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Why are westerners so cucked by the concept of negative rights?
Why would anyone say “nobody owes anybody anything” and think that’s actually good? How do westoids not see that their society is totally fucked and will collapse because it’s built on sand? How the fuck could any retard be duped to think that a society where nobody gives a fuck about anyone else is positive?
Basically, why isn’t the average westerner suicidal when they demonstrably have nothing to live for and their entire way of viewing human relations should make you want to kill yourself?
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>Why would anyone say “nobody owes anybody anything” and think that’s actually good? How do westoids not see that their society is totally fucked and will collapse because it’s built on sand? How the fuck could any retard be duped to think that a society where nobody gives a fuck about anyone else is positive?
porky propaganda + capitalism requires you to be heartless if you want to do well in the system


Personal feelings are not a good thing to build social structures around.


Lel check this magic out:

Private property— use and abuse of property, can buy and sell property
Private property— buy multiple property’s
Private property— accumulated big property
Private property— centralized property in all but name
Private property— universal property
Universal property— socialism/communism

Ta da! Hey libertarians, if you’ve ever felt like the world is becoming “communist” now you know bitch. Without bourgeois private property centralization there would be no communism. Unless you are some freak that thinks private property shouldn’t be bought or sold, which means it’s no longer private property and is instead landed property, kek.


>It's not like I want to help you or anything, b-baka!
Stirner summarized.


Not that anon, but that’s not what’s being advocated.
In fact, as you read on it’s an argument against that because commanding people to have emotions like love is absurd. Under capitalism, we’re already living in the hell that is created basing a society on emotions, but they’re as abstraction.
This is abundantly apparent in sectors like the service industry that demands an anodyne disposition, “service with a smile”, and that “the-customer-is-always-right” philosophy is internalized.
Instead, socialism attempts to ameliorate some of this by allowing more autonomy in the work place than under capitalism. No, this doesn’t mean basing the world on “feelings”, but creating environments that facilitate more positive emotions and psychological states in the world.
After all, why would we want socialism if it creates nothing but a population of depressed, angry, dissatisfied, and unhappy people.
Makes no sense.
While there would likely still be obligations that we would all need to attend to under socialism, the goal would still be to create an environment where the line between “obligation” and genuine desire to want to help others gets more and more blurred over time.
That’s at least the way I see it.


Not epic as in
I mean epic in the sense of
<Truly the stuff of legends, the sort of history that, in a thousand years will become legend, and a thousand years after that will be myth; an event that will be remembered so long as some sort of civilization exists, a demonstration of the best and worst mankind had to offer, an event that can be seen as the End of History in its own way, standing out amongst numerous other events to end various other eras
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Honestly this makes you think could the German spd
And the German kpdhave formed a united front and engaged in a civil war with the German right and center.
It's probably not gonna last long looking at the failures of united fronts in Spain and China but it could bloody the German right and center to the point Germany might not pose a threat as it did in ww2


>>510500 bloody meaning uh damage


>>510500 and before someone says muh
Rosa remember the Chinese kmt absolutely backstabbedand betrayed the communists multiple times trying to in the long term annihilate them. And yet a united front was still possible in china. If a united front was possible in china even with this much backstabbing its possible that the spd and kpdcould have united temporarily at least


In my head i like to think of it (and stuff like the Napoleonic wars) as epic poems given their scale and how reading/thinking about them feels like some sort of play with multiple acts.


File: 1633667210194.jpg (73.21 KB, 526x599, StalinRidingHitler.jpg)


I knew pakistanis and persians werent exactly the "wealthiest" bunch of 3rd worlders but my fucking christ I need a serious explanation as to why these people are genuinely poorer than most subsaharan africans. This this is unacceptable and reeks of mismanagement
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Please don't make comments about anything economy related ever again.



2,285 is actually pretty high compared to Africa, even north africa. Per capita income in China is only 5,000 iirc. Iran is getting poor because of new sanctions levied against it under the trump administration and continued by Biden.

Pakistan has always been behind india in income and india is poor as fuck.


They also get fucking in the ass by the USA, Israel and the GCC


>International sanctions
>Devastating 8 year war back in the 80s
>Exploited comprador state before that
Iran could have had a standard of living on part with the west if not for all that


Yeah it probably be on the level of Portugal or Greece or something. The IRI was running the place pretty well considering their situation but the latest sanctions are absolutely brutal.


An actual quote from the Irish Tánaiste (Deputy PM.) Landlords are mooching off their tenants.


Ireland sorta like Lelgium dodged the NeoLiberal mind-poison within their SocDem parties.

IIRC Sinn Fein is basically the only SocDem party in Europe that still technically has all those juicy 1950s-70s SocDem tenants in their manifestos.




Key witness in FBI case against Assange held in custody to stop his ‘crime spree’ in Iceland – media
Sigurdur Thordarson, also known under the moniker ‘Siggi the Hacker’, was placed into custody in Iceland last month, the newspaper Stundin said, citing his lawyer. A judge agreed with the police that if Thordarson remained free, he would continue an ongoing spree of crimes in the European nation. He is now kept in the highest-security prison in the country, Litla-Hraun, the report said.

Polish court rules EU laws incompatible with its constitution
Poland’s constitutional tribunal has ruled that some EU laws are in conflict with the country’s constitution, taking a major step towards a “legal Polexit” with far-reaching consequences for Warsaw’s funding and future relations with the bloc.

Sinn Fein opens up 10-point lead in latest Irish opinion poll
SINN FEIN opened up a 10-point lead over its nearest political rivals and remains the most popular party in Ireland, a new opinion poll has reported. The party polled at 32 per cent, up one point. Fianna Fail was unchanged on 20 per cent while Fine Gael fell by five points to 22 per cent.

Leftist lawyer appointed Peruvian PM as Castillo forced to reshuffle cabinet
FORMER head of the Peruvian Congress Mirtha Vasquez was sworn in as the country’s new prime minister on Wednesday night, just hours after the resignation of her predecessor. Guido Bellido stepped down after just two months in the post, citing “instability” in the Andean country.
https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/leftist-lawyerPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>nazi LARPer is also a nonce
Every fucking time. No matter the country.


Thanks news anon


File: 1633651872068.jpg (92.28 KB, 750x741, 1632707336472.jpg)

>US Marines and special operators have been quietly training troops in (x place in Asia)
boy I wonder how that will end


Taiwan media had reported this years ago iirc
Also not suprising considering the weapons sales and naval passages


Ah yes, Sigurdur. He's a known pedo btw. Glowies approached him with the offer to testify against Assange in exchange for clemency with regards for his vast database of boy pics saved to his databases .

File: 1633497836145.jpg (52.4 KB, 709x796, image0-3-1.jpg)

 No.534384[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

is anyone here just a "leftist"? Marxism-Leninism, libertarian socialism, MLM, syndicalism, democratic socialism, etc. I think different methods work in different situations.
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>Only one picture in your post has non western people.
Are you implying Venezuela is western? Because they most definitely aren't. "West" at this point is just shorthand for pro-NATO / pro-US / pro-EU hegemony. It really doesn't have anything to do with geography.


File: 1633621677992.jpeg (20.91 KB, 400x400, untitled_400x400.jpeg)

Pleased that you've seen the light, my property.


>You asked me about corporations being invested in appearing woke and so on. As if that determines whether identity politics is good or bad.
If idpol was radical they would not promote it.
>Well, they also try to appear environmentally friendly
They don't promote environmentalism, they promote green austerity.
>fighting for national minimum wage
why do you keep insinuating this is the same as idpol ?
Idpol only helps a tiny group of people because they get activist careers or token positions. It's not actually helping or representing the people it claims to be helping.
>Like what? Not being gunned down by the cops? Give me a specific example. You're not being concrete enough.
No idpol groups don't fight for this kind of stuff. Pay close attention what they do, they center identities and then all material struggles like police violence disappears from politics
>Lets follow the example of the Black Panther party.
and repeat all their mistakes ?
>Indeed, but that doesn't let the white moderate off the hook now, does it?
Do you think this applies to me ? I want to erase race from human consciousness , you won't even have the mental tools to think in racist terms.
>First of all, I'm not going to be able to liberate black people. I'm not their leader. I believe black people have the power to liberate themselves, and I believe they surely will. Secondly, I don't think that freedom and lackness are incompatible categories. To suggest that black people cannot be free – or see themselves as "people" – unless they give up blackness seems strange to me. If they're not being treated as human beings on account of being black, that's an indictment of their oppressors.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I think you got a confused picture of me ( >>535198 ) and you're missing the point. I am not a red conservative, i'm LG[B]T myself. 

Didn't vote is the biggest party in probably every western election. And it's typically the lower classes that don't bother voting. Why? They don't feel represented because political discussion is increasingly centered around culture war bullshit. The ruling class knows this and it exploits these issues to divide the population. It's truly insane that transpeople who are a less than % of the population live rent free in the heads of progressives and conservatives. Sex workers seem more important to many socialists than blue collar workers. I know people who care more about gender-neutral street signs than young people who are forced to do unpaid work. Idpol is game where the only winning move is not to play.

A couple of examples of the idpol disease: Left Alliance is the most leftist party in the Finnish parliament. It's descended from actual socialist parties and what does LA do today? They embarrass themselves with inane shit like gender-neutral snow plowing which was already proven to be a failure in Sweden. They changed their party color from red to pink in 2018 btw. Or take Die Linke in Germany, they are bleeding voters which isnt surprising given it advocates for the same policies as the socdem party but with an extra layer of idpol. Another example from Finland is Extinction Rebellion (elokapina) who do climate demos with drag queens. Like drags or don't you know that it's only popular with a small demographic so the question arises. And man I feel bad about invoking the stonetoss comic
>Are you sure this will help raise awareness about climate change?
<Climate change?
Socialist politics today is more and more dominated by middle class pmc types that insist that their favorite pet peeve issues are made front and centre of activism for the detriment of wider proletarian unity and actual proletarian politics. This is why having a principled anti-idpol position is important.


>Didn't vote is the biggest party in probably every western election. And it's typically the lower classes that don't bother voting. Why? They don't feel represented because political discussion is increasingly centered around culture war bullshit.
this is a nice simple story, but it's not universally true. in the British case the Labour party is in a death spiral not because of culture war bullshit but because it operates with a model of politics which "worked" in the 1990s, but has the long term effect of destroying core support.
essentially it's a strategy that says: working class areas will always vote Labour, so make your platform and messages perform well in the marginal seats that swing between parties. this is always interpreted as: adopt a right-wing platform, and funneling resources to those seats takes priority over organizing a presence in every local area.
the difficulty is that you then see a turnout crash (1997 was a postwar low, 2001 an all time low) as people become cynical about the ability of politicians to improve their lives, even marginally, and local people tend to become disaffected because their local MP is more interested in their national prominence than in helping their constituents. (after all, this seat has been Labour since the 1950s, it's hardly likely to change now…) eventually, the marginal seats will swing again (often helped by the fact that after a long period in government nothing has been done that changes swing-voters "values" meaning they're as if not more right-wing than they were to begin with) and the party's out of power.

worse yet, all those safe areas remember the Labour government that did nothing for them. crashing turnout thins the amount of voters needed to take a seat, and many of those who do still vote aren't as rigidly linked to Labour as they once were. the end result of the strategy is found in Scotland, where the Labour party was outflanked on the left by the SNP and eventually destroyed in the 2015 election after spending the 2014 referendum campaign campaigning alongside the Conservatives to say "better things aren't possible."
(a simple story might be that they were outflanked by nationalist idpol, but it's important to look at the actual "yes" campaign for independence: it was built on the idea that independence meant the sociPost too long. Click here to view the full text.





Depression is a meaningless term. Americans have been struggling to pay rent more than ever before. Americans have less wealth and can afford less material goods. Most americans can't afford healthcare. Depression means porkie sold most of his stock and no one is buying stock anymore. We have been in a 50 year depression. Productivity and real wages have been in decline since 1970



100s of millions of people around the world are starving now. More than in 2019. The depression has "ended" but in reality more people have worse material conditions and will continue to descend in material conditions.


Yes and you caused it OP


honestly the western economy is such utter fucking bullshit that it feels like a depression wouldnt change anything

File: 1633108244703.png (2.15 KB, 298x34, wow.png)


normally 3rd world problems are reduced to being generally poor and sometimes in a war, america is a country where 40% of the few jobs available pay below 20k a year and most of its 76% of its population is barely scratching by on rent while child marriage, and prison labour is still legalized, slavery is still a problem there due to rampant and deliberatly unregulated human trafficking, its population is far higher than 330 million but at 450 due to the fact that illegals dont count as citizens all while nearly all of its cities and states are flat out bankrupt from being deliberatly poorly designed to raise property prices while the level of rampant rape is so unbelievably strong that americans cant trust their own doctors to not take advantage of them and had several epidemics of mistrust in its daycare centers due to reports of child predation. what makes things even worse is that you cant even rest on the belief that the country is worth anywhere near as much as they state it is, america has only produced 7 trillion usd worth of assets throughout its entire history while blowing trillions on some of the dumbest shit you can imagine like funding unprofitable corporations, construction of massive highways that cost a trillion annually and endless foreign wars, the entire american economy rests on the exploitation of foreigners that use the usd to barely keep mainland america barely intact as a country or just outright extortion and coups. Its a fucking shitshow how bad their situation actually is
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Literally it's because Kellog (yes that one who invented Corn Flakes) prescribed it as a treatment to cure masturbation.


wash your dick and those things won't happen

lol also circumcision in males gives you:
reduced pleasure with the majority of nerve endings (found in the foreskin) cut off

peeing does not feel phernomenal due o sensitive glans


some traditions deserve to die


all of them, theyre all spooks


I'm circumcised and all this in-depth talk about it is really fucking me up inside

I really can't believe that shit can be done without consent and it's a really self-damaging mental thread to follow how much I've been robbed of

I know none of you sincerely mean any ill-will towards us circumcisionbros but damn, it's something we had no say in and have no way of reversing and it can end up a huge deal depending on how much you contemplate what you're missing out on

File: 1633644428481.png (874.47 KB, 1978x2003, unknown[1].png)


Tell me what you guys think of it. I tend to pass it off to "leftists" as proto-Marxist propaganda, i.e, it gets people who are succdems to start reevaluating whether capitalism and capitalist logic is a long-term sustainable system.
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File: 1633645335664.png (852.87 KB, 1959x1966, unknown[1].png)


File: 1633645377607.png (897.17 KB, 1975x1971, unknown[3].png)


File: 1633645416930.png (877.1 KB, 1958x1976, unknown[1].png)


File: 1633645452112.png (176.07 KB, 682x1234, unknown[3].png)


File: 1633647590598.png (769.73 KB, 1967x1978, unknown[1].png)

one of the pirate pages failed to post properly. It's not as good as I remember it, though.

File: 1633535253840.png (2.26 MB, 1440x960, ClipboardImage.png)


How to end the pandemic: The case for eradication
>In the face of an unrelenting propaganda campaign from governments and the media, it is vital and urgent to arm the public with scientific truth about viable and necessary measures to end the pandemic.

Nice statement. The experience of the last period shows, only the eradication of the virus is the only solution. But now, even New Zealand and Australia are removing the restrictions. The only way out is the independent involvement of the masses. The October 1 school strike by Lisa Diaz indicates the awakening of the masses. The coming online webinar will be a main step in this fight.
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Australian here. It doesn't work.

We could have done this pre-delta if the world was as harsh as we were, but that was never going to happen.
Even with our extremely strict restrictions the virus still spread because many jobs can't be done remotely and once someone picks it up at work, they go home, their partner/child/housemate gets it, they go to work and the cycle continues.
What we've found is that this variant spreads so rapidly that even before you or the person you got it from has symptoms, you've given it to someone you live with and they may have already given it to someone in their place of work.

As someone who has spent over 200 days of the past 18ish months in lockdown, I'm telling you now, get vaccinated, wash your hands, wear a mask if necessary and get on with your life. The answer now is appropriate funding for hospitals and regulation for things such as increasing ventilation in buildings etc.

The virus won't be around forever, pandemics come and go, but it will take a long time and people need to be able to live their lives. Suppression is just an interim strategy until significant vaccination can be achieved.


Yep!! It's becoming endemic. Countries have already accepted that. The BURGER line of 'ERADICATION' and Polio strawmemeing is a dog whistle and shilling for consumption of a certain medical product.


Either a glowie or a libtard who believed the Fake News MSM which rapidly flipped its narrative when the government decided to change policy to allow it to become endemic

Australia could easily have maintained zero with closed borders and modest spending on quarantine system. Obviously not acceptable to capitalist system and porkies have been screeching to reopen the borders to prop up their failing economic system.

The "living with covid" era will not be a return back to normal and the idea that the lockdowns were the only thing preventing a return to normal is a bizarre delusion of the liberals. There will be mass death and disruptions to supply chains as seen in other nations which have allowed free spread.

This will destabilize the capitalist system and accelerate its collapse. As usual, the capitalists have made the accelerationist choice.

I look forward to watching the fiery but mostly peaceful protests


It can use animals as a vector to spread. Only virgin brainlets think eradication is an option. Chads know covid is endemic and aren't scared.

And throwing Fauci and Gates into a volcano has a better chance of stopping the coof than mass vaxxxination


I fully supported lockdowns during Melbourne's marathon 111 day lockdown last year. I fully supported them this year. Now we're at a point where after 60 days straight the numbers just keep going up and up and have over doubled the peak in cases we had last year. This is spreading out of control. Lockdown is only slowing the spread, but has done nothing to eradicate it.

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