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Is leftypol for indigenous peoples rights or is that just radlib shit? Should the socialist state give them protected land to live on or just force them to assimilate?
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The concept of land ownership is anti-materialist, so, no.


File: 1627163672230.png (197.89 KB, 840x564, apu thinking.png)

>a nation having territory over which it exerts sovereignty is anti-materialist


Let them live with us. I don't see the need for "protected land"


colonist historylet logged in


Worker rights are "indigenous peoples" rights.

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The polo obrero(a leftist party in the republic of argentina)has opened a soup kitchen in a slum near my district. How do i approach them and offer to bring supplies,items,food ,etc?
will i be allowed interaction with party members if I donate a lot? will i be "asked questions"?
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Si, por eso pregunto.


realmente son troskos?


>request to talk
my fucking sides


Okay, dude. No problem.

You look up when they have the next soup kitchen event. If they provide a time interval, e.g. soup kitchen is open between 2pm and 4pm you go there 10 minutes before they close (to avoid the line, and to not disturb them while they are working) and approach them.

You should be friendly and direct. A "hi guys" or whatever the fuck is the informal equivalent is in your language will do. If they offer, you tell them that you are not there to receive food, you'd rather see it go to people who need it. You then tell them that you have been following them online [twitter, facebook, youtube, wherever] and you really like what they are doing.

You tell them that you would really like to help out however you can. If you have cooking experience you should tell them. If you can help with basic food preparation (chopping vegetables, etc.) you should offer. If you could help them set up the tables and chairs every event, the same. But make sure to listen to what they tell you they actually need.


nah don't do this talk first trough whatsapp tell em you think the project is interesting and that you would like to get involved

File: 1627108712224.jpg (29.13 KB, 343x548, 1260ff69f9343e3565ded89c73….jpg)


Has class conflict of the late 20th and 21st centuries in the west been primarily between the petit bourgeoisie and the haute bourgeoisie? have the petit bourgeoisie essentially capitulated and been replaced with highly paid lower-level positions in institutions owned by the haute bourgeoisie?

It seems like I am increasingly hearing "get a tech job" instead of "start a business" within the same context over time. Of course, sometimes people refer to tech as an alias for startups that get bought out by big tech for big money, but I think that's not typical. I am wondering if I am completely off-base for asserting that we might be seeing a shift of wealth from the petit bourgeoisie to the college-educated high-earners of the corporate world. Would this be representative of a primary class struggle between the petit and haute bourgeoisie that has only (relatively) recently been finally decided for the haute?


You really need to have sex incel



To some degree yes.

One can think of the rent (in the form of higher wages generally) that the professionals, intellectuals, artists, etc. earn as being due to their possesion of a kind of capital that is intellectual, cultural or relationship based instead of physical or monetary.

Ergo big capitals would like to seize these rents for themselves.

That said the conflict between say small business owners and professionals is more like an intra class conflict, since they are noth part of that intermediatelayer that owns some kind of capital to varying degrees.

File: 1627137181120.jpeg (816.55 KB, 1800x1198, merlin_167605491_f32ec626….jpeg)


What explains the tendency for everything to become politicized these days? What I mean is the warping of issues which everyone has a stake in, such as climate change or vaccines becoming a point of conflict and tension between right and left. The right is typically the source of the headache in this respect, seemingly disagreeing with these things for no other reason than to be stubborn and recalcitrant, and certainly never having educated, informed and valid arguments for their disbelief. What explains the misinformation campaigns ? These issues are not like taxes or abortion or something else, where there are legitimate self-interested or ethical reasons to oppose it.
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>Rightists are frequently low iq but they have good instincts. Western leftists are higher iq ie midwit level but their instincts are totally fubar.They buy into virtually every elitist liberal narrative the bourgeois put out without question.
Elitist bourgeois porkies have been holding davos meetings about this rubbish since the 50s as a means of centralising supranational power for their porkie technocracy.
The rightoids are right to distrust these narratives even though they blame the wrong people as usual ie socialists. All these narratives are created by sppoks in the US and EU and promulgated by their voice pieces in the libshit media. Same as all the bourgeois race/gender based idpol.

The major premise of your argument is that certain factions buy into the propaganda of other political factions due to personal defects and that distinct third factions do not have these defects and thus their insights are more legitimate:
> Socdems bought Mendelian genetics and thus Nazi eugenics theory because they were psychopaths. Lysenko was right because he was more dedicated to the socialist cause.
> Coastal elites bought evolutionism because they are faithless blockheads. American Young Earth creationism is right because they have faith.
> Centrists swallowed the Holohoax because they were gullible bleeding hearts. David Irving was a "moderate fascist" and thus he is a reliable source and therefore right.

The minor premise of your argument is that the western Left buys into the rhetoric (climate change, Covid, idpol) of the Left-Liberals because they have FUBAR instincts and that right-populists are instinctively correct against this rhetoric.

The falsehood is in both major and minor premises. In the major premise, Lysenkoism is not correct simply because it is contrary to Mendelian theory. Young earth creationism is not simply correct it is contrary to left-lib interpretation of Darwinian theory. Irving is not correct simply because he is contrary to leftliberal studies of the Holocaust. No epistemological "instinct" emerges from such contrarianism.

The minor premise is false in relation to idpol.
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you fell for rightoid propaganda, they're not against globalist elite institutions at all. think about it, is any rightoid against 19th century European imperialism? of course not, but that was globalism in a more nakedly aggressive form. this is completely a culture war and they rope you into it with anti-elite populist language. the left has been aware of the corruption of institutions far before the right ever did, remember the CIA itself is integrally shaped by Nazi intelligence, where anti-communism was baked into the actions of Reinhard Gehlen.


>The major premise of your argument is that certain factions buy into the propaganda of other political factions due to personal defects and that distinct third factions do not have these defects and thus their insights are more legitimate:
That is not my main premise at all.Rather it is that elitist porkies have absolute full spectrum dominance of the western superstructure - left,right and center.See the CIA's co-option and sponsorship of Marcusse et al,feminism and other radlib idpol from the 60s on as a means of derailing class based/worker based activism. It is very easy to research elite porky think tanks and their narratives about overpopulation,the environment etc etc and their desire for a centralised technocratic global governance.It's simply a FACT that the tinfoil segment of the right eg birchers etc discovered this themselves and blamed muh communism instead of the libshit porkies responsible.
>The minor premise of your argument is that the western Left buys into the rhetoric
You have correctly identified the minor premise and I stand by it.The reason is simple - midwits go to university and receive a thorough indoctrination from the libshit state "truth" regime which permanently dulls their instincts which are demonised as reactionary/schizo/racist/hateful {add favourite thought stopping cliche here}
The working classes don't go to uni and avoid such programming.Their instincts stay in place even though they still suffer from a cruder version of liberal false consciousness and frequently misdiagnose problems and causes.
>There is natural science which does not directly pursue the left-liberal agenda
Kek. Any science that contradicts official state truth regime is ruthlessly censored. Science in academia is entirely dictated by outside funding which dictates areas of research, Ask me how I know you have zero clue about the farce that is academic research and peer review.


>is any rightoid against 19th century European imperialism?
Depends which flavour of rightoid. US civnat retards claim to be. Certain flavours of "third position" appear to just want left alone.Rightoid world extends much further than poltards.
>the CIA itself is integrally shaped by Nazi intelligence
CIA use anybody and everybody incl-nazis,fascists,islamists,liberals,anarchists,drug cartels,mafia and - wait for it - even nominally marxist groups.Tell me something I don't know newfag.


believing there are more pressing issues ? believing the market will fix it ? believing it will solve itself technologically ? believing you will personally not be affected or could profit from it ? not believing it at all ?
priorities, information and worldview, same as every fucking subject you can think of

File: 1627159372949.jpg (82.41 KB, 900x900, 1625109455162.jpg)


Like I don't mean agribusiness owners, obviously they extract wealth through merely owning land and employing farm workers among other hired hands. And I'm not talking about peasantry in unindustrialized or undeveloped countries that live through subsistence.

I mean like a farmer who owns a moderately sized amount of land (like say a couple dozen or so acres), rarely hires outside farm help and mostly relies on his or her family to work the land, making money and getting by via selling his or her harvest every year.

In Marxist class theory are such people counted among the proletariat or more among the petite bourgeoisie?
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Right, see that's what my question was trying to get at. The ones I described in my post, wouldn't they mostly be considered some form of petty bourgeois?



To add the difference between a sharecropper/agricultural labor (think a California fruit picker) to a small farm owner is in itself a class distinction. Kulaks where agricultural bourgeois, they owned the means to food production. A sharecropper peasant or the fruit pick sells there labor to the owner of the farm. Also whether the farm is small or big is only a similar distinction between the petite and regular bourgeoisie. The lack of understanding of this is why people say Stalin killed peasants when he killed kulaks. If you can't see these class lines then its easy to see them as the same when they are not.


I added you in last moment here >>398964 because it just happened to be that I was writing about what you were about to ask, about before you even asked it.



If they are wage labourers who do not own the means of farming production then yes.

If they ate self sufficient petty producers who own some means of farming production then they can either be called peasants or landed farmers.

Farming itself is a type of labour, not a class.


You just answered your own question dumbass. They’re essentially small owners of farms who make their money in selling their goods to market or to a big corporation, sometimes in wages. But for the most part small farmers are not proletariat since they’re not paid a wage.

File: 1627102168535.jpg (110.29 KB, 1023x675, Industrial-Workers-of-The-….jpg)


What would happen to america if all the warehouse, fast food and retail workers became unskilled industrial labourers?
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File: 1627149808330.png (182.05 KB, 345x314, 1626359101761.png)

Replace unskilled with low skilled labour because even the jobs for the most retarded people on the planet require some sort of skill and a basic set of rules to follow.
As for your question if were under the assumption that the warehouse retail and fast food jobs got replaced with industrial workers 2 things would happen
Those 3 industries would become automated as they require pretty low effort to manage
There would be a rapid industrial boom and a turn to bring manufacturing to the west as the increased labour supply drives down wages and more assets in accumulation drives down the cost of living low enough that ordinary civilians can afford to have kids


Nobody has explicitly said this but it's very obvious reading what people think of the "proletariat" through association that all they conceive of is factory laborers. A pretty decent chunk of this site is trapped in the early 20th century at the latest theory-wise.


Obviously service sector workers are important especially waste management and medical care workers but on a scale yeah industrial workers tend to be the most important as they build the foundations for anything in society to you know, happen.


>unskilled industrial labourers?
Not a thing.


File: 1627166082092.jpg (76 KB, 468x687, baa933e0784d48d0958c162b8b….jpg)

>They literally are not though.
Ok. I'm sure you're gonna actually make a case for why this is, rather than just start throwing around assertions.

>But retail and warehouse workers do not produce anything of utility.

Yes they do. Even a socialist mode of production requires logistics and people to work the stores.

Maybe you should define production here. When I worked as a warehouseworker in my factory, recieving all the components and delivering them to the production lines I was not a proletarian, but when I got transfered to the lines to attatch a piece of cable to a device, I became a proletarian?

>Only in the footage of amazon warehouses does this even remotely make sense.

Ok, so it only makes sense in the context of one of the biggest, fastest growingemployers in the US service sector that is indicative, once again, of the tendency if production to concentrate? I stnd corrected.

Besides, you're wrong. Every retail chain has massive warehouses that employ many warehouse workers. Warehouse workers also work at factories etc.

>Most warehouses are not even close to this and depend upon the labor of 1 - 2 people.

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File: 1626881871194.png (50.04 KB, 686x492, ClipboardImage.png)

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So, supposedly McAffe had TBs of incriminating evidence of "the elites". And this is supposedly it, the website has a countdown which ends at the start of the 22nd (which also is remarkable cause that's the date in which the Cuba Bay of Pigs 2 electric boogaloo, now from Miami was gonna happen, and he was supportive of Cuba as well).
What do you think it will be? Is it gonna be something big, or is it gonna be some giant nothingburger? Is it gonna have some stuff about the Cuba situation maybe?
Here's the link to the website btw https://britbonglogpost.com/
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So did anything happen or was it a nothing burger?


Ofc nothing happened.


I'm putting together a collage of the /pol/ stuff and it's super interesting. What happened is the countdown site which was slightly dubious to begin with, evolved into a map of q style breadcrumbs. Crumbs led all over, but the overarching narrative that came out from it all was something about killer AI as well as the typical Abrahamic doomsday mythos. This led most poltards to say this is Q all over again and leave and the rest said this is literally Q as an AI or something like that, but most are pretty sure those are shills. Evidence is pointing to this timer being a way for bad actors to manipulate hype over the DMS by creating a fake… to make people believe a Roko's Basilisk story? It's mindboggling. Wish some anons here would help by looking into what happened because it looks like more entrapment fuckery in light of that FBI kidnapping investigation.


Imagine if our ancestors found out that all their efforts for progress led to a bunch of retards on an imageboard believing a coked up 70 year old would leak information about a killer AI after his death

File: 1627163234703.png (43.83 KB, 1280x854, National_Bolshevik_Party.s….png)


While I was browsing on /leftypol/
I saw an interesting sight
I saw a flag with a Hammer and a Sickle
Clad in black and red and white

I asked the user of this flag
What is your ideology?
He responded in red text
And this is what he wrote to me…

NazBol Party!
It is the gang for you and me!
NazBol Party!
To Kill the Jewish Bourgeoisie!
Throughout History
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This is a certified hood classic.


First, everyone who wasn't a Yeltsinite retard deffended the Parliament in 1993, from left to right. Secondly, the nazbols over time were taken over by unironic neonazi retards.


Dugin founded the NBP, it was cringe from the start


Moved to >>>/b/113286.

File: 1627136213411.jpg (61.75 KB, 529x471, msm.jpg)


Help me find quality leftist news websites! I ain't gonna read MSM no more, and I don't want to in the future. I'm tired of the neoliberal propaganda they spew to me, and by reading those leftist news sources I could deprogram myself.


t. tetra4anon, a victim of capitalism
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Damned, this hasn't aged well.


A lot of /ourboys/ betrayed us.


I don't remember seeing this one ever. Is this a troll?

File: 1627127297587.mp4 (1.34 MB, 1280x720, definition of socialism.mp4)


>This fact—that hugely important areas of proletarian struggle, e.g., the working day, are defined and limited by the state and not by the labor market—makes the honest lumpen a crucial partner to any proletarian politics. But these surplus populations, the wide swaths of honest lumpens, have only an implicit demand for greater leisure time and less work; they tend not to have explicit labor-related demands in any way that might achieve such a demand from the state. Explicit anti-work demands are absent because work itself is a rarity, and the condition of the honest lumpen is what Tiqqun calls the “needy opportunist.”2 The lumpen is forced into conditions of needy opportunism, which make the lumpen’s relation to labor completely hollowed out in terms of negotiation, bargaining, or contestation of wage rates.

>Barrow also points out that for post-Marxists such as André Gorz, these bloated surplus populations imply that the only viable path to something resembling a communist revolution can be forged within the welfare state, wherein communism would then get gradually absorbed into the state apparatus through crisis: the surplus populations’ growing need for greater and greater support for survival and basic sustenance. Because the place they occupy within the social division of labor and consumption is determined by policy rather than economics, Claus Offe similarly describes the surplus population of honest lumpens as “policy-takers.” Gorz adds that they have “no transcendent unity or mission, and hence no overall conception of history and society,” and that their disconnection from labor renders the very contours of postindustrial socialism into libertarianism. The honest lumpen thus makes socialism libertarian and policy-focused.

So does this explain why UBI, state reformism, anarchism and idpol are so consistently popular within working-class populations, instead of old-school labor organizing? That much of the working class is precarious "honest lumpen" who don't fully participate in the labor market, and thus more easily identify with social identity groups than class, and with policy reforms through the state rather than unions bargaining with private industry?
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BLM is literally funded by the Ford and Bill and Melinda Gates foundations


>Gorz adds that they have “no transcendent unity or mission, and hence no overall conception of history and society,” and that their disconnection from labor renders the very contours of postindustrial socialism into libertarianism. The honest lumpen thus makes socialism libertarian and policy-focused.
What did he mean by this?


People on the ground who use the slogan have nothing to do with any kind of national group


Maybe the stuff in the 60s was organic, has anybody researched it ? But today, workers don't have the money to fund identitarian movements.
If i had to guess, a grass routs version of BLM would probably focus their struggle for material demands like, ending the war on drugs, ending private prisons and for police demilitarization.


so that makes them useful idiots, cope faggot

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