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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Why hasn't the proletariat of the west ever revolted? How much more do they need?
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I mean, the current system is "Socialism for the rich, Capitalism for the poor" and if you keep it that way, but murder all the poor people…


File: 1620152823893.png (292.49 KB, 638x655, haha_lmao.png)



seems to me like very strong evidence that *something* will happen, but very weak evidence that it will be leftist in nature.

like, Gen Z is a whopping 30% in favorable to the term "Marxism" instead of the boomer's 10%. Oh goody.


Stop believing Trotskyist, nazi and Menshevik propagsnda
The CIA correctly understood the USSR was the mortal enemy of capitalist tyranny.


You’ve abandoned Marxism for dogmatism and religious worship. Even Mao wrote against book worship, but in this case you aren’t book workshipping, you are worshipping a political formation created under special conditions in a specific time. You take special conditions for universal application and abandon Marxism’s materialism entirely. You take revolutionary dictatorship as its own end and not the simple tool it is. In fact the dotp isn’t even that important in the grand scheme of things, the true importance is the development afterwards.

File: 1619583286499.jpg (57.02 KB, 622x416, 72cdaa9fc080923dc0d88f2f43….jpg)


For all those anons who say that it doesn't matter that the left is irrelevant online or at the very least weak compared to the neoliberals, conservatives, and radlibs, socdems, and left anti communist etc. The internet IS important, and saying otherwise is a massive cope.

>You need to do real organizing instead

It's not either/or. And this seems to imply that the internet isn't influential as your local, on the ground org. This may or may not be true depending on what it's actually doing. Organizing around unions, rent, student debt, etc. May be good but I often hear this excuse deployed in defense of what are essentially glorified bookclubs, or worse, just made by party-less armchair shitposters who don't have any intention of any activism at all, even online slacktivism. They aren't against internet activism because they have a better form of praxis. They're against it because they too lazy to even do that. There's a reason theorists like Bordiga became a meme on leftypol, because he says activism is bullshit and the most revolutionary thing you can do is read theory and wait for muh true revolution. In that sense /leftypol/ is a de facto Bordigist party.

>The internet isn't influential

This is the even bigger cope, trying to spin vulgar economism as enlightened. "oh the internet is all superstructure" trying to pretend we are just above it all when in fact we are LOSING. There are tons of young people who get radicalized on social media and trying to pretend otherwise is just dumb. If not for running across radical politics on the internet, most of those people would have just ended up becoming liberals or vaguely dissatisfied adults who lack the knowledge or vocabulary to even articulate their discontent with the system. As people age they will eventually mature in their ideas but if no one pulls them in in the first place that won't happen. So yes, THE INTERNET DOES MATTER. And outreach on social media matters. That people can even deny this in the 21st century is mindblowing, they are either larping as a 1930s trotskyist pamphleteer or something, I don't know. This is especially even more true in this age of COVID and social distancing.

>You can meet in real life

Ceding this ground to the right and the libs would be a big mistake. Especially since it would imply thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1619694944765.mp4 (4.25 MB, 1280x720, My life as a teenage robot….mp4)



>And outreach on social media matters
The problem in the modern day people equate "activism" to just telling others what you believe as fact
This is a pretty good article explaining why social media will never be useful besides meaningless ideological drivel


I can't unsee the porn when I watch this clip.


I am fairly certain that we have been relegated to here because of the fact that it makes the least willing of us less likely to act in real life. This makes it easier to curtail people the most likely to act, i.e. leaders and organizers. A cruel cycle of people continually screwing eachother over…


internet matters
we are powerless to "win" the internet, because the bulk of content people see is curated by corporations, and many people are scared of whats outside the curated zones of social media or youtube
and either way, media has always been like this. With TV there was not too much thought to the idea that we just need to get people to watch radical, free-thinking provoking TV. There was no chance. We should accept that we dont control the algorithms, or the vast amounts of capital to throw at propaganda campaigns. We dont have to give up the internet or leave it but we cant win it.
we can only only win if we fight asymmetrically, and that means subverting attention at sources of right-wing or status quo propaganda on the internet from without
either getting people's attention in real life, advocating against letting kids spend all day rotting their brains on youtube and TV, or attempting to shut down these services
good day

File: 1618187039337.jpeg (241.77 KB, 1200x1200, yanis.jpeg)


Is Yanis based or cringe?
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File: 1620152292102.png (49.85 KB, 597x268, Screenshot from 2021-05-04….png)

>Calls the KKE "Stalinist" which is a fucking shame
Your source?


>incapable of challenging the establishment
he can't be so thick not to understand the irony of him saying that


The KKE is stalinist though, it is openly and proudly Stalinist lamo.


Maybe he's saying it based on his own experience.


File: 1620156189247.jpg (48.17 KB, 510x275, addtext_com_MTUyMDU4OTg3OA.jpg)

File: 1620137843456.jpg (136.08 KB, 800x648, 2556117084_a2be0a531a_o.jpg)


what is the marxist explanation for the fall of the islamic world out of relevancy after the 16th century?

notice keyword here,"marxist",the usual explanation that is used is how the caliphate lost wars,important trade routes,and had its largest library burned,but is that all?
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>Mesopotamian irrigation system didn't it?
It was way before Mongols that erosion and salt water ruined Mesopotamian agriculture.


>There is no major native population for the Chinese to enslave on the West Coast of America
Huh? The Pacific Northwest was probably the most densely populated part of the continent north of Mesoamerica before European colonization.


What I am more interested in is if there is a Marxist analysis of the fall of the Roman Empire. Thus far I am familiar with Edward Gibbon's analysis of the fall of the Roman Empire.


File: 1620154408256.epub (302.16 KB, The Assassination of Juli….epub)

Damn, I feel sorry for you, Gibbon is a fucking lemon and I hate the fact he's still influential centuries after he croaked

File: 1610734797424.png (583.94 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)

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Are you sitting down?
1. Dutch government resigns amid child welfare benefits scandal
2. Angela Merkel stepping down.
3. Estonia Prime Minister missing
4. Italian government has collapsed.
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This guy literally spends all his day seething over mundane shitposts lmao

Fucking love it


It is true that a lot of academics, especially in the soft sciences, are gullible as fuck. I'm sure their lib virtue signalling is being exploited by all sorts of groups, including dark Saudi money etc.


The choice on the left must be between culturally conservative communists (Frente Obrero) vs progressive communists (PCTE), enough with the neolibs and radlibs.


File: 1620147923541-0.jpg (16.23 KB, 676x380, Comunidad-Madrid-gobierna-….jpg)

File: 1620147923541-1.jpg (26.87 KB, 1080x360, IMG_20190920_211923.jpg)



PSOE, MM and UP don't seem to be losing anything significant anyway. It is just Cs voters going to PP. Not a huge change tbh.

File: 1619451817821.jpg (70.6 KB, 367x720, s32145.jpg)


>cockshott will die in your lifetime
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File: 1620086811181.png (1.77 MB, 2048x2048, 1618074924824.png)

>parenti is 87 years old



cockshott supports Alba?


A Chinese translation of TANS exists.


File: 1620146986927.jpg (523.16 KB, 1200x806, 14182399_f520.jpg)

Damn, if only had a second lifetime he would've actually got something done.


He will be remembered. We will make sure of that

File: 1620125176809.png (1.1 MB, 1170x848, A54CFD3E-0BC3-471B-A7F4-80….png)


Interested in opining how the world might look by 2030
List of events that will likely occur this decade or are already occurring
>Severe economic collapse
>Blue ocean event
>Consolidation of the world into the Defense of UN Charter Bloc consisting of China, Russia, and Iran (and their allies) vs the US led NATO bloc (possible EU independence from NATO but currently unsure)
>COVID reaching a much worse climax than what is currently happening
>Continued eradication of petit booj/consolidation of capital in the hands of massive partially online operated firms
What are your predictions for 2030 and beyond?
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The civilian are suffering but the Yemeni resistance is (kinda) winning.
With the end of the Marib campaign it will be clearer.


This is why we can't have a rational analysis thread on this site. Children can't stop trying to propagandize their moralist wishlist reality.


I didn't say they wouldn't win. He charecterized it as The Yemenis "fucking up" The Saudis. I think the losses are clearly lopsided.


File: 1620143367148.jpg (249.56 KB, 640x653, b898799yimage0.jpg)

Falling Rate of Profit, anyone?


No a shitload of Yemenis. The Saudis are very slowly winning a slog with the resistance still fighting a conventional war, but when they eventually(?) win that they're just going to be fighting an even longer guerrilla war which has all the major problems for them as the conventional one.
The Yemenis are a huge nuisance to fight because the source of the Saudis precarity is unresolvable, the entire country is propped up with pipelines and desalination plants. The Yemenis have a knack for using bomb drones and keep getting gifted long range missiles from Definitely-Not-Iran. They keep shitting up the backbone of Saudi Arabia and if the Saudis get roped into any kind of wider conflict they'll get completely fucked up by them (and by them I mean the Quds wearing sandals).
Killing civilians in those kinds of places is retarded, their family just goes and joins the opposition to get revenge. Yeah you're racking up the epic K/D, but you're not doing much that helps you in the short term or long term.

File: 1620027365658.png (25.92 KB, 300x80, navlogo.png)

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I remember back in the day when I was introduced to anarchism I asked around for reading material. Basically there were four kinds of answers: "read the classics" ('kunin, 'potkin, Goldman, etc.), "read stuff from libcom.org" (for that sweet leftcom USSR crit.), "read contemporary theory" (theanarchistlibrary, CrimethInc.), or just "pretend to read" (AnarchistFAQ). Now obviously the best sounding answer to anyone is the contemporary shit. How exciting it is that anarchism is a living, breathing political tradition and to this very day new and valuable insights are being unearthed – or so I thought.

But after having read a good bunch of them (they don't tend to be long, mind you) I found that a significant chunk of them are either confused ramblings of an internet rando with an alias, amateurish phrase mongerings, or (probably the worst of all) some super autistic snowflake ideology's manifesto about how it's "time for [insert anarcho-x-ism]". I'm not gonna say I didn't find some hidden gems here and there, but holy cow, I'd wager a good 80% of the "contemporary" content there ranges from mediocre or useless to insultingly bad.

Just take a look at their recent publication from Mazeen Kamalmaz:
>The most important point we can get from Black Bloc tactics is the priority of human freedom essence of human existence itself.
<human freedom essence
>This is directly generated from an absolute right that is not negotiable in the form of living freely with the right to revolt.
<human freedom essence [is] directly generated from an absolute right
This is just alchemy-tier nonsense, meaningless rambling of a confused mind. Just replace "freedom essence" with "race essence" and a fucking /pol/schizo could have written it on their Dark Enlightenment blogs, and it would have just as much relation to reality as this original version.
>Freedom is the most precious thing at all [sic]
>distribute wealth among humans . [sic]
I know peer review is "fascist" but for fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Party memberships before 1991 were low, but nothing like after 1991. The left basically died.

Once a group of anarchists vandalized the WTO building and that was it.


So party memberships dropped from 900 to 500. Wew.


should have said "meme variation on the chinlet meme"


>It has some good content and some bad content. Like with anything else
The argument isn't that they have no good content, tho.

The actual argument is
>I'm not gonna say I didn't find some hidden gems here and there, but holy cow, I'd wager a good 80% of the "contemporary" content there ranges from mediocre or useless to insultingly bad.
FFS, even if it's DSA/CIA shillery, I can find a better% of decent content on jacobin.

because there's no difference


We call them radlibs for a reason, anon.

File: 1619891273558.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


The French army’s coup plots and the global onslaught on democratic rights
>The alternative to the capitalists’ “herd immunity” policies and drive to police-state rule is the international mobilization of the working class.


The far right French generals letter and the complete silence of the political establishment circles in this regards is a clear revelation of the growing fears the ruling classes are now facing. In fact, the content of the letter makes it clear that heightened social inequality under Capitalism and the ongoing pandemic will have global revolutionary situation. For this reason they are urging the French bourgeoisie to adopt more dictatorial means as a means to safeguard their privileges under these challenging times. In doing so they are using 'Islamism" as scapegoat in order to distract the public from deep class divisions. Today in many parts of the world those who are in power are using fascism for their own ends. In response the international working class now more then ever must form a socialist leadership that could help unite them and advance their own material interests independently.
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So someone could please clarify this for a foreigner? The impression I get was that Macron was elected despite no one liking him much, but it was him or LePen so there was a token effort at union. Afterwards, between Macron's inexperience and his… peculiar ideas, he became kind of a joke with the press. yet, last year him and the mainstream press seem to have entered an agreement to paint him as a tough leader protecting muh French values, and shitting on muslims and the left nonstop. How close am I?

underrated comment


>the youngest one of those generals is 80
bruh they might be literally the same dipshits who tried to coup de Gaulle in 61


>Mudslimes are ruining france
>Two (2) incidents from several years ago.
>China is putting muslims in camps.
You glow


If France wasn´t such an imperial power these things would not have happened. Stop colonizing the world your fucking frogman


>France is living in its own bubble because of language barrier. Anything could happen and communists should seek more common sense immigration policies with long term goals of full integration.

Insane burger post

File: 1619953874288.jpeg (53.19 KB, 265x484, 90B21478-6B16-499D-8491-0….jpeg)


Why are 4channers so obsessed with China and their hatred of it?
Is it just typical polcel racism fearing “le bugmen” who are clearly starting to BTFO Burgerstan and all of Western civilization, or is it the sheer abundance of glowies constantly posting there to tell “le uncucked free thinking channers” what to feel?
It’s so hard to tell apart the thoughts of an idiot polcel from a CIA glowie, it’s like they’re pretty much identical
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Combination of Trump supporters and 4chan's unusually high percentage of Australian posters.


Yes. As were the Soviets.


File: 1620134028389.png (233.67 KB, 602x370, 1620107404438.png)

>Why are 4channers so obsessed with China and their hatred of it?
<Spend all day hating on blacks.
<Say they're inferior because look at this "IQ map"
<Same IQ map say's they're inferior to The Chinese


>b-but they cheat!
<which means that western institution are so IQ-deficient that they can't determine if chinese are cheating or not


they're retards, so they buy fully into the ambient propaganda

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