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File: 1669184957978.png (123.58 KB, 563x355, schizo.png)


How schizo do you have to be to understand theory?

and continental philosophy in general? On a scale of 1 being a robot, vulcan from star trek, or Aristotle and 10 being Deleuze and/or Guattari after ingesting a quad sheet of acid and drinking a cup of ayahuasca and running off into the desert.

Will taking mind altering substances such as shrooms, acid, or DMT help me understand Hegelianism or poststructural philosophy better?
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File: 1669192760147.png (371.4 KB, 989x584, nosleep.png)

>Performativity cannot be understood outside of a process of iterability, a regularized and constrained repetition of norms. And this repetition is not performed by a subject; this repetition is what enables a subject and constitutes the temporal condition for the subject. This iterability implies that 'performance' is not a singular 'act' or event, but a ritualized production, a ritual reiterated under and through constraint, under and through the force of prohibition and taboo, with the threat of ostracism and even death controlling and compelling the shape of the production, but not, I will insist, determining it fully in advance.

>The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the rearticulation of power.


Plato and Spinoza are way more related than Aristotle, Spinoza is intellectually a descendent of neoplatonism


>Spinoza is intellectually a descendent of neoplatonism
Very wrong


File: 1669223074716.png (45.32 KB, 167x207, descartes.png)

not really.

Plato is not the same as neoplatonism which was a separate school of thought which expanded Plato's thought, and influenced Christian, Jewish, and Muslim thinkers during the middle ages.

There's a correspondence between the neoplatonic idea of "the one" and Spinoza's idea of substance as a unitary entity. As someone who was raised and lived to the age of 24 as an orthodox Jew, Spinoza was exposed to neoplatonist kabbalist jewish thinkers, esp. Maimonides who was a sephardic jew (like Spinoza). Maimonides was an adherent of apophatic theology. In this theology, one attempts to describe God through negative attributes. Maimonides argued that God is not corporeal. This was central to his thinking about the sin of idolatry. Maimonides insisted that all of the anthropomorphic phrases pertaining to God in sacred texts are to be interpreted metaphorically. This directly ties into Spinoza's concept of determination as negation as well as his ontological views on God.

Spinozism should be thought of as the marriage of neoplatonic jewish kabbalistic mysticism and a cartesian mode of exposition (the geometrical method), using cartesian/euclidian geometrical methods to exposit a monist, neoplatonist metaphysics.


there certainly is a strong Platonic (or, perhaps more accurately, Neoplatonic) flavour to Spinoza's metaphysics. Spinoza's substance was, first and foremost, supposed to be eternal and intelligible, and, as such, it would be likely to appeal to a Platonist. When Spinoza said that God was extended, a lot of his contemporaries took him to be saying that God was corporeal: but what he had in mind was really much closer to the uncreated and immutable Platonic Form of extension than to the created and ever-changing extensions that were commonly ascribed to bodies.

You are correct to say that in many respects, Spinoza's God is a lot like the Neoplatonic concept of The One, which the Neoplatonists themselves would normally equate with God. And this is not just true of Spinoza's God as considered purely in its own right, but is to some extent also true of it when considered in relation to the sensible world. Although Spinoza perhaps pressed a little bit further in the direction of pantheism than the Neoplatonists themselves did, that theme was present in their writings too. It was standard for Neoplatonists to claim that the world was an emanation from The One and, although this notion of 'emanation' can be variously interpreted, what is pretty clear is that it was not to be understood as the sort of voluntary creative act that more orthodox theology would require. And some Neoplatonically-inclined authors did go some considerable way in undermining the ontological separation between The One and the sensible world. In such Medieval authors as John Scottus Eriugena and Nicholas of Cusa, for instance, one finds the notion that God is the 'enfolding' of all things, while the universe is the 'unfolding' of God. This is a notion with which Spinoza would have been entirely comfortable.

File: 1669212526332.png (557.66 KB, 1140x712, ClipboardImage.png)


its Happpppening
This is good. really good, cause once globohomo is all under one flag, the cultural revolution will have one monolithic entity to destroy and target
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i am afraid they do


ok but at least leftoids go like
>once Amazon conquers the world economy all we have to do is nationalize it
but even that makes way more sense than this, like what is there to do? Disney will start to churn out propaganda for killing transpeople and calling for murdering the owners of your local Chinese takeout restaurant?


smartest /pol/ user alive


Amazon has some central planning going on soviet apparatchiks only dreamed of and those leftoid burger soviet cargo cultists will establish the popular republic of Walmart, because marxism is when the commodity form is nationalized


Engels says as much about monopolization in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.

File: 1669158620828.jpg (4.45 MB, 4961x7016, at_the_source.jpg)


Bolsonaro challenges Brazil election he lost to Lula
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has challenged the election he lost last month to leftist rival Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, arguing votes from some machines should be "invalidated" in a complaint that election authorities met with initial skepticism.

The UN Food Program Director Visits Venezuela
Thanks to the agreement reached with the Venezuelan government, the UN World Food Program currently supports more than 1,000 schools by delivering food. WFP food assistance in Venezuela is aimed at children between 6 months and 6 years of age enrolled in preschools, students at schools for people with special needs, and administrators, teachers, cooks and workers at these institutions.

Dominican Republic rejects criticism of Haitian deportations
The Dominican Republic said it “profusely rejects” criticism of its crackdown on Haitian migrants from a growing number of countries and human rights agencies. Dominican authorities have ramped up border enforcement and deportations of Haitians, saying such actions are crucial to national security amid intensifying turmoil in the neighboring country due to a gang blockade of fuel supplies and a cholera outbreak. Authorities say they deported 43,900 migrants, largely Haitians, between July and October. In September and October alone, deportation figures shot up by about 50%.

12 Rights Bodies Demand Release of Kashmiri Activist Khurram Parvez
Twelve human rights organisations called for the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Cop28 in Dubai: A convenient cover for state repression
One of the oddities of this month’s Cop27 climate conference was the paucity of western media coverage of Egypt’s brutal human rights record. By virtue of his being a UK citizen, the cause of jailed activist Alaa Abd el-Fattah secured a certain level of awareness, and that is a good thing. He is a hugely courageous fighter who deserves far more than the tepid support he and his family have received from the British government.  But Fattah is just one among an estimated 60,000 political prisoners detained in awful conditions in the complex of prisons that the Egyptian regime uses to crush dissent. And while his hunger strike and decision to stop drinking water - which could have led to his death - focused the media’s attention, there has been scarcely a mention of the thousands of other unnamed prisoners. Or the millions more who are denied basic freedoms in one of the world’s most repressive states. Contrast the dearth of media coverage of human rights concerns in Egypt with the storm of criticism that has descended on Qatar amid the 2022 World Cup. It was, perhaps, inevitable that one of the world’s biggest sporting events, taking place in a Muslim Middle Eastern state for the first time, would attract rigorous attention - some of it fair, some of it most assuredly not. And next year, Dubai will host Cop28. The UAE surely knows that climate change is a great instrument to weaponise, providing a comfortable cover for authoritarian regimes to hide human rights abuses while presenting a facade of concern and commitment to tackling global environmental crises.

CP of Turkey, Turkey’s problems are to be found inside Turkey - Statement of TKP Central Committee on the air strikes of Turkish Armed Forces on Kurdish settlements in Syria and Iraq
Following the bombing attack on Istanbul’s Istiklal Street last week, the Turkish Armed Forces has been conducting air strikes on Kurdish settlements in Syria and Iraq since last night. Alleging that this operation is carried out on the pretext of “defense”, the AKP government is once again concealing the truth. For years, the AKP government has riddled the borders of neighbouring coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Dominicans try not to be racist speedrun any%


File: 1669165426216.jpeg (45.37 KB, 640x480, 7274782.jpeg)

Thanks News Anon


Asian markets rise after earnings-fueled rally on Wall Street
>Stocks gain in Hong Kong, Seoul; Tokyo markets closed for holiday
>BANGKOK — Asian shares advanced on Wednesday after solid earnings pushed retailers higher on Wall Street ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.
>Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index HSI, +0.42% surged 0.4% and the Kospi 180721, 0.53% in Seoul rose 0.5%. In Sydney, the S&P/ASX 200 XJO, 0.64% climbed 0.5%, while the Shanghai Composite index SHCOMP, -0.19% slipped 0.2%. Benchmarks rose in Taiwan Y9999, 0.54% and Indonesia JAKIDX, +0.51%, but stocks fell in Singapore STI, -0.21%. Markets were closed in Japan for a holiday.
>New Zealand’s benchmark NZ50GR, -0.85% declined after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand raised its benchmark rate by three-quarters of a point to 4.25%, striving to rein in inflation that is now at 7.2%.
>It’s the first time the bank has raised rates by more than a half-point since introducing the Official Cash Rate in 1999. The new rate is the highest in New Zealand since early 2009.
>On Tuesday, the S&P 500 SPX, +1.36% rose 1.4% to 4,003.58 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +1.18% added 1.2% to 34,098.10. The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite COMP, +1.36% added 1.4% to 11,174.41.
>Long-term Treasury yields fell. The yield on the 10-year Treasury, which influences mortgage rates, fell to 3.76% from 3.84% late Monday.
>The Federal Reserve will release minutes Wednesday from its latest policy meeting, potentially giving investors more insight into its decision-making process. Wall Street has been hoping that the central bank might ease up on its aggressive rate increases. Its benchmark rate currently stands at 3.75% to 4%, up from close to zero in March.
>“Ahead of the release of Fed minutes, much focus has been placed on a slowing down on the pace of rate hikes,” Mizuho Bank said in Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1669210926373.png (63.87 KB, 757x410, ClipboardImage.png)

>For the second straight year, President Biden and his family will spend Thanksgiving at the Nantucket home of private-equity billionaire David Rubenstein
i hate this guy already


Which of these two would you rather have if you wanted to be more powerful as a nation. Ideology aside, just sheer world domination. Which is better

Russian military and their military industrial complex
Chinese population (1.41 billion people)
Current American economy

American military and their military industrial complex
Russian population (143 million people)
Current China economy
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Pointless thread tbh


if i have kids someday i will forbid them from playing geo-political simulators



You can easily fix the broken US economy with 1.4 billion people whereas you can't maintain the Chinese one with only 143 million


neither, because the American economy and American military complex are both very parasitic and quite unoptimal


imagine the following guys. there is another planet, not as hospitable as earth.
would you rather
1) eat strawberry cheesecake tooth paste
2)or sing a song to the rythm of an endlessly falling atom?

btw ideology doesnt matter but only those who love freedom and democracy should vote


After getting out of a two year slog of NEETdom, depression and complete lack of perspective, I decided to go to college after working a bit to save up money and not be a pathetic freeloader.

Living in a fucked up post Socialist state, in an incredibly bleak and small town, the opportunities were few. I applied to 30+ places before this American based corporation invited me for an interview after I sent a CV.

I got told a lot of very enticing stuff. In hindsight, I should have known it sounds to good to be true. I won't say what is the industry, but I work remotely for an American market and due to the nature of the job have to make a lot of calls.

"You could make a lot of money. It's up to how much you work." He said.

Except it's not. 70% of the fucking market refuses to work with this corporation. Those that do, already have contacts inside of it I have been working for the past few days and have not completed a single objective. I feel humiliation rising after each and every failed attempt. This is not my fault. Deals I reached fell through SOLELY because they realized what corp. I was with and retracted.

I don't know what to do. If I don't make the monthly quota, which isn't high when you hear it, but gets considerably higher due to the fact that people won't work with you, I will make literal pennies.

I know this fucking company has bad rep for shady business practices, but I do not participate in any of that. I simply want to do my day of honest work and get paid for it.

God I hate life. Thanks for listening to this venting, any advice appreciated.
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Being someone who stand themselves with knives while convincing doing so makes them better than anyone else and while making less than most people makes you retarded.

You're like some weird motorhead who claims real stuck enthousiasts drive 1950s ford cornfukkers because you can drive in 5th gear in reverse with it, while you don't make money because unlike modern trucks you can only haul 2 crates of apples at a time and go 60 kmh. But hey, at least you program in C, instead of making money programming an easier language.


File: 1669188056337.png (19.7 KB, 510x556, 1648044871345.png)

>I'm a senior react developer
Laughs in firmware


>his definition of successful is working for a multination tech corporation and renting an apartment in silicon valley


females don't exist on the internet except on McMedia let alone imageboards


Jobs without a guaranteed minimum wage are bullshit, if you could actually make money in them then they wouldn't pay you on commission, they only do because they know you can't.


How would specific Marxist (and post-Marxist) interpretations of social class see someone who creates the illusion that they're selling their labour to survive but really just shitposts online without the boss noticing and survives off that?

Yeah I know the classifications are loose macro-scale models to describe broad contemporary social trends and applying them dogmatically to uncritically gauge the behaviour or potential of individuals is gross misinterpretation of the entire scientific concept of socio-economic classes. Hopefully HAHAHA we all understand that. But it's fun and thought-provocative.
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>ad hominem tantrum is good because my favourite celebrity wrote it
Your appeal to authority is worth nothing here. Marx wrote some good things and he wrote some absolute shit things too.


File: 1669103235355.png (973.23 KB, 1280x720, Engels Stirner.png)

stirner was just engels trolling marx retard


You sell your time to a capitalist, depend on them for living and have no control over the mop.
You're proletariat, even if you can fool the boss a bit.


Remember that Marx talked about surplus rate in an aggregate way, e.g. it's not one worker slacking about, it's the entire firm that is exploiting and reinvesting surplus value.

File: 1668260144072.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


I still find it utterly insane that the movies where an ‘advanced’ African kingdom:

>used spears and rhinos in warfare,

>had a tribal society based on worshiping animal gods(including hanyman)
>one tribe literally chanted like fucking monkeys

is somehow seen as anti racist in this day and age, Also the only reason they were so advanced, because of a magic alien space rock
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>nah, they are spitting facts. maoists are enemies of the state, see 2018 arrests.

enemies of the state is not the same thing as enemies of the bourgeoisie

>there are valid reasons china diverged from mao.

glad you're at least willing to admit that the reasons are valid

>don't take it personally as an insult.

i don't

> but it's no longer run the same way as maoist ideology.

because the global economy is imperialist and capitalist and china has to play ball in that context. But I will never draw a false equivalency between a capitalist economy with a governing Marxist-Leninist party and billionaires on a very short leash (China) and a global empire governed by two capitalist parties and over 800 offshore military bases that has never executed a single billionaire for anything (the USA)


>the USA does


Other than breaking a few windows, some people climbed a wall when they could have just walked through the barriers the police opened for them, and stealing a speakers podium, what exactly happened?

I know you liberals will find any reason for why that particular protest was the most evil thing in history, but do elaborate.


occam’s razor applies here


File: 1669194131308.png (1.42 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

here's your gay superheros bros

File: 1668982807200.jpg (34.98 KB, 642x428, smug metalhead.jpg)


>let's boycott starbucks, reddit!
>well no-one who has the time and energy to care about the strike even buys their shit coffee so well we can't really boycott but
Why not brew and sell Zapatista coffee out the front and sell it at a lower non-for-profit price, or hand it out for free?

>inb4 selling food without a permit

If it's planned action, you can probably get a street vendor's loicense in advance.
Even if you don't, it will depend on country/state but often you don't need a food service certificate to serve certain foods like hot coffee or unprepared beans. Furthermore, some jurisdictions have exceptions for charitable/etc. orgs that don't operate more than 12 times a year.
>If you plan to sell hot, freshly brewed coffee served in sanitary, single-use disposable cups, and if you only provide sugar and cream in single-serving packets, then in many jurisdictions you can do so without acquiring a food service certificate and without requiring your servers to obtain food handler's permits. Likewise, in most jurisdictions you can sell roasted coffee beans – ground or whole – without obtaining the usual certificate and permits. The reasons for these exceptions are that hot brewed coffee served in single-use cups presents minimal public health risk due to the temperature of the coffee and the lack of extended handling by you or your staff, while coffee beans themselves are not considered ready-to-eat and will eventually be heated by the customer to sterilizing temperatures. However, these rules vary at both the state and local levels, so it is vital that you check with your county's health office prior to proceeding.
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File: 1669115176344.jpg (40.01 KB, 240x280, type II.jpg)

I fucking love coffee ☕


It could have limited effect as performance art, but you cannot really expect people occupy the fronts of every starbucks and do that shit. I'd rather try to just spread a culture of people bringing their own coffee to places and sharing and stuff.


Socialism is when you sell branded commodities to people and change the world through marketing campaigns.


starbucks is an experience, so even if one could supply the coffee part, there's still the cafe atmosphere upper class people oftentimes chill at


>Why not brew and sell Zapatista coffee out the front and sell it at a lower non-for-profit price, or hand it out for free?
Great idea bro try it out and tell us how it worked

 No.1217463[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

When a lot of people think Fascism, they think the axis powers of WW2. Of course, there's noy a real concrete definition when it comes to fascism. Japan is often included in discussions of fascism in leftist spaces, but in historical circles whether or not it was fascist is hotly debated.

So when it comes to fascism, what is it? Outside of Italy and Germany, can other countries be considered fully fascist?

And a final question, what did marxist who were contempararies of fascism think about its rise?
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can anyone check if this is true or not because i dont think i should trust a blog site, where the blog stopped existing


File: 1669150448402.jpg (31 KB, 464x463, DX3FJKRWAAIX8zh.jpg)

All right, here's your resident Wop. Let me clarify the issue:
under Benito, a "corporazione" was in fact a state-mandated guild or trade union requiring everyone operating in a certain economic sector to join, regardless of them being employers or emlpoyees. So this is obviously not what Americans, English and sundry Anglophones call a "corporation", i.e. a firm, a company, a business, especially a very big and powerful one.
Now, the word "corporazione" in a political sense wasn't invented by Benito or some other of his fascist thugs, but it's actually a kind of political and economic institution going back to the Middle Ages and the birth of relatively independent and relatively representative bodies in the government of various cities and towns. In English, such bodies are often called "guilds", but considering they existed and evolved through many centuries and in many different places, many different names for the stuff existed. That applied also for other languages and Italian was no exception, so there were "corporazioni", "arti", "mestieri", "gilde" and so on, but fundamentally we are talking about the same kind of thing.
That said, under Benito, as I said, they were state-mandated organisations used to quell any kind of independent and substantial labour demand and to resolve any dispute in favour of capital. At one point in the late 1930s, the legislative branch of the state was reformed. The old House of Representatives that originated in the old liberal regime was in place until 1939 or so, even if after 1925 every party except the fascist one were banned and the phony elections held every five years were just for voters to approve a list of candidates personally vetted by Benito. In its place, a new house of fasci e corporazioni was created whose membership was elected inside both the fascist party and the "corporazioni", of course after the candidates were vetted and approved by Benito or some other grandee he delegated.
Fundamentally it was a ruse to give the appearance labour had a fair representation and the state wasn't just a plain dictatorship of baton wielding gorillas doing the industrialists' and the agrarians' bidding.

So, long story short, this Paulson guy is right in his remark.

>>127Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


thank you


I can confirm what >>1277378 said. Mussolini referenced "corporativism" which was born in the mid XIX century as a "third way" between liberalism and marxism.


You're welcome, context anon.

To further expand on that, various strands of thought have advocated for those kinds of "third ways". For example the Catholic Church adopted an official "ideology" with the papal encyclical "Rerum Novarum" in 1891 opposing both socialism and capitalism - at least in its more liberal and laissez-faire form. Then there were plenty of forms of "syndicalism" with similar views. It shouldn't be forgotten that many of the early fascists had a political past in socialism and revolutionary syndicalism and that later, when they took power, they took the opportunity to resolve the old conflict between the monarchical liberal regime that unified Italy in the mid 1800s and the church, that had been removed from temporal power in Rome at the end of the process and had been butthurt ever since, while also posing as the reconciliators of capital and labour by building an alternative both to the "plutocratic" (and, after 1938, "Jewish") liberal democracies and the communist Soviet Union.
But, my friends, the ways of dialectics are really endless, strange, misterious and inscrutable and today we have this…

File: 1642442497034.jpg (135.91 KB, 1029x1383, DPn0z2WXUAAlxwW.jpg)

 No.695716[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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Galeotta fu la maglietta! E non ha neanche fatto in tempo a dire
>Spezzeremo le reni a Zazzaroni!


Vabbè ma se abbiamo accettato che in ucraina non sono nazi, che quelli di FdI non sono fascisti, perché non dovremmo accettare che Montesano sia solo un collezionista di t-shirt con una passione per il latino?


>Vabbè ma se abbiamo accettato che in ucraina non sono nazi,
Ma che dici! Sono l'ultimo baluardo della civiltà occidentale contro il dispotismo asiatico!
>che quelli di FdI non sono fascisti,
Ma che dici! Sono nazional-conservatori!
>perché non dovremmo accettare che Montesano sia solo un collezionista di t-shirt con una passione per il latino?
Beh, i guai con le magliette de "er Pomata" non sono iniziati questa settimana…


File: 1669152106771-0.jpg (17.76 KB, 352x288, 06_352-288.jpg)

Oggi è venuto meno il "barbaro sognante" e organista dei Distretto 51.


Uno dei più lerci, spero che altri leghisti lo seguano.

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