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File: 1626097511289.jpg (138.11 KB, 800x796, 800px-1968-05_Évènements_d….jpg)


Lets have a thread about it, because all I can find about it is that it happened, however the hows and whys are extremely vague.

What exactly caused it to happen?

What did it accomplish?

What would have happened had it "suceeded"?

Was It just angry teens?

What made the period of the late 60s early 70s so explosive in terms of revolutionary fervor in the West?

And how the fuck did De Gaulle win the next election with a landslide despite having the larges strike of the time mobilized against him and shamelessly fleeing abroad?

These are some of the things I'd like to ask theorychads and historychads here but any non-meme input is welcome.
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Can you link then? I am not aware of them.


Here is version of the documentary shared earlier with English subtitles, for anyone who had trouble following.


it's the same shit that leads people to support things like BLM or Ecologism and other liberal inventions.
Because these groups don't accept or prioritize Materialism the petty bourgeoisie elements in them always prevail while the rest gets recuperated.
>How can Capitalism exist without Sexual Bourgeoisie Repression
>How can capitalism exist without fordism
>how can capitalism exist without a patriarchal family structure?
The answer is: it can, even more efficiently.
It will be the same shit with intersectionality or post colonialism.


This is my safest go to. Alot of fuck boys will tell you that not every event gets co-opted or tricked by the CIA, but for me the safe stance is always the glowies, why? Because it allows to put out there that the glowies will attempt to undermine every movement. Nothing short of revolution and complete working class can be tolerated. Concessions cannot be accepted but political power, not collaboration but complete power take over. Let me give an example:

A revolutionary scenario takes off, the political "negotiators" and leadership negotiate with those in power, the leadership says that the people will not stand down unless something is won, the leadership sets the terms as the conditional surrender of the ruling body of government or parties. The ruling body promises to concede many material changes but it maintains their power. Now a non-revolutionary leadership and concede to "share" power and it they accept these terms it should be assumed it's been subverted and co-opted no question. A revolutionary leadership will not accept these terms and will promise only more economic chaos and forceful seizure of the economy through war or a conditional surrender to the working class government.

Essentially in a revolutionary situation if the results are social democratic concessions then that should be considered a failure and a revolution that has been subverted. Any revolutionary potential in France was subverted. And you know it was because the capitalists would have been willing to attack the new revolutionary government as it did the Paris Commune, as it did the Soviets. This is why socdem countries never needed to go to war afterwards because it was a collaboration with liberals and capitalists to avoid war and a true revolution.


>Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Was already criticized by many at the time. Kind of figurehead propped up by the medias because he's not ideologically too dangerous and he had a moment of martyrdom when the state tried to exile him. Yesterday a nice "moderate" figure to show off today a true piece of neoliberal shit.

The text is good and was really important tho, for the fun fact it was written by the situationist international who tricked morons at the UNEF into printing and distributing it

File: 1626651120834.jpg (40.57 KB, 400x607, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


>start taking LSD in college
>realize this whole capitalism thing sucks; want to abolish it
>get into leftism
>join leftist org (DSA)
>filled with losers and weirdos who unironically believe in reformism
>ok, I will read theory instead…
>Turns out that Marx is a shit writer who takes 100 pages to explain what should take 10 pages
>agree with his critique of capitalism, but realized way too late that I didn't have to read all of Capital to know that capitalism sucks
>am not convinced of communism through reading Capital I–III
>read Stirner & Bob Black
>realize that the state is a spook which represses the individual
>realize that socialism is basically just hyper-liberalism obsessed with "rights"
>realize that I don't want to be identified as a worker because I don't want to work in the first place
>am now based and egoist pilled

Drop whatever Marx book or other "theory" you're reading right and ego-pill yourselves lads. De-spookify yourself.
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>Turns out that Marx is a shit writer who takes 100 pages to explain what should take 10 pages
Did not read Ernest Mandel's introduction for v01? Marx only lived longed enough finish the first volume of Capital. I'm close to finishing v02 and while it's sometimes been a slog to get through, I take solace in reminding myself that these are unfinished manuscripts.
All "Post-Left" and "Insurrectionary" anarchist theory to come out of Europe and the US over the past 50 years is nothing compared to Autonomist class composition and Maoist people's war, sorry. Next thing I know you're probably gonna tell me to read Desert.


*Did you not read


sigma male spotted


>Drop Marx
He compliments my egoism so well by naming the capitalist spook.


anti-workerism is the correct position actually even from a Marxist standpoint because it's in the process of abolishing work and other capitalist categories that the proletarian emancipate themselves. Imo the workerist idpolers pushing for more capital to be created and more work to be done before we can transition to communism are revisionists and reactionary

File: 1626310411004-0.png (962.42 KB, 1280x758, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626310411004-1.png (1.6 MB, 1320x789, ClipboardImage.png)


What does /leftypol/ think of the urban/rural divide?
Culturally and politically, is this a trend that is observable across the entire world?
Even in socialist-oriented countries, it seems to hold to some extent, where the people in the cities are more liberal culturally, more economically privileged, more educated.
Does capitalism favor the urbanites through some mechanisms? And how?
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Yeah destroying the environment so that people can larp as homebodies really worked out for the US.


>small but tight communities
my brother became a ruralfag when he got enough money to buy a mcmansion out in the boonies, he exchanged a couple words with the guy down the road on the day he moved in and hasn't had a conversation with anyone since. It's a nice place to settle down when you already have social ties but it's a deadend for someone looking to build them.


Depends on the country. My experience in a liberal democracy is that people in urban areas, despite being both in terms of population and economic contribution an absolute minority, they are over represented in the electorate and are key to the outcome of our democracy.
So if you want to pursue electoralism in such a country, their support is key. If you don't give a fuck about electoralism, their support is almost irrelevant.


>urban areas
I'm retarded apparently, I meant rural.


Nah, we will sublate the rural/urban divide

File: 1626567029374.jpg (60.22 KB, 267x400, 9781733648127.jpg)


Theres alot I have to say so let me try to organize the information


This book isnt fun or interesting in the slightest, like theres actually little entertainment or even informative value in this book being that the plot feels like it's either going nowhere or escalating to extreme heights far to fucking quickly and half the other stuff like the scene with the girl getting molested is only in their for edge value to appear as "unique" and "antinormie" to reactionaries that live in neoliberal cities


>actual idea
This books main idea reinforces the belief that white Americans(not all white people just white americans) are perpetual victims of the american government that's apparently trying to "exterminate" the whites and that the best way to counter this problem is through mass murder of POC and "race traitors"(race mixers and white people that commit organized crimes) along with the complete nuking of the planet where only whites exist to be oppressed under a facist government. What's more idiotic and disappointing than this books cartoonishly abstract and retarded solution to a nonexistent problem is the realization that a sizable portion of white males in particular have found themselves so attached to identity politics that they align this books main message to their worldview and try to apply its solution to real life resulting in domestic terrorists and mass shooters


>this book fails to inspire anyone that wasnt already extreme
The American government is alot of things but it's not run by gods, for most of amerias history and even to this day the american government has had its political power restricted by simple geography being that the easiest way to avoid exploitation by the FEDS is simply to avoid living in areas where their influence is strong specifically urbanized spaces like chicago Los Angeles and New York and seek refugee abroad or live in rual communities. What this book does is ramp up its obsession with white people, jews and identity politics to such a level that it becomes alienating if not confusing to someone that wasnt already obsessed with id/pol/ and american politics likewise most of the mass shooters and terrorists of white decent we see in the media that haPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1626659247481.png (157.44 KB, 301x301, c7bb8b9adf7a788089a559d9f2….png)

This comic is available on archive.org and if it were not the dates I would have thought it to be something /pol/ might have created recently. Goes on to show how much their ideas have remained the same and formulaic. Main character's friend, a William J Pierce stand-in, literally wears a T-shirt with number 88. The main character himself look like some college kid from 1950s but presented as a teenager in 90s.


William Luther Pierce was a government stooge


File: 1626664454543.jpeg (108.08 KB, 1104x604, labour voucher.jpeg)



File: 1626671091604-0.jpg (284.29 KB, 750x1130, crippled-america.jpg)

File: 1626671091604-1.jpg (187.8 KB, 750x1133, Cover-edition-Adolf-Hitler….jpg)

>While there are some good fascist writers like Pound, I've never seen a Nazi book that wasn't mind-numbing scenes of murderous power fantasies. Similarly, I've never seen any good libertarian fiction, unless we count """libertarian""" movements like the individualism of the nineteenth century, which of course gave us people like Thoreau and Emerson.
Frank Herbert's novels had a lot of libertarian themes, but maybe more in that old-school American individualist libertarian sense and not in the Ayn Rand glorification-of-power sense. He wasn't the greatest writer, but he was pretty good.

The talented reactionaries tend to be really weird oddballs like Mishima, and for precisely that reason tend to be treated as too fruity for the rank-and-file types on the right. Trump is too stupid and he is incapable of the kind of long-term planning necessary to be a fascist dictator, but what I think an American Nazism would look like is basically a further radicalization of his movement in its all its dumb, violent energy. His die-hard supporters would definitely Heil Trump, and that's who the real base for this kind of thing is. It's the most bestial elements of society taking power and believing that no problem can't be solved with a good kick to the face and that the weak and impure deserve to be cleansed. There's not exactly much self-reflection going on here, and you can't expect much great literature from it.


The Libs™ or the reactionaries?

File: 1626665124800.png (169.68 KB, 2048x1319, middle-class-aspiration.png)


Without going too much into materialistic/dialectical analysis I can actually understand that the bourgeoisie is extremely reactionary and opposite to any kind of worker cooperation or redistribution of wealth, after all if something goes against your best interests it's perfectly rational to oppose it, even animals do it so I understand it perfectly (I still dislike them though)

What I don't understand is that the so called "middle classes" are as reactionary,ignorant and rabidly anti-communist as they are, a lot of them are opposed to any kind of socialist/ leftist policies like universal healthcare/education or even mild and reformist leftist ideas like making the rich pay more taxes that would actually benefit them, all of this while defending the same rich exploiters that make them work more and more hours in worse office drone jobs with less rights and less free time.

And this is coming from people that have actual education as in they are professionals working skilled jobs so they are somewhat intelligent at least.

These people are actively opposed to socialist ideas even when they are not part of the rich or the bourgeoisie, I think that I kinda rationalized that thinking that a very big part of the middle classes think that "somehow" they will be part of the actual bourgeoisie elite someday and while they wait for that day to actually happen they defend the elite and the statu quo because they will be part of that elite someday.

So why the middle classes openly reject any kind of alliance with the proletariat when they both are opressed by the bourgeoisie in different ways?
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>The thing is that the middle class is not doing good at all.
How do I know you don't go outside much?


Because that higher level of cosmopolitanism and time to consume culture industry shit ends up heavily socializing them into the propaganda of the bourgeoise, so to an extent the effect of "better" education also makes them less likely to do revolution. This of course is not to endorse vulgar opposition to "college" or that shit, because this also works on the poorer working classes too, but because they are usually in worse material conditions, the effectiveness of capitalists' propagandizing is tempered to some extent. That's just some casual theorizing here about this topic, however.


File: 1626674476568.jpeg (13.51 KB, 300x310, images (9).jpeg)

>Ethnocentric revenge
tf this is the worst cope I've heard legit.


He just means the jews


Why do people insist on arguing with nazi anon? It just ruins the thread.

File: 1626628976871-0.jpg (243.09 KB, 608x780, Taliban_map.jpg)

File: 1626628976871-1.jpg (48.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3.jpg)


>Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (born 19 May 1949) is an Afghan politician, academic, and economist who is serving as President of Afghanistan. He was first elected on 20 September 2014 and was re-elected in the 28 September 2019 presidential election. He was announced the winner after a protracted process in February 2020 and was sworn in for a second term on 9 March 2020. An anthropologist by education, he previously served as Minister of Finance and the Chancellor of Kabul University.

>Before returning to Afghanistan in 2002, Ghani was a professor of anthropology at numerous institutions (mostly Johns Hopkins University), and later started working with the World Bank. As the Finance Minister of Afghanistan between July 2002 and December 2004, he led Afghanistan's attempted economic recovery after the collapse of the Taliban government.

>He is the co-founder of the Institute for State Effectiveness, an organization set up in 2005 to improve the ability of states to serve their citizens. In 2005 he gave a TED talk, in which he discussed how to rebuild a broken state such as Afghanistan.[2] He is a member of the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor, an independent initiative hosted by the United Nations Development Programme. In 2013 he was ranked 50th in an online poll to name the world's top 100 intellectuals conducted by Foreign Policy magazine and second in a similar poll run by Prospect magazine.[3]

>An independent politician, Ghani came in fourth in the 2009 presidential election, behind Hamid Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah, and Ramazan Bashardost. In the first round of the 2014 presidential election, Ghani secured 35% of the vote, second to Abdullah who secured 45% of the votes cast. However, in the second round Ghani secured around 55.3% of the votes while Abdullah secured around 44.7% of the votes cast. As a result, chaos ensued and the United States intervened to form a unity government.[4]

>Ghani was re-elected when the final results of the 2019 presidential elections were announced after a long delay on 18 February 2020.[5][6] He was sworn in as president for a second five-year term on 9 March 2020.[7]
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Is this generation of the Taliban actually the same that was in power in the 90s? For some reason I get the vibe that these nuTaliban are much more reasonable and charitable than their original iteration.


Dude having open pedophiles in your army isn't a good look, having pedophiles who literally offer little boys to solders as a reward is also fucked up


In the Vice docs about Afghanistan, from 10 years ago or more (when they weren't such sellouts) they even tackle that.


> but the US removed the Soviet's tech advantage which would have inevitably won the war, by supplying advanced anti-air equipment to the rebels.
Extremely overmemed. The effect of supplying the muj with anti-air weapons was/is grossly overstated in all popular sources. It was more effective as a propaganda tool than as a tactical tool, to put it into perspective.
> https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/afghanistan/2002-01-01/stinging-rebukes
<Archival evidence now shows that Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev decided to withdraw from Afghanistan a year before the mujahideen fired their first Stinger in September 1986. The Stingers, moreover, had no lasting military impact in Afghanistan and thus could not possibly have chased the Red Army out. The missiles did make an impact in their initial few months – shooting down dozens of Soviet and Afghan aircraft and compelling others to abandon their missions or to fly so high as to be ineffective. Soon, however, Soviet technical and tactical countermeasures largely nullified the effects. Soviet aircraft were retrofitted with flares, beacons, and exhaust baÛes to disorient the missiles, and Soviet pilots operated at night or employed terrain-hugging tactics to prevent the rebels from getting a clear shot. The best evidence that the Stingers were rendered ineffective is that the mujahideen had all but stopped firing them by 1988, despite continued receipt of hundreds more from the CIA. Instead, the rebels sold the missiles in international arms markets or squirreled them away for future use.

The Soviet effort in Afghanistan disintegrated largely because the Soviets weren't willing to commit more forces to it, and that's largely because there wasn't a clear military goal. At the height of the conflict, the USSR only had 100k troops there, deployed in a very conventional fashion.

Contrast that in Vietnam, a similar war, peak US troop deployment was over 500k, and thats without counting the troops deployed by the other nations assisting the US, such as Australia, Thailand and South Korea.


>Visiting Scholar, Center for International Studies, University of Southern California
Milton Bearden responds:
>Alan J. Kuperman's proposition, based on archival evidence, that Gorbachev was ready to withdraw from Afghanistan in 1986 is simply not supported by the historical fact of a vigorous and brutal Soviet prosecution of the war until 1988. And Kuperman's characterization of the Soviets' having developed successful countermeasures to the Stinger – flares, beacons, and exhaust baÛes – is contradicted by overwhelming evidence from U.S., Soviet, and Afghan sources.
>The only reliable Soviet countermeasures employed in Afghanistan were flying above 12,000 feet or at night. Either measure negated the tactical value of Soviet air forces and gave the mujahideen freedom of movement on the ground, which is why the United States introduced the Stinger in the first place.
>In short, the Stinger did its job. The Afghan resistance was bolstered, the Soviets quit Afghanistan, and their empire collapsed a couple of years later.
>It is noteworthy that, although Kuperman has written extensively on this topic, he has not chosen to discuss his theories with former CIA officers directly involved with the deployment of the Stinger.
I mean thanks for including the rebuttal I guess.

File: 1626491139787.webm (2.87 MB, 234x426, cuba.webm)

 No.382756[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Last one got Full Continued from >>372135
Cuban Situation General: Bay of Pigs 2021 Edition (With the same results)

Very good analysis of what happened

See inspiring counter-demonstration: https://twitter.com/_makavelijones/status/1414409120338399232
Protesters being looters: https://twitter.com/Yusnaby/status/1414329247099932679
US flag at protest: https://twitter.com/CarlZha/status/1414384935436099592
Another counter-demonstration: https://twitter.com/mvmtFPE/status/1414363610839650307
The president walking out in public: https://twitter.com/VladEmpanada/status/1414355889218367489
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Yes it's over, we're still waiting for gusano flotilla to sink though.
They're supposed to begin their invasion today.


Full Thread
New thread:

Get in bois!




I see Militant, but how can you tell what the second one is?


where is that from?

File: 1626498384711.jpg (179.39 KB, 800x900, 1626497813468.jpg)

 No.382928[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Do you guys really think you're anti capitalism? You're apparently extremely marketable.
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>This isn't true at all, and this is literally the story for the majority of the capitol rioters, so it's not even an argument.

The distinction is that one was a group that was held on glorified trespassing charges, and some of those people are still being held in isolation. Which, not only violates their human rights, but also their rights as US citizens.

>But McCathyism happened. Are you so high on the need for a victim narrative that you need to actually deny that the US heavily suppressed communists during the cold war? Yet somehow were the dishonest historical revisionists here.

Yet none of the people in the Venona report, the people he was alluding to, ever faced any jail time. People suspected of being assets of the USSR, and under investigation for this. When the progressive media was reporting on this and trying to harass him to giving the names, they were doing so to sabotage the FBIs investigation of the assets in the Venona report. McCarthy go no-one jailed or harassed, but was demonized for thing s he never did, nor were involved with, and which to a large extent, just didn't happen.


> It was a preplanned raid by police as well, and there is plenty of released FBI documentation which shows them already laying out Hampton as a target.
No shit, the police plan their actions against criminals, and you're saying the FBI tells who to put more effort into investigating?


>Imagine believing this. There are dozens of ways to get around this.
And none of them employed to protects right winger, other protestors, or rioters either. You're just mad, in this small way, these rioters were treated the way anyone else would have been.


>But the majority of protests were peaceful unfortunately. You can't pull the wool over my eyes on this, we watched practically all the protest footage that got thrown up on either livestreams or prerecorded videos for weeks here.

That doesn't mean anything, it could just be someone sympathetic filming where they know nothing would happen


uyghur FAGGOT

File: 1624564955572.jpg (291.35 KB, 1488x934, dielectrical.jpg)

 No.336051[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Quite a few comments on this video claim that Cockshott is misrepresenting Hegel's work.


Is Cockshott correct, is Hegel just doing intellectual sleight of hand?

The video itself seems to be part of a series responding to comments from his blog where he seems to claim that Dialectical Materialism was invented by social democrats to corrupt Marx's work.

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playing go better than humans is not the same as solving go


there is a very good german video with english subtitles explaining hegelian dialectics


what does "solving go" means?




Imagine the strategy needed for tik tak toe, 3x3 board alternating turns. It's extremely simple for us to tie every single game, because we have solved it.
Go is 19x19, so it's a bit bigger and requires quite a few more calculations than even chess.

File: 1626579469298.jpeg (79.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)


Would the US mount a successful ground invasion of mainland china? What about China successfully taking Taiwan and holding the worlds semiconductor capacity? What about naval battles in the pacific? Surprise nuclear attack on Hawaii?

Is it inevitable? and who will win, provided it is in the future (2030+)??
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Its clear that in such a scenario US would deploy some kind of hypersonic shit.
No single group of planes could get even close to China's coast as of now.


>Would the US mount a successful ground invasion of mainland china?


US can't powerpoject a huge conventional army in asia




The french won the sino-french war by just doing a river blockade

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