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Yes a thread dedicated to discussing the political and social phenomenon known as Fascism. Right deviations from communism are welcome, I'm looking at you Bukharinists!
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>Do you not understand that the purposes of armies are for ATTACK?
Interesting assertion. I'd counter that many are evidently for defense with no foreseeable application in foreign conflict. Think places like Cuba. Swiss may be debatable because I don't know if 'peacekeeping' or other joint operations qualifies as maintaining occupation, which seems comparable to attack.



What are your thoughts on the following documents, and their contents, with respect to their contrast with actual policy during fascist rule?
The Manifesto of the Italian Fasces of Combat (published but not authored by ᴉuᴉlossnW in 1919)
National Socialist Program (adapted/created by four DAP members including Hitler, remaining their official policy) yeah NotSocs count, deal with it


>not my pic.
yeah i know dumbass. in what world does reddit like stalin? In what world does a sincere leftypol poster tell someone to "go back to reddit" for liking stalin? what the fuck?


Lenin did not take money and do the bidding of german intelligence he only accepted a train ride back to Russia. Free transportation is not the same as Mussolini writing articles for years being subsidized by the British because they wanted him to destroy the Italian left.
>Subsidize industry
There was no development. That's the point. Mussolini behaved like any conservative when in government - sell off everything to the private sector and expect le invisible hand to do the work.
>How many peasants were killed
Unknown because unlike with the USSR western intelligence agencies did not feel the need to trumpet anything bad going on in Fascist states until they fought each other whereupon the West merely said "uhhh killing jews is bad I guess" and completely ignored everything Fascists did before then. They also turned a blind eye to Franco and let him kill plenty simply because he stayed out of WW2.
>Primitive accumulation
This implies there was no accumulation before Mussolini. There was accumulation during both periods but during the pre-Mussolini period thanks to socialist parties, wages increased and exploitation was lessened. How do you explain the reconcile the discrepancy between what Mussolini promised and what he actually carried out (sucking the cock of the rich)? Either you claim that you are the "true fascist" and wouldn't do the same thing or you resort to retarded coping measures to try to wave it all away unconvincingly just like you are doing now.

You do not possess even an elementary defense of Fascist economies because they are indefensible.


No. Fascism is a separate coherent ideology in itself. Read Zeev Sternhell

File: 1668404938997-0.png (34.15 KB, 800x1200, theory.png)

File: 1668404938997-1.png (45.91 KB, 800x1200, theory.png)

File: 1668404938997-2.png (46.34 KB, 800x1200, theory.png)

File: 1668404938997-3.png (45.91 KB, 800x1200, theory.png)

File: 1668404938997-4.png (34.15 KB, 800x1200, theory.png)


I see a lot of reading lists for ideologies, or even specific philosophers/economists.

I don't see any praxis-oriented learning lists. Near-term achievable goals and how to improve at them. A supplement to practice.

Let's construct some actually useful reading lists that focus on skills and organizing.
We can start with choosing which themes we'd like to see. Some example proposals:
>Workplace Organization learning list (e.g. AEIOU)
>Radicalizing Others learning list (e.g. charisma, rhetoric, social strategies, collaboration with confederates)
>Building Communities learning lists (e.g. mutual aid, how to re-couple politics and society, regaining relevancy, creating environments to radicalize others)

I'm happy to organize a `git` repository to collaboratively organize these lists and host books/etc.

>inb4 use the reading sticky

>inb4 use /edu/
This is intended to be a short-term, broad thread to brainstorm and decide goals. Once we have some specific lists we wish to create, longer focused /edu/ threads become useful.
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Well, you're the only one who has replied so unless I hear something else by Monday then you're in luck. Good picks.


Maybe you should specify what kind of reading list you want then, you enourmous bunch of losers, rather than naming fucking nothing aside from extremely specific and useless "uuuuuuuuuuh yeah maybe something about the black panthenther lunch program, idk im not gonna google it lmao".

Fucking hell. If you're this retarded and have absolutely no idea what you even want to know, how about you start actually trying activism IRL first? It will show you what areas you actually need info on, rather than saying you want to know what laundary detergent mao used in 1933.


unironically based


lmao how are you even getting angry about this?

This is straight-up hilarious, like that crazy guy who made an passionate 20 minute diss rap against Kermit the bitch-ass Frog.

File: 1669344090493.jpg (1.27 MB, 4389x3292, headache.jpg)



Explain in plain language or send me the most verbose readings that you can.
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>A mass line is a line with lots of mass and gravitational pull caused by linear magnetics. Demcent is short for Demos Centurion meaning common soldier, Demos being Greek for commoner. A centurion is a rank in the Roman army. Commandism is short for Communication Mandism which means communication dynamics between Man. Tailism is a genetic disease where a person is born with an animal tail. Workerism is a fake word, no meaning.


and thanks to you two as well


all buzzwords to distract you from totalitarianism


I offer to /leftypol/ a rough and incomplete translation of "Manifeste conspirationniste", anonymously published in France by followers of Tiqqun/Invisible Committee/Appelistes. I have indicated where the translation cuts off at various points and included some notes. Maybe someone else can finish it. Have a good day.
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I ain't clicking that shit nippa


If you read the whole paragraph, it's about how to fight the cybernetic loops of societies of control. It's presented as a two step process where you first need to create arbitrary attachment points for your inputs and outputs and then detach from the old ones. I guess the cumming part is just them being french.


>Firstly: I cum perversely.
this could be a cannibal corpse lyrics



OP here. Bumping and again recommending engagement of the site's userbase with this book and requesting aid in the final translation. I was working from a pdf attached below and was too lazy to type out the text from the pages with photos. I may do this over the holidays and bring back a full translation. I wish everyone, including detractors, well. The existential nihilism gets worse by the hour these days.
There's my ugly plaintext version. Sorry I couldn't do better.
Here is the english https://illwill.com/communique-n-0

They are clearly not critiquing the book at all

"The recent publication of a truly anonymous book, the Conspiracist Manifesto, perfectly unacceptable to its epoch, has provided the occasion for a remarkable campaign of revenge on the part of all those who long felt humiliated by the "successes" of the Invisible Committee to date. The signal for this public lynching was given to L'Express on the basis of "information" emanating from the police — sloppy detective work that was followed by the interception and destruction of correspondence from a "prestigious" Parisian publisher, a snoop work that it would not be hard to attribute, once again, to the DGSI (General Directorate for Internal Security). The journalistic flunkies bravely followed suit, without any memory of how little success they’d previously had in howling with the wolves against the Invisible Committee. At the climax of their campaign, they boasted that they understood nothing of the Manifesto, but not without first complaining that the book was too informed in too many areas to contradict it — poor guys!"

File: 1668640095173.png (82.59 KB, 259x194, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.1270535[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

fascism to communism
liberalism to communism
anarchism to communism
social democracy to communism
conservative liberalism to communism
libertarianism to communism
and etc
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It's obviously social democracy to communism. The two biggest revolutions (October Revolution and Chinese Communist Revolution) happened after socdem revolutions (February Revolution and 1911 Revolution)

Reject accelerationism, embrace gradualism.


the working week has been stuck at 40 hours for a century now. Gradualism has failed with the introduction of monetary hegemony and neoliberalism.


That's the point, when people get frustrated with reformism they will call for revolution.


id sooner bet on automation pushing us into communism that people being fed up with the democratic party.


social democracy to communism is definitely common in the periphery, but in the imperial core it's usually socdem to fascist


So I was looking at the Wikipedia-article on homonationalism. And this is what piqued my interest:


<In Terrorist Assemblages, Puar writes that "sexual deviance is linked to the process of discerning, othering, and quarantining terrorist bodies, but these racially and sexually perverse figures also labor in the service of disciplining and normalizing subjects worthy of rehabilitation away from these bodies, in other words, signaling and enforcing the mandatory terms of patriotism" (2007, p. 38). Puar claims that the binary reinforced by the othering involved in the War on Terror together with the othering of LGBT bodies "has rehabilitated some—clearly not all or most—lesbians, gays, and queers to U.S. national citizenship within a spatial-temporal domain I am invoking as 'homonationalism', short for 'homonormative nationalism.'"

And this is not the first time I've read a text that uses "bodies" when "persons" should suffice. So why? How did this start?
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>Sounds like a bunch of idle wankery.
Yes, but without the fun things as tasteful salons, comfy ottomans and powdered wigs.


Also it isnt new. Ever hear someone say "everyperson" and "anyperson"? No, it's "everybody" and "anybody"


>Also it isnt new. Ever hear someone say "everyperson" and "anyperson"? No, it's "everybody" and "anybody"
Yes, but not in this context…




I prefer 'everypony'.

File: 1668436237351.jpeg (303.53 KB, 1400x933, rightoid_billionaires.jpeg)

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>Twitter burning and going bankrupt
>Meta laying off employees
>People (esp zoomers) getting bored of social media besides tiktok

Is the "social media" era ending? are people finally getting bored of all this tech and realizing its not "connecting the world" but literally just connecting advertisers to you.
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File: 1669191001004.jpg (Spoiler Image, 366.74 KB, 600x2447, YmsZ_E03hBxURrFIPmfjn6EkC4….jpg)

Rip Mastodon, pic not related


tell that to the people unironically supporting this line of thinking


Mastodon 3 million active users on the official joinmastodon.org/servers list by December 1st.

I just can't empathise with professional truckers who play trucking simulators.


Yeah well they ain't here.


no-one does. you are describing no-one.
just admit you didn't get the joke. it's ok mate, fr.


Solidarity pours in for workers of McDonald’s in Serbia
Masina reported that in the press conference, three long-time workers of McDonald’s outlets detailed their grievances including low wages, poor working conditions, long shifts, constant transfers, insults and abuses. Jonathan Johanson, campaign coordinator from IUF, said that “Workers from this industry – with a workforce of 12 million people – talk about terrible working conditions in almost all countries, and McDonald’s – a major employer in the sector – constantly increases the value of its shares, but does not share the profits that the workers generate with them.”

Germany to criminalize denying war crimes, genocide
Alleged war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine. Genocide of the Yazidi. Human rights violations against Uyghurs in China. The list of atrocities in conflicts around the world is long. Yet time and again, some people downplay or deny these crimes ever happened. Lawmakers in Germany no longer want to tolerate this state of affairs and want to make such statements punishable by law if they are used to stir up hatred or disturb the public peace. The lower chamber of German parliament, the Bundestag, voted for an amendment at the end of October, and on Friday, it is set to pass in the Bundesrat, the upper chamber which represents the state governments. The approval, denial, and "gross trivialization" of war crimes and instances of genocide will now fall under the criminal offense of "incitement of the people" in a newly created Paragraph 5 of Section 130.

Spanish right launch sexist attacks on equality minister over consent law
The law, introduced by Spain’s Socialist-led coalition government after the fury and revulsion that followed the so-called “wolfpack” gang-rape in Pamplona six years ago, made sexual consent a key factor in sexual assault cases. But it also revised the scope of potential minimum and maximum prison sentences, inadvePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>denying the uyghur genocide is illegal in Germany
Freedom of speech guys.


Multipolarism in action guys


This far removed, I feel like it can be difficult to understand just how much of a stain the Nazis are on German history. They probably feel like they have to put as much as they can into it not happening again.


>Germany to criminalize denying war crimes, genocide
>Alleged war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine.
The Bucha war crimes were almost certainly committed by Ukrainians as revenge killings against those Ukrainians that were working with the Russian forces. If they criminalize that, virtually the entire mass-media strata, would become liable for denying that. It is very likely that everybody who (probably falsely) attributed these to Russia is a war-crime denier.
The Bandera Nazis were in the process of committing genocide against the Donbass-Ukrainians in Luhansk and Donetsk. There is so much denial about that as well.
>Human rights violations against Uyghurs in China.
Starting with the CIA attempting to abuse a Chinese demographic as tool for geo-political secessionist aims. So many people will go into the denial box for that.
>The list of atrocities in conflicts around the world is long
Yes for example every Zionist has to go into the denial box regarding the brutalization of Palestinians.
All the liberals that support the fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian mantra, into the atrocity box they go.
Everybody who supports sanctions that harm civilians, bam atrocities.
Almost every argument that isn't rooted in anti-imperialism is supporting some kind of atrocities.

>Lawmakers in Germany no longer want to tolerate this state of affairs and want to make such statements punishable by law if they are used to stir up hatred or disturb the public peace.

Considering how much hatred against Russians the mainstream media war-propaganda has caused, it's astonishing they go for that.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>This far removed, I feel like it can be difficult to understand just how much of a stain the Nazis are on German history. They probably feel like they have to put as much as they can into it not happening again.
That is true Germany has different sensibilities in that regard.

Obviously the initial media claims of the Chinese state sending 2 million Uyghurs into NAZI style extermination or concentration camps was wrong. The media admitted as much and changed the accusation to "cultural genocide". (I have no idea what that means). I have seen somewhat credible indications that the Chinese state forced a large number of people to go to vocational training facilities. Forcing grown-ups into what amounts to a boarding school that is definitely overstepping boundaries. If you contrast it what the US did to Muslims during the "war on terror" campaigns in the middle east, or the abuses in the enormously huge US private prison system. That seems like it's worse, do we call those things a type of genocide too ? And everybody who doesn't agree with that criticism a genocide denier ?

I can get why there is a hard stance against holocaust-denial, but non of the events in question come even remotely close to this. There is a danger of eroding the severity of that historic memory by making these conceptual links.

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post examples of Wikipedia glowing

* glowie rhetoric/rightoid cope on the talk pages
* sus revision histories
* bizarre rightoid editors
* right wing articles with no leftist counterpart

archive: https://archive.ph/wip/mJOh6
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Documents show Facebook and Twitter closely collaborating w/ Dept of Homeland Security, FBI to police “disinfo.” Plans to expand censorship on topics like withdrawal from Afghanistan, origins of COVID, info that undermines trust in financial institutions.- TheIntercept



Not enough people are talking about this. It’s absurd.


that's more of an FBI thing. read the terror factory by trevor aaronson




File: 1669329078001.jpeg (148.71 KB, 1080x1071, aSOY.jpeg)

bump. more comrades should register accounts on WP. shit has gotten worse with liberals soyfacing over Ukraine. if you point out the connection between Ukrainian fascists today with those of the past then you will be sanctioned

File: 1669324151617.jpg (113.33 KB, 705x900, grant.jpg)


What explains why how we went from 1950's conservativism to extreme liberalism being the mainstream in the media, culture, academia, and really almost all areas of society? I don't understand how this happened and so quickly? What are your guys theories?
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It's a lot easier to maintain capitalism if communists can't just recruit 10 percent of the population with ease just because they like to fuck guys in the ass. Or to maintain capitalism when the black ghettos don't see their only ways of liberation to be extremely violent uprisings.


Liberalism is more amenable to the expansion of markets. Under conservatism, everyone is the same white bread type, with only one religion. With liberalism you can sell to that demographic and all the other subcultures and groups. Diversity and the like is just a way to multiply and refine ever more particularized and niche markets.


>Hipsterism is the inevitable end result of late stage advanced capitalism.
A English poet and beatnik Jeff Nuttall wrote a book Bomb Culture, on 1950s counter culture. It's been years since I read it but IMS it covered things like CND/the Aldermaston marches, but also some more obscure stuff like ton up boys and lurid public interest in the Moors Murderers.
In an interview he seemed to suggest '66-' 67 was around when things got commodified:
<In Jonathon Green's Days In The Life: Voices From The English Underground (1988), Jeff recalled "a shift between 1966 and 1967 from poetry and art and jazz and anti-nuclear politics to just sex and drugs, the arrival of capitalism. The market saw that these revolutionaries could be put in a safe pen and given their consumer goods. What we misjudged was the power and complexity of the media, which dismantled the whole thing. It bought it up. And this happened in 67, just as it seemed that we'd won".


>from 1950's conservativism to extreme liberalism

<he still thinks liberalism isn't conservative

<he still thinks liberalism is when "not conservative"
<he still thinks conservative is when "not liberal"
<he doesn't understand revolution vs. reaction
<he doesn't understand that the mode of production hasn't changed since the 1950s
<he posted a black and white photo because he wishes people still wore expensive suits and went to church


File: 1669356953418.png (1009.7 KB, 700x663, fishers of men bait.png)

>it's another "why don't people still wear togas and make marble statues" thread

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