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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1613433083521.png (815.23 KB, 597x467, 9C99B059-EE49-4E11-BDE9-23….png)


>Inb4 autists screech about how evil doesn’t technically exist as though this is fucking reddit and as if Maoists and MLs don’t call shit out as evil all the fucking time so long as it’s convenient
Anyway ain’t it kinda funny how the only time the US was decided not on the wrong side of history was when it fought itself? Even when they were fighting the Axis they were mostly trying to BTFO Germany/Japan and capitalize on France/Britain being BTFO to become the ruler of the capitalist world, more like a vulture than a paragon.

But when the burned the land of the slavers to ash? Fucking based
The US should destroy itself more often, methinks
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I mean, it also wasn’t like some sort of psychopath genocide like how modern society (and society back then) really like to portray it
That was some shit that occurred after a full decade of non-stop civil war, occurred after the Haitians learned that Napoleon more or less intended to wipe them all out (seriously, Napoleon and his generals finally decided all the slaves needed to be killed and replaced by the time of his invasion), and of course the vast majority of people that died in that war were black
We aren’t talking about hundreds of thousands or millions of innocent whites being tortured to death, we’re talking about the few who remained on the island (AFAIK less than 5,000 people as most had fled during the war) most of whom were guys involved in the slave trade


Fun fact, the parts of Haiti where people have polish last names is a huge communist hot spot, they militantly resisted the Duvalier regimes


oh yeah im aware, im just not trying to make full apologetics for it in any case. they would probably have been better off rounding them up and sending them to haiti or cuba or something at least for optics sake, not that it would have made much of a difference and they wouldve seen the same retribution anyway since the issue was obviously the revolution and not france mourning the deaths of a thousand petty merchants

im not sure what to make of Dessalines in general. to be fair, my only knowledge of the Haitian Revolution comes from CLR James Black Jacobins, which is basically a biography of Louverture and doesnt go much into Dessalines rule. and im not making a moralistic judgement of his assumption of Emperor and decrees regarding forcing plantation labor, it was obviously an incredibly fragile scenario and there was literally no precedent whatsoever and the closest precedent was the revolution of their sworn enemy. but its hard not to think maybe things couldve turned out better. even if they had tried to readopt a west african clan agriculture system within the framework of a national military and civil service maybe it wouldve been something.

but now im just playing althistory fantasy. the haitian revolution was one of the highest points in human history and will live forever. i hope some day not too far off haitians can live safe and happy.


The Revolutions podcast is honestly an excellent dive into the Haitian Revolution, you should give it a listen
He talks a lot about important figures of the time that basically nobody remembers in 2021


Im sorry i have anemia :(

File: 1613465716462.png (30.17 KB, 219x312, 0b2cc28853086424918332c7eb….png)


>Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentional violence for political or religious purposes. It is used in this regard primarily to refer to violence during peacetime or in the context of war against non-combatants (mostly civilians and neutral military personnel).

If Terrorism doesn't work why do people keep using it? It's adventurist and even less effective than peaceful protests which can at least point to certain successes like Civil Rights, etc.

Is there an example in history of terrorism actually achieving it's goals? And why does it fail most of the time?
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maybe you should post about this shit then anon, put some pdfs in this thread if you want. id be interested in talking about it more


the same can be said of futile, destructive courses of action, like pretty much everything the Weather Underground did


isn't Julian Assange considered a terrorist?


No disagreement from me.

Of the cyber flavor. Then again, anyone who resists the law of private property is deemed a terrorist. It all comes back to that.


He's not, but some hyberbolically call him a "cyberterrorist" when in reality he's just a guy who runs a website that releases information that other people give him, basically just an information source or journalist.

File: 1613415420201.jpeg (59.67 KB, 387x550, download.jpeg)


Anti-fascists protest at annual commemoration of Bulgarian pro-Nazi general Hristo Lukov
Neonazis have held rallies in honour of Lukov, the head of the fascist and anti-semitic Union of Bulgarian National Legions from 1932-43, since 2003 on February 13, the anniversary of his 1943 assassination by communist partisans Ivan Burudzhiev and Violeta Yakova, the latter of whom was hunted down and executed aged just 21 the following year.

Separatists grow majority in Catalonia despite Socialist win
With 99% of the votes counted, the three main parties pledging to carve out an independent Catalan state increased their number of seats in the regional parliament to 74. In 2017, those same parties won 70 seats of the 135-seat chamber, just two above the majority.

India: Environmental Activist Arrested for Alleged Conspiracy
Delhi Police also intend to arrest Nikita Jacob and Shantanu Muluk, both of whom are accused of drafting with Ravi a document that allegedly seeks to create "disinformation and discontent" against the government. Lawyer Prashant Bhushan, writer Arundhati Roy, and 18 other personalities denounced the "absurd accusations" against Ravi and indicated that they seek to criminalize dissent and social protests.

Leftist opposition party heads to victory in Kosovo election
With 65% of the votes counted by the central Election Commission, the main governing election body, the left-wing Self-Determination Movement Party, or Vetevendosje, had 48% of thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah admittedly Catalan separatism is ultimately just Bougie Nationalism but the spanish government has been utterly "Bruh" tier since the fucking 30's and is really "Never" (in the foreseeable future) going to be left-wing anyway. while the regionalists like Catalans Galicians and Basque's tend to be "left-wing" due to historic eastern bloc support for their independence and other factors.

Best case would be basically Galicia, Catalonia and maybe the Basque's splitting off and electing genuine-SocDem, Uto*ianoid-socialist governments and the Catalans get to keep Madrid and grenada as their personal right-wing Neo-Falange VOX israel cocksucking safe-space.


*Castilians get to keep madrid.


You must be dreaming if you think ERC are in any way "uncucked".
The point is to defuse social unrest by channeling it into pointless identity politics.
Galicia has historically been conservative due to the way land is distributed (small plots passed down). Nowadays it is a bastion for PP.


You unironically say “scientific management of human behavior” and straw man people as saying the alternative is the modern prison system.

Cut off your bits and bleed out.


File: 1613492185825.jpg (227.63 KB, 575x749, k-arl-marx-dialectics.jpg)

Those are the alternatives, outside of your utopian fantasy world which nobody but you gives a shit about. Be like the first quote. Deal with the forces you have instead of trying to "science" your idealism into reality.

File: 1613391088023.png (50.11 KB, 360x450, Georgism-2.png)


What are your thoughts on Georgism?
Do you agree with a land value tax?
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It's a dead ideology


Georgism was a real ideology in the late 19tth and early 20th centuries


isnt Singapore modern proof something like this is possible?


Tell me more, what's the situation in Singapore?


another larp like market socialism that no one takes seriously anymore

File: 1613244461597.jpg (980.07 KB, 1024x768, 1950s-jackson-pollock-pain….jpg)


Is there a material explanation for trends such as abstract art, concept art, slam poetry, etc?
Conservatives love to talk about the decay of art, although I think most of them really just use the supposed fall of aesthetic quality as an excuse to attack what really bothers them, which is liberal values in mainstream art. They tend to blame this decay on things such as cultural Marxism, relativism, etc, the kinds of vague nefarious forces they think we need social conservatism to oppose.
This is such a favorite attack point for right-wingers in general that it makes me think leftists ought to be able to offer an alternative explanation. I think it's easy to explain how capitalism is responsible for all the homogenized Marvel and Netflix shit in popular entertainment, but I'm curious about trends in the "higher" arts. Most people find it difficult to see value in abstractionism or minimalism yet to the extent that there is a mainstream in eg painting modern art seems to thoroughly dominate it. Why?
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If a piece of art has to be explained before it makes sense, it is bad at being art.


and this is the logic spiral modern art falls under.
the mere explanation of the artwork replaces any meaning a viewer would come up with on their own, which in a sense, has become the art.


>I find it to be bad art.
Okay. go look at something else.


niggas say this and then read the didactics in the baroque sections of their local art museums; fucken clowns


File: 1613462487407.jpg (31.37 KB, 304x500, Futurism-and-politics.jpg)

I was looking for new books to buy and came across this. Anyone read it?
>"Futurism was the state of the Fascist regime" - this is the view one encounters in most books written on Futurist art and literature. Whilst there can be no doubt about Futurist involvement with the founding of the fascist movement, little is known about the internal relationship between Futurists and Fascists in the years 1918-22, nor about the reasons for the Futurists' departure from the Fascist movement in 1920, or about Futurist opposition to (and even armed struggle against) the Fascist regime after 1924. Whilst the public documents testifying to Futurist support of Mussolini are well known, little has been written about Futurist anti-fascism camouflaged as official adherence to the regime. This study, based primarily on unknown or unpublished documents discovered in state archives and private collections, presents a new andfar more complex picture of the relationship of the two movements than has previously been shown by critics and historians. Günter Berghaus received his Ph.D. in Theatre Studies and his Habilitation from the Free University of Berlin; he taught at the University of London and now holds a Readership in Theatre History and Performance Studies at the University of Bristol.

File: 1613144635183.jpeg (9.99 KB, 189x266, images (35).jpeg)


Starting a revolution would be easy.
Just free the prisoners.
It worked for spartacus, he almost overthrew rome.
There's like 2 million prisoners in the US or even more. Thats a good chunk.
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A lot of people also seem to be under the illusion that when you get out (if you get out), youre free and back to square one. Not at all. Look up Correctional Supervision. If you do get out, you're functionally no longer a citizen, your job and housing prospects are far worse than they were before, and you are usually so closely monitored that stepping a toe out of line can get you thrown right back into prison.

Comparing ancient prisoners and slaves to modern industrial-bureaucratic prison systems is like comparing a water wheel to a nuclear power plant.


>idealistic people are incorrect therefore I can ignore them
They also constitute the vast majority of human life. If you were really concerned with solving the class problem, you would step out of your literary circle jerk and examine those grotty "subjective" factors that determine more than you ever will.


File: 1613338427677.png (460.35 KB, 986x553, 1611139513736.png)

Yeah that is true, but, I don't see how that matters, though. Lumpenization of the prison population (really one and the same) only bolsters my position more because lumpens are totally incapable of becoming revolutionary subjects for one reason or another. It's hard to be revolutionary when you are trying to avoid getting stabbed on the street or looking for your next fix, or, again, constantly going in and out of the prision system. The best we can hope for is black uprisings, but, even those are doomed lest they have a material analysis and class awareness to them.

This kind of shit is so pointless. Just shut the fuck up and stop being so hostile and cancerous to the board. No shit the majority of people don't think that way, but, you aren't those people. You are here and therefore you thinking that way is stupid. Get over yourself, anon.


How is materialism incompatible with vengeance?
Vengeance is due to someone making you suffer and you wanting to make them suffer in return. Its pretty straightforward.


The US government will have the potential to be overthrown the moment the majority of the population stops believing in its legitimacy.

This is more true today than it ever has been, but the MAGA crowd believes in America, and the liberals do to, and want to return to the 90s basically, pre-Trump, pre-2008, pre-911. Both want to return to something that never really existed.

File: 1612828018942.jpg (25.91 KB, 605x340, original.jpg)


Is the harm done regarding climate change irreversible by now? We have not done enough and it looks like we will still not do enough to effectively combat climate change. I'm just wondering, hypothetically, if humans died off (for whatever reason) in 2050, could Earth recover?
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People will just cultivate their crops in hydroponic buildings instead.
Then we'll be finally be able to get rid of the distinction between city and country which karl marx was obsessed about for some reason.
I don't know what will happen to the fish though.


anchored for being the millionth billionth doomer thread lately


on earth's timescale, whatever effect we could have in meaningless. carbon levels would eventually stablize over a few million years at most, which in earth time is basically a blip. life will go on- of course, that doesnt mean that we shouldnt try to survive. But if what you're worried about is our effect on life permenantly, you are simply giving our species too much credit. Our big brains are capable of incredible things, but all of those things will be impermenant.


Meh, humans won't ever die from climate change.
The rich will just go to the best places on the planet, afford to live in luxury while the rest of the world starves and drowns and burns. They'll be able to support themselves just fine.
That is, assuming the population doesn't naturally level off at around 10 billion and the whole world becomes Japan


File: 1614667475595.jpg (33.98 KB, 386x410, QyYAr.jpg)

You will never be a real women with a real zpusy— SgfJEkCOKK

File: 1612845239895.png (544.26 KB, 700x525, 1612841163202.png)


>world's richest man is leader of a company that loses money and creates cars that kill you/rockets that blow up
>everything is costing more, massive inflation everywhere, but government says there's no inflation
>no jobs, no houses, only choice to live for most people is doing gig-shit
>stock market and crypto constantly pushing ATHs because of massive money printing and speculator frenzy

how will the party end?
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A big war. That's the only way capitalism digs its way out of these things. Toss away all the poor people.


Government debt doesn't even make sense as a construct anymore in a world where we're no longer operating on the gold standard and monarchs had no credit to borrow from merchant guilds. Today the banks are desperate for token assets to lend against and governments in the developed world are the de facto standard for creditworthiness.


>worlds richest man
Tesla's a fucking bubble and every normal knows this, when will you faglets stop stroking him off?


It's not a bubble if public finance is going to keep it pumping forever ala Japan.


I don't like this fella

File: 1613432643787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.46 KB, 715x715, 20210215_150338.jpg)


I recently had the idea that we should use the focus on black lives matter to bring attention to flaws of capitalism, we should make infographics in the style of protest art that talk about things like France's exploitative relationship with African countries, wealth extraction, the gulf states still having slavery, black people in Libya being sold in open air slave markets when they previously had it good under Gaddafi. Sneak in the leftist vegetables in the junk food of idol. We could reach a quite a few people with short easily spreadable images with these ideas.
We should also come up with ideas to reach other demographics that can be radicalized, despondent Berniekrats, people who are anxious about ecological damage, alienated, atomized individuals. People suffering from economic conditions and more. Come up with ideas and agitprop in this thread

File: 1613416954665.jpg (47.7 KB, 432x444, 0ffe51c37f72ebe31b93f803ad….jpg)


Why doesn't this idea get more traction? Organizations like the CIA, the NSA, us army, etc. Have done far, far, far more damage to the world that the US police. The police have beat black people? The CIA has literally had death squads murder brown people who objected to their nations oil being siphoned off by Exxon Mobil. The police monitor and surveil minority neighborhoods? The FBI wiretapped MLK and did everything they could to undermine Civil Rights and the anti war protests.

They literally do every bad thing the police does, but on a bigger scale, with a bigger budget, more high tech gear, and across the world instead of just burgerland?

Shouldn't a principled "defund the police" person also say defund the CIA/FBI? yet you have people who said ACAB like 6 months ago now simping for the fucking FBI.
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File: 1613431353550.jpg (47.7 KB, 432x444, 0ffe51c37f72ebe31b93f803ad….jpg)

second this, blaming IDPOL is stupidpol tier and not materialist at all. Their idea of materialism is just shitting on idpol, like blaming idpol as being idealist instead of explaining why it came about to begin with


I wonder if there is anyway someone could pit the police against the Feds (CIA/NSA/Army/etc)


File: 1613431850124.jpeg (1.46 MB, 2362x1600, 1B5C702F-10BB-416B-8478-1….jpeg)

A materialist explanation might go thusly
The power of US capital, largely from its inception, has rested on its military, this greatly intensified with the Second World War and Cold War to a point that the US military became a major employer and major source of industrial development for US society, alongside this was the US’s rise to the status as the leader of capitalist imperialism which of course rested on their military power by necessity; with the dollar being made the key weapon of US domination and the military the justification, the two formed a necessarily incestuous relationship such that American dollars build up the military while the military upholds the dollar. As America declines this relationship cannot be undone but in fact must intensify if America wishes to keep its spot as the unquestioned ruler of the world; as such there can be NO discussion among those with power about seriously defunding the military, especially now that said military is explicitly preparing for an armed confrontation with China, an incredibly powerful nation in its own right that is nearing economic, geopolitical, and military parity.

Idpol is not at all needed to explain this, fucking hell


I think it's good you're trying to do a materialist explanation, but I'm not sure that really explains why ordinary Americans, as opposed to American elites, pay little attention to the US military.


It’s simple as fuck why Americans don’t care
They believe their military keeps them safe
They like having the most powerful military in the world because it means they’ll be safe from any foreign attack while in the homeland
And they’re also propagandized via films, television, and video games to see the US military as superheroes
The Avengers is unironically how the US military portrays itself
And remember, the USM also isn’t like, say, the British Empire or the Wehrmacht, they don’t push propaganda saying that the people they invade and murder are subhuman savage monsters; instead they say that they’re actually going to save and liberate people and aren’t planning on harming a single civilian
And to back this up in the minds of the public, the USM regularly releases video footage of themselves doing things like handing out candies to children in occupied countries, building hospitals, going around giving kids high fives, being kindly with elders and shit
Remember, when the US military invaded Iraq in 2003 they told the American people that the Iraqis would join them in a revolution and thank them for deposing Saddam Hussein

And public perception more or less turned against the war with the start of the Iraqi Insurgency

So the answer isn’t that people are distracted by “Muh gay, trans, black drone pilot”, rather they just have sophisticated propaganda introduced to them; like, hypothetically if the USM actually WAS just doing the shit they claim for the public they actually WOULDN’T be evil; you really can’t say that with the British imperial military or the armies of Nazi Germany

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