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Why do we never hear of the threat of bi0w3ap0ns? You never hear of governments willing to use it, despite the fact it would be an infrastructure preserving, efficient killing, unlike nucl3ar weapons. I‘ve never heard of terrorists employing it either and if there are cases than clearly they couldn‘t have been that successful, otherwise it would be common knowledge. Isn‘t it useful? Or is it too difficult? Also is there any literature on this subject?
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They literally did that in China and Korea, releasing infected animal carcasses into places


Turns out bioweapons are extremely difficult and impractical. A self replicating weapon like a living being can't be controlled. And in spite of what rightoids believe, you can't make a virus or bacteria only deadly to a "race", because human DNA doesn't work like that.


The USA dropped bioweapons on Korea, and also dropped beetles on the Warsaw Pact.



USA also uses a lot of bioweapons on agriculture and livestock of other nations.

File: 1668099308586.png (384.44 KB, 1400x900, not_supporting_NATO2.png)

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>Britain has frozen 18 billion pounds worth of Russian assets


>Advisor to Ukrainian President Zelensky: "Actions speak louder than words. We see no signs that Russia is leaving Kherson without a fight."


>Russia on 'irreversible' path to clash with West, France says


>Moscow sets out conditions for talks with EU


>Dozens of ships carrying LNG linger around Europe’s coast

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>>1263272 (me)
And they are increasingly relying on Mercenaries


good one retard lol



thank you baker!


With how this war has been going, Russia is never going to be able to make it to odessa. That would be such a massive push, and Russia clearly isn’t capable of that.

File: 1665112596858.jpg (578.29 KB, 2400x1507, this old image.jpg)


Let's talk about Tactical Consumption Under Capitalism

Before some knee-jerk has a fit, no-one ITT is discussing the illusion of ethical consumption under capitalism, nor is anyone delusional to think that consumer choices will form a vital part of ending capitalism.
However, similarly to electoral politics, it is also foolish to act as if all options are meaningless and that the owners of capital will all act identically.

Starting questions to launch from:
>which boycotts, if any, are worth participating in?
>for those with economic security, is there a compelling reason to support smaller businesses over powerful successful market leaders (e.g. reducing their capacity to gain and abuse monopolistic power therefore benefiting the general public and their workers)
>is there a similar compelling reason to support co-ops or non-Western products? (e.g. Zapatista coffee)
>can consumption choices be actively praxis, or does it just amount to harm reduction (which is still helpful to worker's movements but doesn't advance them)
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>m-muh newspaper printing
Fuck off back to the 20th century trot the future is livestreaming


>gotta draw be able to draw good in a revolution
>Nooo revolution is a dinner party!! I cant work unclogging the sewers and buildings highways I got a liberal arts degree in transhumanist pencil sketching!!!!


File: 1668192510187.webm (530.55 KB, 640x360, bothsides.webm)



What does that even mean? The "system" does not force anyone to consume in excess.


firearm manufacture, especially small scale using traditional methods, is incredibly difficult and time consuming, and will often produce a sub-par product that could get you killed.

File: 1668110118541.jfif (166.08 KB, 2560x1440, EYoUN1QWAAAxC0e.jfif)


Why in fuck are Millennials so fucking apathetic?
Like literally, Boomers were x1000 times more radical than Millennials yet Boomers had the GOAT all time conditions, while Millennials in damn near every economic indicator, are the worst performing generation with worst economic outlook since Capitalism began.
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Milennials and Zoomers are fucked in the same way. However some Milennials have made some kind of life for themselves, but we're doing what boomers did at 22 when well over 30.


>Even discussing an actual armed skirmish on this board will get an agent on your ass. If the government knows that you have been protesting, good luck getting a government job.
Please take your prescribed antipsychotics at your earliest convenience.


Y u prescribing major tranquilisers when a minor one and a bit of a chat would probably do the trick?


I'm just tired of the narrative that you can't discuss anything on the internet because you'll be tracked by your own personal federal agent from now until the day you die, and they'll all follow you around in red cars and wear red shirts and conspire to minorly inconvenience you every day but everyone thinks you're crazy and they're secretly in on it it's gangstalking I tell them but the people in red keep following and I know they know I know but they keep doing it and

It's the same thing as with mass shootings or any other happening. Apparently nobody has any agency in the world, and everything is just a false flag plot to take away rights. Brenton Tarrant? Trained by Mossad, with the goal of disarming New Zealand. Shinzo Abe's assassin? Trained by the CIA as a terror asset, there's no way somebody could ever go on the internet and look up how to make a basic firearm.

It's just so tiring to see people paralyzed by inaction because they're afraid of their name being put on a list somewhere.


You think it would be so easy? No, the millennial baristas are going to sell the houses to pay for retirement homes because they won't have any time to take care of their parents themselves while working 60 hours a week for peanuts. Repeat after me: you will own nothing and you will be happy.

This. It's like everyone here already forgot about /r/antiwork and how it got neutered swiftly because America can't afford one bit of emerging class-consciousness, however misguided you Leninists think it might have been. Most people under 40 have radical political opinions and feel completely powerless, after the "end of history" we now live in the era of hyper-politics: https://tribunemag.co.uk/2022/01/from-post-politics-to-hyper-politics

File: 1667859240134.png (276.31 KB, 680x703, officecuck.png)


University Education is a neoliberal capitalist meme

The whole reason university educational attainment is so emphasized in the west is because all of the blue collar manufacturing jobs that could support a family got automated away, or outsourced, or their unions were destroyed by porky. Then porky created the meme of “oh its a knowledge economy so all those jobs will be replaced by air conditioned office jobs which pay higher so you all need to go to college and everything will be great”. The problem is, its bullshit. Every job in corporate america has 200/300+ applicants. There will never be as many white collar jobs created because the corporate HQ of a globe spanning company doesn’t have its labor force scale linearly with it’s factories, etc. in other countries. Therefore you have a situation where university graduates are waiting tables and working in retail outlets. In other words the idea that outsourced previously union manual labor jobs would be replaced with office work was a LIE. A big fat LIE by the porkoids.

University education shouldn’t even be about job skills primarily but self improvement and intellectual curiosity rather than just job skills factory where people are pushed through a pipeline.

Now the big meme is trade skills, although if that ever catches on you will have millions of HVAC guys unemployed or making the same as a burger flipper.

All of these are just a series of COPES to the deal with the fact that capitalism, when combined with free trade in a developed economy inevitably produces long term structural unemployment which can’t be overcome by shuffling workers around, which is why wages have stagnated since the 1970s.

University is a meme
Trades are a meme
Skills are a meme

The only thing that is not a meme is workers forming unions out of new service sector jobs like barista, uber driver, etc. and FORCING porky to give them higher wages and benefits. The GI bill did not create the middle class, UNIONS did.
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Nah, nurses now do everything doctors did 100 years ago, nurse's assistants today do everything a nurse did 100 years ago. It's doctors that essentially are landlords but for health instead of housing.


>t. retard slut that makes tiktoks


TikTok is a Chinese company though, tiktokers are creating actually existing socialism


why are you taking a few pieces of evidence to make a generalization? are you retarded or something?


File: 1668180575850.png (541.53 KB, 594x774, taro.png)

this is true, tons of doctors offices really have 99% of the work done by nurses with a masters degree, various technicians and nursing assistants and the doctor is basically just the CEO who signs off on shit for legal purposes.


How can Len-cels and USSR-cels ever recover from this? Chomsky expertly demonstrates that the crimes of Stalin spring from the right-deviationinism, the opportunist vanguardism of Vladimir Lenin.
It's not consistent with Marxism that you can whip the population in a certain direction to do your own whims.
State and Revolution was a libertarian socialist manifesto and this was all betrayed by the Bolshevik revolution (more properly called a coup). The ideas of S&R were immediate betrayed by the destroying of the factory councils/Soviets. He immediate destroyed socialism upon taking power with these actions. Worker's control is the core of socialism and he immediately worked tirelessly to destroy that.
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File: 1668175716393-0.jpeg (48.13 KB, 1125x269, FVNbaDKVIAE4OAs.jpeg)

File: 1668175716393-1.jpeg (275.92 KB, 1125x1063, FVNbaDDVsAIAO6i.jpeg)


File: 1668176397472.png (932.32 KB, 1280x1280, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1668199601506.jpg (47.06 KB, 720x408, 1586475567301.jpg)

>crimes of Stalin


File: 1668200932279.png (1.15 MB, 1438x808, stasi.png)

Parenti's critiques of left anti-communism are great, but we need to go further. What we need is a systematized method for determining which states are actually playing a progressive role in world history, one that sticks to the principles of scientific socialism and the view that communism is the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. Parenti criticizes the left anti-communists for their tendency to work backwards from an imagined ideal, and counterpoises this with the ML method of examining what these states accomplished relative to what came before. I think this is the right idea, but it could be fleshed out more.

What is necessary is to identify the primary emancipatory struggles of a given epoch, and determine the net effect of a given state or movement on those struggles. If the net effect is to advance those struggles, then that state is revolutionary and deserving of our support. Obviously such states can be riddled with flaws, and can and should be constructively criticized. However wholesale condemnation and rejection of them because they don't live up to an imagined ideal is utopianism plain and simple. It would be like becoming celibate because you had sex for the first time and it was different from what you saw in porn.

So what were the main emancipatory struggles of the 19th and 20th centuries? I think most (including anarchists, left communists, even some left liberals, etc) could agree to a basic list including the following:
>Basic labour rights (i.e. the right to organize, strike, and achieve a decent standard of living for a decent day's work)
>Basic social protections (i.e. the guaranteeing of basic needs of life)
>The struggle for universal suffrage
>The promotion of social mobility
>Women's liberation
>Abolition of slavery
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File: 1668482402686-0.png (61.15 KB, 881x317, lib radical cosplay.png)

File: 1668482402686-1.png (575.35 KB, 871x225, plans.png)

Leninism works constantly and produces material gains, but the Western anarchist cannot even but be the edgy fig leaf of the WEF's agenda, DNC, and such institutions of global capitalism. The fascists of Italy found much to uphold in anarchism, and many fascist demagogues had originated from anarchosyndicalistic politics. Also, Chomskey is a closeted racist that believes IQ's existence.

File: 1667996484328.png (427.64 KB, 441x695, ClipboardImage.png)


>Islamic Marxism attempts to apply Marxist economic, political, and social teachings within an Islamic framework. Traditional forms of Marxism are anti-religious and support atheism, which has led many Muslims to reject Marxism. However, the affinity between Marxist and Islamic ideals of social justice has led some Muslims to embrace their own forms of Marxism since the 1940s. Islamic Marxists believe that Islam meets the needs of society and can accommodate or guide the social changes Marxism hopes to accomplish. Islamic Marxists are also dismissive of traditional Marxist views on materialism and religion

>As a term, it has been used to describe Ali Shariati (in Shariati and Marx: A Critique of an "Islamic" Critique of Marxism by Assef Bayat). It is also sometimes used in discussions of the 1979 Iranian Revolution
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Who asked?


how you can see this throw the dress covering her entirely is a mystery.


We need to redistribute muslim bitches


<proving the point being made with your own response


I honestly have no idea how to speak with these people. They approach communism from a completely different perspective than I do. Not only are they _not_ materialists but they usually see communism as allowing more traditional social bonds to flourish that they believe are under siege by modern capitalism (there is a kernel of truth in this, it is fucking expensive to have a family in the first world).


Hey I've been learning about the Law of Surplus Value, but one thing was said that really confused me, it's not that there's any actual value being stolen, it's just that it demonstrates the wrongness in who chooses how value is allocated or something?

Explain this to me, it was confusing.


actual value is being appropriated by the capitalist class. they use their private ownership of means of production to appropriate the wealth created by the laborers utilizing those means. Through the contrivance of private ownership, the wealth created by the laborers goes into the pockets of the capitalist. This is revenue. Some of that revenue pays the capitalist and keeps him wealthy. Some of that revenue grows the private enterprise. That is to say, the capitalist uses some of the stolen surplus value to purchase more means of production and hire more workers, which allows him to exponentially accumulate more surplus value. Some of that surplus value actually pays the workers, but this is much less than what is appropriated by the capitalist and the private enterprise owned by the capitalist. If the means of production were held in common, the workers would be paid for the full value of their labor.


No, it's not that, but I think I might know what you're confused by.
What is the source of surplus value (where does profit comes from)?
Marx says it's labour, specifically the value of a commodity is determined by the labour time socially necessary for its production. (in other words the average, if one capitalists factory isn't very efficient and the production of commodities takes longer, it doesn't mean that those commodities will be worth more, obviously. Because when they're sold on the market they'll be undercut by the competition. They'll only get as much as the average "value" .)
Your wages for your working day don't correspond to the whole value of what you produce. This is obvious - if they did they'd be no profit for the owner of the firm, or more likely, shareholders. Shareholders do no work for the "investment income" they receive.
But this isn't really a matter of value being stolen. Because really you're not being paid for your labour time. I know this may sound weird! As your wages will probably come in the form of pay per hour. But as we've seen, your labour time produces more value than you are paid for. It's more like sleight of hand trickery than value being stolen. Because what your are being paid for is your "labour power" - this is basically your living expenses, rent, food, entertainment, etc. It's basically everything that you need to keep you going. You could say its like the money the capitalist has to pay out to keep his machines oiled and maintained. The only difference is the machines in a factory or wherever don't create surplus value.
Hope this makes sense. I'm typing it 6.30 in the morning before I've had any coffee. Woke up needing to use the toilet, thought ill just see what depravity is going on on /leftypol/.
Please feel free to ask anything if what I've written isn't clear.


Read value price and profit by marx

File: 1668020543097.jpeg (24.68 KB, 701x438, question.jpeg)


Assuming multipolaristas are correct and US imperium is declining in the coming decades, then there is a significant chance that Israel will be taken by Hamas or some other arab-iranian fraction.
What will happen to the fleeing jews then? What is the leftist solution for this?
I'm not some reactionary uygghur who thinks that multiculturalism is impossible, but i think its pretty clear what would happen if Israel returned to the hands of Arabs.

I'm genuinely asking this because we never have a case like Israel before; a colonial state without a motherland. Unlike with SA or Rhodesia or other apartheid states if Israel ends then jews can't just go home to Europe, because God knows that Europeans can't be trusted with having ethnic minorities without trying to gaschamber them. Unless the left has a solution to this i find it pretty hard to convince Israeli jews to end their colonial enterprise peacefully.
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Weren't they sterilizing Ethiopian Jews? Or was that fake news?


It's true, but they still treated them better than non-Jewish Palestinians. The hierarchy is European Jews > non-European Jews > non-Jews.


They should rename it Palestine-Israel instead of Palestine.


Polish Jewry suffered >95% fatality rates in the Holocaust


And the majority of americans support Zionism too. Zionism has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, theres no connection.


Nurses among rising numbers of workers using food banks, research shows
Nurses, shop assistants and youth workers are among large numbers of people in low-paid jobs forced for the first time to accept charity food parcels to stay afloat as the cost of living crisis transforms the profile of the typical UK food bank user. Research by the Trussell Trust, Britain’s largest food bank network, found one in in five people referred to its 1,300 food bank centres in the summer were from households where someone worked. It also reported 145,000 families had used its food banks for the first time in recent months, an increase of 40%.

IMF, Bangladesh reach preliminary deal for $4.5bn loan
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has provisionally agreed to provide a $4.5bn support programme to Bangladesh, with the country’s finance minister saying the deal would help prevent economic instability escalating into a crisis. Bangladesh’s $416bn economy has been one of the world’s fastest growing for years. But rising energy and food prices, sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, along with shrinking foreign exchange reserves, have swelled its import bill and current account deficit.

UDF wins 15 wards, LDF 12 in local body bypolls
The Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) gained upper hand in the byelections held in 29 local body wards on Wednesday, winning 15. When the votes were counted on Thursday, the UDF won 15 wards and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)]-led Left Democratic Front, 12. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won two seats. On the UDF side, the Congress won 12 and the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), two. One seat was won by a UDF-backed Independent. For the LDF, the CPI(M) won nine seats, Kerala Congress (M) [KC(M)] two and Communist Party of India, one.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


HarperCollins Employees Begin Indefinite Strike to Demand Fair Pay
More than 95% of the company's unionized workers voted last month to authorize the strike after negotiations stalled. In July, the workers held a one-day strike. The employees are calling for the company to address its lack of diversity among the workforce and to provide better paid leave benefits and higher pay, which would enable them to afford to live where they work in New York City—one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. According to the union, the current starting salary at HarperCollins is $45,000 and the average salary is $55,000. The company reported record profits in 2021, according to The Guardian, and is owned by NewsCorp.

They defied California and drained an important salmon stream. Their fine: $50 per farmer
For eight straight days this summer, farmers in far Northern California drained almost all of the water out of a river in defiance of the state’s drought regulations. The move infuriated environmentalists and salmon-dependent Native American tribes downstream. California now knows the cost of the farmers’ blatant defiance: Less than $50 per farmer. It’s the latest example of California’s lax water-use enforcement process — problems that were first exposed in a sweeping Sacramento Bee investigation published online last week.

Dallas City Council shortens time landlords need to evict tenants
The Dallas City Council voted Wednesday to replace the city’s COVID-related eviction ordinance with a similar but temporary one that still provides renter protections while shortening the time landlords must wait to evict. The current ordinance was tied to the impact of COVID-19, which reform advocates say is hard to prove now. The new temporary ordinance is tied generally to falling behind on rent because of an “unforeseen econoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The ‘Principal Threat’: Time to Talk about the Palestinian Class Struggle
On Monday, October 31, Palestinians in the town of Al-Eizariya, east of Occupied East Jerusalem, observed a general strike. The strike was declared to be part of the community’s mourning of 49-year-old Barakat Moussa Odeh, who was killed by Israeli forces in Jericho a day earlier. This is not an isolated case. General strikes were observed throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories in recent weeks as a form of civil disobedience, and protest of the Israeli attacks on the cities of Nablus, Jerusalem, Jenin, and Hebron, as well as to mourn Palestinian fighters who were killed, following shooting operations against Israeli soldiers of illegal Jewish settlers. Historically, general strikes have been declared and observed by working-class Palestinians. This form of protest often represents the backbone of popular, grassroots resistance in Palestine, starting many years before the establishment of Israel on the ruins of the historic Palestinian homeland. The return of the general strike tactics suggests that the new revolt in the West Bank is a direct outcome of working-class resistance. Indeed, many of the young Palestinian fighters hail from refugee camps or working-class population centers. Their revolt stems from the growing realization that the political tactics of the elites have resulted in nothing tangible, and that Palestinian freedom will certainly not be achieved through Mahmoud Abbas and his self-serving politics.

CP of Greece, General nationwide strike on 9 November 2022: The workers’ impressive participation sends a message of uprising in every workplace
“Today’s strike is a message of escalation of the struggle. It is a message of uprising in every workplace, sector, and region. Now it is necessary for the working people to become the protagonists, to come to the forefront for life and work with rights”, stressed the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) in its message concerning the general nationwide strike, which took place in Greece on 9 November 2022. In all cities around Greece, tens of thousands of workers in the public Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks News Anon


File: 1668131680025.png (430.06 KB, 600x909, ClipboardImage.png)

>Bangladesh hiked fuel prices by about 50 percent in a move to trim its subsidy burden, but government officials denied at the time that this was a prerequisite for the IMF loan.

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