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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1617679538244.jpg (22.63 KB, 207x297, BmSa5HO.jpg)


having visited redscare there seems to be a continueing opinion about a "conservative backlash" and shit. Is this true?


Idk, but what I do know is that that faces scares the shit out of me.


> seems to be a continueing opinion about a "conservative backlash
Where in the link you posted this idea is exposed?


did you not read the the read the thread?


File: 1617682312289.png (222.01 KB, 600x598, 6c4bc31ba535587fbb832c2eb7….png)

how about you quote or TLDR rather than telling people here to read another website let alone REDDIT


Now that I reread it, I just saw nothing. Welp.

File: 1617680629519.jpg (17.02 KB, 190x245, worry.jpg)


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File: 1616976773531.jpg (82.53 KB, 620x420, jcp.jpg)


what are the japanese left wing online communities like ?
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Yeah, and Futaba bans politics on almost all boards.
There's also poverlution on 2ch but that was a failed project from poverty. I forgot the details.


File: 1617168981347-0.jpg (178.61 KB, 450x670, 1960 strike.jpg)

File: 1617168981347-1.jpg (17.07 KB, 220x340, tosaka jun.JPG)

The song is "Let's do our best!". From what I've heard, it's the best radleft anthem to originate in Japan. It became a popular protest song during the six-million-strong general strike in 1960 opposing the US bases treaty (Anpo). Speaking of which, I'm shocked that general strike isn't better known since it's almost on the scale of France 1968.

Also, I don't have a twitter account, but getting the Natuski Zengakuren meme retweeted by Abroad in Japan could draw attention to leftypol.org. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Excellent article, thanks for sharing. I've always been aware of the popularity of Marxist ideas in Japan, but the language barrier has kept me from exploring them further. I should check out some of the stuff that has been translated recently. I tried to read one of them a year ago, a collection of writings from Tosaka Jun, but honestly it discouraged me. Tosaka had been hyped up as a potential Japanese Lenin had he not died in prison in 1945 - one look at his writings and you'd know that's laughable. I don't know why they thought this guy was a threat, it's all critical theory wank on cultural institutions. Had he survived, he'd be destined for a dry academic career. His work's biggest political impact would be as a theoretical bludgeon for some New Left sect guru to conduct the by-now-predictable "Hegelian philosophy" wave of purges.


Kek, which video?


This one: https://youtu.be/WLWZBeX-isM?t=1501

Although pretty much the whole Marx scene is excerpted in the OC above >>144465


bump for incredibly informative thread that went way beyond its OP topic


Thank you to the glorious tech team for creating this solution of caching the thumbnails locally! This is a good balance between privacy and utility, as users of the site are now able to see the thumbnail of the video without any of your data being sent to Youtube. I hope this satisfies those people who were unhappy with the removal of Youtube embeds and provides security for those users that value their digital independence.

Here's to leftypol.org 's continued progress!
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This is why I decided to join this path of the split. Innovation is necessary. We maybe stuck on an imageboard but let's do the best we can. Based tech team.


Can there a play button overlayed on top of thumbnails of embedded youtube videos and webms, sometimes I mistake a video with an image and just scroll past it.


no. you can clearly see "[Embed]" to the right of each youtube embed which should make it obvious it's a youtube video



File: 1617580124080.jpg (65.97 KB, 524x312, Exploitation of Africa.jpg)

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You wake up and there is no more imperialism, but no further immediate changes to the world's political, social, and economic systems are made. All foreign-owned property in the Global South is brought under domestic ownership (either private, cooperative, or state ownership), all foreign interventions in civil conflicts are cancelled, all coup efforts are cancelled, all sanctions are scrapped, and all supranational organizations that favor rich countries are reorganized to provide a fairer balance between the interest of rich countries and poor countries. What changes would we expect to see, both in rich countries and in poor countries? Would the economies of rich countries collapse? Would the economies of poor countries experience unprecedented growth? Or would something else happen?
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I'm talking about Vladimir Kozlov, not Steve Gutterman


Then he's a kazakh liberal anti communist not a russian politician.
And I'm not even a tankie.


He is (or was at the time of the article) the head of the Federal Archive Agency of Russia. Bear in mind that he is defending the Soviet policies in that article, particularly against accusations of genocide.


Possible didn't even read the article when I read stevie kulak's name.
Gonna read soon and ask for an apology


I’ll physically re-educate you.

File: 1617659908919.jpg (18.14 KB, 800x450, nick-young-confused-face-3….jpg)


I need some help. When it comes to unemployment, and welfare and things of the sorts all you ever here is /pol and other conservatards say shit like "Goshdarn naggers, wimenz and non-whites don't work and get all muh hard earned monez." But, is any of that true? And how much does it matter if the govt is pissing away money and resources on far more frivolous shit that reactionaries are eager to support. Last I remember, white americans are actually the bulk of welfare recipients, which I told a pol tard once and they replied per capita. Which, I don't see what difference that makes. Also as black dude in my thirties I've worked my whole adult like, often a lot harder than other people and witnessed plenty of non-whites out pacing and out doing white americans.
>in b4 idpol.
Lets please not be weak and pathetic cowards here. I'm just looking for some answers is all.
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Sorry. Middle reply wasn't supposed to be a question.


Stupidpol is liberal as fuck, everyone there is college educated and lgbt threads always gets hundreds of replies. Tons of radfems too since their subs got banned. Dont be confused by the boomer tier racism


It's just full of midwits who want to have an opinion on something and the culture war (anti or pro) is an easy thing to have an opinion on.


>Thanks, fam. But that ships sailed long ago.
Has it? Most nations have considerable social welfare.


Sorry, I'm an idiot. I meant that reply for >>154625

File: 1617505646744.png (109.78 KB, 1200x1096, 1200px-Polish_Bund_logo,_1….png)


Lately on tik tok (i downloaded it after pressure for my sister I am not that Gen z) there is a heavy discussion on whether soviet union was oppressive or even genocidal against Jewish people, now of course i take no claims like that seriously but i am asking here for takes on the issue.
I know the eastern block had antisemitism problems (Poland) but i don't think it spread to the ussr outside of anti religious sentiment
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Stalin straight-up supported the formation of the state of Israel.


File: 1617655707949.jpg (164.14 KB, 960x768, l711lyp59fb61.jpg)

I want to fuck the catgirl




>Lately on tik tok there is a heavy discussion on whether soviet union was oppressive or even genocidal against Jewish people
What the fuck


I prefer catboys tbh

File: 1617316993608.jpg (4.04 MB, 2016x1824, 1519139803447.jpg)

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The neoluddite tendencies kind of make me want to hide my general interests in various sorts of scientific technologies. Whenever I talk about 3d printing, hydroponics, or shit even just old tech some zoomer always comes in to tell me I'm cringe and that we need to "return to monkee"
This shit is so old.
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I think this Luddite is a Barracks Communist.


File: 1617655996202.jpg (228.87 KB, 2400x1349, 58uv31t7us121.jpg)

>Be me
>Want to accelerate the advance of technology to bring an end to scarcity
>Capitalism requires scarcity, and will thus create patents for better tech so that we bow to corporate overlords who hold a monopoly on the technology


>capitalism requires scarcity
Anti Marxist nonsense.


It requires a scarcity of MoP, at the very least. If everyone has their own, there is little need to sell labor when commodities could instead be traded, possibly with the assistance of informal social credit.


Yes, I work at a factory right now, I've worked at six different ones now, to which I liked or disliked to varying degrees and have seen production run quite differently at times. Some were quite unpleasant, some have been OK or even good.

File: 1617444010555.jpg (772.41 KB, 2285x632, 16209a9dd1f1db7c7f013d7080….jpg)


We are running out of time to not end with barbarism (followed by extinction) for this world. Yet, communists are still too irrellevant to do anything against capital. I'm not even a third worldist, since also there communist movements are too weak. Why is there nothing in Africa, the most exploited continent on Earth? India also doesn't look like a coming revolution.
Even looking at history, where communist movements have been much bigger and stronger in the west, they weren't successfull. Now, the ruling bourgeoisie has more means to suppress it with propaganda, historical revisionism, subversion, infiltration, sabotage and direct state violence, while we are smaller and weaker than in the past.
I'm still relatively new to this by just being a zoomer activist for about two years, but I already feel burned out from utter frustration. There was some potential with the climate movement for further radicalisation, but this has also been too small since the beginning and had no significant growth since it started. Corona just basically pushed it into irrelevance, made liberals become full on impossible to radicalise, which proceeded to continue bootlicking the government again and "democracy" to voot problems away. The complete failure of western governments to handle the Corona crisis, has not made socialist radicalisation possible either, since people tend to just become reactionary Covid deniers instead, where law enforcement doesn't prosecute them for breaking the law either, but outright walk with them in support instead (which the latter was to be expected but still).

Maybe, I'm just doomin' like Lenin used to at the beginning of WW1, but I don't see how any coming worsening material conditions for proles could possibly break the majority of them out of their capitalist realism, be it in the imperialist core or in the hyper-exploited world.

This is truly the worst timeline. Are we really doomed?
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>But if you're really that fucking impatient, 1905 will come when America's Battle of Tsushima comes.
>The more America keeps waging war, the closer it gets to the brink.
America has only waged war with substantially weaker countries in far-off lands since the end of WWII, so it doesn't seem likely that this would happen anytime soon. Also, even if it did, there's no guarantee that people would turn to socialism in response.

>Building section tensions in the US
<America won't survive the 19th century!
>Civil War takes off
<America won't survive the 19th century!
>Long Depression starts
<America won't survive the 19th century!
>Great Depression starts
<America won't survive the 20th century!
>Cold War starts
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>constantly glowing Okhrana


Reminds me of all the shit saying that China will collapse any day now. It’s the funniest shit.




>The soviets conquered russia with only around 8% of the population's support.
According to voting into the Constituent Assembly, bolsheviks had around 25% support, coming second behind SRs with around 40% support. While slightly less than 50% of eligible voters casted their votes it still shows that ideas of socialism in Russia was quite the popular one.

File: 1617646385112.jpeg (875.08 KB, 3000x1980, 0FE0190C-12A6-49E3-8113-5….jpeg)


If capitalism revolutionized the old way of knowing the world that existed before capitalism then proletarian science will uncover what bourgeois science does not know, therefore is the Big Bang Theory wrong?
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Lysenko was ridiculed in the 60's soviet union after normal, scientifically correct agronomy became the norm. We must learn from the past rather than fall into the exact same pitfalls over and over again for ideological "purity" that won't even aid the revolution.
We do not need to reinvent the wheel just because the capitalists got to it first. If bourgeoise science and innovation is useful for the worker's state, it can and should be used. If the science is done right, it does not matter who was doing it. That is how science works, it seeks to uncover the truth about the world; things that are true regardless of what material conditions exist behind its discovery.


File: 1617655880853.gif (42.77 KB, 2034x1491, 1616566787559.gif)

They were revisionists.


Truth is something purely bourgeois based on the bourgeois philosophical search for “truth”. Which is a purely ideal end, as idealistic as any bourgeois science or philosophy. Proletarian science and truth is a different truth and science to the bourgeois science, not only quantitatively but qualitatively; there is no similarity between the two. Proletarian science is based on pragmatic simple realities, not bourgeois cosmology or bourgeois physics or bourgeois philosophy. Proletarian pragmatism doesn’t concern itself with complex systems, just simple pragmatic things.


>The sky is blue

<Nooo, noo, the sky is red that's bourgeoisie science.

Would you retards shut the fuck up already? You have nothing of value to say you are just regurgitating fecal matter out of your mouth.


Moved to >>>/b/25736.

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