then it's your fault your poor"
What the fuck is this logic? You could justify poverty to any degree through this. "Don't want to kill people for cash overseas as a PMC? Then you apparently you deserve poverty lol." It's an argument for the status quo.


Lol. Magoids have no response besides 'ban all immigration' despite their ancestors being migrants

File: 1655607531944.png (46.36 KB, 240x210, ClipboardImage.png)


>most economies tht developed followed his ideas
>most economies that didnt follow his ideas didnt develop or undeveloped in the long term or stagnated
>most thinkers that studied the recent developed nations reaffirm his ideas
>currently the neoliberal world is collasping while china which arguably copied some of his ideas is beating neoliberalism

was fredich list right?
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Damn, Marx literally responded to and critiqued fucking everybody didn't he. If he existed today, he'd likely be one of those guys that already has 2 hour long response video going not even a day after someone makes a 10 minute one.


yea marx's fanatical reading let him beat every one of his opponents into submission.


List viewed the rise of the British empire as coming from a strong elusive economic blocs that only transitioned to free trade once their industries achieved complete supremacy against competitors. What List sugar coated is why Germany should follow in their footsteps and get the state to build massive industrial monopolies that are powerful enough to dictate markets on their own.



US tech is about 5 year behind China's. China is currently doing limited roll outs of G6 cell services for testing while the USA still can't match Chain's G5's performance.

 No.997437[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Che from Argentinia
Fidel from Cuba
Ho Chi MInh from Vietnam
Mao from China
Lenin from Russia
Wijeweera from Sri Lanka
Shigenobu from Japan
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If it clashes with the working class wanting socialism then it has to be stamped on. Case in point is Georgia in the Russian civil war. The bourgeoisie and Mensheviks stood for "independence", but the working class wanted Bolshevism and overthrew the bourgeoisie with the aid of the Red Army.
Nationalism has no positives and Lenin was quite clear that it was subjugated to the class question. Basically, a communist should always be anti-nationalist and make the case for opposition to nationalism. Oppressed nations may have a case for equality and independence but that isn't working class interests. There's no point in trying to outdo the bourgeoisie on patriotism. Why should we? It's a stupid thing, irrational and delusional. Let them have their little pissant flags and patriotism.


Ahmed Ben Bella - Algeria
Amilcar Cabral - Cape Verde
Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe
Mengistu Haile Mariam - Ethiopia
Siad Barre - Somalia
Gamal Nasser - Egypt
Hafez AlAssad - Syria
Samora Machel - Mozambique
Julius Nyerere - Tanzania
Sam Nujoma - Namibia
Agostinho Neto - Angola
Kenneth Kaunda - Zambia
Kwame Nkrumah - Ghana
Muammar Qaddafi or Omar Mukhtar - Libya
Yasser Arafat - Palestine
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Damn, Zambia never had any revolution, my bad


The thread is most famous revolutionary, so the country doesn't need a revolution itself.
Although many posters have interpreted this question as "Revolutionary that I like the most"


>Ruhollah Khomeini - Iran


do you belive chinlets will make their own communes/city states/kingdoms after the collapse of governments?
I go to consume product win, /pol/, and soyjak party and sometimes see gardening posts. i think after collapse there will be various city states (or communes) with different political leanings. Our communes may be progressive, but you won't be able to project your ideology onto other communes.
I belive each group (city, town, even a small kingdom in case of trad people) will have it's own political system, and i dislike centralization. They may redistribute all their resources but still be bigots and be against vaccination. I often see posts about hating government and cetralization too, including republicans.

on related note i am vaccinated and probably shouldn't have…
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yes, the only way reactionaries can be creative or grow things is if they were turned to fertilizer. They don't have a single original idea. The libs are right to mock these freaks for plagiarizing the 60s.


they idolize the 50s, not the 60s


>and i dislike centralization.
Very unbased.


They idolize cultural detritus from the past that they don't fully understand. Anti-vax stupidity, occult weirdness, trucker protests, etc. are very clearly inspired by 60s movement liberalism.


>they're completely atomised and will die very quickly if collapse happen
another win for soylent green

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