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Since I'm not interested in flooding the catalog with endless threads dedicated to urban planning, and how governments should handle human settlements I decided to make this general thread where I and anyone reading this can dump whatever ideas they want related to urbanization and city design in this thread
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urban settlements outside of just how theyre designed promote the following
atomization of every structure of society and every tool used, combination of settlements to form greater organizations of society, unity in the desire for capital, the rapid development in industrial and technological growth wether the adoption of modernization or through direct innovation


File: 1634183606366.jpg (5.36 KB, 225x225, IMG_0011.JPG)

On cell towers

As society becomes increasingly electrified and computer tech advances in more sectors of urbanization beyond as storage for information and mindless entertainment cell towers will be needed to maintain some form of control over this tech as society becomes increasingly wireless with the rise of 5G, remote controlled machinery and automation along with infrastructure that accommodates these productive machines, cell towers must be built larger more dense and more importantly will need to be designed in such a fashion that different signals can be controlled either automatically or manually for any individual person to accommodate the increasing needs of the collective


File: 1634225408467.jpg (411.95 KB, 870x489, IMG_0019.JPG)

Sometimes cities just feel like professionally built slums


File: 1634257180810.jpg (7.52 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg)

on the greater bay area

its not a city but a connection between cities
it needs to be profitable otherwise its gonna be a massive revenue sink for the chinese government

heres a list of things this project is gonna need in order for this project to not implode in on itself
>for once I suggest the chinese government not build cities densely, the problem with coastal cities compared to landlocked ones is that coastal cities cause flooding due to to much infrastructure more specifically large infrastructure like skyscrapers and high rises being built in such a small location leading to massive pressure and likewise shit starts sinking and water elevates, we already saw this happen in shanghai where flooding is so bad that water rises above the height of most chinese citizens, its likely this 70 million person city is gonna be heavily sprawled
>again profitability, governments arent exempt from the falling rate of profit and most cities cost as much as they due to run and likewise its easy to run into situations where megaprojects like this one can turn out to be an immediate waste of money and resources on release day or just a few years after theyre built, its a sort of its form looks cool but does it run cool type of situation
>there needs to be rail and I mean alot of it, although I mentioned that cities in this particular sector of china shouldnt be built to densely the problem is that the traffic in such a populated city is obviously gonna be obnoxiously bad and likewise road maintenance costs and simply put the amount of cars on the road in general is gonna be a pain in the ass not just for the government to fund but also for the risk of flooding, I suggest subway stations as a low pressure high density solution rather than conventional or elevated rail


File: 1634268580595.jpg (173.15 KB, 583x610, IMG_0007.JPG)

Saudi Arabia and America make me upset

I was looking through street view images of those countries and was unfortunately reminded that this entire planet can be considered 3rd world. Much of those countries aren’t composed of the massive metropolitan pillars of civilization you see in the media but rather towns and villages pretty much everywhere with the major cities being even more depressing when you realize it’s possible to find pictures of African cities and fool yourself into thinking they’re ones from these cities which not only upsets me at how much efficient infrastructure is developed but by how much modern infrastructure has actually developed not just in form but also in functions like connectivity with other buildings, plumbing radio tech etc. Most of the “urban” population of these settlements live in cities that aren’t fully developed or just straight up not developing and regressing into nothing something that can be observed in how much of Dubai is composed of megastructures that weren’t finished due to cut funding or how neighborhoods in New York have barely changed in aesthetics compared to the 1940s. The best cities on this planet are in Japan and Canada and that’s about it, the rest of the planet is just idk how to describe the situation a mixed of developed and underdeveloped regions all clustered together to make a state look wealthier than what it actually is while government incompetence diverts funding away from better and more infrastructure that can increase the living conditions and the population of urbanites but rather towards some of the dumbest shit you can think of. It’s really sad

File: 1634209957539.jpg (135.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


I just posted about a debt default scenario (i.e, USD goes plop, major economic fallout globally, American hegemony is likely dead as the US has to divert attention to internals to save the economy) in the stock market thread.

In such a case, the Chinese will probably become the premier economic power, and with cuts to American defense spending, within 10 years will become the premier global military power.

The nature of the world system and the designated hegemon now shifts.

Two questions:

First, will you be happy now that the US is fucked? If you're US-based, or even EU-based or even China-based, you'll be seeing massive economic damage in the process.

Second, will you switch sides and make China-bashing your new hobby now that Uncle Satan has been downed? It doesn't mean you've abandoned your socialist leanings, although quite a few people, given the fbi.gov in the United States, might go fascist because fash populism is attractive in a declining power, but will you be bashing China more now that it becomes the new global Big Bad?
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File: 1634226228691.jpg (117.57 KB, 880x885, hedgemonster.jpg)

>The nature of the world system and the designated hegemon now shifts.
Why does there have to be a hedgemon ?
why would china want to be hedgemon, as a regional power they become untouchable and won't need to deal with all the costs of maintaining an empire.



IIRC so did the Soviet Union. But the Soviets blinked, nukes weren't fired, the SU voted itself out of existence.



This is what I mean; the Chinese absolutely need the EU to be independent and not an American client / proxy. The United States / AUKUS / Quad / ABCA can sanction China all it wants, but as long as the EU maintains trade ties with China, the sanctions don't have effect.

As long as China still has market access to the EU, the American attempt to contain China will fail.


China vs the US as major hegemon is a timing issue / race condition. As long as the US doesn't zerg rush China between now and 2030, China will reach economic parity and be within 5 years of technological parity by 2030.

This implies the breakdown of the American World System as the United States, first, no longer has the ability to exert its will unchallenged, and second, it's no longer even the biggest consumer market.

Read stuff like American Tianxia. The United States' place in the World System is that it's the consumer of last resort; all countries wish to export to the United States and the American ability to deny other countries access to its markets and capital markets is the underpinning of the American World System.

However, for China to make it through to 2030 without an actual war, the place of the United States in the American World System collapses because now there are two suns in the sky.
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the sad thing is although china has their economic might but its soft power is still weak compared to even japan or south korea.

china also won't influence that much people.


China traditionally had soft power; arguably, the Western system of tested bureaucracy derives from the Song civil service examinations. Maoism, likewise, was quite popular in the West during the 60s and 70s.

Moreover, China is beginning to make soft power pushes with things like Genshin; i.e, adopting weeabooist semiotics to push its own vision of global affairs.

File: 1634258067081-0.jpeg (68.45 KB, 558x579, FBsC-2lWQA0d-FR.jpeg)

File: 1634258067081-1.jpeg (33.48 KB, 540x282, FBsC-2nXsAMrBCK.jpeg)

File: 1634258067081-2.jpeg (48.91 KB, 508x381, FBsC-2mWQAAOaZl.jpeg)


"Nazis aren't creative"
"All good art is leftist"

Ok then explain this then huh, buggers(low effort straw, off-topic)


No-one said that.

File: 1634216614765.png (348.35 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)


A sequel to the morals thread.
Are morals really helpful, especially to a socialist? Knowing that morals sets boundaries on an individual regarding what's right and what's wrong, what's acceptable and what's not, and what's degenerate and what's not. Also, are morally upright individuals productive in a given community? Morals can be cultural, societal, or even religious.
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If capitalism is good for a single thing, it is continuously BTFOing tradition and beliefs.

Previous ruling ideologies, while they continue to haunt us, are nevertheless dead.


Morality shmorality


Without morality, what is the reason for anything? What makes leftism right, and capitalism wrong? Morality is what justifies right and wrong, and it does not have to line up with common thought.

Libertarians believe in individual rights, conservatives use Judeo-Christian values, and I think leftist morality comes from a general respect for human dignity.

We are all moral, that’s why we are leftists. It is time to stop denying it though.


morality is a matter of taste. all the world's errors come down to denying this truth.


Yes, morality is good and can certainly help for the greater good.



File: 1634197186665.png (249.62 KB, 548x531, thedevil.png)


What if Capital is an evil god/demiurge/devil and capitalism is the hell he produces?

Maybe this comes off as left wing horror breadtube shit but it totally makes sense.
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All stupid Lovecraftian-Nietzschean freaks prattling on about spirits should be shot.


>Marxist-esotericism, the highest stage of capitalist realism, known by its shorter title: Marxist doomerism.
Marxism doomerism.
rings true


File: 1634242205832.jpg (3.56 MB, 1851x2795, 9780691180816.jpg)

Broke: Capitalism is Hell, and we're trapped in it.

Woke: Capitalism is Hell, but we as pilgrims must persevere through its horrors that we might one day emerge into the purgatorial light of socialism and gradually ascend to the distant paradise of communism.



All COVID-denying, climate change denying leninhat fucktards should be shot and not even buried due to the genuine danger their idiocy poses to the working class

File: 1634238215079.jpg (70.25 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)



Joint stock company "Friedrich Krupp" - a private forge of the German military machine. What the company did during the Weimar Republic. How Gustav Krupp and other Ruhr magnates helped the Nazis seize power. What is the corporate state and what economic policies were carried out by the Nazis. Business, the Third Reich, and preparations for war - when the Second world war really began. As Krupp's men plundered Europe. What was happening in private concentration camps during the war and how they differed from SS camps. What punishment was given to criminals.


The nazi economy was a slave state reliant on loans from central banks and the promise under hitler that the resources plundered from other European countries would pay off the countries chronic debt, unsurprisingly after the war the country would be reliant on the USA for foreign aid for the next 80 fucking years


Very good documentary, college history course quality

File: 1634248440871.png (658.54 KB, 640x658, communism.png)


Direct worker control is good
Taiwan is a country🇹🇼
Anarcho-communism works
Uyghurs are in internment camps
Communist revolutions can easily happen without parties
Free Hong Kong🇭🇰
CHAZ was successful and beneficial for people
Free Tibet
Authoritarianism is evil and wrong
Tiananmen Square Massacre happened
Millions died because of the actions of five marxists dictators
There's no free press in Chinazi
You can't disagree with me, because that would be sectarianism


Kys I hope you get banned.


No, I won't. This is a non-sectarian board.


commit die


>evil and wrong


File: 1634181464333.png (86.07 KB, 657x681, FBoAuPtWEAka2dX.png)


Do you ascribe to the Labour theory of Value or to the scarcity principle, why or why not? I think it's that items that take less intensive effort are produced at a faster and greater rate thus they have less value, however pure gold is worth alot even before effort is taken to furnish it, which would disprove LT. items that take more intensive effort are usually made out of scarce resources so selling them for a cheap price isn't a good idea, and that's why they are expensive
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yes you retard because how badly people want the raw materials and labor determines how scarce they are

Isn’t “how hard it is to make” basically supply? This isn’t new. Supply and demand is theorized by the labor value people such as Adam Smith and Ricardo. To say labor value is how value is made is like saying that some magical ethereal “supply” is constantly floating in space waiting to give things their value. The reality is that supply and demand is the regulator of price and value, they exist together, not separately, leaving subjective value as the only thing that can give value to anything.


How scarce something is doesn't still determine its production process, galaxy brain


>this is what zero Das Kapital Ch.1 does to a mf


Big bill Haywood already defeated this meme


>gold is scarce
not in this universe, it would just take a lot of labor power to get to it

File: 1634137330521.jpg (28.55 KB, 600x441, fg439e.jpg)


2021 :

United "KINGDOM", Australia and Canada are no longer "allied" with the United States .

Americans are alone on this one, they started the plan together to start a war in Asia that's true but time have changed, UK is bankrupt as hell, Australia had become the new age reich ans Canada well…being Canada…

Russia is only on the defensive as contrary as the media is saying, Putin is preparing the aftermath of all this shit .
+ Europe is fucked and NATO is no longer a real striking force at all, just look at Poland .

Middle eastern countries are slowly evolving with the PCC but nothing significative exept for Saudis they fear the end of the "oil age" shitting their pants in their gold bathtub waiting to die of thirst in the desert .

China as already won, Japan know this and that's why they want to gobak to an "imperial" state, South Korea is becoming the country of autism because of their denying of the situation and DPRK is liking that like never .

WW3 was the most boring conflict ever .
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alt history fanfic retatd


This is based, the future is going to be like Firefly tv series and were gonna be speaking two languages, English and Mandarin. We’ll be cursing Chinese in the future. Guilos.


USA and China are not going to war. Screencap this post.


I will, and I'll post it every time they don't go to war.



File: 1634172049825.jpeg (138.55 KB, 391x594, Lyndon LaRouche_0.jpeg)


So I've looked at Larouche's economic policies and he's kinda based.
>Pro FDR
>Pro Nuclear/Fusion Energy
>Anti British
>Anti Zionist
>Pro Multipolarity
>Pro National Credit
>Likes massive infrastructure projects and central planning
Idk leftybros its better than DSA's politics for sure
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Cope and seethe trot


Actually Larouche is so retarded he managed to unite trots and stalinists


That makes him officially worse than Hitler.


He’s the anti - hitler … which makes him… Stalin


>larouche is based and redpilled because he liked the new deal
these maupinite zoomers multiply like bacteria

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