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>why doesn't Cockshott fix the NHS if his theories work
Well why doesn't he?
There's his opportunity right there since the UK health system apparently is not as good as it could be?
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>There's a town called Marinaleda in Spain that's run by a communist mayor. They'll build you a house at cost and a job in the town cannery to pay for it.
??? link?


nta, just put "marinaleda communist" and you will find sources, like this one:



Nevermind, this article is better:


Marinaleda, Spain – At first sight, Marinaleda appears to be a typical Andalusian village with white-washed houses and streets that do not come alive until after the sun goes down.

But if you look closely enough, there are signs that things are different in this small town of 2,700 inhabitants: there is the portrait of Che Guevara that adorns its sports centre and the notable absence of commercial billboards.

Marinaleda has been governed by Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, its self-declared communist mayor, for more than 35 years. And while the unemployment rate in the rest of Andalusia is 29 percent, it barely touches five percent here.

The majority of Marinaleda’s inhabitants work for the village’s agricultural cooperative and earn the same salary – 47 euros (about $54) for a six-and-a-half hour working day. This equates to a monthly salary of 1,200 euros (about $1,370), which might seem low, but it is significantly more than the Spanish minimum wage of 764 euros a month (about $870).

Life in the village is also much cheaper than in the rest of the region. For 15 euros a month, inhabitants can pay off their mortgage. The same price gets them membership of the sports centre, or a kindergarten place for their child. The local government provides three free school meals a day. As a result, even the small number of unemployed inhabitants are able to make ends meet with the 400 euro jobseeker’s allowance provided by the Andalusian government.




Paul Cockshott raped me when i was a child.

File: 1714741924280-0.jpg (703.97 KB, 2246x2304, 20240503_090646.jpg)

File: 1714741924280-1.jpg (630.74 KB, 2246x2304, 20240503_090649.jpg)

File: 1714741924280-2.jpg (330.34 KB, 1440x2076, IMG_20240503_090922.jpg)

File: 1714741924280-3.jpg (360.92 KB, 1440x2321, IMG_20240503_090935.jpg)


Online Canadian chvd rag The Post Millenial got hacked and its data leaked, including a bunch of FBI e-mails in its user data
Archived here https://web.archive.org/web/20240503041720/https://thepostmillennial.com/
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let me guess, you also don't like what it symbolises?
it's objectively a fairly inoffensive set of colours that go together reasonably well. if it represented something boring like the standards council of canada i would be very surprised if your reaction was so strong.


Why does this literally who organization getting hacked not belong in /isg/? Anyways archive.org is down thepostmillennial.com is down(I guess because of the hack?) I found their twitter feed and they get like 5k views per tweet and 10-20 comments and all they do is repost conservative rage bait videos.

Why the fuck should I care?


The thread wasn't about anything in the first place.


The thread wasn't about anything in the first place.


they should just annex canadia into america already.

File: 1714728324392.png (136.27 KB, 1024x750, spurdo.png)


I find it ironic that 4chin rightoids invented the midwit meme when evidence shows left wingers have both lower and higher I Q than right wingers. Rightoids like Chris Rufo try to spin this as le "middle class versus lumpenproletariat+academic "low-high coalition"".

But the truth is rightoids if we go by statistics are literally midwits.
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Believing everything on cnn would still make you better informed than 90% of poltards


File: 1714835435724.mp4 (1.55 MB, 234x360, videoplayback.mp4)

But /pol/ for all their faults is better at shitting on the GOP than CNN


>low-high coalition
lmao righttards always make up new copes for why no one fucking likes them

neat terminology anon, if I was french I'd prolly abuse the fuck out of it


Believing everything on cnn would still make you better informed than 90% of poltards


I was messing around and stumbled upon this
>lefty pol

What does the average leftypol user do in his freetime? and get done in his day?

here is a red reimu for you commies
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Why are you guys still responding, he left

He probably thinks we 'glow' because we don't have a uyghur hate general


I don't need OPs validation to have a conversation. Go away.


work and get home and code sum projects in Rust and shit on poltards on le/leftypol


AI technology is such a banger for humanity


A slow death is fine. A quick death would be better but you know what they say you can't always get what you want.


BP Goes Deeper Into Gulf of Mexico, After Triumphs and Tragedy
The Deepwater Horizon explosion caused the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history, costing the British company more than $60 billion and years of political and reputational damage. Now three chief executives and 14 years later, BP is again betting big on the Gulf. … BP, which will report earnings next week, has set its sights on harder-to-reach deposits in the Gulf, requiring drilling techniques to cope with more-intense pressures and higher temperatures.

Venezuelan Government Announces May Day Bonus Hikes, Wages Remain Frozen
While private sector workers get food bonuses from employers, pensioners and public administration retirees do not. The latter currently perceive $70 a month of economic war bonus and the former $25. Authorities did not specify whether those amounts will be updated as well. The minimum wage has remained frozen at 130 bolívares since March 2022. It was worth $30 at the time but has since devalued to around $3.6. Pensions are pegged to the minimum wage.

Colombia’s war crimes tribunal orders expungement of former guerrillas’ criminal records
The JEP clarified that the order only applies to former FARC members who were never involved war crimes or crimes against humanity. The war crimes tribunal also asked authorities for information of former FARC members who were supposed to be released from prison as part of the peace process.
https://colombiareports.com/colombias-war-crimes-tribunal-orders-expungement-of-former-guPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Florida workers brace for summer with no protections: ‘My body would tremble’
At the behest of agricultural industry lobbyists, DeSantis signed HB433 into law on 11 April, a bill scaling back child labor protections that also included an amendment prohibiting all local municipalities in Florida from enacting heat protections for workers. The exemption came in response to efforts by farm workers in Miami-Dade county to pass heat protections, including proper rest breaks, access to water and shade, as increasingly warming temperatures have expanded the days farm workers are exposed to heat.

Anti-war protest ruffles University of Michigan as demonstrations collide with graduation season
The protest happened at the beginning of the event at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. About 75 people, many wearing traditional Arabic keffiyeh along with their graduation caps, marched up the main aisle toward the graduation stage. They chanted “Regents, regents, you can’t hide! You are funding genocide!” while holding signs, including one that read: “No universities left in Gaza.”

US lawmaker Cuellar hit with bribery charges tied to Azerbaijan, Mexican bank
U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar and his wife were indicted for allegedly accepting close to $600,000 in bribes in two schemes meant to benefit an Azerbaijani state-owned energy company and an unnamed bank based in Mexico, court papers showed. The federal indictment, , pens new tab returned by a grand jury in Texas on Tuesday and unsealed on Friday, said the bribes were laundered through sham consulting contracts into shell companies owned by Imelda Cuellar, the Democratic congressman's wife, from December 2014 through at least November 2021.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Argentina’s Far-Right President is Once Again Advancing Legislative Attacks on Workers
This version of the Omnibus Law is the second edition of the law designed to subject Argentina to economic “shock therapy.” The new edition contains fewer attacks than the original law which failed to pass the House, but it is still a reactionary attack on the working class. The law was approved in the House of Deputies with 142 voting in favor, 106 against and 5 abstaining. It remains to be seen what will happen in the Senate. The first attempt to pass the Omnibus Law was defeated in February, due in large part to mobilizations by neighborhood assemblies, combative unions, and organizations of the Left and social movements. The Left in Congress, revolutionary socialists like Myriam Bregman represented by the FIT-U, used its position to expose the anti-worker character of the Omnibus Law and to support the mobilizations against it. Months later the law is once again advancing due in large part to the refusal of the CGT — the country’s largest federation of trade unions — to mobilize workers against the attacks. The CGT — in addition to not holding assemblies or promoting the organization of the working class and a plan of struggle until the law falls — negotiates behind closed doors with the government, preventing the workers’ strength from being expressed against the adjustment and the law in the streets and workplaces. The CGT is more afraid of the mobilized workers than of the Milei government itself. Meanwhile, the centrist and center-left Personists who lead the union bureaucracies and social movements have sought to negotiate the terms of the attacks rather than wage a fight against it.

Global Inequality Has Skyrocketed Since the Pandemic
The billionaire once Warren Buffet famously said, “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” New analysis released by Oxfam this week for International Workers’ Day shows concretely that since 2020, the rich class, as Buffet calls them, are winning big. Global dividend payments to rich shareholders grew on average fourtePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1712867948406.jpg (204.91 KB, 1080x1080, 1618502428015.jpg)

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if rosa luxemburg were in charge of the soviet union in 1921, she would have responded to the krondstadt mutiny by having every single anarchist in russia publicly executed. the weird perception of her as a "softer" or "more palletable" choice than lenin is so far from the truth. rosa luxemburg was also significantly more "dogmatic" than bordiga was. she rejected things like natlib and trade unions far more thoroughly than he ever did. if she hadn't been murdered by fascists she'd be far more hated by both mls and anarchists for sure. and to be clear, i like her and say none of this in an attempt to bury her
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File: 1714863373013-0.png (717.15 KB, 1240x1754, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1714863373013-1.png (230.14 KB, 1185x454, ClipboardImage.png)

>The neo-Nazi movement openly glorifies sadistic destruction and horror, so it's going to continue attracting those people.
Oh, and to clarify, it's not a 'few bad apples'. It's systematic.


you best start believin' in world systems miss turner


to think these are the same people who denounce that gays are conspiring to groom children


This is the kind of language that pulls on the heart strings of people and makes them forget about all rational thought, it doesn't really matter what children experience or whatever.


The individual, state and event you talk about are all long dead.
Why do you care?

File: 1712076582759.jpg (45.62 KB, 1024x683, Tkacik-Boeing 032824.jpg)


this is a story about how Boeing killing a whistleblower was part of a larger project of Boeing systematically ostracizing & purging itself of employees who possessed too much "knowledge"

<What Boeing did to all the guys who remember how to build a plane

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Skilled managers are very important organizers and planners particularly for factories that rely on a lot of division of labor within the production chain due to the complexity of the product. Their skills will probably be more important under socialism/communism than under capitalism. They are technically not porkies, however under capitalism a lot of them are in fact porkies themselves because they are involved in private equity investing or they are porkies' lapdogs who are tasked by the capitalist with maxing out extraction of surplus value which usually translates to making the working conditions of engineers, scientists etc. who are actually developing and/or building the product, harder than better and more efficient.


Isn't it great how Pete Buttigieg is national transport minister?


don't you think advanced cybernetic planning methods can automate alot of this away? Even if not totally at least reduce the number of middle managers drastically?


>Why the fuck do other countries go along with this?
Because Boeing lied about the safety of their aircraft. They always had a good reputation until this nonsense


I honestly wonder if glowies are involved to protect corporate interests even as it harms American interests as a whole. Wouldn't be the first time.

File: 1714507919539.png (277.9 KB, 350x462, ClipboardImage.png)


>card-carrying party member since the 1905 revolution
>kept the moscow bureau alive during the reaction
>wrote the first marxist analysis of imperialism (supplementing hilferding and making the basis for lenin's popular analysis)
>wrote the theory of the imperialist state and proletarian dictatorship (who lenin accepted in 1917 as wholly correct)
>wrote to this day unsurpassed critique of utilitarianism (theory of leisure classes)
>was chief editor of pravda and set the soviet state on a revolutionary course
>president of the third international and staunch internationalist
>wrote popular books explaining the bolshevik party programme
>popular and loved, educated and broad in his understanding of history and the worker's movement
>was with stalin against trotsky and the left opposition
>main party theoretician for some 20 years and saw through industrialization and collectivization
<discredited in a show trail, shot like a dog, and not even rehabilitated during the glasnost
what went wrong?
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File: 1714846915237.png (435.91 KB, 1719x648, ClipboardImage.png)

Brave post. So many people pretend he was like some kind of 1920s Deng Xiaoping based on one out of context from the era in between NEP and rapid industrialization.


the WR speedrun for USSR in HOI4 was trotskyist

(not that this has any bearing whatsoever on reality)


I hope every HOI4 player is executed by having their testicles cut off. What a boring way to spend your time.


Anti materialist and revisionist. Guards, seize him.


Watching the video, i can see why Trotsky is so good in this speed run. Karl Radek and Maksim Litvinov are essential to this strategy, so that he can get military access to democrati governments to then conquer then by exploits.
Also the focus of the permanent revolutiong gives the time to create a war goal to 10 day, which is incredible, to say the least. He basically declares war on everyone, literally everyone (at least the communist, democratic and nonaligned ones), only leaving the fascist countries to live(ironic).
Finally, the fucus "reigniting the revolutionary spirit", gives you a strong 15% attack bonus.
But, opening HOI4 rn, probably the best part of Bukharin is that at the end of his focus tree you get an additional research slot, with "Socialist humanism". The problem with that is you gain a -3% recruitable population. If you are not going to a exploit run, that might be useful. Unfortunately, his economic focus are not amazing at all, quite a disappointment. -20% consumer goods is ok.
The NEP gives you -10% to all construction and 0 bonus to military and dockyard construction, but what is interesting about this law is that you receive less expected consumer goods then if you were gone with a "war economy" law, without the -3,00% recruitable population modifier of "total mobilization".
Don't know if you can remove the NEP at will just by having enough PP.
Mikhail Tomsky gets promoted to "Chair of the Trade unions".
Depending of how many countries you have as subjects, you also get additional bonuses with the "Planned economy" focus, which increases the factory output and dockyard proudction.
Overall, it is OK. Not that much different from Trotsky tbh, except for that exploit of doing lots of war goals simultaneously.
Is fun

File: 1714674716777.png (864.44 KB, 595x756, image.png)


Hello comrades. I am a long time psychic and practicioner of various spiritual and psychic arts. I have read many books on the topic and have completed numerous seances and exorcisms. I am also a devout communist, having read numerous works of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, among others.
Recently, I have thought of a brilliant plan, brought forth to me by my associates when I was relaxing in the mountains of Montenegro with them. Seeing that communist thought is no longer practiced by any real major power on the world, we had decided to contact the spirits of past communist leaders in an attempt to seek advice from them.
After contacting demons from the lesser key of Solomon (Ars Goetia) and consulting them on the dangers and possibilities of talking with dead communists, we came to the conclusion that the best idea is to astral project to them during sleep. We picked Lenin, as he was old and frail by the end of his life, so he would be least likely to react aggressively should we invade his spiritual domain.
The plan was all set up and I volunteered to become the one who would talk with Lenin. We prepared the entire ritual, after which I went to sleep to finish the projection. Finding Lenin's spiritual domain proved somewhat difficult, but after about 30 minutes of a back and forth between different corridors within the spiritual network I have managed to find the intended goal.
I entered somewhat stealthily, but that did not help as he quickly caught onto me and confronted me. Turns out that within his spiritual realm, Lenin was not frail at all, and worse of all he was angry over the intrusion. I tried to explain myself, even citing some of his works to prove my loyalty, but he went on a rampage and threw me against the wall, and started to wreck everything around. He then used a giant sickle and pierced my leg with it, throwing me around once more. With my last breath I managed to escape and return to the real world.
Outside, my leg was fine, however the bone was broken, and I spent the nearest couple days lying in hospital bed.
At home, I frequently hear Lenin's demonic voice call out. I might have messed up. I will, however, still try to use that to my advantage, and try to get his spirit to help bring about a new revolution.
Cheers, comrades. Do not astral project to important communist leaders, they're much stronger than they appear.
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Gem alert


How do I talk to Bordiga?


mmmh I think have seen a similar or identical shitpost before


>Ars Goetia
<helluva reference!?
This is genuinely embarrassing to see, read a book.



File: 1714672495006.jpg (26.4 KB, 466x332, tudman.jpg)


For example Franjo Tuđman was a Yugoslav Partisan during WW2 that fought against the Nazis and collaborators and was a communist most of his life. Him like many others embraced Nationalism in the 80s/90s and committed the same atrocities he fought against.
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If I can be a bit controversial, they got to watch the National Impulse defeat the Proletarian one innumerable times, with few examples of the inverse on a large scale. Nationalism brought down the USSR; no matter how hard it tried to shake it out of the people.

That aside, plenty of “communist” movements in the periphery were earnest nationalist ones that both wanted Soviet funding and understood that if your goal was national sovereignty, then the Capitalists won’t tolerate you being anything more than a well they can tap. Fidel started, first and foremost, as a nationalist. The nation forms the basis for what we’d conceive of, in our limited capacities, as reality. Within the nation is a germ of universal humanity. When a movement in the periphery fights for communism, it contains a heavy national element because that’s how they conceive the class struggle.


Sincere and naïve question: were these people actually communists, or merely antifascists joining the groups fighting fascism?
I'm in a trot org but I'm not a trot. I'm not the only one. It's purely pragmatic.


Their faith was weak and they tried to find meaning in low autism score ideology.


>Sincere and naïve question: were these people actually communists,
No. These would be corporate middle management in a capitalist country.


Like degenerates in 1914, they abandoned socialism at a time of crisis.

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