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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1620225683611.png (2.72 MB, 1121x1600, imagen_2021-05-05_164044.png)


why are there so many capitalist/fascist swines here, cant they go back to their 4chan circlejerk
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shut the fuck up wojakposter


I believe that fascists should be allowed to debate but not to shitpost. Also fascists hanging out is a good sign, people's minds aren't going to change in an instsnt. However mods must ban ascist shitposts strictly


>He's frantically copypasting now


you portrayed me as a transhumanist soyjak,thus,completely anihilating every argument i had


Realpolitik wise, there is the practical issue of what occurs when one site is permissive when the other isn't. /pol/ mods will remove threads or prevent the bumping of them so they slide off, so that means that if we are overly permissive while /pol/ is not, then we'll just get spammed to death with only self-indulgent sentimentality gained in the process.

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File: 1608525215109-1.jpg (552.91 KB, 720x1639, 4d40eeee1a5e1214f94ee68273….jpg)

File: 1608525215109-2.jpg (605.51 KB, 719x2020, d51f0b4d787bfa172bc4eeccdd….jpg)

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Volume 4: Finally some actual riots edition

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Elections, open orgs, jungle NPA or just random shit. There’r still dozens of us! Kiwis are welcome! South Asia can joined too I guess.

Last threads
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File: 1619755227391-0.jpg (259.48 KB, 1200x675, fall-of-saigon-gettyimages….jpg)

File: 1619755227392-1.gif (4.14 MB, 360x360, AnguishedEqualGoosefish-si….gif)


Remembering one of the greatest moments of anti-imperialism



In the 70s we sent you an anti-aircraft gun from Sweden, I hope you guys shot down many B52s with it.


>ever happen
If you haven’t noticed, they did happen. But almost all failed spectacularly. Myanmar tried to cooperate with the Brits and got coup’ed. Thailand tried to uproot the Hirohito-level of venerable monarchy so they got reduced to the mountains and finally died when Vietnam stopped funding them. Indonesia tried electoralism route but ended up going to way of the dodos. Malaya got infiltrated with British glowies so hard that their general secretary was one. The Philippine didn’t handle the sino - Soviet split well while facing a deeply entrenched American servile society so still continues their eternal war till today. Indochina got so disillusioned with the whole thing that they turned socdems.
To segway into the celebrations of unification day. The military of the rest of SEA are similar to the South Vietnamese military, they’re filled with desperate proles looking for work under a system of fascist officers directly trained by the imperial cores. Destroy the country’s economy enough that the state can’t find the lower class of military men then they’ll defect in droves. Note that the ARVN during the Spring uprising had the NVA out numbered by 3 to 1. However that quickly change the more victories the communists gained. By the end, only catholic fundamentalists ended being the only ones defending Sai Gon.


Cockshott were right about this. We have to combine syndicalism/cooperatives & central planning along with labor movements. Because in order to defeat those porkies, we need every help we can get. By any means necessary.


Bump to save thread.

File: 1620090988538.png (37.33 KB, 300x226, aniki.png)

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hey the mods have implemented a character limit and have decided for it to be permanent so what do you guys think of the new change ? do you think it'll have a negative impact on the site or will it be better for it ?

also don't remove the thread, every user deserves to know about this shit not just the minority that goes on /meta/

[mod edit for convenience] Currently 200 character for OPs on /leftypol/ and /edu/ only.
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>a minimum character limit is power tripping and board wrecking
You are a stale cumrag duder


>What are your thoughts about Keynesianism and Keynes. My thoughts are X. It's incompatible with marxism because of Y. Is there anything of value to be taken from Keynes? If so, what?
How is this an improvement lmao. It's just the first sentence drawn out like a student trying to meet a wordcount.


You will never be a leftypol janny currency.


The mod team has voted to reduce the character limit on /leftypol/ to 150 characters and to completely eliminate the character limit on /edu/. It should be implemented soon.


no surprise, the dollars simping morons from the bunker are the ones who cant even write a paragraph to start a thread

File: 1620202509233.jpg (149.62 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_15940288529001642.jpg)


Technology is what drives social, political and economic change. Society becomes more liberal and degenerate BECAUSE of technology, individualism is the essence of this change, everything we see happening now is just people becoming more individualistic, thinking more of themselves and their own interests than the interests of their community or folk. This was possible only thanks to the mass production of goods which liberated people from the burden of agrarian society, suddenly you didn't have to own a farm and have a huge family, you didn't have to know the baker or the tailor, because some machine (although handled increasingly less by human beings) thousands of miles away will make everything you need to survive.

Political ideologies like socialism, fascism, progressivism and so on could only have arisen thanks to the printing press, imagine Marx trying to preach class consciousness without the original Communist manifesto pamphlets, he'd be limited to where his words were heard, but with publications words can travel far and outlive the writer. Likewise as technology became more advanced so also did the political ideologies, anarcho-this or anarcho-that, it leaves the common man scratching his head.

The economy is the most obvious, 4 stages of industrial revolution can be summed up as such; machines became more complex and required less human involvement, which increased profit.
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That is how it is described in neoliberal economic theory


profit comes from the surplus value taken from the workers, not machines unable to produce new value

if you replace a good chunk of the workforce with machines that reduces the total mass of value that could be appropriated by the capitalist

this is Marxism101


I think that anon is referring to the rate of profit, which does reduce.


What did I just read?
Please tell me you don't say these things out loud.


>Get off Marx's dick, boomer.
Hello C4SS contributor.

File: 1616976773531.jpg (82.53 KB, 620x420, jcp.jpg)

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what are the japanese left wing online communities like ?
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There were Japanese Hoxhaists, but I don't think they're active anymore http://ciml.250x.com/archive/mlwm/mlwm_asia/japan/cp_japan_left_theory_of_3-worlds.pdf


They took this from you


File: 1620211183811.jpg (173.82 KB, 566x800, east-asia-anti-japan-armed….jpg)

East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front documentary screening cancelled due to ultra-nationalist pressure
In a statement released 4 May, the operator of Atsugi Cinema Kiki said that it had received word on 30 April from police of a two-day protest over the 8–9 May weekend by a far-right group (uyoku dantai) about showing the documentary. As is typical of such groups’ tactics, the protest would involve multiple black vans driving around the local area. These vans are fitted with speakers to play loud patriotic music and amplify slogans in order to cause as much of a nuisance as possible. The operator said that it was concerned about the trouble this would bring others in neighbourhood and, in consultation with the distributor, had made the difficult decision to call off the planned screenings.


Are you retarded?
They literally get harrased by the police ,if they cucked out the opposite will happen

File: 1620204981760.jpg (384.07 KB, 2000x1332, Black-Bloc.jpg)


"Of course you know what a meeting at 3pm in Trafalgar Square consists of: masses of the poor devils of the East End who vegetate in the borderland between working class and Lumpenproletariat, and a sufficient admixture of roughs and 'Arrys to leaven the whole into a mass ready for any "lark" up to a wild riotà propos de rien [about nothing]. Well, just at the time when this element was getting the upper hand (Kautsky who was there says das eigentliche Meeting war vorbei, die Keilerei ging los und so ging ich weg [the meeting proper was over, the brawling broke out and so I made off]), the wiseacres above named took these roughs in procession through Pall Mall and Piccadilly to Hyde Park for another and a truly revolutionary meeting. But on the road the roughs took matters into their own hands, smashed club windows and shop fronts, plundered first wine stores and bakers' shops, and then some jewellers' shops also, so that in Hyde Park our revolutionary swells had to preach "le calme et la modération"! While they were soft-sawdering, the wrecking and plundering went on outside in Audley St and even as far as Oxford St where at last the police intervened.

The absence of the police shows that the row was wanted, but that Hyndman and Codonnaient dans le piège [fell into the trap] is impardonable and brands them finally as not only helpless fools but also as scamps. They wanted to wash off the disgrace of their electoral manoeuvre, and now they have done an irreparable damage to the movement here.

To make a revolution – and that à propos de rien [about nothing], when and where they liked – they thought nothing else was required but the paltry tricks sufficient to "boss" an agitation for any vile fad, packed meetings, lying in the press, and then, with five and twenty men secured to back them up, 'appealing to the masses to "rise" somehow, as best they might, against nobody in particular and everything in general, and trust to luck for the result.

During the procession, during this second little meeting and afterwards, the masses of the Lumpenproletariat, whom Hyndman had taken for the unemployed, streamed through some fashionable streets near by, looted jewellers' and other shops, used the loaves and legs of mutton which they had looted solely to break windows with, and dispersed without meeting any resistance. Only aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Marx was like those /biz/ fags who are basically broke and just bet on stonks to be /notbroke/
And you’re the one posting Engels whining about some booj fags getting their shit smashed


Even if OP wasn’t misrepresenting this hanging on Marx and Engels’ every fucking word as if Marxism is an actual religion is cringe


Im not OP fuckhead


File: 1620209475251.jpg (199.76 KB, 1600x900, minneapolis-police-3rd-pre….jpg)

>Far from opposing the so-called excesses – instances of popular vengeance against hated individuals or against public buildings with which hateful memories are associated – the workers’ party must not only tolerate these actions but must even give them direction.


Thanks mate

File: 1620080949709.png (10.96 KB, 595x379, America question mark.png)

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The left is currently experiencing a revival in America, so it is now a good time for the American left to plan out its long-term strategy. Before we can figure out what strategies to pursue, let's take a look at some of the challenges the left faces here:
-A weak and declining labor movement
-An electoral system that makes it nearly impossible for leftist parties to get elected to important offices
-Leftists are forced to run as Democrats if they want to win elections. It seems that being part of the Democratic Party makes leftist politicians less willing to challenge the political establishment.
-Large amount of fragmentation, especially on the far-left. For example, there are dozens of parties claiming the be the "vanguard" of the working class.
-A state that is ruthlessly efficient at repressing the left
-Racial tensions that could make it difficult to maintain a multiracial working class coalition
-A state that tremendous capacity to inflict violence on the left if the need were to arise
-Right-wing paramilitaries
-Lack of left-wing paramilitaries

With these things in mind, I'll make some recommendations for what the American left should do.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Do tell me why is that USSR gets treated to "an easier standard"

Because the answer to the settler/colonisation problem in the US said by that anon was the abolition of the country and the return of all land to the indigenous followed by mass-reduction and expulsions.

Based on the response I got from that anon and it does seem like the Soviet Union has a lower standard as a similar process wasnt seen as appropriate.


>basques don't have an autonomy
That's technically not true, as all Spanish subdivisions are given autonomy as autonomous communities or autonomous cities.


Sorry, my bad. Still, you get what I mean - USSR grants autonomies and republic-doms left and right, admits independences and such since 1917, and bourgeois "democracies" can't grant an autonomy for half a century, if not more.

>abolition of the country and the return of all land to the indigenous followed by mass-reduction and expulsions.

Personally, I'd like to see the South, California and Texas seccede from the Union, with wh*tes granted autonomies within them while the majority of land nationalized and given for use by the people actually working on that land. Only after such reorganization, with people living there given real power, can they get admitted back into the Union as actual independent states. That's my anti-americanism speaking, though.


File: 1620209013132.jpeg (48.11 KB, 558x614, C2C7F95D-5425-4D06-924D-C….jpeg)

>Settler colonialism is actually not a real thing


>That's my anti-americanism speaking, though.
I understand that feeling all too well/

File: 1620178913385.jpg (476.02 KB, 3120x4160, IMG_20201130_235425.jpg)


As tech increases the power of the state yo properly enforce its will on the individual decreases.

How can you have a society if technology can make a man a god?

This effect will only grow worse with time as the tech level increases.

What measures can society implement to stop individuals from developing new weapon systems faster than laws can be made?
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>As tech increases the power of the state yo properly enforce its will on the individual decreases.
are you just going to ignore the ever worsening surveillance capitalism we're all living in right now?

also this. add all of musk's projects to the list. all government deals. which is funny because lolberts love sucking this guy's dick


File: 1620196871761.jpg (448.9 KB, 3120x4160, IMG_20201127_223120.jpg)

Runaway singularities allow individuals to quickly gain attack capacities even in jurisdictions that attempt to limit such activity.

As technology increases, the amount of power the individual wields scales non linearly with state power.

How do you stop someone from manufacturing blinding drones swarms when literally the diodes to to do so are everywhere?


File: 1620197022310.jpg (930.45 KB, 3120x4160, IMG_20210504_223445.jpg)

It's really funny that we had such a long period of cd/dvd/and blue ray drives.

All contain the components for blinding weapons.

Drones can be 3d printed or assembled from cheap model kits and arduinos.

And this is now.

Imagine 2200.

State power is a finite thing in a world infinite personal weapon systems.


File: 1620197432073.jpg (300.65 KB, 720x802, 1619715456679.jpg)

And it did so much for them.
Let them surveil, a Megawatt or killowatt ir laser has an attack range measured in kilometers, and energy weapons using sound or microwaves or even x-rays or radiation can pierce even solid structures.

In this world, if someone had resources or even just ambition, could create weapons that could strike from line of sight right through anything not shielded with several inches of lead.


>As tech increases the power of the state yo properly enforce its will on the individual decreases.
that's less of a problem for socialist states that don't have to enforce exploitation of the majority of workers for a minority of capitalists. Socialist states have a different threat model than capitalist states.
I heard about those directed energy attacks, are those real ? Like have they found hard evidence?

File: 1620144934673.png (234.86 KB, 1024x1024, 1024px-Seal_of_the_Central….png)


You guys do not seem to understand how CIA plants work. Any time someone argues against tankoid bullshit they get called a glowie. But the reality is that the purpose of CIA plants is to blend in and uncover informatiom from the inside; glowies are never going to disagree with you. They also try to turn off people from the ideology by being the most ridiculous strawmen possible, which is an apt description of many online MLs. Ergo, the people online simping hard for China, Stalin, NK, etc., and calling you a glowie for having the basic geopolitical sense to not side with everyone that happens to oppose the US, is probably a glowie. Speaking frankly, what's made me closer to recanting Marxism than any liberal anti-communist arguments is MLs claiming a monopoly on Marxism and then arguing in defense of dystopias. That's likely by design; many of the people doing that are likely CIA plants who want to dissuade me from Marxism.
Many people below will make fun of this post with no argument or very bad one-line arguments; they are mostly just glowies worried I'm undermining their cover, ignore them.(anchored: low effort sectarianism)
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Or maybe the CIA doesn't give a shit about some irrelevant website that gets a few hundred posts per day, and is focused on the coming hybrid war with China. They have assets in the MSM for sure, and inside the major tech companies.


Provably false the glow is everywhere at least on 4chan so most likely here also


Well I've just noticed it's a common deflection when socialist states are criticized. Besides, the United States is an especially bad capitalist country in a lot of respects, so the bar they set is fairly low in comparison to, say, Germany.


five rows of diatribe
ha got em
anchored: low effort sectarianism


0/10 not enough buzzwords

File: 1620115982733.jpeg (184.11 KB, 2048x1536, 10F8C18C-9BE1-4CC6-8C88-3….jpeg)


How do Americans remain sane when claiming that any act of kindness, solidarity, compassion, or anything that improves their own lives is communism while also decrying communism as the most evil thing to ever exist?
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Most people when they hear communism think "Russia, Vodka, Tank, Slav"


Maybe nobody likes fucking SOCDEMS.


If sanders could detach himself from some of the more odius social lib policies of the dems he might be as popular as the policies in a vacuum.


File: 1620193681512.png (14.5 KB, 250x250, 1615506432714.png)

>I once had a boomer claim that California's housing prices were so expensive "because illegals keep coming here and buying up all the housing."

bruh what the FUCK
this actually might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard


Belief that capitalism is bad is fairly common with Gen Z, support for communism is not.

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