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File: 1656515715539.png (729.06 KB, 1600x1600, ClipboardImage.png)


This is perhaps too broad of a question, but do groups or individuals often pursue goals out of "self interests" which, in reality, hurt them in the long run? How should we analyze things like zero-sum games, prisoners dilemmas, and other strategic axioms which dictate that all parties behave like sociopaths in the name of short term interests?
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have you seen ww2 propaganda and pictures ? its all comicbook and pinup shit (basically porn from 4chan) and memes


good post


I am not sure whether I don't understand the post or the post misinterpreted my point. It was that there are many different influences to the actors in game theory and distilling it down to self interest can cause people to ignore that humans are able to reason their interest outside the self and even into the abstract. And that's even assuming regulators can accurately understand the interest of companies/individuals.


Iterated prisoners' dilemma "tournaments" run by computers doing it hundreds of times over running different models against one another actually does show some really good correlation with real societies, including long periods of relatively trusting stability with interspersed breakdowns.


This. The vanilla dilemma is just a starting point. Criticizing it is not clever. Iteration plus uncertainty about how many rounds there will be can make even very selfish people co-operative. And these modifications are already mentioned in game-theory introductions aimed at lay people.

File: 1656519050210.jpg (4.39 KB, 233x216, 0bacae36bc695da9.jpg)


The final pill that leftists need to swallow: boomers aren't responsible, they were victims too. they were raised in the 50s and 60s during the Red Scare and Cold War
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sergio is a pedophile


Who is sergio ?.


american liberal child molester


File: 1656554689372.jpg (55.21 KB, 680x680, 100 percent cringe.jpg)



that don't explain much, is he a mod of somewhere ?.

File: 1656144699718.png (210.76 KB, 568x707, arthoe.png)

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Why are zoomer females so liberal and/or socialist compared with zoomer males? In poll after poll you seem women, and esp. young women are far more positive about the idea of socialism than other demographics. Including same aged men.
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Breadtube originated from debaters trying to turn polyps away from gamergate by appealing to their libertarian nature from a different rhetorical direction, and thus their difference is mostly over aesthetic and political self-identification. In the end they’re still chauvinists. Libertarianism is both a right and left principle where people essentially divide over rhetoric and unprovable, unfalsifiable beliefs about human nature.


I'm not calling myself anything spooky, including the word "socialist." I'm obviously a Stirnerite first and foremost, any other ideology is secondary to my goal of self-liberation.


File: 1656510734476.mp4 (1.12 MB, 480x480, Palpatine the chad.mp4)

It's possible to convert a lolbert but a lolbert /pol/tard? These guys are the most close-minded lolberts alongside Hoppeans, they're literally "Republicans who smoke weed" as they say. They'll just call their opponent a "triggered commie," post some retarded memes to mock them and leave it at that.


they'll convert when they actually have to get a job.


in egypt they're gonna kill that guy that just kill that girl on the street a few days ago.

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6th Edition: 新年快乐! SEA edition.

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Elections, open orgs, Ongoing war in Myanmar or just random shit. There are still dozens of us… hopefully! South Asia and Oceania posters can come in to discuss their regional politics too!

Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/!YeYeuZuLSYkegWssey:matrix.org?via=matrix.org

Last threads:
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Also semi-related.
Why has Vietnam / The CPV chosen to take such a much more 'moderate' stance in regards to internet things compared to China / DPRK (Making their own intranet) and even Cuba?


Perhaps they're less afraid of Western subversion because the Vietnamese people, more than most, had its flesh burnt with the West real face?


>They doing good things and communist?
Still reformist red social democracy I'm afraid. But at least the government still see the current state as building towards socialism rather than just socialist off the bat.
>Why has Vietnam / The CPV chosen to take such a much more 'moderate' stance in regards to internet things compared to China / DPRK (Making their own intranet) and even Cuba?
Fun fact but China also did the same until 2010 when a mistake in firewall codes basically crippled the ability to use google within the country. So they bit the bullet to ban the whole thing soon after. It's basically less hassle than inviting google in to fix the problem.
There's also the history of Vietnam not really that admicable with China to copy them wholesale. Fighting them in a hot war for 20 years after they had suck up to the US would do that to you. The land reforms was an attempt to do just that and it was a dumb shitshow that had to be reverted following the Soviet method.


Why didn't the communists in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia unify those countries after they achieved independence? My understanding is that there was a single Indochinese Communist Party when they were under French rule. I know that those countries have different cultures and pre-colonial histories, but was that the only reason?


There were multiple reasons behind it. The first was that the history behind how the Indochina under the French was created. It was the expansion of the already existed domain of the Nguyễn dynasty which was already colonialist by the time the French defeated them. And how the Nguyễn dynasty achieved this was so to say extremely brutal. There rule was a kinh (the Vietnamese majority ethnic group) supremacist one that openly tried to destroy Khmer and Laotian culture down to banning their language and moving loads of kinh into settling inside Laos and Cambodia. Minh Mạng was a backward imperialist piece of shit trying to emulate the Han expansion and assimilation tactics of China.

So when the French arrived they basically just took over the already imperial administration to ran their businesses. Which caused even more frictions between the three. The Kinh people was basically seen as imperial stooges. The best western comparison I can give is Yugoslavia.

Because of that Ho saw the only way to mitigate this friction while following Leninism is to return to a looser form of the federation where the CPI has to be dissolved. Which using some hindsight with the collapse of both the USSR and Yugoslavia was correct. However I would say that the CPV should’ve taken a more active role with the CPK like with the LRPP rather than doing realpolitik with Sihanouk, but that’s also was the direct results of PRC intervention into the Geneva Convention of 1954.

The second reason was a practical one. The CPI at the time was dominated by Vietnamese people. Which made the agitation and recruitment of Cambodians and Laotians into the cause nearly impossible as the CPI was a completely alien entity that would be seen as social imperialism.

File: 1656445201787.png (145.57 KB, 255x395, ClipboardImage.png)


she was in jakarta during the events of book related

seems sus.

very bizarre for this american white woman to just happen to live in jakarta during the events one of the biggest anticommunist purges in history
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>very bizarre for this american white woman to just happen to live in jakarta during the events one of the biggest anticommunist purges in history
Not really, you may well be right but 'is white and lives in the country' is not good evidence or even grounds for suspicion, don't be ridiculous.



File: 1656467628899.jpeg (50.32 KB, 750x782, inner bush.jpeg)

why would a white christian capitalist woman from america live in a nonwhite muslim communist country for a period of time exactly overlapping with a military junta and purge, then leave right afterwards?


The amount of spooks in this thread is ridiculous comrades


File: 1656538363989.png (58.17 KB, 260x194, ClipboardImage.png)

did some1 say spooks

File: 1656460744996.png (618.67 KB, 1663x964, 1.png)


In 1948 the Hungarian Communist Party (previous "illegalists" *) and the Social Democratic Party of Hungary (previous "legalists" *) realized that they needed to unite, otherwise they would end up not being able to govern at all.

*under the Horthy regime

There were heroes in this struggle. György Marosán, a previous socdem, argued vehemently for the two parties to unite. There's no fucking English speaking wikipedia for him.

On the other hand, Anna Kéthly, a literal class-traitor, who argued against the two parties uniting, and when they did, she fucked off to the West, has like 9 diff. language wiki pages dedicated to her, while she literally portrayed her class-allegiance to a bourgeois order.

Reminder: mother fucker who unites the working class gets fucked. Gets no wiki page. He is uninteresting.

Reminder: mother fucker who argues against of uniting the working class, and then fucks off to the West, gets 9 diff. language wikipedia pages, in which she is applauded as a victim of a dictatorship.
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>tfw no billionaire class traitors
newfag here how the fuck does quick reply prompt without clicking an anon


So make a fucking wiki page for him, autismo
Better yet, just translate this one into English


Damn I could translate it to spanish.


No, nevermind. I need it in english first.


Any Wikipedia page about a communist is about as honest as the Deutsche Wochenschau from 1942.


>Influential Labour leader
>Opposed colonial rule and supported strikers of all races
>Jamaican National hero
<Last name is literally Bustamante
What were they thinking?

File: 1656070730474.jpeg (8.39 KB, 311x162, download.jpeg)

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>legal weed
>legal abortion
>universal healthcare
>socdem government
>pretty good climate in most places
>food is great
>women are hot and tanned
>rent is cheap

Why the fuck is Mexico bad again? seems better than the US if they could just get rid of the cartels and low level corruption. Any reason for me not to live in this country as a digital nomad if my boss gives me permission to remote work?
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>Expecting a full time burger wagie not to larp
My man without the larp and fantasy, I'd off myself.


Yep, in classic neolib tradition all we did with the war on drugs is outsource well paying jobs to people we can pay less


Acá hay algunos, pero son sitios de "gente rica" para organizar una reunión familiar o hasta para llevar a una cita por los precios, diferente a los mexicanos y gringos donde reemplaza todo pequeño local de comida


Love her


>>legal weed
>legal abortion
>universal healthcare
>socdem government
>pretty good climate in most places
>food is great
>women are hot and tanned
>rent is cheap
Capitalist eccentricities

File: 1656067009676.png (253.54 KB, 351x430, pointing.png)


Why the fuck is the RENT so expensive? Its getting more expensive than general inflation. Every day, week, month, and year the rent is going up like fucking crazy pretty soon Bumfuck, Oklahoma is going to be as expensive as NYC/SF was pre covid.

i'm fucking pissed but i have no choice other than to be homeless
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Kill yourself. Goddammit this is the dumbest take possible. It is literally impossible to read any economics, whether Marxist or mainstream, and come out of this thinking what you say here. Landlords are not ascetic monks trying just to get by, they raise the rent as much as they can.
It's normal that landlords or the kids of landlords are claiming that. It depends on the specifics. For example, rent control regulations might be linked to the specific people living in a place. (That is, the landlord cannot raise rents more than X per year as long as the people don't move out.) In that case, it hampers mobility. Rent control does work and virtually all agitation against it that you see comes from the landlord lobby, but I prefer land-value taxation.


>It's real estate, you can't "go out of business" you moron.
read lenin's imperialism. capitalist monopoly and international markets are caused by competition driving bit players out of the market


>What the fuck is the point of new development if no one can afford to live in the new developments?

construction firms get subsidies to build these. also porky wants middle class people to stay alive and have kids, and they want poor people to become homeless and die.


File: 1656485337864.png (1.47 MB, 800x986, ClipboardImage.png)


Fixed supply and inelastic demand makes for happy rentier porkies


Why are zoomers still, despite capitalism crashing and most anti-communist propaganda having been debunked, still afraid of calling themselves “communists”?

I’m a 30-something year old millennial and even my generation was way more willing to call ourselves communists in the mid-2000s when the anti-war movement was going and tankies were the only ones doing anything useful. What gives? Why are zoomers so watered-down when it comes to politics?
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Both? The rhetoric of the right wing has never made any fucking sense. Jews are somehow retarded subhumans but control the entire world. Anglo Saxons are the most civilizationally advanced race in the universe but it comes screeching to a halt when African Americans start talking too loud in the Wendy's drive through. Communist are coming to kill us all despite being too retarded to run an economy on even a basic level etc.

Shit never made sense



Denazification isn't throwing flowers at people and telling what they do is bad with the hope they will be touched by some heavenly grace and stop being dipshits.
Denazification means digging a big hole, putting all the nazis in it and topping it with dirt.


I'm not going to deny a lot of countries in the West teach communism is just as bad if not worse than nazism but let's not be too apocalyptic here. You can exclude pretty much all of Latin America here (the only people who would disagree are a small percentage of rich evangelical fundamentalist weirdoes). You can also exclude Russia and China. Probably all of Africa though I have no clue what they teach about communism and nazism there. I guess also most of South East Asia, and probably the Arab world too. And depending on which part of the Balkans you ask we can also include them.


Yeah, that's ridiculous. It's as if they are saying, "wherever the bourgeoisie has succeeded at brainwashing the proletariat, we must… kill.. the proletariat, there, for some reason?"

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