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File: 1634397874660.png (40.72 KB, 775x538, ClipboardImage.png)


How do you guys feel about modern day pirates?(QTDDTOT OP)
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piracy is revolutionary if directed against imperialist powers
other than that it's cringe


>foreign fishing trawlers take advantage of somalia's chaos and poverty to violate its waters and steal their fish
>somalian fishermen decide fuck it and turn to piracy, turning somalian waters into the most dangerous in the world and making the profit which was denied to them by foreign fishermen
>trigger a bunch of porky shipping tycoons
>westoid imperialist navies seethe all over somalian waters for years
>fish stocks return because the danger caused by piracy resulted in an end to overfishing
Not strictly socialist but based as fuck and nationalistpilled regardless.



ok glowie that's enough


File: 1634409915063.jpg (68.93 KB, 750x506, ahoy me nigga.jpg)

not as fun as the 1600s ones
they lack proper combat organization and moreoften they operate in favor of capitalism, it's not their fault, they just don't know better.
if it works it works, but it's far from being "based" like most historical pirates.
now i wouldn't like some whitey taking over the whole operation (although i assume that is already the case)
but that's the thing at the moment, there is potential, but it's like… maybe not wasted, but definitely not working for "the cause" nor working at full power.


File: 1634422043101.gif (2.63 MB, 640x640, kekbomb.gif)

meanwhile at glowychan.net:
>3 PPH


Breadpill me on the Tiananmen Square massacre. What exactly happened? Why is this event suppressed in China, if the government had good reason to suppress it?
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File: 1634391406369.png (25.17 KB, 300x300, omgitglows.png)

this thread glows


File: 1634391991473.jpeg (245.29 KB, 680x1244, u.jpeg)

>this thread glows


>Breadpill me on the Tiananmen Square massacre. What exactly happened?
your usual 1989 protests with chinese characteristics
>Why is this event suppressed in China, if the government had good reason to suppress it?
it is considered as a threat to zhongnanhai. the chinese had made a good decision btw, regarding the crackdown. most eastern european countries are now cuntpitalist with some even joining nato


disclaimer: 大黑屌 is that idpoltard that have posted a few days prior on several threads
china has its own problems just like any other country, but that doesn't mean ccp bad and socialism bad


>Kek he knows about the “BBC almost destroyed China” thing
I don't, please bigpill me comrade

File: 1634331171291.jpg (107.99 KB, 720x960, image0.jpg)


Peruvian President Castillo under pressure as own party refuses to back cabinet
The changes came after the self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist sacked fellow Free Peru party member Guido Bello as the country’s prime minister, less than three months after he was appointed. The move led some party supporters to accuse Mr Castillo of “betrayal,” with parliamentary spokesman Waldemar Cerron insisting that its 37 legislators will not support the new cabinet.

Venezuela condemns new attack on its national electric system
Venezuela on Thursday condemned a new attack on its national electric system, affecting 30% of power service in caracas due to a series of fluctuations in the national interconnected system. In phone contact with Venezolana de Televisión, the Public Works and Services Minister Néstor Reverol praised the immediate reaction of the National Electricity Corporation (CORPOELEC) crew to recover nearly the whole system in a few hours.

AMLO’s $9 Billion Pet Project Hit by Strike, Police Violence
The massive new oil refinery for state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos is key to the president known as AMLO’s goal to strengthen state energy companies and to build jobs in Mexico’s poor south, but it has already received its share of criticism. It’s being constructed during a new era focused on renewable energy, it’s running over budget and behind schedule, and it’s being built in a zone the state oil firm had promised to protect.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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its a shame none of the cops got hurt, at least their station burned down


Chapo Trap House: Bonus: Teamsters Deliver The Goods 2
Amber welcomes back Rhode Island teamster Mike Maini for some union talk. They discuss union internal politics, rank and file leadership, the value of strikes, and organizing Amazon.

Shortages and bottlenecks expose anarchy of the capitalist system
In the past months, the world economy has been creeping towards a state of disarray. Shops have been running out of goods; gas stations have been running out of gas; energy prices have shot up; and major western harbours have become completely clogged up with swarms of ships queuing up, sometimes having to wait weeks to unload. Just as we were told that the COVID crisis was over and that life was bouncing back to normal, the world market is feeling the drag of a series of converging crises. From supply chains and labour markets, to the energy sector and transportation: bottlenecks have been mushrooming across the world market, leaving the strategists of capital worried and scratching their heads. Things which were taken for granted, such as the fact that a particular product will be available or produced, and furthermore that it will be delivered within a reasonable time, can no longer be taken for granted. But ask the so-called experts and they will struggle to explain what is fundamentally happening. For them, all this appears as a peculiar concatenation of accidents – all coincidentally occurring at the same time. This goes to prove that piles of facts are of no use if you do not understand the underlying process that they reflect. The wild swings that we are witnessing in the world economy expose a system which is tied up in knots, and which is incapable of responding to the needs of humanity.

On August 4, 1983, a thirty-three-year-old army officer called Thomas Sankara seized power in Upper Volta, which he soon renamed Burkina Faso. At the head of what one historPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1634343262039.png (705.21 KB, 750x950, 1947372.png)

Thanks News Anon



that's complete bullshit, it's not that he's opposing solar plants
It's just that Mexican solar power laws are really kind of fucking shit, i'm not sure how much he can do about that at the moment but if my father's faith in him is right hopefully he knows what he's doing.
if not, well it still would be the best president we've had in 50 years or maybe more.


Extra big thank you based Gonzalo news anon today

aplicar el Maoismo

File: 1622766000463.jpg (501.32 KB, 1320x954, middle east.jpg)

 No.295015[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread is for discussion about the Middle East

Long Live The Intifada

Israel/Palestine cytube still going?
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File: 1634104792975.jpg (58.58 KB, 1200x900, israel poster[1].jpg)

I mean the Zionists are smart. On one hand, the Israelis are a nuclear state (Samson option) so if you piss off the Zionists too much, they'll nuke you. On the other hand, Israel is known as the "start-up nation" with only the South Koreans matching them in R&D intensity. A negotiated solution that does not kill the Israeli hostage (Israeli tech) and provides sufficient reparations to the Palestinians is optimal.


Can anyone drop some info on Abu Nidal? Why is he so controversial within the Palestinian resistance? Do most Palestinians hate him?


It seems shit is escalating in Lebanon, with the deploying of the usual snipers from the color revolution playbook.
This could end very very badly.


Meanwhile Turkish lira value is collapsing to 9,25 for a dollar, with likely repercussions on the Turkish economy.
Expect Erdogan's foreign policy to get more and more aggressive and desperate.

File: 1634238341473.jpg (74.19 KB, 577x700, 1409275553832.jpg)


Far-right nationalists march under ‘White Lives Matter’ banner in Kiev as Ukrainians celebrate ‘Defenders and Defendresses Day’
Thousands of far-right Ukrainian nationalists have taken to the streets in Kiev on the country’s Defenders and Defendresses Day, a public holiday, under the flags of the Azov and Right Sector extremist organizations, among others. The march, which began in the city’s center, started at noon on Thursday and saw the participants walk through Kiev to Maidan, the capital’s main square. .

N. Yorkshire police chief resigns after saying women must be ‘streetwise’ following Sarah Everard murder
North Yorkshire's police boss has resigned after a panel recommended he step down over his recent comments that women should be “streetwise” about whether they’re in a situation that genuinely warrants arrest or not. In an open letter on Thursday, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Philip Allott apologised for his comments and said he would be stepping down from his position.

Energy crisis latest - ‘free for all’ energy market not working, says GMB, as two more firms go bust
BRITAIN’S “free-for-all” energy market is not working, union GMB has warned after two more firms went bust. Pure Planet and Colorado Energy’s collapse on Wednesday — the latest victims of soaring wholesale gas prices — is set to hit 250,000 customers.

Guerrillas seize large number of military equipment left by fleeing Turkish soldiers
The soldiers had to flee following successful guerrilla actions, leaving all their equipment. The images from the war tunnels around Werxelê well expose this situation. A large number of military supplies, living Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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why would I want to be wh*te ?


I don't want to give to libs directly more biased shit, which tries to justify it's actions, like the original NATO sources. An article like the one from Norton, which properly contextualises this would be much better.


File: 1634371530423-0.mp4 (3.18 MB, 1280x720, slava_ukraini_.mp4)

File: 1634371530423-1.jpg (136.51 KB, 1158x943, 1627091855564.jpg)

>Hate Muslimes
No, Nazis and jihadists are ideological allies.


fuck off with this ahistorical liberal crap


File: 1634374009778-0.jpg (90.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault(4).jpg)

File: 1634374009778-1.jpg (250.6 KB, 1178x726, T19Lmvy8V9w.jpg)

Brainlet, libs have been denying Nazis in Cuckraine were a thing for years until it was completely utterly irrefutable! Heck, many libs still think, Cuckraine is a thriving democracy™, which protects itself against the eeeeevul Russian rebelinos' "aggression."


ideologies that hold manage get into power and stay in power aren't based on morality or the best system of government but rather which system appeals to the masses and can also suppress insurrections with military might
It doesn't matter if your fighting for communism, nationalism or in the name of the arab pedophile, what matters is your insurgents are able of body, have the will to fight and use effective tactics, what also greatly helps is their enemies having shitty 3rd world militaries
similarly you have to appeal to the masses, no alienating shit and no transhumanist bullshit, Lenin didn't read out "On Imperialisms" to the Russian masses, he didn't need too, all he needed was to say "Peace, Land and bread"
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How well did all this work out for the Narodniks?


>because no society before the French Revolution built bigger and better cities after all why would those primitive agragarian peasants build cities without or heckin materialist or profit incentive


take your adderall


I'm not advocating for guerilla warfare btw, just explaining that successful insurgencies aren't dependent on the best ideology or whatever but what ideology can appeal to the masses so you have their support and compliance and what can motivate can your own insurgents
that mentality can apply towards mainstream politics as well


>ideology without material power is useless
did you just discover materialism ? you sound like a moron looking for excuses to not bother educate yourself



The same right wing organizations that instigated the anti-government rallies in July will once again be staging protests in Cuba tomorrow (10/11/21) and November 20th.


>The administration team of La Villa del Humor considered the July action to be a roaring success, and the first step toward a revolution that will depose the Communist government, in power since 1959. Fresh from their achievements, the group is helping to organize two new actions: a planned general strike in October and a larger set of nationwide demonstrations for November.

>Sunday, October 10 is Cuban Independence Day and a national holiday. Organizers are calling for it to mark the start of a general strike (paro nacional in Spanish) to cripple or topple the government. An announcement shared on social media (including on La Villa del Humor) states that organizations across the country are gearing up for a strike next week, with hashtags like #ParoNacionalCuba and #SOSCuba trending. “We summon all worthy Cubans, lovers of freedom, their neighbors, their friends and their families, to a National Strike on Monday, October 11,” the communique reads…

>It is, however, the actions scheduled for November 20 that appear to be generating more excitement in the community. Marches across the island are planned, including in Guantanamo, Holguin, Camaguey and Havana, where organizers hope to begin at the iconic Malecón in Old Havana and end up in front of the National Capitol building, the headquarters of the National Assembly of People’s Power.

Be prepared for an intensification of gusano propaganda in the coming days.
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…so, any updates on this? doesn't seem like much happened there on the 11th


The cuban government said that the protest is illegal because they tried to destabilize the government and open the door to US intervention (and it's true).

The protesters say that they will protest anyway on novermber 15th so you can expect them to be quickly arrested, if they even have the balls to do it considering that the vast majority of the population won't support them.


Is this sarcasm? They didnt have a vaccine shortage they had a shortage of syringes directly because of US embargos. The US is trying to genocide old Cubans. They aren't short on food to my knowledge, just they don't have all the American brands.


Wow. Try to get one of the Cuban vaccines if you can. They're made with Iran's help and are excellent.


Somebody give this Chad a medal.

File: 1634349515449.jpg (13.45 KB, 259x194, IMG_0027.JPG)


Was the French Revolution actually revolutionary?
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>The victims of the big evil otherism need to be internal, need to be German, because if it is understood that the primary victims were external, were people conquered in a colonial project, this reflects badly on the west.

To expand on this point, look at how almost every act of imperial intervention, every war is started with either overt or subtle holocaust & nazi references. IE "Assad/Saddam is the new hitler" or references to some kind of "new holocaust" against a particular ethnic minority. The narrative that the primarily victims of the Reich were internal, were German Jews is absolutely essential as a part of this greater narrative which evokes a kind of moral imperative toward intervention in populations in the liberal west.

If the narrative instead is that the primary victims were the conquered, were those who were invaded, the opposite conclusion is reached. Rather than some 3rd world national development leader being the next Hitler or American's geo-political rivals being Nazi-like, instead the US is "nazi like".

So the narrative of a "holocaust" must exist, however much it has fundementally, deeply changed over the year in order to reflect US & Israeli geopolitical needs.


It was a revolution but one limited in scope and flawed in its basic premise. Which is to say, it sought liberty, equality and fraternity by eradicating the aristocracy, but preserved the main essence of what made the aristocracy oppressive in the first place–class society. Thus the French revolution was ignorant of the root causes of the problem it sought to overcome, and predictably, the revolution ended in failure and subversion with the rise of bonapartism. Any revolution which entails only the rearranging of various social classes without a significant reordering of productive relations, that is to say, any revolution besides the communist, is a sub-revolution, a faulty revolution. That's because it will continue to perpetuate a class society despite destroying the dominance of one class and replacing it with another. And that, ultimately, is what the French revolution achieved, the displacement and destruction of one ruling class, the aristocracy, and its replacement by a new one, the bourgeoisie. So essentially it just swapped out one set of problems and eventual instabilities for another set .


>In reality though there was no "holocaust" and the entire holocaust narrative is at it's core anti-Soviet and anti-Communist.
aight that's enough internet for me, I think this might be the post that convinces me to leave internet leftism forever. even agitating with a Trot party is better than this.


If this offends you then you need to learn what Mao meant when he talked about "Seeking truth from facts".

Critically understanding how a historical event is presented, what elements are over-emphasized, de-emphasized or exaggerated is absolutely and critically important. The bourgeois state and it's media rarely outright lie - distorting facts and manipulating half truths are the means by which the bourgeoisie manufacture consent and define narratives which limit discourse and the ability for political work to take place. If you are unable to part from the emotionally charged fictitious narratives built around a selective interperation of facts & manipulating of half truths, then you are useless to the movement.

To promote the narrative of a holocaust, to single out specifically German Jews as victims of the regime while downplaying the tremendous suffering and loss of life of Soviet people, as oppossed an understanding of a broad violent oppression of ethnic & political minorities of which the Jews were a small but disproportionate part is necessarily to align with US and Zionist imperialism and to attack Communism and the USSR. You're a useful idiot and outright dangerous to the movement.


Revisionist nonsense. Anybody who bothers looking into the concentration camps ends up finding out most of them were in the east and liberated by the Red Army. You have some points but are entirely ruined by your strange implication that the Soviets just meekly went along with the "narrative".

Go ahead and start your epic Juche party where the litmus test is opinions on your Holocaust bullshit. No anon, you are the useless one.

File: 1634302219462.jpg (116.47 KB, 555x414, Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg)


Would reading Marx have saved him? Excluding how much he likes shitting on "leftists" in the first few sections, ISAIF gives off very similarly strong themes to Marx about one's alienation from their labour and how class society subjugates the individual and treats them as a cog in the societal machine rather than a human being.


>Industrial Society and Its Future lays very detailed blame on technology for destroying human-scale communities. Kaczynski contends that the Industrial Revolution harmed the human race by developing into a sociopolitical order that subjugates human needs beneath its own. This system, he wrote, destroys nature and suppresses individual freedom. In short, humans adapt to machines rather than vice versa, resulting in a society hostile to human potential.

Karl Marx:

>Let us suppose that we had carried out production as human beings. Each of us would have, in two ways, affirmed himself, and the other person. (i) In my production I would have objectified my individuality, its specific character, and, therefore, enjoyed not only an individual manifestation of my life during the activity, but also, when looking at the object, I would have the individual pleasure of knowing my personality to be objective, visible to the senses, and, hence, a power beyond all doubt. (ii) In your enjoyment, or use, of my product I would have the direct enjoyment both of being conscious of having satisfied a human need by my work, that is, of having objectified man's essential nature, and of having thus created an object corresponding to the need of another man's essential nature … Our products would be so many mirrors in which we saw reflected our essential nature.
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File: 1634347163896.jpg (619.04 KB, 1195x960, 1634282595662.jpg)



Uncle Ted is a cuck precisely because he refused to read Marx. Drugs and experiments aside he was a university man and would've been able to easily find/read Marx, but like much of western pseudo-intellectualism it's considered acceptable to not read something that hurts your pwecious fee-fees and challenge basic assumptions



Teddy was so stupid he thought liberals were marxists trying to implement communism. If he was 20 years younger, he would have been enamored with tucker carlson, donald trump and /pol/.


>knowing my personality to be objective
>…beyond all doubt
>direct enjoyment both of being conscious of having satisfied a human need by my work
>man's essential nature
>another man's essential nature
>our essential nature


What do you mean by "save"? He was a pretty big insurrectionist

File: 1634344174897.jpg (88.32 KB, 1024x768, 1631895803661.jpg)


Convince me that equality is ever possible in this day and age. Convince me that there will be a day where racism and sexism will never exist. Convince me, please.(idpol)
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Equality was, is and always will be an impossibility, this is why we fought and always will fight for it. It's a righteous goal that took the efforts and sacrifices of our ancestors, this constant fight ultimately offers a better live for everyone, and a meaning for those who dare to take this path. Equality is impossible but the fight for it among comrades is very real. This is why it will never be over and will last until the dying breath of the last human.


Racism will probably exist for a long time, but I think guys like that are reacting to changes that are happening. Capitalism socializes production already but there's a contradiction between that and appropriation of the surplus product. It's hard to stop people from fucking during that same timeframe though and I'm betting on Justin Timberlake brought to you by Pepsi to make panties worn by all races to drop over that other dude any day of the week.


Equality has already historically existed, only it doesn't look like you might assume. Equality is not the base-leveling of all things to identicality and negative space.
Equality is multipolarity, coexistence of being without need for liberal signifiers such as 'tolerance'.
Dugin is more of an egalitarian than any leftist.
Understand his concept of multipolarity and you will understand that equality has previously been, and can once again be, achieved.


There are two types of racism: One type of racism is random nobodies who live on another continent who are mad on Facebook about what you are doing. Maybe we will have this type of racism forever, but it just isn't relevant for anything. (Just look away from the screen LOL.) The other type of racism is the one that prevents you from getting a job or a flat. Socialism solves this. And I'm not saying the most clever socialism, the most incorruptible socialism, but just socialism, mundane socialism.


Whoa these fucking tits…

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