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File: 1654318813744-0.jpg (66.95 KB, 1080x1080, decolonize russia.jpg)

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This rhetoric is already being used by the imperialists. I've already seen crypto-glows trying to critique the Soviet Union for maintaining the old territories of the Russian Empire instead of splitting into a million woke ethno-states, and of course they fantasize about turning every region in China outside Beijing into it's own ethnic micro-state. All this modern "decolonialism" and Sakaioid crap has done is prime the pump for new imperialist conflict, ironically enough.
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No ethnicity has any coherent definition, but you know one when you see one


Calling white people "demonic" is a moral category that the NOI uses.

White supremacy is a material relation tho. It deals with how resources and power are distributed and the systems that do that.


You're retarded. The black "scabs" were forced to work at gunpoint and whitoids still blamed them.


What's the Sakoid line on race mixing?


The crocodile tears over colonization of America is peak American narcissism. Balkans were colonized multiple times (ethnic cleansing included) but you won't see fucking NGO glowie shits weeping about it. In many cases it's more recent history than colonization in America too.

File: 1655329641664.jpg (23.95 KB, 400x400, thonkingdepply.JPG)


From what I know, he’s a leftist who praises Richard Nixon, speaks the truth on 9/11 and calls attention to the truth behind JFK’s assassination. I don’t think he’s much of a socialist/communist ideologue as much as he is just someone who points out the corruption of American politics and glowops.
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>Praises Richard Nixon
Explain this.


It's a great troll. It's be perfect if not for what he did in Cambodia.


Legitimately based. Such a shame about the podcast.


whats with the podcast


File: 1655469322670.jpg (250.15 KB, 1661x1248, 60ac1f0156e0d.image.jpg)

No you idiot, that's the Beatles guy.

File: 1652668934948.png (115.37 KB, 252x368, ClipboardImage.png)


people say deng xiaoping was terrible. That he was somehow this evil capitalist force that ruined communism. I say no to that the worst motherfucker that ruined socialism in the east was mao himself. He and his literal peasent nationalism singlehandley corrupted eastern socialism into that godawful mess that either lead to dengism or fucking gonzalo shit

wang ming was way better than mao since wang ming WAS AN ACTUAL MARXIST LENINIST
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They needed Mao's tactics and strategies. Not his party line. new democracy was the sham foundation that made Deng and Zhou.


>They needed Mao's tactics and strategies. Not his party line.
They're inseperable if you understand his idea of dialectics, which is more correct than not


That doesn't invalidate the fact that Deng is a fag and his followers are revisionists.


Peasants were the largest force, if anything the concessions were to the bourgeoisie.


The big problem with that line of logic is that the CPC was a huge party with thousands of members. Mao wasn't a one man army general like his cult would want you to think. Lin Biao and co was also instrumental in victory.
Of course. But Mao was his creator in the first place. Mao basically dumped all his credibility in the dirt with the GLF and the CR.

File: 1655400146583.png (127.43 KB, 1200x800, 1200x0-1606334173.png)


Tunisian general strike to cancel international flights, and halt land and sea transportation
The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) said the action would take place on Thursday 16 June, and would include 15 transportation companies and the cancellation of 49 flights. The union's statement said that state-owned companies' employees should not cross the picket line, in protest against President Kais Saied's decision to freeze wages as part of the government deal to secure a $4bn loan from the International Monetary Fund. The UGTT said in a statement that "no one can deny the unprecedented deterioration in the social situation of wage earners of all kinds". It added that the strike comes "in light of low wages, the high cost of living, the deterioration of purchasing power, the decline in social services, the high tax burden, the rampant monopoly and smuggling, and the increase in unemployment among the children of wage earners and needy and marginalised families".

Armed men rape nurse at gunpoint and attack teachers in South Kordofa=
Multiple witnesses reported to Radio Dabanga, that three other incidents of rape had occurred since December 2021, including one in the same district in Abbasiya last December, and another in Tab El Zarafa village this January.

Uganda's opposition figure denied bail for leading inflation protests
Kizza Besigye, 66, was detained on Tuesday as he led a protest against in downtown Kampala, the capital, only days after he was freed from jail, where he had spent nearly two weeks on similar charges. On Tuesday, he was charged with "incitement to violence" for his alleged role in galvanising protests against high prices, which authorities say were held without permission.
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Yes anon, it's very based that their standing up to Islamic hardliners cutting social safety nets that have kept people afloat in these hard times. Even more based is how they have not allowed outsiders to influence their movement while fighting for better conditions.


>The ex-minister, hailing from one of the most anti-West and unaccommodating sectors of Iran's conservative camp, had also faced backlash over controversial remarks, including his absolute rejection of the concept of foreign investment into Iran

>protests against the Raisi government. have gathered pace from other walks of life, including teachers, bus drivers, industrial laborers and even businesspersons in the upper middle class


Wtf glowiebros, why dont these evil authoritarians beg for western economic penetration???


What does his protectionism have to due with the protests? The people have clearly stated they wanted him and the conservatives out because of the austerity policies being put in place.
>"The incompetent minister must resign," Iranian retirees have recently been heard shouting at Abdolmaleki. The pensioners accuse him of refusing to adapt their payments to the untamed inflation.
The hardliners are ignoring the impact of US sanctions and cutting socials safety nets that the average Iranian needs to survive.
Anti imperialism should not be an excuse to ignore the real attacks on proletarians and their families in places like Iran. To brush these protests off as glowie infiltrators is to ignore the workers and abandon what makes us leftists. At that point we are just conservatives.


if protests against your government are gaining traction with both proles and the national bourgeoisie you fucked up.


Thanks News Anon



To what extent should leftists form a united front with political conservatives on the subject of anti-imperialism and opposing war? Ending proxy wars and fighting the dominance of the American security state seems far more important than haggling over minor domestic reforms. And there's always been a minority of American conservatives (e.g. paleocons, libertarians) willing to criticize empire and demand that the troops be kept at home.

I know socialists have usually had their own anti-war movements but given how bloodthirsty liberals, progressives and anarchists are becoming over shit like Ukraine it looks less and less likely that the 'mainstream left' can effectively oppose imperialism. Whereas principled support for an anti-war conservative might restrain the US killing machine long enough for the international left to make gains elsewhere in the world.
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Anyone like this who gets close enough to power either won't get into power or they'll end up conforming to it. See Trump saying anti-war things to get elected but then ramping up the U.S. military budget, further pushing the U.S. down a belligerent path with China, beginning direct arms transfers to Ukraine and assassinating Soleimani with a drone. And this whole time he was being praised by some people as "anti-war."

The ability to do much about it is fairly limited, I think… but if an anti-war conservative or libertarian in Congress votes in such a way, I won't stop them. Or if there's an anti-war demonstration, and one of them shows up, I'm not going to kick them out. There have been some very small anti-NATO demos in the U.S. recently but those have been organized by communist and peace orgs.


They’re anti-war because it’s Biden’s war, and they can begin to smell blood in the water. Gas prices, inflation, rate hikes, UKR losses, the situation starts to look bad. And the enemy is Russia, who are white. Nobody buys that shit about them being Asiatics in the US. In Europe, perhaps. But here they are white. “That’s on period.”

What would Trump have done? Would the invasion still happen? I don’t know. But it’s going to take a lot to convince me that the American right has an anti-war principle, rather than sees an opportunity to exploit dissatisfaction with the consequences of war.

They won’t be, and aren’t, anti-war when it comes to China. Because they aren’t principally against imperialism or war. They are against China, in principle. They are for American hegemony, in principle, despite being annoyed that it’s gay. There are people on the left who share those two principles, and maybe there can be a bridge between this group and the right.


>but don't count on any conservative politician who will get elected to actually pull out the troops. material interests take precendence over electoral promises.

Biden did it! He pulled out of Afghanistan. And then, bizarrely, his party credited Trump with doing that and also let Biden take a massive hit by generating a massive, transparently cynical media clusterfuck over it! People barely even remember it now, but the damage to his rep was severe.

Afterwards, Biden punished Afghanistan incredibly hard. Food scarcity is extreme and painful there now. What about the women and girls, now?


There was something Gramsci said about how socialists in Italy were too stupidly anti-religious, and while he wasn't religious, the majority of people were and there were farm boys getting massacred in the Alps and so socialists should work with them to stop the war, while plenty of bourgeois atheists were interventionists (note Mussolini was also pro-war) while making fun of priests and also being anti-socialist. Take that for what it's worth.

I think one of the divisions in the ruling class is whether there should be regime change in Russia to help contain China down the road, or whether there should be some kind of deal with Russia as it is, but for the same purpose. Neither side here are our friends, and neither outcome seems particularly likely to happen. There might be some rightists who don't want the U.S. to careen into a war with China but it might be better to have an approach to them that's like "you're a communist who just doesn't know it yet" but I dunno


I would say that you 'work with' conservatives until the proxy war ends, but the tide is already turning on the war and it won't last through the midterms imo.


Bolivian ex-president Jeanine Anez gets 10 years in prison for coup
A Bolivian court found former President Jeanine Anez guilty on Friday of orchestrating a coup that brought her to power during a 2019 political crisis. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. An former military commander and ex-police general were also convicted.

Dominican Republic Agrees to Regularize Haitian Migrants
On Thursday, President Luis Abinader and Haiti's Prime Minister Ariel Henry agreed to regularize the situation of undocumented Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic. To this end, they decided to revitalize the Haitian-Dominican Mixed Commission.

Colombia’s ELN guerrillas deny kidnapping presidential candidate’s daughter
Guerilla group ELN denied involvement in the 2004 disappearance of the daughter of one of Colombia’s presidential candidates. The runner-up in the May 29 first round of elections, Rodolfo Hernandez, mentioned the kidnapping of his adopted daughter several times during the campaign. According to the liberal demagogue, his daughter Juliana disappeared in 2004 while traveling to the rebel-controlled Catatumbo region in northwest Colombia.

South African communist Amos Mbedzi, who fought apartheid, dies a martyr for liberation of Swaziland
Communists and pro-democracy activists across Swaziland and South Africa are mourning the death of Amos Mbulaheni Mbedzi, a South African communist revolutionary who fought against the apartheid regime. He died on Tuesday, June 7, in the city of Polokwane, capital of South Africa’s Limpopo province. He had been serving a prison term in SwPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>. Because it's like the prosecuton is setting themselves up to failure.
How so?


22 dead people are 22 too many.

But still, I'd love to see the reasoning that it was genocide. Because if it wasn't, then it wasn't so bad that the prosecutor first stated, no?


>I ARTICLE 138.- (GENOCIDIO) : The one that with purpose of destroying total or partially a national, ethnic or religious group, will give death or cause injuries to the members of the group, or will put under them conditions of cruel subsistence, or will impose on them measures destined to impede their reproduction, or will carry out with violence the displacement of children or adults to other groups, will be sanctioned with military prison for ten to twenty years. In the same sanction will be incured the direct or indirect authors, or others guilty direct of bloody massacres in the country.


<quoting article 138
Ok, but why isn't ALL killings of someone outside your own national, ethnic or religious group are genocide? Hell, even CAUSING INJURIES is considered genocie.


> Bolivian ex-president Jeanine Anez gets 10 years in prison for coup


What is the /leftypol/ opinion on the US founding fathers? Progressive bourgeois revolutionaries? Or slaveowning, native genociding patricians? Anti colonialists? or eternal anglos?

What is the actual, materialist take on the US "Founding Father" revolutionaries? And why is there a pseudo-religious deification of them in the US, making their writings co-equal to scripture?
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Jefferson was also one of the nost explicitly genocidal and settler-colonial founding fathers and really pushed for west-ward expansion


>There's no evidence to suggest that America remaining British would have prevented it
The historical evidence is that they did so historically, explicitly because they did not find a settler colonial project in their interest when thry allready had the east coast.


bro putting aside the fact that it's easy to free your slaves and give them the land and resources, thomas jefferson was an enthusiastic fucking planter if there ever was one. he was obsessed with pimping out his plantation manor and wanted to be remembered for it


The "Founding Fathers" were a group of slaveholders and wealthy merchants who wanted to maintain the political and economic privileges they had garnered for themselves and had come under threat from lower autonomy in the colonies and greater involvement from the British government. The "American Revolution" was a conservative revolution. There is no need to justify them as being products of their time or revolutionary for their day, because their day was the day of the French Revolution which would occur just a little over a decade after and would prove to be a genuinely revolutionary movement, dispelling any idea that the conservatism of the "American Revolution" was was actually radical in 1776.


Latifundio-owning oligarchs just like the Ciceros of Rome.

File: 1655343620119.png (2.16 MB, 1440x810, ClipboardImage.png)


Type 03 Aircraft Carrier drydock just flooded, hopefully mutts can keep their stench out of Asia now
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>Anti-Chinese racism was encouraged and amplified throughout Asia during the Cold War as an anti-communist weapon.
The only Asians I know of who have problems with Chinese people are the Vietnamese, and I doubt it took much of a psyop to bring them around to that line of thought.


>modern flaccid leftists venerating (building personality cults) around figures and states?
So, trotskyists.


As well as the Stalinoids that despise them and basically try to pump themselves up by pretending the USSR still exists
It’ll never not be funny watching western trotoids try to take credit for the things Trotsky did and western Stalinoids try to take credit for the things the USSR did



File: 1655397321170.png (192.23 KB, 534x468, glowNATO.png)

File: 1655317884746.png (305.15 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)


recommended readinging to learn about the IMF and the world bank? They're the financial arm of US imperialism and power projection into the third world. They force structural adjustment programs and high interest loans and labor discipline and austerity and resource extraction onto the 3rd world through soft power, but I wanna know the deets
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EU is a different beast, one that is still alive I guess


they also recently fucked ecuador my friend (granted it's not like Mor*no needed any help with that), the IMF is alive and well with all its austerity-jacked tendrils


Maybe this?


File: 1655394535934.png (149.57 KB, 769x918, ClipboardImage.png)

In 2019, when the US-backed coup in Bolivia occurred, Anez IMMEDIATELY took out a 350 million dollar IMF loan that came with structural adjustment demands. This would have eroded Bolivian's social programs, and turned Bolivia's sources of Lithium into fodder for foreign capital. Anez thankfully was jailed and the loan was canceled when Arce came to power. The IMF is still being used to do imperialism. Anez was in power for only one year and Bolivia had already paid millions in interest on that loan. The interest on IMF loans and the structural adjustments demanded in the terms of these loans are a way for imperialist capitalist nations to hollow out nations in the periphery and turn them into debt peons. This is not "irrelevant" at all.


thanks anon

File: 1655354596883.png (237.71 KB, 386x257, ClipboardImage.png)


Why do these massive shitholes have 325 nuclear warheads while the entire continents of Africa and Latin America don't have a single one?

I thought the whole point was keeping the third world unarmed. South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Libya, all had nuclear programmes at some point but the CIA made sure to dismantle them. Even firstoid countries like Spain and Japan got the CIA treatment. What went different? Do they just wanna let them destroy each other for the keks? Also Pakistan has been comfying up to China and they seemingly don't care
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Not gonna happen anon
<Latam, free of nukes since 1967!


Those are the states that need nukes the most. Other than maybe Palestine.


India is a major ally of the west in the area.

do you know what an imageboard is for?




the subcontinent is a geopolitical nightmare thanks to how countries were partitioned out. india probably should not be as big as it is and tends to be imperialistic and touchy over border provinces like kashmir and the bengal, which leads to irrational tensions with pakistan which borders those places (or at least used to in the case of bengal)

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