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Fuck Capitalism speaks, they scam you into ABA therapy, private school, and special Ed and then blame YOU for it.
>Beble widh audism need more addention
Yes, humans are a K type species. Our parents aren't falling for hustle culture and we aren't potatoes.
As an Autistic person this annoys me.
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Well, fine I guess they're okay then. I'm more so referring to people that can't really function unaided.


That's right, it's why we need to cut welfare programs and just give people some tough love. Anyone who can't make it on their own and depends on handouts is a burden. They'll never make it tbh


Fuck off Porky. You know that's not what anyone meant here.


>I also read the abstract of some study in which they gave people a written transcript, audio recording and video footage of what autists had to say.

>However studies on this show that women who even get diagnosed with something like Asperger's or PDD-NOS in the first place actually have a WORSE ability to recognise/respond to social cues than their male counterparts.



>>534566 (not the OP)
The first study is here: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep40700#discussion

<Here, across three studies, we find that first impressions of individuals with ASD made from thin slices of real-world social behavior by typically-developing observers are not only far less favorable across a range of trait judgments compared to controls, but also are associated with reduced intentions to pursue social interaction. These patterns are remarkably robust, occur within seconds, do not change with increased exposure, and persist across both child and adult age groups. However, these biases disappear when impressions are based on conversational content lacking audio-visual cues, suggesting that style, not substance, drives negative impressions of ASD.

A source for the second claim, based on the social skills of children, is here: https://www.spectrumnews.org/news/get-autism-diagnosis-girls-need-worse-social-skills-boys/
The claim is that autism is underdiagnosed in females, and therefore women have to exhibit stronger autistic symptoms to get a diagnosis. From my anecdotal experience this is eminently plausible. I also think it's plausible that mild autism is specifically more debilitating for men, because in sexual relationships it's typically women who actually select and initiate them. They do this by sending nonverbal "signals" of interest that autists are unable to detect, and therefore they are left trying to dig for treasure without a metal detector. This also cuts them off from many of the economic benefits of having a romantic partner.

File: 1633537768181.jpeg (32.65 KB, 612x459, e.jpeg)


Would you still be a leftist if you were born rich? Or do you only care about working-class politics because it materially benefits you in particular?
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idk getting the door held open for me?


Wait Mao was born rich? I thought he was a school teach.



"Rich Peasant" class background:

The son of Mao Enpu (1846-1904), he was raised into a poverty-stricken family of peasants. Marrying Wen Qimei when he was ten, he subsequently served for two years in the Xiang Army. Returning to agriculture, he became a moneylender and grain merchant, buying up local grain and selling it in the city for a higher price, becoming one of the wealthiest farmers in Shaoshan, with 20 acres of land. He and Wen had four surviving children, Zedong, Zemin, Zetan, and Zejian, the latter of whom was adopted.

Proletariats cannot recognize their revolutionary potential on their own, and intelligentsia usually want to compete in the Special Olympics all day.


yeah except racist people can use the “color-blind” policies to racially discriminate which has been the whole fucking discourse


The thing is, paradoxically, helping others helps yourself.
If you want to become the best at something you need to have competent people to practice with, in order for people with natural talent for the field to rise to the top you have to give all people a basic standard of living.
If you want to stretch the limits of human ability you have to have competent rivals to hone your skills against and this is as true for basketball as it is for science.


>This is what alt-historians truly believe in.
Seriously, this fucking retard makes some premises that are "kinda" interesting IMO, but holy fuck every fucking take he has is fucking bullshit. I don't know if I'm mentally disabled tbh probably, I sometimes watch his videos, and watching them ironically is equally as retarded, but sometimes, out of morbid curiosity, I click on his fucking videos and get a fucking aneurysm out of the sheer stupidity.
Yes, that's an actual screenshot.
Watch this and surprise youselves with his stupidity. Let's all laugh at the retards who doesn't know all of his followers are fucking /pol/tards and me who keeps getting baited by his fucking premises.

>The four "trends" of the 21st century

Since I don't want to give views to this absolute buffoon who thinks he's actually smart, and thanks that /leftypol/ lives in 2021 and not in 2004 like 4chan, here's the entire video itself, "enjoy" it
Remember, if, while you're watching this video, you want to off yourself cause if people like this guy exist then the only way out for civilization is complete annihilation of the species, go in here and search your suicide hotline of choice to vent to the unsuspecting guy on the other phone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines
Be careful, it might be people who follow this retard.
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File: 1633534150624.jpg (59.16 KB, 536x409, 1633451852532-0.jpg)

>and without it, society would collapse (see China). 10/10 analysis bro
In China, communism is the religion.
the west per capita still has more industrial output then china.
alt-his is a good for though exprements and for trying to understand what it was in a country that caused them to become powerful/collapse/stagnate


File: 1633534751424.jpg (18.5 KB, 600x600, bait.jpg)

>In China, communism is the religion.


File: 1633546602217-0.jpg (88.85 KB, 700x482, 149943_700b.jpg)

File: 1633546602217-1.jpg (1.97 MB, 2689x1812, inside_heavenly_city.jpg)

tbf, there is an argument to be made one of the qualities that distinguishes communism from other materialist ideologies is that it provides a certain eschatological framework that is capable of supplanting and overriding those rooted in idealism.


<those images


Do I even need to give my usual shtick as to why this topic is retarded? Tldr log the fuck off

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Why does reddit hate china so much? Is it all eglin air force base's doing and other glowing bots? It's beyond even hating "muh ccp" you see outright anti-Chinese racism and apologists for Japanese WW2 war crimes like Rape of Nanjing. Covid has made it even worse.

I feel like this bullshit is manufacturing consent for a war with China, with asians probably taking the place of muslims as the hated minority in the west.
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Threw my two cents on that irritating website one time. Nothing remotely bad compare to what's posted there on average. In fact, it was just a response to a user that asked why people "simp" for china. First of all, the word simp is over used. Anyway, I told explain to them and I was immediately down voted into hell itself. It was so bad that satan shook his head when he saw me. Now you're probably, what did I say that struck a nerve with the conservatives on reddit? I'll make a long story short since this post is getting a little bit too long. Simply put, how in china everyone is on equal footing. How it encourages equality in a community that no one wants to be above one another. Apparently that was too much for rightoids to understand. There must have been rules that I wasn't aware of that stated I mustn't speak good of the EVIL china. of what. It still baffles me how I was just saying the objectively truth and I was abused for it. I know that word, "abuse" may seem exaggerate but I was literally locked out of that subreddit. I had negative karma and I wasn't allow to use reddit anymore :/ While yes, i'm aware not all of reddit is echo chamber, perhaps you could drop a few good subreddits to go to if you feel like it. But still… too many close minded people dominate that part of the internet.


in fact 90% of the positions we disagree with are, yes, western propaganda.


Reddit would appear to be the source of many problems , it would be smart to take some kind of action to limit the damage they can do.


most of the china subreddits are full of TEFLs/ex-pats who thought they'd be treated as gods just for being white/western and are butthurt it didn't work out that way and the world news/politics subs are full of full-on boomer-tier cold warrior clintonites


Better question? Why do you care? What, do you think that matters? Who gives a fuck what your average bouvie redditor thinks



late news, but Commander X, aka Christopher Doyon, was arrested in Mexico on US orders recently. He was an 'anonymous' hacktivist in the early 2010s. Just goes to show the feds never forget.

If you've never read his book, "Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous" I suggest giving it a read, it's actually pretty entertaining, and a blast from the past for those of you who were around in the early 2010s occupy wall street/hacktivist/arab spring/movement of the squares era.

It's a retelling of his own, admittedly minor role in this sage and his arrest for hacking from which he's been a fugitive for years.

But now, the feds got him in mexico
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>to pull a Snowden and go to Russia or something
>Snowden was smart enough
What. Snowden got atick in russia. There was no 4d chess going on here.


doyon was too poor to fly to russia, he was a homeless guy before this shit. That being said it would have been a smart idea. They probably would have given him a flat


why is amlo such a cuck ?


Yeah (uh), yeah, yeah (uh) (grr)
Don't get it twisted
This rap shit is mine, motherfucker
It's not a fucking game
Fuck what you heard
It's what you hearin' (it's what you hearin')
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Fuck waiting for you to get it on your own, X gon' deliver to ya (uh)
Knock knock, open up the door, it's real
With the non-stop, pop-pop of stainless steel
Go hard, getting busy wit it
But I got such a good heart
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


it wasn't amlo, it was an illegal US glowop
>on the afternoon of Friday 11th June, several armed, uniformed, Mexican men identifying themselves as DEA agents attempted to gain entry to the community but were turned away. They returned dressed as civilians, with representatives from the US embassy, scaled the walls of the compound and took Chris away in the early evening.

File: 1633529648649.png (540.28 KB, 620x413, ClipboardImage.png)



<Karl Marx called his system “scientific socialism.” Modern leftists advocate a similar ideology and call themselves “woke” to indicate that they understand the world better than the rest of us. Yet the worldview of Marxists and woke leftists alike is fundamentally primitive.

<Folk economics is the economics of people untrained in economics. It is the economic view of the world that evolved in our brains before the development of the modern economy. During this period of evolution the economy was simple, with little specialization except by age and sex, no economic growth, no technological change, limited trade, little capital, and warfare between neighboring tribes.
<Zero-sum thinking was well-adapted to this world. Since there was no economic growth, incomes and wealth didn’t grow. If one person had access to more food or other goods, or greater access to females, it was likely because of expropriation from others. Since there was little capital, a “labor theory of value”—the idea that all value is created by labor alone—would have been appropriate, and there was little need to protect capital through property rights. Frequent warfare encouraged xenophobia.
<Adam Smith and other economists challenged this worldview in the 18th century. They taught that specialization of labor was valuable, that capital was productive, and that labor and capital could work together to increase income. They also showed that property rights needed protection, that members of other tribes or groups could cooperate through trade, that wealth could be created with the proper incentives, and that the creation of wealth would benefit everyone in a society, not only the wealthy. Most important, they showed that a complex economy could work with little or no central direction.
<Marx’s economic system was based on the primitive worldview of our ancestors. For him, conflict rather than cooperation between labor and capital defined the economy. He thought that the wealthy became rich only by exploiting the poor, that all income came from labor, and that the economy needed central direction because he didn’t believe markets were good at self-correction. The collapse of the Soviet Union, the largesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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He’s also a Yankee


the woke "left"'s economics isn't leftist at all its just a defense mechanism for neo liberalism


Just once I would like to see one of these dummies begin their criticism of Marxism from a place of knowing what it actually is. So often these people seem to have fundamental misunderstandings about what Marxists actually think and why they reason that way.


were not in siberia here, a garbage article by a retard who doesnt understand shit doesnt deserve a thread



For the vast majority of human beings over time, poverty is probably a norm, given how human existence has been structured.

However, for most of the human temporal experience, poverty was not normal. Our evolved niche was for an egalitarian hunter-gatherer band with relatively high quantities of protein. When the Agricultural Revolution hit, however, the vast majority of people became serfs, peasants, farmers, and nutrition levels dropped. States arose to extract wealth from the producing agricultural base. It's only been with the late stage of capitalism (and only in developed countries) that general nutrition levels have reached pre-Agricultural Revolution levels.


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/ussr/ was dead last time I checked очень грустно


>think reddit is a single liberal monoculture
…yeah most political subreddits are essentially that


No, its not dead, just really fucking slow


File: 1633540267930.png (204.78 KB, 613x614, black thing.png)

>think reddit is a single liberal monoculture

reddit left places are all mostly the same idpol culture war nonsense so yes it is actually



Okay, ignoring just woke libs, why is modern day liberalism in general such a fucking retarded ideology with such fucking retarded justifications for itself? I mean ALL liberals, that includes “Republicans”, almost all EU political parties, the Jap government, etc.
But particularly the Anglosphere seems to have especially retarded justifications for liberalism voided of all logic or even basic adult thinking, like it’s just meant to shut down the minds of people who are nearly toddlers

Did liberal theorists genuinely grow stupider over the past 100 years?
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Man, it reminds me of this book I was reading by Eric Hobsbawm, I think it was Age of Revolution, where he writes about how the Ancien Regime would be angered by logical arguments made by monarchist philosophers in their favor, the entire idea was to submit without question so a logical argument in favor of monarchy was already too dangerous


>why is modern day liberalism in general such a fucking retarded ideology with such fucking retarded justifications for itself? I mean ALL liberals
most people nowadays only want good stuff.
good times create bad men


Idealist trash


the grandfather of reactionaries Joseph de Maistre made the argument
>According to Maistre, any attempt to justify government on rational grounds will only lead to unresolvable arguments about the legitimacy and expediency of any existing government and that this in turn will lead to violence and chaos.[23][24] As a result, Maistre argued that the legitimacy of government must be based on compelling, but non-rational grounds which its subjects must not be allowed to question.[25] Maistre went on to argue that authority in politics should derive from religion and that in Europe this religious authority must ultimately lie with the Pope.



He is not entirely wrong. Even in mathematics at some point one returns to some set of definitions and axioms which are by definition not justified.

Something analogous is the case with normativity and ideology.

Its why I often argue that it is impossible to convert the radical liberal on the basis of reason by itself because at the root he has different values, concerns and tools to interpret the world.

File: 1633452265584.jpg (59.16 KB, 536x409, 1633451852532-0.jpg)


we need a new cultural revolution, but instead of destroying the four olds we need to destroy the four consumptions, the consumption of twitch/twitch like streaming, the consumption on paid pornography, the consumption of most video games and marvel movies, and the consumption of megachurches
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Just because development is uneven doesn't mean that it doesn't follow a predictable trajectory. The west outsourced production because it was cheaper to invest in industrializing pre-industrial countries (and siphon profit from them) than it was to industrialize further in the already-industrialized countries. There's a limit on that according to technology, and capitalism abhors stagnation. But production is becoming more automated, and the more automated it gets the fewer workers you need engaged in direct production, meaning the more you put toward service sectors that still produce some value, even though not in a physically crystallized form (it's simply consumed as it is produced). That too can be automated, at which point people find something else to do, and if you can't make things or do things for people what is left is information-based work, whether that's educating, generating new ideas or just idly entertaining people.


Nice non argument testiclehead, i take joy knowing your type dilate every day at people enjoying things you don't like


so abolishing commodities? polpot already did that


If you’re banning porn you better get cracking on those robo waifus or state-mandated gfs faggot
>He genuinely believes automation is anywhere near a point where humans can largely be cut out of productive labor


>>He genuinely believes automation is anywhere near a point where humans can largely be cut out of productive labor
I didn't say that, but it's at a point where there's a significant amount of productive labor you can cut out that you will have more people than productive labor to give them. Whether you divide the production evenly or only give it to some people, you will still end up with a lot of available man-hours that people will find other uses for.

File: 1632813468093.png (1.19 MB, 1206x676, a,png.PNG)

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I saw this based demonstration in person labour aristocrats were looking on scared and Germany has been purging the march off youtube when they can find it.

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Further, obviously when Lenin wrote, he was not writing about Leninist revolutions, he was applying Marxism to the world at the time. There is no reason MLM cannot do the same, and look at the world in its current state, and the state of past revolutions, to draw conclusions




>Maoism in a first world country with a fully integrated capitalist economy
lol pure LARP and a recipe for disaster (even Mao believed this) The moment those Germans try to start a PPW guerrilla they're gonna get assraped by a SWAT team in less than a week if not a day.


Gonzaloids celebrating a failed revolution led by the petit-bourgeois intellectual class against the peasantry.

Sad, even anarchists uphold better examples of socialism


Absolutely zero to contribute, just TROTing out a bunch of lib propoganda dispute an avalanche of evidence to the contrary. Disgraceful

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