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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1617475135019.jpeg (187.89 KB, 1000x666, Anti-coup protesters line….jpeg)


‘Kill the Bill’: Londoners march against proposed law that would give police more powers to crack down on public protests (VIDEOS)
The protests were held in 25 cities across England and Wales, including London. People marched from the capital's Hyde Park with placards saying 'Protect our rights' and 'Kill the Bill,' referring to the controversial proposed legislation, known as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

Myanmar death toll mounts amid protests, military crackdown
Security forces in central Myanmar opened fire on anti-coup protesters on Saturday, killing at least two people according to local media. A human rights group said mounting violence since the Feb. 1 military takeover has killed at least 550 civilians.

Human rights platforms condemn Haitian neighborhood massacre
'Some people were injured, houses were burned down, but it is so hard right now to provide a real figure,' said Pierre Esperance, head of the National Network in Defense of Human Rights, before noting that many people were forced to leave the area.

IMF Calls for Taxing World's Richest to Curb Inequality, Stave Off Social Unrest
If governments don't close the gap between society's richest and poorest members—which was growing before and has exploded during the coronavirus crisis—by raising wages for low-income workers, taxing wealthy households, and using the increased revenue to improve social welfare, they should expect diminished trust in government and increased social polarization and unrest.
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They basically do what Marx advocating for
Just admit it gommies, everytime something goes wrong it's happen cuz your false prophets & yourselves.


File: 1617502451246.jpg (35.92 KB, 640x630, cracker_be_gone.jpg)

horrible edge


>Kim, who is Korean American, said of Chinese immigrants
The eternal mutt brainrot. Most Chinese Americans in Texas have families that arrive centuries before this bitch.


File: 1617503620000.jpg (56.22 KB, 750x750, 1599707667448.jpg)

>Australian Labor Party reinforces commitment to health privatisation
If we're gonna be like the Americans can we at least get our guns back


>Jordan's former crown prince detained
Great he was a full Zionist

File: 1617453448494.jpg (77.47 KB, 456x572, boonthonk.jpg)


Fact: I can't prove why capitalism will fail on its own. All I got is a bunch of slogans that I have absorbed through the last three years of being online which I can't actually explain. I can pack a punch in showing the problems of capitalism, however I can't make the final cut of "this will lead to collapse" convincingly.
Statement: I can't be intellectually honest and keep supporting any sort of radical societal change unless I can prove to myself the fact that capitalism is bound for collapse to the point that I can then prove this same fact to a neutral party convincingly.
Conclusion: I need all of your strongest arguments against capitalism surviving. And not just problematic issues that can be theoretically solved, but real shit that will screw over the system big time.
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>solving our current problems will lead to future generations discovering new problems to solve
Well yeah, the goal is to advance history, not to end it.
Focus on what's in front of you.


There is no such thing as the end of history. Who knows maybe the future will be a bureaucratic equalitarian society that’s authoritarian but flattened.


>free” market hasn’t been free in a long time
It has, but in the opposite of Adam Smith's sense. Smith wanted a market free OF rentiers. Neoclassicals want a market free FOR rentiers. The point of stealing the adversary's language is to force other people to use it.
>Each enterprise does plan things out according to market indicators done by computers and shit
The PMC has replaced porky as the other side of the working class' antagonism, you say?

>its an unknown
Abrahamic/Catholic spook?

>Focus on what's in front of you.
They know that they progress backwards, unseeing, through time. You carry the liberal conceit that you can see the future in front of you. Whig theory is cancer. The sooner you purge that teleological idealist humbug from your mind, the sooner you will be prepared to deal with the material world on its own terms.


Since the system is the same for everybody involved, everybody has to do whatever it takes to keep orofitability high, including vastly recurring to violence. This can only escalate to war and revolution or war and annihilation of humanity, the only question is how long will it take to get to it


>Neoclassicals want a market free FOR rentiers.
The rentiers own everything now.

File: 1615682041778.jpeg (50.51 KB, 608x342, 44B0B1E9-0853-499D-8845-0….jpeg)


Can anyone explain Trotsky besides his meme “permanent revolution” shit. What were things he advocate for besides that etc.
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>contrarian bigbrains who don't want to actually work for revolution but want to sit around in bookclub circles and circlejerk about how they're better
Sounds like Maoists and MLs too.


You're killing poetry every time you open your mouth.

Revolutionary Marxism seems to have COINTELPROed into a messianic religion.


You've just described the entire western left


>aren't Leninist


What's weird is that the trots that insist they are Leninists
The defining feature of Trotskyism is Permanent Revolution which Lenin rejected not once but twice.
Trotskyite parties do not organise along the lines of Lenins "party of a new type" laid out in What Is To Be Done
Trotsky himself was expelled in 1927 for setting up opposition demonstrations after resoundingly losing a vote 724,000 votes to the CC and 4000 to the Trotskyitesand going ahead anyway breaking Democratic Centralism - which most Trot parties don't organise along
So Trots don't organise along Leninist lines, believe in the moronic theory of PR , don't adhere to Democratic Centralism…
The very fact that Trots call themselves trots instead of Leninists is a lesson in dialectical and historical materialism on it's own

File: 1616869507743.jpg (9.17 KB, 191x264, téléchargement (2).jpg)


i only have three questions about it:
who really was in the wrong here?,this whole situation seems pretty avoidable to me,yet it happened.
-why did the fins reject the ussr's offer to give them east karelia,was it because of what they had to give in return?
-who's the idiot led the red army during this war?
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Ah yes, might makes right. It's fine if its practised my Stalin instead of porky, no matter how self-destructive it ultimately is


Yes. It is especially fine if practiced against quasi fascist reactionary states.


Threads about this war are made frequently on 4chinlets /int/, and the argument that usually comes from the reactionaries that browse that place is that the peaceful deal would have enabled the incorporation of Finland into the Soviet Union, like it happened to the baltics, and that the annexation of Finland was their plan all along. How true is this?
here's the latest thread by the way https://desuarchive.org/int/thread/142111086/#142126286


>It is especially fine if practiced against quasi fascist reactionary states
Really makes you think when social democrats were in power during winter war. The only reason you can call Finland "quasi fascist" state is because USSR pushed them to that direction by starting a war of aggression.

>How true is this?
Peaceful deal would've certainly kept Finland independent but it also was politically impossible to pull off. Finland was a democracy and people rejected it, it's ironic since "fascist" leaders like Mannerheim tried to push the deal through by, just to be rejected by parliament and its constituents.


>they would retaliate when they got the chance, and they did in 1941

Thankfully, they only captured their previous territories (on Leningrad anyway), though i'm not sure if they'd would've taken more had their army been less dependent on Germany.

File: 1616582981727.jpg (106.93 KB, 765x765, noncecore.jpg)

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Seriously lads stop reading glowvara and keep this shit alive
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File: 1617559234851.png (2.12 MB, 2134x1067, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1617560143779.jpg (30.66 KB, 399x116, Galloway salute.JPG)



I like this platform general socdem shit like this to gain the support of the working class and based anti imperialist shit to weaken international finance about the best that can be done in the imperial core without revolution.


WTF based?
Also its a pity that NIP and WPB don't see eye to eye, they're both based


Yup, its a standard social democratic platform.

However, what is the workers party's actual vehicle for change?

At this point I literally don't care what a leftist party is saying about policies. They all say roughly the same shit, from the communist party to the trots to the workers party to the left of the labour party.

What I want to know is how do you plan to do it, when all these others have not

File: 1617374434595.jpeg (229.75 KB, 671x982, 37C1272A-A7B2-443C-983D-F….jpeg)

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Is it specifically due to /pol/ or is it just the general retardation of burgeroids that gets them to spread their schizophrenic glownigga ideology to any forum they infest in large enough numbers?
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I have a similar story. Watching a news story I was directly involved in be repeatedly misreported was a big wakeup call for how media and capitalist games production actually works. It's sad we have so many newfags around here these days who have nothing but disdain and historical revisionism for the origin story of their own community.


Too lazy to watch the video but in my experience as a russian is that russians are presented as way more competent and badass than they are in real life.


>Game Journalists
You mean mass media in general?

God you consumerist fucks are literal children.


The thing that drew me to the left was the simple fact that a lot of right-wingers are just boring people to me.


File: 1617562332727.png (448.81 KB, 600x899, 2021.png)

File: 1617494572181.jpg (50.37 KB, 564x708, ad59158328927220ea1e875cff….jpg)


Why religion institutions being christian, muslim or scientologist ecc. seek expansion like a capitalist entreprise does?
Monetary gains is hardly an issues for many of these groups and their followers in the countries where they expanded are hardly milkable for money (not to the degree and actual capitalist interprise would)
What their endgame? What do missionaries want? What purpose opening churches or mosques in other countries serve?
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Did you even read Marx on the JQ?


Religion is doomed to extinction in western countries. Secularism won. The handful of religious people left are using what's left in their coffers to try and keep their institutions alive elsewhere.


The Christianity that's growing is nearly exclusively evangelical prosperity gospel bullshit. It's basically a cargo cult where rich burgers show up with expensive clothes and cars and preach that they too can become rich like them as long as they believe the right thing. Very appealing to people who live in abject poverty that the local religions have failed to do anything about.


I think empiricist materialists underestimate how much people can genuinely believe in their own bullshit.



Historically most religions don’t really seek to expand. Pagan berserkers didn’t send out missionaries. Empires like Rome and the Persians let their conqured peoples keep their religions for this reason, they didn’t care.

With religions like Christianity and Buddhism, it’s probably a combination of factors. One, they started out as more of what we today would call movements - movements for peace, anti-imperialism, anti-caste or slavery, general reforms and so on. In the early days they also likely spread due to a growing dissatisfaction with capricious deities, in the manner that Christianity turns people off today.

Two, there is the evolutionary factor that religions that sent out missionaries, and who would take anybody could simply acquire more followers from larger geographical areas. What comes down to us are the variants that were more successful.

In addition to those two factors, sometimes governments made them official. In ancient times city states, clans, and warlords would use deities as a sort of banner to unite people under. When Christianity started becoming popular, they used things like different interpretations of the trinity as their banner. When Christianity started becoming potentially threatening, Constantine made it the official religion of Rome, which neutered it.

File: 1617514738457.jpeg (74.33 KB, 645x970, 4soy.jpeg)


As we were just raided for the fucking umpteenth time just now I was thinking to myself, wtf even causes someone to barf out that many low-effort schizophrenic shitposts on an imageboard, especially with such, weird, disgusting, and sadistic content? And this isn't even referring to other flavors of rightoids such as mindlessly contrarian stupid/pol/yps and NatSoys who actually articulate their retarded beliefs coherently, I actually understand why those people do it, the first one can be fun as fuck tbh, and the second are filled with people who actually understand that there are systemic problems, they just misidentify them and want to apply the wrong solutions, no I'm talking about the people who come here and act like little toddlers spamming nonsensical one-sentence threads and spamming gore and child porn, all the while thinking they're "owning us." They just get on my nerves so FUCKING much, and I just wan to know literally what is even the point of doing it. Are there any people, not just people who used to be /pol/yps or rightoids in general, but who specifically spammed the most random garbage and were basically proud to reduce themselves to infants, and now have recovered and become leftists? I'd really like to here your perspectives. Also btw, this is just me quickly getting my thoughts off quickly, I'm going to make a more well-thought out thread with both questions and some of my own theories about human behavior in general and why some it is so bizarre, because some of you Homo Sapiens really weird me the FUCK out.
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Matrix Servers are a Form of Eugenicism


I mean I guess, if you count distracting autists even further from breeding


So no chance of Eugenen joining


Yeah I'd definitely say more quantity than quality, lol. Though you definitely do make a good point that spamming in acting in bad faith is rewarded in western, particularly burger culture, and overall dealing with these spammers has definitely made me have a lot more respect for effortposters like you, and I do feel honored to have a Eugene schizopost in response to one of my threads. Good luck on your article about fascism btw, I skimmed through it and it seems pretty informative, I'll sit down and read it later at some point.


File: 1618463814994.jpg (120.05 KB, 900x1200, Ekk6VaDXEAAeMGf.jpg)

Very cool

File: 1617476004581-0.pdf (9.67 MB, 214x300, Demystifying The North Kor….pdf)

File: 1617476004581-1.png (466.94 KB, 942x638, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617476004581-2.png (544.75 KB, 966x819, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617476004581-3.png (411.87 KB, 503x574, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617476004581-4.png (351.11 KB, 654x447, ClipboardImage.png)


>“It is to have the Party and the state in general to prioritize economic tasks over other national tasks, and to fully devote human, material, and technological resources to economic development.” (Kim Jong-un, April 21 and 23, 2018)

>“Today, for our Party, there is no revolutionary task that is more urgent than promoting economic development and improving the quality of people’s livelihood.” (Kim Jong-un, March 9, 2019)

>Large-scale commitment of soldiers into massive construction sites

>North Korean military aircraft sprinkling fertilizer

=>“Socialist Corporate Responsible Management System”=

Is Kim Jong Un finally breaking the war-communist stagnant state that NK has found itself in since the 90s? Is this the beginning of a new era for the DPRK? Is based Kimmy finally realizing that Songun is unsustainable and he's just going to ride out the inevitable collapse of the US imperial core with blackjack and hookers?
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>idealism is when you say that computers are 100 million times faster than the Ussr time with proven results and thus there's no reason not to have the market as restricted as possible

Capitalism consumed your brain, sad!


To be fair it seems like the CPC has actively been working to improve overall living and working conditions, and doing a pretty good job of it. However this isn’t necessarily indicative of being on the path to socialism. It seems a lot more like the product of the CPC trying to mitigate and smooth over class contradictions, something they openly state is their goal. In essence this would just make them a social democracy, although less like the Clement Attlee/Olaf Palme type and more like the Bismarck/Peron type. Eventually this system will fall apart as capitalism’s contradictions make it impossible to satisfy the interests of both capitalists and proles. What the CPC will do when this happens isn’t clear.


>Literally what the GDR did under Ulbricht and the NÖS
And this policy worked perfectly as evident by the GDR existing today.


>Chinese and Russian companies have invested in the economic zone. Mongolia has joined recently
What in fuck; I didn't know that. What the hell are our gov doing there? Nothing against DPRK but they should be using that investment on building roads in the countryside. Can't even drive on those pothole ridden shit when driving to Khovsgol for vacation


they just finished their nuke program, and now they feel secure, all these resources can be redirected in long term economic growth

File: 1616704017741.png (556 KB, 875x577, zionist_spider_USSR.png)


A thread for everything Russia - related
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So how do you guys feel when people like Haz start describing Russia as "the great Genghis Khan successor civilization, greater than the decadent anglo west"?


Here's the actual thread with the old oppic.


this is funny how this thread is considered to be problematic because of the OP pic. but that one is not despite the fact it has a pic of Khruschev saying "These artists are a bunch of faggots!"

(btw, I was OP of the original russian thread and I and OP this thread.)


the artists are a bunch of faggots, yeah.
t. artist


File: 1617574735476.jpg (113.44 KB, 1120x630, 13-3-9099202.jpg)

They are a loser race and should be treated as one. Pic related is me with original Suomi KP and not that Soviet copied one.

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