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File: 1683049894561.png (4.2 MB, 1421x1600, ClipboardImage.png)


When speaking of western imperialism and colonialism, right-wingers sometimes respond by referring to pre-capitalist empires claiming that western imperialism is unfairly "singled out". European colonialism is obviously more relevant to today (compared to say the mongol empire) because of how it still affects world politics through neo-colonialism and its successor in American imperialism, but was it otherwise exceptional? Was European colonialism uniquely extractive and/or destructive? How did pre-capitalist imperialism differ from the more recent western capitalist imperialism?
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what the fuck are you talking about




Yeah I just wanted to get that out of the way first because it's an insane question for them to ask and someone (not necessarily you) might take it seriously.

>Was European colonialism otherwise exceptional.

There's a ton to say on this topic (very good thread idea), but the most important element to it is that it is driven by capitalism.

First point on this is what capitalism and industry did for imperial conquest. Empires have risen and fallen at different times for different reasons, but the industrial revolution and its consequences basically supercharged the capabilities of empire. To put it as simply as possible, the productive output of industrialization meant that territory the empire controlled - either in the core or the periphery - could massively outdo its rivals in any way that mattered for the purposes of conquest. They could produce more and better weapons and could more effectively feed their people and maintain supply lines. This is a or perhaps the main quantitative difference between capitalist empire and other empires. It is vastly more capable on the whole.

As soon as somebody figured out capitalist production + steam power it was gg no re for everybody else. It just happened to be the case that technological progress and political fluctuations got Europe there first. Looking at the broader arc of history, China seems like a more plausible candidate given how much more quickly they advanced technologically and politically for a long time, but it's possible that their particular political developments were too successful at maintaining stability, leading to relative stagnation at the same time Europe was undergoing political and economic revolution. There's nothing inherent to either part of the world that says one should become a global imperial power at that time, just how their development happened to play out in the particulars. China certainly has its history of imperialism.

Of course, a major element that may have pre-determined this outcome is the exploitation of Africa and the Americas, which regardless of their technology was not feasible for China for geographic reasons (no African equivalent, Pacific Ocean is much bigger and with more complex prevailing winds). The influx of material wealth, slave labor, and cultural influences was a hugPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Great post, thanks. Gotta go rn but I'll be back tomorrow with more questions.


In order to understand what pre capitalist imperialism was we'd also need to see how conquered peoples were treated because sometimes conquered territory either became just another province of the empire or it paid tribute to the empire as an "autonomous" state who pays tribute. Interestingly lay colonialism is distinct in that the conquered territories no longer paid tribute nor considered provinces but instead subordinate client states to the empire so even citizens of the colonies were "less than" those from the mother country. Colonialism and capitalism go hand in hand in that it's deeply rooted in trade. The earlier imperial countries like Rome or some Feudal empires simply made the new conquered areas either a province to be regularly governed and taxed or given some government autonomy while paying tribute a la Germanic states paying tribute to Rome.

File: 1683051051544.jpg (33.84 KB, 485x320, Dnepropetrovsk (1).jpg)


>lost support from Hungary
>lost support from Turkey over the imprisonment of a Turkish philanthropist over there
>lost favor with Israel as Bennett & Putin discussed plans to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and Russia lifted their air space to allow Israel to hit Iranian targets in Syria
>lost favor with Israel also when war criminal Netamyahu's Likkud party seeks to further relations with Russia; Israel even refused to give away their Iron Dome defense systems (even though they were built with US FUCKING TAXDOLLARS)
>lost favor with Saudi Arabia and UAE after Biden removed Iran-backed Houthis from their list of terrorist organizations, citing a humanitarian crisis
>lost favor with South Korea after they refused to hand over their weapons
>Ukraine was involved in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan even though they're not a NATO country
>get backstabbed by India
>Bolsonaro is a non-interventionist
>lost favor with Germany
>lost favor with the French who veto'd a bill that would allow ammunition to Ukraine
I don't get it. Are we switching from Hebrew to Ukrainian? Because that's where it seems to be headed.

Anywhere else that's still friends with the United States at this point? Iraq? Sudan? Libya? It seems our only allies are backwater shitholes now (that we created).
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>Name one bigger US asset & ally than Ukraine


I give up.


Well, yea, America doesn’t have “friends”, it has people who are too weak to resist it
That’s how countries work


If the point is to partition Europe for the USA, well no wonder that Ukraine is going to "lose favor" with those countries and any other that it is used as a cudgel against. And the Banderites(including the diaspora) are part of the deal. If Europe misbehaves then the pet Nazoids may develop into Gladio stuff. And the rightwards shift in the politics to address that crisis would likely evict the current crop of center-left liberals from power.


File: 1683087874145.png (354.59 KB, 965x726, island chains.png)

The South China Sea disagrees.

File: 1683038159580.jpg (53.85 KB, 640x995, António_Costa_2017.jpg)


many public school teachers are doing protests here in lisbon (old news but idc) whats going on in your country portuguese friends, would love to hear whats going on


While the USA or the main countries in Europe (France and Germany) don't have any economic problems we won't be suffering the consequences, meanwhile we just enjoy the benefits of being a (mostly) imperial core country. Other than that it seems that from May until October we will be in a state of severe drought every year from now on, which means more forest wildfires and shittier agriculture and shittier health outcomes etc. which is always fun…


Boa tarde Senhor Agente da Polícia Judiciária,
Tudo no nosso país corre bem, cinco estrelas, nada a apontar. Eu pessoalmente não sou defensor de quaisquer ideais radicais ou subversivas. Esta é a ditosa pátria minha amada. VIVA PORTUGAL!!!!!!!
Continuação de bom dia e bom trabalho,
Danone do leftypol


File: 1683040363376.mp4 (3.7 MB, 480x360, BATINA - lq.mp4)

acho que se os países lusófonos tivessem mais BATINA nós não teríamos tantos problemas
abraços do brasil


PCP hasn't seemed to electorally benefit from being in opposition to the Socialists so far

File: 1682894091861.png (427 KB, 510x800, ClipboardImage.png)


ITT: We discuss the life and times of Ferdinand Lassalle, beyond the memes. Lassalle was a Prussian-German jurist, philosopher, socialist and political activist best remembered as the initiator of the social democratic movement in Germany.

"Lassalle was the first man in Germany, the first in Europe, who succeeded in organising a party of socialist action"

"Lassalle managed to wrestle from history in two years of flaming agitation what needed many decades to come about." - Rosa Luxemburg
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Pol Pot?




People of talent



People of Tulsi





And she still hasn't sued them yet.


>At $10,000, one of the Buffalo Project’s top donors is Tim Hearn.

>Hearn is the former Chairman of Imperial Oil, the Canadian subsidiary of the multinational ExxonMobil Corporation, one of the largest stakeholders in Alberta’s oil industry. He has held a number of executive positions with Exxon over the years.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I've been saying for years that Alberta will be a US state before Puerto Rico. Good to know that I'm right.


The "Take Back Alberta" 'movement' is desperate to make it happen.


honestly who cares?


isnt alberta the texas of canada?


>Strong separatist tendencies
>Most right wing out of the entire country
>Highly religious
>Extremely ignorant and nationalistic

File: 1682948865023.png (167.25 KB, 377x453, ohboybignews2.png)



Excellent article on the political economy of the ex-bohemian leftist turned reactionary. Essentially the tendency of formerly "left" creative types to reaction is due to the "crisis of overproduction" or declining profitability of media. He doesn't say this specifically but in the 21st century historical context I would relate both the oversupply and declining profitability of media and media figures is related to the rise of the internet and new media. He compares the media figures and scene today to those in France during the third republic, many of whom started off as left wing radicals and morphed into reactionaries/nationalists with the passing of the creative scene of cafes and theaters and the dwindling of creative opportunities.
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File: 1682999437978.png (975.98 KB, 1500x1500, 1682961931899.png)


File: 1682999760361.png (1.16 MB, 866x1023, pepe-frog-hongkong.png)

I sometimes go back and reference this article about the failure of the Hong Kong protests, because while that was a street movement, the author (who lives in China and wasn't a supporter of it to begin with) attributes an excessive attachment to the online attention world as a contributing factor in its failure.

>Hong Kong has always been a bubble city, a place where if you’re a local person, out of the loop of international business and finance that most people assume is Hong Kong but isn’t, it’s hard to see beyond where you are. The internet and social media reinforced that massively – the protesters in the Telegram groups and Twitter threads that had acted as the invisible muscle of their alternative body politic became locked in their echo chambers. I would compare the Hong Kong protesters in this respect to that nightmare American net-cult, QAnon – by the late stages of the protest movement the protesters themselves were so invested in this life and death struggle with the Communist Party of China – which Hong Kong’s persistent Falun Gong presence has hardly helped with – that there was no hope of strategy. Why negotiate, why offer terms, why try to talk at all when the enemy are purest evil, and have killed your friends and taken your democracy and are going to place you in death camps like they have the Uighurs and Tibetans?

>And they saw their own photographs and memes being uploaded and looking great and the mass hashtags showing their numbers, and they saw foreign newspapers fawning and international leaders speaking out, and with that all the disinformation of modern social media, of Epoch Times articles and clickbait journalism and people from all over the world who they’d never met expressing support, and this became their new reality; the world versus ChiNazi. Their behaviour became unmoored from strategy and their tactics thus dissolved.


>The revolution of our times has worked out, in the end, to have been a great headline and a fascinating story, and a great way to get a book out or start a career in activism – but because it fell in love with itself, because it fell prey to the delusions of social media, like a guy narcissistically looking at his own Instagram feed and going “damn I have a lot of fol
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I wonder if we can animate it and set it to a bit of The Right Time to Thiel.


glowies not sending their best


It really is just a bunch of resentful media figures being captured by a resentful audience.

File: 1681345841801-0.png (344.3 KB, 1300x1495, 1652854081392-3.png)

File: 1681345841801-1.jpg (50.99 KB, 450x225, 1655328841953-3.jpg)

File: 1681345841801-2.jpg (106.32 KB, 1280x720, 1655232414818.jpg)


i have downloaded a lot of leftypol thread using httrack but only using the default setting. that mean no image and video and pdf/epud file in the downloaded archive file. when im going back to leftypol to re download (the complete) threads the wikiglow thread was gone so i check archive.is using the dead link. but i cant download using the zip option.
i was thinking if i could redownload dead link using somekind of program.

can anyone help please ?
(original link: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/976710.html)
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File: 1681657530834.png (25.83 KB, 620x432, gun beside head.png)


WTF IS WRONG WITH archive.is ?


wayback machine also have a problem where image video document and etc arent saved (somehow???)



if anyone have a good thread (that are like wikiglow) that are archived for offline viewing pls share. please.


File: 1681727040641.gif (1.7 MB, 480x370, 1681342369911.gif)



File: 1682981762896-0.pdf (3.37 MB, 180x255, wikiglow.pdf)


>The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) is the main centre-left Spanish political party and the one that has spent the most years in government since the Transition (1982–1996, 2004–2011, 2018–present). Since the approval of the Constitution, the party maintains a position of limited intervention in the republic-vs.-monarchy debate, providing some support to the monarchy while at the same time many grassroot members self-identify as republican. In recent years the monarchy and its role have been praised by the PSOE.

How the mighty have fallen….
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Not saying they are bad. Just not communists.


And where are the supposedly "authentic" communists then?


Some are extra-parlamentary (anarchists and such) and there are some communists in low ranking positions in Unidas Podemos (PCE) and many more small parties. Leaders of these parties are carerist politicians.


Communists being mass murdered in your country makes you humble.


not to mention the fact there was never anything close to a resolution… even a sham show one.


Marx and Engels defined civic society to be the sum of all material relations of a given society which is where we get feudal society and capitalist society. So what was the sum of relations in ancient society, like Egypt for example. I know that Marx focused on the Western European experience so you have Rome and slavery. But places like Egypt didn't really have slavery and it's power was concentrated in the hands of priests alongside the Pharaoh. How would one define the some of relations in ancient Egypt or even ancient China? Or other places where slaves didn't exist.
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Exactly the workers that built the pyramids were all the agricultural serfs that were able to come build while the fields were flooded, they were compensated for their work also


>noo muh paleo society
No one cares


There can't be 'egyptian society' without a conception of a state or civilisation or any wider connectivity, then it's just, 'behaviours of early humans in the egyptian region'


Read that as autistic mode of production
Tbh that would have made more sense


Read Samir Amin's "Global History: A View From The South", basically the answer to your question is: Tributary Mode of Production


Greetings, comrades! As a proud Marxist, I believe that everything in this world, including fictional characters and their actions, can be analyzed through the lens of dialectical materialism. Today, I would like to invite you all to a discussion about the true meaning behind Dumbledore's sacrifice in the Harry Potter series.

On the surface, Dumbledore's sacrifice appears to be a selfless act to protect the innocent. But what does it mean from a materialist perspective? We can understand Dumbledore's sacrifice as a manifestation of the contradictions between the forces of oppression and liberation in the wizarding world. Dumbledore was a powerful wizard, but he recognized the limitations of individual heroism in the face of systemic injustice. He knew that in order to truly defeat the forces of evil, the struggle must be carried on by the masses.

Dumbledore's sacrifice can also be seen as a form of negation of the negation. By willingly giving up his life, Dumbledore was able to negate the negation of the Death Eaters' violence and hatred. In doing so, he opened up a new space for the possibility of a better future, where the forces of liberation can finally triumph over the forces of oppression.

Furthermore, Dumbledore's sacrifice challenges the notion of individualism that is prevalent in bourgeois ideology. It is not enough for one person to make a sacrifice for the greater good, but rather it is necessary for a collective effort to create lasting change. Dumbledore understood that it is only through the united struggle of the masses that true liberation can be achieved.

So, comrades, what do you think? How can we apply dialectical materialism to further understand the significance of Dumbledore's sacrifice? Let's engage in a spirited discussion and explore the depths of Marxist analysis in the wizarding world!




please stop baiting with your simple, angloid children's stories


Obvious ChatGPT thread is obvious
Still a decent bit for bringing out of the woodwork the galaxy brains who get angry because of
>muh children's book
instead of, you know


Its a /pol/ bait thread probably.

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