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>watching a video about how people lived double lives by stealing an identity
>comment section
>"i guess it works for some, but if the federal agencies like the FBI want you, there's no hiding!"

Has this ever been false? I know these agencies have unimaginable resources and work on a "monkeys create shakespeare" principle, when there is no such thing as an unsolvable case but a case that hasn't had enough reaources put into it. Is it actually true that there in reality is no escape for anyone or anything provided they want you hard enough? This would be an interesting topic and it would be cool to see if there are any madlads that didn't fit this rule. The main question that interests me is do cases have a natural solvability limit that at some point cannot be increased by technology or resources, or does the solvabiloty only depend on whether it is high enough profile that it warrants big enough effort.
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File: 1712615151822.jpg (47.01 KB, 570x615, 1712608235502012.jpg)

It's almost like ppl never leave their echo chambers to do any independent journalism.
>We r media noe
No wonder Trump is still even viable!!!
>>>>>Oh mY gawd were gonna loose!!!!!!
But anyways:


the weather underground clowned on the feds so hard they were the basis for homer's mum in the simpsons.


Lel, I'd completely forgotten about that.


If they "want you" they'll just frame you or kill you. The only way to win is to be permanently off their radar so they never "want you."


>50% of murders solved
This is also an over-estimation since a lot of the people who get convicted are the wrong person. Cops have a tendency to arrest the first person they find who "meets the description" and then manufacture a case around them.

File: 1712547286640.png (465.63 KB, 500x500, MHg1MDAuanBn.png)


If socialism was on the menu in any of the Burger/Nato controlled countries how would the proletariat deal with the consoomer public? Restaurants for example rely on labour exploitation to work. Would they disappear? Many many people love visiting these. A lot of the things people would take for granted could suddenly disappear through a new economic system.
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>restaurant work is not more exploitative than other work
It's currently build on systematic exploitation alone and would absolutely need a fundamental rework to function under socialism for a way to have enough people also even want to work in that field without inhumane working hours under minimal pay. Most people are forced into that sort of work by their material conditions and unlike say being a farmer it isn't necessarry for humanity to survive.


Are y'all using the word "exploitation" in the Marxian sense, as in the appropriation of surplus labor value (which would continue to exist under any economic system, although the surplus value would be used differently), or in the ethical sense, as in people being coerced into selling their labor power under threat of destitution (which would not exist under socialism)? In either case I still don't see how restaurants are more exploitative than other capitalist enterprises. Please define your terms.


Yes restaurants would disappear, to be replaced with just having lunch/dinner with friends and family, maybe neighbors and acquaintances.
>A lot of the things people would take for granted could suddenly disappear through a new economic system.
As communists this should be expected. People will adapt, especially considering most of these things didn't exist since the dawn of history.

Also this




there would not be restaurants, nor hairdressers, nor any other specialization that isn't in heavy industry, nor any lunch breaks at people's jobs. please ignore actual socialist experiments and how they dealt with the restaurant question
also send all chefs to goulash

File: 1689812046219.jpg (565.3 KB, 1000x562, k-vox-squat-comfi.jpg)

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Thread for the discussion of Anarchism

Foundational texts [ancom]:
>Alexander Berkman, ABCs of Anarchist-Communism
>Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
>Errico Malatesta, Anarchism and Organization

News [English]:
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Are these “capitalist theocracies” in the room with us right now? And how are your current anarchist states fairing?


>MLoid needs to deny Houthis are theocratic nationalists and Russia is capitalist like the opportunistic coward it is


the fact both of you even have these types of arguments prove both MLoids and the average anarchists are retarded and will never win


>Le first line of the green text proves anarchist is le based
<First line is about how anarchist support Capitalism genocide and imperialism if the target is not woke enough
not the own you think it its anarchoid.


The first line is disingenuous and relies on emotional argumentation, which isn't shocking for an ML
"Anarchists support capitalist genocide" only makes sense if viewed through the cowardly and opportunistic lens of modern self-proclaimed MLs, who very shamelessly champion theocratic organizations, capitalists, and other murderous anti-communists leading the fight where MLs themselves have pathetically failed
It's actually the highest of farces to witness MLs take immense pride in rhetorically supporting the armed struggle of non-socialist anti-proletarian militant forces whose ultimate aim has nothing to do with the aims MLs themselves champion
The cowardice typically reveals itself in the hypocrisy of the MLoid, where they promote themselves as cold materialists and pragmatists when it comes to the history of ML led purges of the left, but cry and shit themselves when modern communists and anarchists don't throw their lot in with militants that are only circumstantial enemies of the West

Do you genuinely think your online politics are worth that much of a fuck? Why does it matter if communists rhetorically shill for the Houthis and Russia in your smooth brain?

Is baby scared of seeing people with different ideas? Does it hurt baby's little brain?

File: 1712443440389-1.jpg (74.74 KB, 862x479, Goldenending.JPG)


Found this small game about Weimar Germany's SPD and its efforts to strave off the rise of the Nazis.


See if you can be a good Rosa killer lol.
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glowie simulator would be funny
>invest in outlandish avant garde art
>undermine socialist organizations
>support leftist academics over socialist/communist ones
>push subjectivism and postmodernism in academia, art, popular culture etc
>finance reactionary freikorps and lone wolves and goad them into acts of stochastic terrorism
>sell narcotics to the poor and use the money to fund your operations
>sow racial tension wherever possible
>recruit fascists of all stripes
>assassinate journalists who expose your plots, bribe coroners to say they're suicides


Glowie simulator would have some good dark comedy, like when they failed to kill Castro so much they moved on to wacky schemes like trying to poison him so his beard would fall out


File: 1712594369166.png (2.92 MB, 1202x1798, reagan wardrobe.png)

oh yeah entire branches of spending that lead nowhere
>research into the occult and the paranormal (the men who stare at goats)
>trying to kill Castro for the 300th time
>funding secret societies that do nothing but partying and having kinky sex
a lot of fun could be had with glowies over time coming to believing their own subjectivist nonsense


>most concise summary of western intel ops I've ever seen


File: 1712596553992.jpg (66.58 KB, 511x522, reagan daria.jpg)

there's more
>foment color revolution in vassal states that step out of line
>embed spies in political parties across the world, both in "allied" nations as well as hostile ones
>set up fake news networks ála Radio Free Asia and RFE/RL that push your propaganda
>also set up "real" news network ála MSNBC and Fox that also push your propaganda
>finance a historical negationist academia designed to obfuscate and justify Porky's crimes while presenting your own meddling and sabotage of the internal affairs of Socialist nations as those nations' doing
>set up adventurist orgs and try to recruit and entrap more radical socialists
>but be careful that you don't accidentally recruit and entrap your own agents!
>fund Trots and other groups that claim to be socialist while opposing every application of socialism
>fund the development of tools like Tor that sometimes come back to haunt you as they also allow radical groups to communicate undetected

File: 1712562728781.jpg (1.31 MB, 2048x2048, sheinbaum.jpg)


Currently there's presidential debates in Mexico.

>In 2018 the left won the presidency

>The results it has had are great, a blooming economy, from the 15th biggest economy in terms of GDP to the 11th currently surpassing that of Russia
>Crime levels reduced by 20%
>Record foreign investment in the country

Sheinbaum represents continuity to this project, and even right wing media news admit, she's winning by a landslide, 63% electoral preference on average against 27% or so of the right wing candidate.

The future is shining brightly for us, I hope Mexican policies can be mimicked in other countries.
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File: 1712567753555.png (270.39 KB, 598x628, 1705897562373372.png)

>Social Democrat
Eeeeh. Are they at least willing to say fuck you to the US, rightoids and their empiralist agendas? Some Lulags would be nice at least.



His mentality and policies resemble Bernie Sanders' a lot from what I have seen. I would wanna read articles about comparing him to FDR.

He's had a few arguments with Milei who is a right wing liberal from Argentina, and yes, before this president there were a bunch of yes men.

These are a few things the current president has refused to do, when the US requested it:

>Sending weapons to Ukraine and imposing trading sanctions on Rusia

>Agreeing to give away the nation's resources such as lithium (Elon Musk wanted to own a lithium mine, AMLO told him to fuck off, we can sell em batteries, but not the concession).
>Oil reserves; previous president was a right wing liberal he gave away the oil to foreign businesses, none of them were obliged to invest much, they basically kept all the profits. Current president basically kicked them out and the ownership of the oil has gradually returned to the national state owned oil company.
>The US wanted us to keep immigrants from other countries, while they were doing paperwork to live in the US, current president refused to do that

Those are the ones I can think of without looking it up.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


That’s nice and all but is AMLO increasing worker or state ownership of the means of production?


Bourgeois property relations are most likely staying


AMLO is like a watered down Lula. He's good compared to the options, and to the past, but not as good as could be.

Even if he were "perfect", the government apparatus wouldn't let him do much, and Mexico doesn't really have an organized working class movement to support him or his reforms. Anything he does could be easily revertible.

File: 1712516613388.jpg (131.16 KB, 858x789, GKlHwKDXoAAk6MI.jpg)


You should call yourself a communist, not a "leftist" or a "socialist".
Source? Literally from the manifesto.
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The worker dont want bull and a lot of talk that gives no bread and meat. If possible, keep it as simple as it can be.


>The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions
Communist is for big dick chads afraid of nothing
Marxist is for big brained philosophers
Marxian is for economists
Leftist/socialist is for starbucks-drinking westernoids scared of Russian man bad and probably closet reformists



I'm not in the closet. I get out the closet, then I get back in, then I jump out again. Wee, the room's spinning.



i wish there was a way to instantly understand the context when someone speaks and not have to give a name for everything. There are not two people on earth that think of the same thing when they mention something more complex than an object.
>To the average worker
Not average and not worker. Not everyone is a burger.

File: 1712538426906.jpeg (107.68 KB, 500x741, IMG_0975.jpeg)


One of the last intelligent conversations I had with my grandma, was about electric self driving cars.
She scoffed and told me they had that shit when she was a kid.
At the time rail powered street cars were synonymous with the electric grid. So were electric cars. Cars could even connect to the rails.
But GE and Standard oil tore up the infrastructure over night, just like Judge Doom. Yes, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is based on a true story, lol.

But I’m curious why the Soviets chose to go with the commie clown cars, like the Lada, when they could have built a more efficient EV infrastructure, with the profit motive out of the equation.
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File: 1712549353410.jpg (41.45 KB, 474x316, OIP(2).jpg)

I don't think an autopia infrastructure makes sense. I think you need public trabsit or personal vehicle. A hybrid doesn't make sense. As for rail vs cars, obviously rail is a lot harder to make then roads so obviously you will use roads where you can't rail and you will need non-hooked up cars for those.


Lithium-ion batteries didn't exist in USSR days, lead-acid batteries are have shit energy density. /thread


>But I’m curious why the Soviets chose to go with the commie clown cars, like the Lada, when they could have built a more efficient EV infrastructure
They had trains and trams you dumb fuck. That was far more efficient than making a bunch of 1-4 person clown trams.


Path dependency and opportunity cost, the world had already developed more expertise in gasoline cars by the time the USSR ventured seriously into civilian automotives. The cost of developing a "lost" technology from nothing again is greater than adopting an already working solution. Further more, developing a new technology means the initial products are typically inferior and it takes even more investment and time before new tech becomes superior to old tech. The USSR had limited resources so it went with the low-risk known solution.


electric cars have their uses, but batteries will never be able to compete with hydrocarbons on energy density or specific energy. electric motors being more efficient helps a bit but it's not enough

File: 1712241956569.jpg (44.83 KB, 336x395, khomeini.jpg)


>what about Sudan?
>what about West Papua?
>what about the DRC?

Question: why am I only hearing about these genocides now, while the evidence of the war crimes of the United States and Israel is in abundance for all to see? Why do I keep seeing the same accounts, the same few videos, the same shiny, clean websites?
>But there's a "communication blackout" in Sudan!! That's why there's no evidence!
Really! The government just zapped everybody's phone? Just like that?
Whatever. Maybe I'm totally wrong. I'm just saying, if any of you remember a year ago someone made a thread about how they worked for these "Uyghur genocide" campaign groups in DC and we basically all knew it was bullshit, that was me. I remember. It was absolutely crazy to watch that shit evaporate.
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How's the weather in tel aviv moshe?


>Basijfag pedo tries to insert himself into the struggle for liberation


Genocide is not just a single act.
Fuck am I drunk


(Not the Anon)
>i don't understand why zionists keep bringing up the holocaust like the average person who isn't a 70 year old evangelical american gives a single fuck about it
??? The holocaust is something that plenty of people care about besides deranged zionists and evangelicals. Belarussians care deeply about the holocaust for example since they were huge victims of it. Caring about the holocaust is not the same as using it as a bludgeon to silence anti-zionism, which is what Israel does.
>this shit happened like 90 years ago, there's a genocide of the palestinians TODAY
yes that is true, the genocide of Palestinians does have higher priority because it is happening now.
> i don't understand how anyone is supposed to feel anything but annoyed every time you bring up this little sob story over a group of people you're not even related to
the holocaust is not a "sob story" and it happened to more people than just Jewish people. It was targeted at Slavs, Communists, Homosexuals, the disabled, the mentally ill, Poles, Belarussians, Russians, etc. etc. etc.

File: 1712518200590.jpg (9.81 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)


I am trying to understand more about the current Russian National Bolshevism, if there is a real ideology there or is it pure joke…

Does anyone know if there is an ideologist or any real theory that can be read about them? lol
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All socialism is romantic
Only the capitalist west as yet has chained itself to the discourse of a scientific dictatorship and cybernetic planning, since capital is synonymous with the inhuman power of the machine.


Like fascism, it is a spontaneous movement and aesthetic of political negation.
There is no "theory" because that would imply a project, or a platform.


>I'm convinced seeing Dugin everywhere is a Western journalist attempt to mystify Russian political movements as being puppeted by a Rasputin-like figure.
trvthnvke. they even tried to give him a rasputin-like death but got his cute daughter by accident


He is hard to kill like Rasputin. He also has a monster penis like rasputin.


I mean they literally have an article about him called "Putin's Rasputin" which helped codify this

File: 1711818620904.jpeg (17.83 KB, 300x232, ScroogeWithNephews.jpeg)


Can we have an economics education thread on the topic of "no one is a billionarie"? They generally get shat-on ,but I've seen many commenters on forums ,etc, say that jeff bezos ,elon musk etc are NOT able to spend all their billions overnight (is that even possible tho?) if they so wanted. They'd need to sell all stock, but if they sell all stock every other stock-holder gets suspicious or terrified and they do stock-market stuff which destroys the remaining value of the billionarie's assets.
Is this true? And also regarding the romantic "elon musk could solve world hunger!' idea: COULD elon musk, if he so wanted, indeed put his 200+ billion dollars on a hunger-relief program? Is that even economically possible in the current society and model we live in?
I dont deny the hyper-rich have luxuries, lots of very very expensive houses, cars, items and services…but can they just on billions-dollar spending sprees whenever they feel like it?
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>Scott announced that she had donated $1.7 billion to 116 non-profit organizations, with a focus on racial equality, LGBTQ+ equality, democracy, and climate change
so basically entities that further porky's interests? she isn't giving away money just investing in securing further exploitation, racial equality = impossible under capitalism, LGBT = severing of family ties and further reification but also an impossibility under capitalism women will always end up oppressed, bourgeois "democracy" and climate change the last one is probably the only good cause but as many other problems cannot be solved under capitalism due to the rigid competition laws


File: 1712246322337.jpeg (112.25 KB, 1440x810, EcaqAfKWAAA1Xcp.jpeg)

Would it be possible to PSYCHICALLY donate a billion dollars? Like, personally handing out rolls of 100 dollar bills to soup kitchens, beggars, street children, food banks etc
Would it even be humanly possible time-wise or are there enough beggars so that, even giving 10K to each one, you can burn off a billion?


I've thought about this before. Like what's the most money you could reasonably get for free from a billionaire? Like if you asked a billionaire for $50 they'd get all snarky and start lecturing you. But I think if you asked for $5, they'd be so amused by the small request that they might give it to you as a joke.


There is not a single proven case of a billionaire donating money to charity. They simply move money into "donor-advised funds" which are tax exempt yet not required to actually payout a single cent to charity. Essentially they just make a 'charity' for themselves and donate money to themselves to avoid taxes. Every dollar "donated" by a billionaire increases the tax burden of all non-billionaires. Just using common sense, does someone who steals billions of dollars sound like someone who would actually donate to charity? I don't really buy it.


File: 1712543712649.jpg (9.11 KB, 474x266, OIP(1).jpg)

> Just using common sense, does someone who steals billions of dollars sound like someone who would actually donate to charity?

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