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File: 1695286293576.jpg (62.87 KB, 362x374, bordiga-a.jpg)


>fuck stalin
<mussolini is actually revolutionary

>bukharin is fucking based

<but communism is about reducing the working hours instead of increasing the productive forces

>lenin is a genius

<too fucking bad that he is opportunist

>democracy sucks

<we should organize democratically but not in the bourgeois sense

>stalin was the first capitalist roader

<at least deng didn't lie
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Kerensky ruined Rossiya!


I'll never get why people get into communism only to worship fringe traitorous figures like Bordiga and Bukharin.


sauce lol?


File: 1699054640485.jpg (87.04 KB, 828x824, IMG_20231101_154901.jpg)


another bordigist victory


File: 1699054697570-0.png (157.74 KB, 1717x355, Rosa on Ukraine 1.png)

File: 1699054697570-1.png (198.57 KB, 1718x500, Rosa on Ukraine 2.png)

File: 1699054697570-2.png (290.94 KB, 1717x672, Rosa on Ukraine 3.png)

Lenin agreed with that though. Rosa thought it was stupid.


Israel’s army meets fierce resistance ‘at the gates of Gaza City’
Israeli troops have advanced towards Gaza City, the enclave’s largest population centre, but are facing tough opposition from Palestinian fighters in the fight for the city as the total death toll in Gaza exceeds 9,000. Fighters of Hamas, the group that rules Gaza, and its ally Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) jump out of tunnels to fire at incoming Israeli tanks, before slipping back into their vast underground network, residents said and videos from both groups showed on Thursday.

Israel-Palestine war: Israeli police storm hospital in East Jerusalem, detaining Gaza visitors
Israeli police stormed a hospital in East Jerusalem and arrested a number of patients from Gaza on Thursday, according to a police statement and Palestinian media. The Ma'an news agency said a large number of officers raided al-Makassed Hospital after besieging it and putting officers on the roof. Israeli police said they arrested 11 Gazans and one Palestinian from the West Bank who were "hiding" in the hospital. The detainees were transferred to the Jerusalem District Police for questioning. A source told MEE those arrested were Palestinians from Gaza who came to Jerusalem on Israeli-issued permits to accompany patients from the besieged enclave.

Belgian transport workers boycott Israeli arms shipments
Five Belgian transport unions, ACV Puls, BTB, BGTK and ACV–Transcom, said in a joint statement that they were demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza to put an end the “genocide” under way in Palestine. The unions said they were refusing to load or unload weapons at ports because the weapons “provide organisations with the ability to kill innocent people.” They said: “While a genocide is under way in Palestine, workers at varPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


DEA agent leaked secret information about Maduro ally targeted by US, prosecutor says
In a wiretapped phone call, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Agent John Costanzo Jr. revealed the exact date in 2019 when prosecutors in Miami planned to bring charges against businessman Alex Saab for allegedly siphoning $350 million from state contracts. The leak, not previously made public, marks yet another embarrassing case of high-profile agent misconduct at the U.S.’ premier anti-narcotics agency and could complicate the Justice Department’s already-fraught prosecution of Saab.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Staffers Vote To Unionize With Animation Guild
Production workers at Walt Disney Animation Studios have gone union. Eligible staffers at the toon studio voted overwhelmingly to be represented by IATSE and the Animation Guild for collective bargaining. The latter, IATSE Local 839, said the vote was 93% “yes” on an eye-catching 96% turnout. Only five members voted no. “Congratulations to the production workers at Disney Feature Animation!” the Animation Guild tweeted. Today, they voted in an election to be represented by @IATSE and TAG. With 96% voter turnout, 93% voted yes!!! Let’s celebrate!”

UN decries Amazon, Walmart, DoorDash for ‘shameful’ wages and union-busting
Olivier De Schutter has written to the three major US corporations and the US government, requesting responses to numerous allegations. They include a 2020 US Government Accountability Office report that found Amazon and Walmart were listed among the top 25 employers with workers relying on the supplemental nutrition assistance program (Snap), formerly known as food stamps, or Medicaid in nine states studied, with Walmart ranked first and Amazon ranked sixth.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


(Chapo Trap House)777 - Burn Book feat. Vincent Bevins (10/30/23)
Author Vincent Bevins returns to the show to discuss his new book “If We Burn” covering the “mass protest decade.” We discuss global protest movements from Brazil to Tunisia to Egypt to Chile, how they’ve affected or failed to affect global politics, and how the last decade of protest and activism relates to the ongoing conflict in Palestine.

Reckoning with the last century
Founded on 29 October 1923, the Republic of Turkey has now existed for a hundred years, and unfortunately, the new century is beginning under the fascist-genocidal government of Tayyip Erdoğan and his People's Alliance. The last elections on 14 and 28 May were an important opportunity to change this situation. But this chance could not be used sufficiently, or, Erdoğan-Bahçeli fascism prevented it. Now it is necessary to do with the anti-fascist revolutionary struggle what was not possible with elections and to open the way for democratisation in Turkey by overthrowing the fascist dictatorship. As 29 October approached, imposed on society for a century as "Republic Day", the Erdoğan government's efforts to declare itself a state increased. Tayyip Erdoğan wanted to proclaim his absolute power, his position as the "second Atatürk" on this centenary. He prepared intensively for this. On this basis, he wanted to organise enthusiastic celebrations that would last for days and perhaps weeks. He had prepared everything accordingly, including the elections in May. But the calculation did not work out. Tayyip Erdoğan's lie "I have finished off the PKK" was clearly denied by the sacrificial action that hit the Interior Ministry on 1 October. The developments that followed further exposed the Erdoğan government and showed everyone that it is weak and finished. Therefore, his bayonet has fallen, so to speak. No doubt, he is trying to make everyone feel his power by organising extravagant celebrations again. But it will not go beyond the appearance of a plucked chicken. Within this framework, false speeches will continue to be made and racist-chauvinist nationalism will escalate as much as possible. The sycophants will continue to praise Tayyip ErdoğanPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1698971588509.jpeg (136.16 KB, 1069x1100, Ax88EUA.jpeg)

Thanks News Anon




Hello Everyone
do you support communism?
If yes, this server is perfect for you


do you support communism?
If yes, this server is perfect for you
https :/ /fbi.gov .com/invite/VSZZtkkzg




File: 1699003944937.jpg (23.97 KB, 326x306, 1680291699772.jpg)

Keep trying!


File: 1699007347470.png (96.43 KB, 320x320, ClipboardImage.png)


imagine trying to organize the working class using proprietary porkyware
NO THANKS, the revolution will be built on Mumble + IRC

File: 1698869047710-0.jpeg (49.69 KB, 828x558, IMG_6949.jpeg)

File: 1698869047710-1.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1700, IMG_6950.png)

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Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1698984371703.jpg (116.73 KB, 491x750, 1600800269562.jpg)


delusional ziorat fantasy
israel doesn’t have the capability to hit major powers with nukes like that


>Algeria becomes the second Arab nation to declare official support for Palestine and to confront Israel.
what does this means? is algeria gonna bomb israel?



I’ve started to become sensitive to the casual inclusion of these “one of these things are not like the others” events (Tibet) in these lists of world historical crimes. But all these unlike things always have one thing in common with themselves (starts with a C)


File: 1698968630673.jpg (138.42 KB, 1241x1387, EccC9NnWAAAEKLB.jpg)


I fucking hate them. Mods can delete this thread. I just have to get it off my chest.
They are all faggots. They are creepy perverts obsessed with race, and fertility, and people that like smoked salmon. And they force it on everyone else.
This tweet is a perfect example. I dont know how much fucking porn you have to watch to make a tweet like this, but its gotta be a lot. Imagine saying something this disgusting to a young woman IRL. It's so fucking gross.
All Nazis will tell you that they are against promiscuity and that porn is an evil mind virus created by le Jews. Don't believe it for a second. There's a reason porn is deleted from /leftypol/, but allowed on /pol/. Fucking nasty faggot-ass perverts. Also I'm trans so I'm allowed to say that. Faggot faggot faggot. If you're reading this and you're a Nazi, you are a FAGGOT. Kill yourself.
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Conservativsim is the most degenerate thing you could involve yourself in. I grew up on fox news and Alex jones it's the most perverted thing you can listen too. It's an ideology of conquest and sexual violence. Imo all these fascist want all the homos back in the closet because it's hotter when it's forbidden or you got power over them. I don't remember the thread but this one Anon said and I'm heavily paraphrasing

>trans people started becoming an issue when some entered into the bourgeois class. They used to be disposable sex workers but have gotten into spheres of influence

I don't I'm kinda of drunk and been working mandatory overtime for 2 months straight. But you're right fascist are bunch of perverts. They're not even gay it's just an indulgence to them.


british homosexuality has also always been like this, basically it became a large problem when someone of the upper class wanted to sexo someone else from the upper class, traditionally they would just sexo their working class servants and stable boys so on.


>I dont know how much fucking porn you have to watch to make a tweet like this
They probably watch the same amount since they religiously watch gore videos; and be in right wing spaces where they create strawmen off of other posters strawmens, and get angry about it

>Fucking nasty faggot-ass perverts. Also I'm trans so I'm allowed to say that

I'm bi and I love to say faggot, but to be fair: the bigger interest in using the word is so its power can be removed.

It's like if black people used the nword as an actual insult amongst themselves. It wouldn't work as well, and if anything plays to internalized bigotry.

If anything, your post is perfect for siberia, but the porn comment would be abit moot



I keep repeating that this chronic hypocrisy and apparent sociopathy of theirs is pathological. Imagine an "idecentric" personality disorder, someone whose mind is so fundamentally self-serving that their entire cognitive process becomes tautological: conclusions always come first. Such a broken mind not only doesn't work on good faith, it cannot experience faith at all, which is why they are so relentlessly hypocritical and still see nothing wrong with it. And being a hollow ideology after being thoroughly obsoleted by liberalism and socialism, reactionarism today acts as perfect cover for what is essentially the collective manifestation of this undiagnosed pathology. It's not a coincidence that these people are driving us to potential civilizational collapse and maybe even biospherical collapse with climate change: the death drive is part and parcel of an uncontrolled id. And we deserve it for letting the literally worse, most primitive members of the species control.


Daily reminder that rightoids are brain dead, vicious, proudly ignorant literal subhumans that base their politics on vibes and feelings and other lizard brained dog shit, they don't deserve countenance, they deserve a bullet and a mass grave
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what are you? some kinda pro-lifer? pathetic.

all true leftists have been pro-death, robespierre, stalin, saloth sar, et al.

death is change, and change is progress. Hail Death.


Mao thought funerals should be joyous affairs because death is a victory for dialectics.


monkey men with too much chimp dna. we can't even have nice things because reactoids are like that one person who fart in a crowded elevator, and feels smug about it.


Fascist reasoning


>rightoids base their politics on vibes and feelings and other lizard brained dog shit
>and that's why I'm an edgy contrarian who base his politics on vibes and feelings and other lizard brained dog shit just like people i hate for doing that


Was he socialist despite westernizing Turkey to the point where they changed alphabet script from using Arabic to using Latin letters? Was he proto-socialist in some capacity or adjacent to socialism? We know for a fact that Lenin admired him and wanted the new Türkiye Republic to align with the USSR.
>inb4 Greek and Armenian stuff
Meh. Nobody really cares honestly. I personally think Atatürk laid the foundation for allowing capitalism to rise in Türkiye so that they can finally go from feudalism-capitalism-communism.
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Kurds and Turks are Muslim brothers and mostly get along very well

Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians and crusader fascists and stooges of Zionism and the West


You cannot be serious. Do i have to explain what colonialism, let alone settler colonialism means in a marxist imageboard? Lmao


When the fuck did this place become /turkpol/? Or is this some kind of ironic larp?



>having a (You) next to Anonymous

File: 1696608674607.png (1.27 MB, 1600x900, 1696608651698.png)

 No.1617520[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Do Dengists consider Three represents as a betrayal of marxism and dengism? Do you think Xi will get rid of it?
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I very well might've said the same things about Bo Xilai in some alternate timeline, if Bo Xilai was moving the same way Xi Jinping is now. That being said, this is a dumb and pointless unfalsifiable hypothetical. I can't genuinely say I wouldn't be saying the same things any more than you can say I would be.

This isn't about the individuals in power. My issue isn't with Xi Jinping as an individual, it's with what's being done during his administration, and any reference to him is principally to note the time certain changes are taking place in. Whether Xi or Bo came to power means just about as much to my view of present China as whether Hendrik Verwoerd or John Vorster being president of South Africa affects my view of apartheid.


>Under Xi, and especially after COVID, further liberalization has occurred and the policies of the 90s intensified.
Objectively untrue. I don't even need to read the rest you're already wrong 1 sentence in.


Wang immediately fled to the US embassy. This is not the behaviour of a principled communist and casts huge doubt on Bo especially because Bo's immediate family was heavily linked to Western capital (his wife was intimately in relations with a British MI6 agent).


>>1658376he did?


>Bo's immediate family was heavily linked to Western capital

that describes most of the chinese government

File: 1698901601756.jpeg (148.28 KB, 828x1160, IMG_0475.jpeg)


Here’s a graph of nigerias ratio of births per woman. A ratio of 5 kids obviously isn’t low but take a moment to look at how steep the drop is between 2010 when it was 6 kids. A 16.6% drop in only 13 years and that’s just the start, between that same year and now the projection for the countries population fell by almost 400 million from 700+ by 2050 to 377 and that’s still off because it’s failing to account for what’s happening in much of the continent.

The rapid urbanization under the policies enacted by the AU coupled with the increased intercontinental trade has encouraged much of the sub Saharan population to pursue self fulfillment over child rearing. Going back to Nigeria based off the current rate at which the birth rate is falling in a generation(25 years) it should fall to 3.36, but that isn’t true, it’s lower than that because the rate at which birth rates is declining is linear not static indicating that births are falling at an accelerating rate. It’s not just Nigeria on this, other heavily populated but rapidly urbanizing countries including Congo have seen the same trend, some countries have already fallen to be at near the replacement level including South Africa, gabon and botswana.

The point of all of this is to showcase that the continent overall, the one responsible for most of the growth in the overall human population in recent times doesn’t have a predictable projection. It’s going through a trend much of USSR went through under Lenin, rapid urban migration and consequently prioritization of industry over size. This also means that in the coming years there’s no clear means of when we’ll reach the actual peak in the human population in the coming years, only that it may be much sooner than expected and that governments internationally must work to build a sustainable future away from growth in a far better researched model of what to expect of the future.
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Anon your thinking of this as if it’s generations continuously having that many kids and not one generation having a declining number of children before the one coming after goes completely childless in terms of child rearing numbers. If you want a perfect example of this look at South Korea.


File: 1698934681727.jpeg (455.59 KB, 828x1226, IMG_0479.jpeg)

I don’t think we have any time too anon. Remember when humanity was expected to peak at 10 billion?


>Club of Rome
Notoriously pessimistic people


Eh but not off. I don’t believe humanity will even reach 9 billion, I don’t believe Africa and SEA alone can carry human growth for much longer, much less till the end of the century. We’re gonna have a crash, fast, it’s obviously not gonna happen this year or even this decade, but it’s definitely not gonna be till 2050 before the cracks in the current state of humanities overall growth start becoming pores. It’s for the best anyways, it’s not necessarily that the planet can’t support more people, it’s that capitalism definitely can’t and neither can most world leaders, more people is gonna be a headache for everyone to put up with and there’s some level of hope knowing more are responsible enough to disregard families and relationships to fix their own lives first and understand why they want families before taking on such a massive responsibility.


I agree but I don't have much more to add to it

File: 1698843463111.jpg (18.87 KB, 200x196, Muralbelfast2.jpg)


These questions go to all the left-wing nationalists of /leftypol/:
>What led you to becoming a Nationalist instead of an internationalist like most leftists?
>What type of nationalism do you support(ethno-nationalism,civic nationalism…ecc.)

I'd be glad if you answered these questions. I am super confused about this ideology(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
17 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


National socialism basically.


File: 1698919459366.jpg (49.79 KB, 640x778, stalin ears.jpg)


>I am a nationalist because nation exists
That is like the bare minimum to buy in to any ideology.


Why don't you take your faggot Nazi entryism somewhere else?


You are on shrooms no cap

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