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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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I will die on this hill
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Whoops, meant for >>97295




They haven't eliminated anything. Only hidden poverty and restored capitalist exploitation to China.



Fred Hampton approves this thread


Peak liberalism. This is what happens when you embrace a revisionist leader who turns-coat and allies with imperialist powers and passes capitalist reforms.

File: 1614008495148.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1200, EBFCD57B-55F0-4700-AEDD-67….png)


It seems like almost every POS western WWII history I read through goes out of its way to make lengthy dissertations discussing how the Wehrmacht cunts were actually beautiful angels nobly defending their country who were forced to do bad by the wicked mean SS, while the Red Army were largely composed of either savage brutes or virtual prisoners forced by pain of death to fight. They will claim the Red Army had utterly inferior tactics and inferior technology and only achieved victory by throwing so much bodies at machine guns that the Germans ran out of bullets.
I’m guessing the intent here is to subtly rehabilitate fascism to ensure Westoids will always side with a new Reich over communist liberation, yes?
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Potential, is that you? When's the next video, dweeb?


The idea isn’t that the West would help invade the USSR, the Western Allies would just fuck off and Germany’s resources would be refocused at the Soviets
Though the Allies would have refused anything less than thr dismantling of the German government imo


Not really. China became communist, and japan became an ally. Unit 731 was recruited.


File: 1614454214061.jpeg (546.31 KB, 1024x868, soviets-manchuria.jpeg)

And into Manchuria. The Red Army was an unstoppable force, and they should have kept rolling past Berlin and Manchuria


Here's a good video related to the issue.

File: 1614305396146.jpeg (68.72 KB, 400x300, asdfasfd-1.jpeg)


The idea of progress is a core foundation of leftism and especially in scientific socialism. I have some questions:
1. Can you actually be a leftist, if you reject the idea of progress?
2. If you believe in progress, then there must be civilizations which are more progressive than others.
3. According to this logic, aren't less progressive civilizations inferior?
4. Isn't it then justified for progressive civilizations to embrace chauvinism towards less progressive civilizations?

I have the feeling something is wrong with my conclusion. Can somebody explain me, where my error is in my thinking?
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File: 1614373210977.png (555.18 KB, 1148x1068, Screenshot from 2021-02-26….png)



"progress" in historical materialism refers only to the relatively linear development of the forces of production. this has occurred throughout history as human societies have come up with problem-solving solutions and knowledge has accumulated and been preserved. but under capitalism the constant revolutionary development of the forces of production becomes one of the fundamental dynamics of mode of prodction itself. this is all that "progress" means.


This is simply the dumbest shit I've seen in this site. You somehow use a spook to justify another concept of being a spook. Morality doesn't exist in any way shape or form outside from the mode of production which restricts it.
>morality regressed and went medieval
Any citing for this outside of your objective views? The use of technology have no morality guidance. For instance, in your views basically every technological invention since the advent of tools is a regression. A hammer can be use to build but can also be used to bash your brains in better than a rock ever could. Nuclear technology is the same thing, it can either be used to annihilate life or bring about a better alternative to fossil fuels.
Most technological inventions create more than it destroy. It's not a zero sum game because if that's the case we would still be stuck in the post bronze age collapse era. the fact that human population and our ability to maintain its growth albeit unsustainably is a testament the the ability of creation always outweighing destruction.
>The fact that progress cannot go to infinity plus progressivism has no clear end goal demonstrates its absurdity and blindness. All it does is untangle and remove conservative traditions, which it labels regressive out of taste, but it has no objectives of its own, no vision of a future.
Apparently you have to have a clear objective within your existence to do anything according to you. We are created out of the randomness of the universe and we have to make the best out of that existence. That's it. Having a purpose or not doesn't matter in the slightess espcially when we have a materialist view of the world.
Are you the kind of ex-/pol/lack who have such a moralist view of the world that you need everything in life be told and directed?
>Assuming that one society is more "progressive" than another is not very progressive. Yet progressivism inherently assumes fixed moral dimensions. Progressives know the moral truths, everyone else is a primitive. This is a spook.
Imagine being this lacking of self awareness.


>Morality doesn't exist in any way shape or form outside from the mode of production which restricts it
Nonsense. The moral indispensability of the commanding class has been propagated and cultivated for millennia, predating capitalism and agriculture. Modes of production are adapted to and constrained by those realities, but the fraud of nobility, that unquestioned self-dealing is the right of some people but not others, has been invariant.
>Most inventions create more
This is neoliberal hand-waving cope straight out of /pol/ discourse.
>It's not a zero sum game
<if you never count the negatives
>if that's the case we would still be stuck in the post bronze age collapse era
We who? Are you trying to sell the line that we are somehow beneficiaries of neoliberal private property ownership just because it spits out pacifiers for everyone? This is just the sort of bullshit apologetics a neoliberal uses to sell market totalitarianism.
>the fact that human population and our ability to maintain its growth albeit unsustainably is a testament the the ability of creation always outweighing destruction.
Like /pol/tards, you are personally invested in not counting the costs because you like your new video card. Belief is for slaves.
>Apparently you have to have a clear objective within your existence to do anything according to you
It's called Stoicism, you pseud.
>We are created out of the randomness of the universe and we have to make the best out of that existence
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File: 1614349032519.jpeg (150.69 KB, 482x650, 2BDAA6A1-EC02-4193-9A88-6….jpeg)


I usually get shit from all around the board, from absolute dogshit, to the most effective military in the world in 1939; it’s either the extreme that the army was incredibly effective and their tactics (not strategy) was brilliant; other times I get that Hitler was just lucky because France went full retard, Britain was caught with their pants down, and the Soviets just didn’t think the Germans would be dumb enough to invade when they did. Which is it? Were the Red Army truly underdogs like Rocky Balboa, or was their victory always entirely assured?
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Japanese tanks were pretty shit though


File: 1614383475236-0.png (144.91 KB, 5000x1464, Rheinmetall_AG_Logo.png)

File: 1614383475236-1.jpg (228.31 KB, 1280x715, 1280px-Mounted_Soldier_Sys….jpg)

File: 1614383475236-2.jpg (295.67 KB, 1000x706, R8eb6d6a5be11e168761a2f8e2….jpg)

All American tanks use German Rheinmetall guns now.


>All American tanks use German Rheinmetall guns now.
Not really that astounding tbh, the US only has one main battle tank now, meaning that whatever gun it chose would be the gun all it's tanks have. It's also not really a new thing, this started off in West Germany.


I won't dispute that, they invested into better mobility and reliability. With little resources they had they did a lot though. They had shitty planes too but managed to cause a lot of damage with them.
The U.S military has been garbage since project paper clip. Over complicated garbage that only profits "defense" corporations. They took the same wunder weapon ideology to Vietnam and lost. Wars are won with logistics, not fancy toys.


File: 1614448855836.png (1.18 MB, 1200x1562, 1200px-Mitteleuropa_zur_Ze….png)

Germans make 10 parts where 3 would have sufficed just like how they made 30+ indistinguishable kingdoms where anyone reasonable would have had 2 or 1. And wouldn't you know it, a significant portion of the American population is of historic German descent.

File: 1613128705353-0.mp4 (6.55 MB, 854x480, The Wee German Lairdie.mp4)

File: 1613128705353-1.png (5.3 MB, 2000x1207, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1613128705353-2.png (2.93 MB, 1200x866, ClipboardImage.png)

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My love was born in Aberdeen,
The bonniest kid that e'er was seen;
But now he makes our hearts fu' sad—
He's ta'en the field wi' his white cockade.
O, he's a ranting, roving blade!
⁠O, he's a brisk and a bonny lad!
Betide what may, my heart is glad
To see my lad wi' his white cockade.

But seriously tho when do we found a Left-Jacobite Party like they have Left-Carlists in Spain.
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Leninhat, USAID funded the Wuhan institute of virology according to media roots radio


File: 1614512667217.png (1.14 MB, 827x1128, ClipboardImage.png)

Fs in chat for Peter Hitchens' freedom.


China and America aren't enemies. The new "Cold War" narrative is a false one. It's all spectacle, they are capitalist states in league with each other to exploit the workers.


I think leninhat is peter hitchens reliving his youth online.

File: 1614428746842.png (360.86 KB, 583x305, nancy fraser pic.png)


Her take on modern capitalism is brilliant.

Out of the collision of these two sets of struggles there emerged a surprising result: a ‘progressive’ neoliberalism, which celebrates ‘diversity’, meritocracy and ‘emancipation’ while dismantling social protections and re-externalizing social reproduction. The result is not only to abandon defenceless populations to capital’s predations, but also to redefine emancipation in market terms.
Emancipatory movements participated in this process. All of them—including anti-racism, multiculturalism, lgbt liberation, and ecology—spawned market-friendly neoliberal currents. But the feminist trajectory proved especially fateful, given capitalism’s longstanding entanglement of gender and social reproduction.
Like each of its predecessor regimes, financialized capitalism institutionalizes the production–reproduction division on a gendered basis. Unlike its predecessors, however, its dominant imaginary is liberal-individualist and gender-egalitarian—women are considered the equals of men in every sphere, deserving of equal opportunities to realize their talents, including—perhaps especially—in the sphere of production. Reproduction, by contrast, appears as a backward residue, an obstacle to advancement that must be sloughed off, one way or another, en route to liberation.
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Nancy Fraser: Contradictions of Capital and Care


Is she a Marxist? I have never heard of her and she seems able to throw some punches. You would mean she would have atleast some Notoriety


Boring, anybody with a brain already knows this at this point, it's so fucking plain to see for more than a decade now.


It's still good for those of us who drank and smoked their brains away to cope with the lives we are forced to have under the tyranny of the market


I'm not sure about eugenicist, but what I took away is that they'd rather not have women get pregnant, as that hurts their participation in the market. Maybe the idea is that we make babies using robotic wombs instead of natural birth?

File: 1614007483031.jpg (26.52 KB, 700x410, 0005311E-alexander-dugin.jpg)


So I am in the midst of reading the Fourth Political Theory by him and while I obviously don't agree with his conclusions, I can see some truth in his Criticism of the Ideologies of the 20th Century.
So can someone who knows a bit about Dugin tell me, if there is some merit for Communist to read him or if he is just a paid shill by Putinist Oligarchy
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File: 1614308304354.jpg (16.21 KB, 290x420, 1910524247.jpg)

I'll just give you his economic views since that's what counts:
>Eurasianism arrives at the conclusion that, in the field of economics, there is no ultimate truth — the recipes of liberalism [3] and Marxism[4] can only be partially applied, depending on the actual conditions of a society. In practice, the free market approach has to be combined with control over the strategic sectors of the economy. Redistribution of profits needs to be controlled according to the national and social aims of the society as a whole. In this way, Eurasianism conforms to the “third way”[5] model of economics. The economics of Eurasianism must be built according to the following principles: the subordination of the economy to higher civilizational spiritual values; the principle of macro-economic integration and the division of labor on the scale of the Great Spaces (a customs union); the creation of a single financial, transportation, energy, productivity and informational system within the Eurasian space; the establishment of differentiating economic borders with neighboring Great Spaces and geo-economic zones; strategic control of the branches that form the basis of the economy by the center in tandem with maximal freedom of economic activity at the level of medium-and small-scale businesses; the organic combination of the forms of economic management (the market structure) with the social, national and cultural traditions of the regions through the lack of a uniform economic standard in medium and large enterprises.
Source is from pic related. This dude wants to replace nation-states with a Great Eurasian Union to combat western liberal hegemony. But capitalism with mystical LARPing and anti-westernism is still capitalism.


This was a depressing read


It seems run of the mill corporatism to me, how is this different from what Mussolini did from 1929 onwards? It literally isn't


Pro african

File: 1611427888778.png (136.29 KB, 1024x750, spurdo.png)


I'm an ML-Cockshottist but i think its a good thing to promote anarchism in the west (as long as its REAL anarchism), especially in burgerland.

When i say real anarchism I mean ancom which actually believes in the LTV/exploitation, and in achieving full communism. You also need ancoms to call out the socdem/marksoc/FBI simps who claim to be anarchist.

Finally, I think anything which destabilizes and degrades the west's military/intelligence power is a good thing. Therefore based tendencies like insurrectionary anarchism and illegalism should also be pushed. We need something like late 2000s/early 2010s hacktivism/anonymous culture but on steroids x1000.

Anarchism also has better optics because people won't be spooked by Soviet style boogyman that still lives rent free in the western (and especially BURGER) mind.

The only problem with anarchism is that

1) it won't actually be able to overthrow capitalism successfully, and
2) its appropriated by grifting retards who will not be named here who shill marksoc and Socdem/Bernie/Democratic party bullshit and try to call that anarchism. Also
3) they piss off Dengists/MLs by criticizing China, but IMO this part doesn't matter because it really has no influence. It's not like anarchists will start supporting the american government to own the Chinese or something (except grifting fake anarchists like horsecock man). So even if they criticize China its not like it actually matters other than pissing off western Dengist larpers.

The upside is that decentralization makes it harder to crack down. See: antifa which, contrary to popular belief, not all anons here actually like or support, nevertheless have managed to avoid law enforcement crackdown due to lack of centralization.
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File: 1614440875443.jpg (715.09 KB, 2040x1360, everybody gangsta.jpg)

based and smashiepilled

yeah, fascists are known for their anti-militarism


<Huge in LatAM

What do they have to show? Supporting Bolivia's coup? (yeah Bolivian anarchists did that as can be proved by this article https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/17/bolivia-more-volatile-than-ever-as-president-flees-and-leaders-denounce-a-coup)


Fucking retard American hegemony is based not only on its military but vast network alliances with its puppet states. Fascists want to disintegrate this alliance and that's why Russia is funding far-right in Europe but criminalized far-right in their own country. An isolated America is the wet dream of China and Russia and that's why people like Trump should be supported. Also OP seems butthurt that some anarchist said bad things about muh soviet union.


did anyone else stop reading OP after the first sentence?


This is normal for anarchists

File: 1612660122646.jpg (50.42 KB, 464x464, D.jpg)


What do you guys think of the recent rise of occult in politics?

I notice that the right seems to be more willing to embrace this than the left does even tho there are just as much occultists on the left as on the right

Your takes?
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File: 1614369399237.png (489.8 KB, 693x1154, edgy_unicorn_by_epesi-dbpb….png)

there is actually a connection between a person choosing his own religious path and general anti establishment beliefs

>but people aren’t necessarily any more informed, better thinkers, or more self-disciplined than previously. They are also probably no more emotionally equipped to deal with unpleasant features of the world, such as one’s insignificance and the inevitability of death, either. A lot of religion is also merely a kind of group-identifier, and people have a need to fall into groups as much as ever.

Statments like that are cringe


I'm an occultist but I try to keep it mostly separate from politics, I want ""church"" and state to remain separate. There are so many chuds into the occult that a little politicizing is mandatory at this point, but I'm really more into the whole self improvement angle and not into starting some weird Satanist theocracy.

It's just like regular region really, anyone who wants to really push their occult practices into the political sphere is just some asshole.


>Statments like that are cringe
t. brony


"Occultism" is western bourgeois spirituality. They do not believe in Christianity even though they support its existence. However, they long for some kind of justification for their wealth and manipulation. The occult gives them this, affirming that their wealth comes from some form of esoteric superiority that exists outside the material world - they are aristocrats of the soul, people born in a superior way. This is part of why western occultists were so fascinated with Dharmic religion - they feel they are the Brahmins, who are entitled to power and wealth, but were simply born in the wrong society. At the same time, they feel the occult can give them power over the material world and its crises. Occult groups also ritually enshrine common bourgeois sexual decadence; wife swapping, consumption of bodily fluids, the like. This also extends to even more despicable sexual acts that the bourgeois feel entitled to - see how the pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein and Jimmy Saville were very much into occultism.


I should note that not all occult groups are like this. I am specifically talking about the occult in the original sense, the esoteric societies only meant for the elite. The occult most non-elite engage in has little relation, most of them seem to be more based in folk spirituality than mystical affirmation of existing power.

File: 1614140908030.jpg (177.46 KB, 1688x1124, nuleft.jpg)

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Are you just an online leftist or do you actually organize as well?
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File: 1614280165675.jpg (39.49 KB, 630x1200, 1036155cfa54bcd5ea94f65fe6….jpg)

I do Illegalism IRL


What's the point of being an exclusively online leftist honestly, it's just like going to the ideology supermarket, choose your flag and your identity and hop in! Fucking dumb it is. Struggling ain't about that.


I'd suggest anyone that wants to start radicalising coworkers and shit to read this short AUSCP article: https://www.auscp.org.au/militant-monthly/2021/2/12/how-to-talk-to-your-co-workers-about-communism-a-polemic-on-bosses


You know the world is bigger than murilardstan. There are powerful leftists movements even in the west.


Like what?

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