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File: 1675452539174.png (149.25 KB, 420x348, anglo.png)

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>By the end of next year, the average British family will be less well off than the average Slovenian one, according to a recent analysis by John Burn-Murdoch at The Financial Times; by the end of this decade, the average British family will have a lower standard of living than the average Polish one.
On the campaign trail and in office, promising a new prosperity, Boris Johnson used to talk incessantly about “leveling up.” But the last dozen years of uninterrupted Tory rule have produced, in economic terms, something much more like a national flatlining. In a 2020 academic analysis by Nicholas Crafts and Terence C. Mills, recently publicized by the economic historian Adam Tooze, the two economists asked whether the ongoing slowdown in British productivity was unprecedented. Their answer: not quite, but that it was certainly the worst in the last 250 years, since the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Which is to say: To find a fitting analogue to the British economic experience of the last decade, you have to reach back to a time before the arrival of any significant growth at all, to a period governed much more by Malthusianism, subsistence-level poverty and a nearly flat economic future. By all accounts, things have gotten worse since their paper was published. According to “Stagnation Nation,” a recent report by a think tank, there are eight million young Brits in the work force today who have not experienced sustained wage growth at all.

<Over the past several decades, the China boom and then the world’s populist turn have upended one of the basic promises of post-Cold War geopolitics: that free trade would not just bring predictable prosperity but also draw countries into closer political consensus around something like Anglo-American market liberalism. The experience of Britain over the same period suggests another fly in the end-of-history ointment, undermining a separate supposition of that era, which lives on in zombie form in ours: that convergence meant that rich and well-​governed countries would stay that way.

>It was of course not that long ago that American liberals looked with envy at the British system — admiring the speed of national elections, and the way that new governing coalitions always seemed able to get things done. Post-Brexit, both the outlook for Britain and the quality of its politics look very different, a
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honestly ireland has a pretty good economy. If you cant make it all the way there then try going to northern ireland at least since that has the best economy in the UK ATM


>try going to northern ireland at least since that has the best economy in the UK ATM

how the turntables…


>what color were they?
It is more to do with politics than race anon. They really care when you have political stuff on record.



what do you mean "on record" like getting arrested for protesting?

File: 1682788557558.jpg (578.78 KB, 733x1100, PP056.jpg)


Belfast trade union rally: Plea for politicians to return to government
Members of trade unions in Northern Ireland marched from Writer's Square to City Hall in a call for better workers rights, pay and conditions. Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), spoke at the event. He said Northern Ireland's politicians need to get back into government.

Ministers set to impose NHS pay deal on staff despite opposition of unions
Both the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Unite unions continue to oppose the deal offered to NHS workers, after protracted negotiations that have led to strikes and hampered attempts to shorten waiting lists. All 12 unions involved in the talks will gather on Tuesday to vote on whether to accept an improved deal covering the last two years.

Greenpeace Activists Scale Belgian LNG Terminal to Demand End to US Imports
Expressing solidarity with people in frontline communities where the fossil fuel industry has for decades polluted the air and water and exposed millions of people to public safety risks, nearly two dozen campaigners with Greenpeace Belgium on Saturday entered the liquefied natural gas terminal of energy infrastructure company Fluxys in Zeebrugge, to demand an end to European imports of LNG from the United States.

German police union boss calls for crackdown on growing climate protests
Police representatives, members of the judiciary and politicians in Germany are calling for harsher penalties for climate activists, including preventive detention and longer prison terms, in an effort to halt their disruptive protests. This week has seen the most intense protests yet by the campaign group Letzte Generation (Last GenePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The “Pro-Israel” Smear Campaign to Cancel a Global Charity
A nonprofit think tank that serves as a fiscal sponsor for hundreds of progressive causes around the world was recently severed from access to vital financial services due to its support of a French NGO working on Palestinian issues. In February, the Alliance for Global Justice, or AFGJ, issued a statement announcing that the company that handled its credit card transactions had blocked its ability to process donations. The move came after a “pro-Israel” group accused one of the organizations sponsored by AFGIJ, the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, of serving as something of a front for a leftist Palestinian militant group that is designated by the State Department as a terrorist organization.

Tesla indeed violated labor laws in Florida, US labor board rules
Tesla violated national labor laws by suppressing employees at its Orlando, Florida, service center from discussing pay and bringing up grievances on working conditions, a US labor judge ruled on Wednesday (PDF). The decision comes after the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) accused Tesla of instructing its employees to refrain from discussing the hiring, suspension, and termination of employees last year. Tesla has now been ordered by the judge to cease and desist from continuing to violate labor law. As pointed out in an email from NLRB press secretary Kayla Blado to The Verge, Tesla must post multi-lingual notices of the ruling around the Orlando facility in areas where it would normally post notices. The automaker will also have to mail it out to all current employees at the facility and former ones who were actively employed there on or after December 13th, 2021.

Florida GOP Passes Bill to Undermine Unions for Public Employees – Except Cops
The bill, which passed the state Senate last month and is headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s desk, takes direct aim at public sector unions’ Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


As Rail Profits Soar, Blocked Crossings Force Kids to Crawl Under Trains to Get to School
News accounts chronicle horror stories: Ambulances can’t reach patients before they die or get them to the hospital in time. Fire trucks can’t get through and house fires blaze out of control. Pedestrians trying to cut through trains have been disfigured, dismembered and killed; when one train abruptly began moving, an Iowa woman was dragged underneath until it stripped almost all of the skin from the back of her body; a Pennsylvania teenager lost her leg hopping between rail cars as she rushed home to get ready for prom. In Hammond, the hulking trains of Norfolk Southern regularly force parents, kids and caretakers into an exhausting gamble: How much should they risk to get to school? The trains, which can stretch across five or six intersections at a time in this working-class suburb of 77,000, prevent students and teachers from getting to school in the morning. Teachers must watch multiple classrooms while their colleagues wait at crossings; kids sit on school buses as they meander the streets of an entirely different city to be dropped off a half-hour late. Brandi Odom, a seventh grade teacher, estimates that at least half her class is delayed by trains multiple times a week.

Tales of Resistance: Memories, Present and Future
I recently read that some twenty years ago President Hugo Chávez launched the National System of Missions, a series of social programs in several areas including food, education, housing and healthcare. It was a multi-pronged offensive to pay back the “social debt.” This got me recalling how many years ago, when I was 23 years old and fresh out of university, I taught in Mission Robinson II. This was a program meant to give people a sixth-grade education. I had students both from Robinson I (literacy and early primary school) as well as those over 15 who, for one reason or another, did not get the chance to finish their primary schooling. Those evening classes, held in a giant Caracas school called “Gran Colombia” to make it even more romantic (1), shook all my social sensibility fibers. I, and all the other instructors, were dead set on ensuring that everyone Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




File: 1682817294912.gif (2.94 MB, 208x270, 1682662846909211.gif)

Thanks News Anon

File: 1682778882121.jpeg (412.77 KB, 1200x1200, 28583.jpeg)


How much of an issue is the whole thing about an aging population and not enough children being born an issue? The way it's argued is this, a country that's advanced or developed would inevitably have a lower birth rate and a country with a stronger social welfare would have more "idle" old people which means a smaller pool of people to tax and therefore a larger burden on younger populations and less money to spend on social welfare so nations sometimes either "tighten their belts" or import immigrants to make up for the loss in tax revenue because of a large "idle" population.

So my question is, how legitimate is this issue? Is it pure propaganda to cut social spending or is it something more fundamental?
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Syndies were a colossal mistake.


Why do they always misinterpret what Marx and Engels were saying about the family?


>How much of an issue is the whole thing about an aging population and not enough children being born an issue?
Like the "labour shortage" grift in general, its all liberal framing from a market perspective. There is no aging problem. There is no labour shortage. There is only unplanned economics and the endless need to grow forever.
If we had a planned economy, we would take stock of the available workhours, resources, and wishes, and come up with a plan compromising until we were satisfied.
The labour shortage and aging problem is just a grift to increase the working population by raising the retirement age, opening borders to bring in cheap labour to undercut domestic labour for increased profits in industries that have or are fundamentally unprofitable at non-starvation wages.


Except this is wrong. Welfare leads to massive government expenditures that are unsustainable with a large old population living off social security. If a socialist country with all the benefits of welfare had a ton of old people living off welfare after they retired then it would cause a soon to be collapse of the entire nation because having to sustain so many old people is untenable. Even socialists realize this huge problem. It's a massive problem by the very existence of industrialization. Higher living standards+welfare=lower birth rates=lower productivity=idleness=collapse.


Old people arent a problem as long as we hook them into a hivemind that collects their experience and enables them to communicate with eachother and the rest of the world forever as long as it has electricity because nobody will have to deal with the husks of their frail elderly dementia-ridden mortal bodies anymore. People should systematically be hooked into such a system upon reaching an age where they are no longer physically useful

File: 1671947521741.png (1.87 MB, 925x1840, ClipboardImage.png)

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Is korean culture really as fucked up as manhwa makes it look? there hasn't been a single korean comic that I've read, regardless of genre, where korea isn't depicted as the worst shithole imaginable with seemingly the worst aspects of western and eastern cultures
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But Americans don’t have bean-shaped heads


what are you talking about?


Look up “cal arts style”


She's going to stab him to death.


File: 1682791009893.png (71.12 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

well "my life as a loser" ended, it had all the designated good characters being fabulously wealthy business owners and influencers and the bad guys end up working at subway(I'm not making this shit up)
I get wanting to be comfortable but what is this obsession with being a rich internet celebrity, say what you wanna say about Japan but I have never read a Japanese martial arts series which rides so hard on the concept of being a millionaire celebrity


Someone in the Nietzsche thread mentioned how violence has continuously decreased. I find that dubious. Just as dubious as the claim that people have been continuously raised out of poverty over the past decades. Does anyone have any sources or arguments to debunk their claim? The low violence (if that claim is even true) would be rather attributable to the hegemonic position of the Western world that merely needs to be maintained after acquiring a position of power and after having the inter-imperialist world wars behind us.
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I think we need more violence not less



I don‘t see how this is related to the thread but I am always happy to see something that makes Pinker look bad.


From what teachers are claiming I think violent crimes may spike due to childhood smartphone usage


Or maybe you could admit that positive trends do occur within capitalist societies, and the fact that not everything is always getting worse is not some worldview-shattering disaster that must be "debunked" as untruth?


Nearly 90 officials from Lula’s government security cabinet were dismissed
The acting minister of Brazil's Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI), Ricardo Cappelli, dismissed almost 90 officials in the last 48 hours following their failure to act against radicals who rioted against President Lula da Silva on January 8 in Brasilia. "Continuing with the renewal of the cadre of GSI officials, I authorized the dismissal of 58 other officials."

Colombian Government Denies Ceasefire Resumption With Gulf Clan
“The ceasefire draft published in the media was drawn up some time ago. Our office keeps communication with two AGC facilitators. We made significant progress in our last meeting. However, to date, the bilateral ceasefire with them is still suspended," he explained. Formed in 2006, the AGC mainly dedicates to drug trafficking, extortion, and illegal mining activities. It has about 9,000 members who operate in 14 out of 32 departments.

Luc Triangle appointed acting general secretary of ITUC following Visentini's fall from grace
LUC TRIANGLE has been appointed acting general secretary of the International Trades Union Congress (ITUC), after predecessor Luca Visentini was sacked for taking money from suspects in the European Parliament’s Qatargate sleaze scandal. Mr Triangle leads the IndustriALL global union federation and has worked in the labour movement since the early 1980s, starting out in the youth section of Belgium’s ACV-CSC federation. He has contributed articles to the Morning Star.
https://morninPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Fed Says It Failed to Act on Problems That Led to Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
The Federal Reserve’s banking supervisors failed to take forceful action to address growing problems at Silicon Valley Bank before it collapsed last month, the central bank’s top regulator said, signaling a broad push to toughen rules on the industry. Michael Barr, the Fed’s vice chair for supervision, said supervisors didn’t fully appreciate the extent of the vulnerabilities as SVB grew in size and complexity. When supervisors did find risks, they didn’t take sufficient steps to ensure the firm fixed those problems quickly enough, he said in a report Friday.

U.S. officials lead urgent rescue talks for First Republic
U.S. officials are coordinating urgent talks to rescue First Republic Bank (FRC.N) as private-sector efforts led by the bank's advisers have yet to reach a deal, according to three sources familiar with the situation. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve are among government bodies that have in recent days started to orchestrate meetings with financial companies about putting together a solution for the troubled lender, the sources said.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, Progressives Jointly Call for U.S. Military to Leave Somalia
The alliance is the latest sign of an emerging bipartisan anti-war coalition in the House of Representatives that has found common ground on measures to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and end U.S. military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. “Warmongers in Congress still outnumber those who wish to end forever wars, but that will never undermine our determination to keep up this fight,” Gaetz told The Intercept. “Forcing a war pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Child labor returns to the United States: A society moving in reverse
This past week, the Iowa Senate advanced a bill which would dismantle many child labor restrictions in that state, expand the types of jobs that minors can legally work, extend the maximum length of shifts and allow businesses to employ them late at night. The bill was introduced in the Republican-controlled legislature on the grounds of “modernizing” Iowa’s child labor laws. In fact, it is the thin end of a wedge of a massive social regression. The United States, the world’s wealthiest country, never tires of lecturing others about “democracy” and “human rights.” But here, the barbaric practice of child labor, once thought to be consigned to the dustbin of history, at least in the advanced industrialized countries, is back. In the 1800s, the capitalists justified the exploitation of child labor on the grounds that it would “prevent the habitual idleness and degeneracy” and teach “habits of industry,” as one study said. Today, virtually identical arguments are being made to justify the rollback of child labor laws. “That’s good experience,” Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said earlier this month. “You know, it teaches the kids a lot, and if they have the time to do it and they want to earn some additional money, I don’t think we should discourage that.”

A History of Internationalism: The Kurdish Struggle and the Palestinian Movement
The PKK exists today only because the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), a now-obscure Palestinian force, agreed to shelter some Kurdish exiles in the 1980s. That experience in the Palestinian camps permanently affected the worldview of the PKK’s founding generation. Not only did the PKK learn how to fight a guerrilla war, it also walked away with a strong sense of internationalism. In fact, some of the PKK’s founding figures spent time in an Israeli detention camp as prisoners of war. Old issues of the party magazine Serxwebun tell the remarkable story of the “Beaufort Castle Heroes,” a group of Kurds who had been training at a Palestinian base in Lebanon when they were captured by Israeli forces in June 1982. (Serxwebun means “independence” in Kurdish.) New Lines is reporting much of their story in EnglisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thank u based news anon, the most based poster on this website


File: 1682734142915.png (117.47 KB, 369x340, 1682669721888186.png)


Thanks News Anon


The PCV recently posted a PDF showing how the PSUV has attacked the party.
>Diosdado Cabello, vice-president of the PSUV, dedicates sections of his weekly television program, which is broadcast on the state channel, to attack the PCV and repeat the discourse of alleged subordination of the PCV to the plans of imperialism (appendix 2).
> One of the letters mentioned by Mr. Cabello in his TV programs was leaked. It is a letter dated September 2022 (appendix 3) and as can be read in its contents, its authors pretend to be members of the PCV and request that Diosdado Cabello take actions to intervene into the PCV. That is to say, these supposed members ask the PSUV to ignore the Law of Political Parties, the democratic rights of the PCV, its by-laws and internal democracy, in order to "rescue" it. As we have shown in detail (appendix 4), the people who sign this letter are not PCV members, the main ringleader is a high official of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in a municipality of the State of Monagas and most of them are recognized active members of the PSUV.
>… and that the PSUV, in addition to providing logistical and financial support, is also providing assistance with the mobilization of members of their organization and public officials to fill the events organized by the mercenaries. In this activity, the mercenaries exposed the plan of the PSUV leadership: "to promote all the necessary legal actions to achieve the rescue of the PCV, its control and direction…" by this group of PSUV mercenaries who call themselves "the grassroots of the PCV" and the call for a supposed national event in the month of May (appendix 8).

Seeing how much the PSUV has put into attacking the party while continuing to negotiate with the right opposition is it fair to say that the PCV and the Popular Revolutionary Alternative is now seen as a credible threat to the socdem's hegemony in Venezuela?
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also, if they even exhausted the legal means, they are equally the same as the retarded opposition that screams corruption everywhere, but never goes and initiates a process, never. only with the objective of eroding the state and sparking more violence.


NTA but a key difference is that snowden and assange didn't expose what, from a marxist perspective, was corruption, but the normal functioning of the US. here, on the other hand, what is supposedly denounced here is actual corruption: particular officials diverting money from state enterprises and going against the system
this difference is important because, while it wouldn't have made sense for snowden or assange to try to use institutional channels, here the situation is different. as you can see (and check yourself) from >>1447648 they never even tried taking their accusations and "evidence" to a judge


>who says is corruption
The government themselves my man. ( https://venezuelanalysis.com/news/15734 ) ( https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Venezuelan-Police-Files-In-Court-13-Officers-Over-Corruption-20230405-0004.html )
You act like only western news is reporting on corruption in the nation when pro Venezuelan websites are also talking about it. These people who got exposed where entrusted to help the country get much needed resources and instead of doing that they skimped chunks off the top. Everyone but the hard right wants sanctions gone and are ok with people working to evade them, that's not what is going on here. These people used their connections in the PSUV and positions in government to enrich themselves at the expense of the nation.

>a key difference is that snowden and assange didn't expose what, from a marxist perspective, was corruption, but the normal functioning of the US.
Is what happened to Aryenis and Alfredo not also the normal functioning of the social democratic (Still capitalist) state in Venezuela? You can't switch to viewing things in marxist perspective to a bourgeois legalistic perspective.


>The government themselves my man
this are they own work, nothing related to the couple I mentioned above. PCV is lying, and as I said, figuera has kidnapped the party.


>You can't switch to …
I didn't. in one case the problem systematic, in the other it is a contingency, and thus can be addressed though institutional channels
you might have a different opinion, but the fact is that they didn't even try. not a single official complaint. instead, they went with the most well-known supporters of venezuelan state enterprises: the international bourgeois press. who, I'm sure, will promptly investigate the presented evidence and reach a fair and unbiased verdict on the matter

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>4chan traffic at an all-time low
>"Generation Zyklon" meme failed miserably and zoomers are even more left-wing than millenials
>Conservatives losing elections the world over as the center-right was replaced by a bunch of extremist lunatics, nearly all American countries have liberal or leftist and Europe isn't too far behind
Why did they fail so badly?
575 posts and 137 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1682672494701.jpg (43.23 KB, 500x483, 265-429471065.jpg)

speaking of autism this meme format has to be the most autistic of all time
I was just trying to get a template, the amount of completely out there shit is next level


Sure if you are too lazy/stupid to read all the political-historical-social-economic theory and research to understand how the global economy has been consolidated under the control of a plutocracy and their defense state pals. Anti-semitism just supplants an actual understanding of the world with a nonsense racial theory instead which is nothing more than a bite-sized meme at this point; it’s the /pol/tards gambit that’s only useful application is pointing Larry Fink is a Jew while ignoring every WASP and other goy in the history of finance and banking.


How was this post samefagging or an astroturf attempt? Did you get your IPs mixed up, because this post was mine, and I didn't make the other one.


This is something that would happen in my nightmares. I cand stand the idea of my search history being read out like that in court, even if its nowhere near as bad as this guys.


File: 1682720832659.gif (51.21 KB, 220x208, peepshow-jerking.gif)

>the coof lockdowns and authoritarianism and fascist policies

File: 1682096554934.jpg (16.27 KB, 474x266, th-1419111874.jpg)


We should join the glowie organizations before they join ours, and then make their organizations effectively useless.

We can even divide them by arguing about their theory, like can a child consent
56 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


she went to boot camp, it still counts



File: 1682670764904.jpg (52.56 KB, 544x544, Identititäter.jpg)

Sorry I shouldn't have made that post


Look guys, feds aren't unironically posting on /leftypol/, but if you really want them to come here, posts like this saying shit like "let's infiltrate the feds just like the Church of Scientology!" are a great way to bait it into reality.


He should’ve overthrown trump

File: 1681969218323.png (229.71 KB, 474x317, ClipboardImage.png)

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>According to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the couple were abducted in Eastern Visayas alongside a local party committee by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the afternoon
>The CPP says the Tiamzons were with eight others when they were killed. It claims they were unarmed, held captive by AFP troops and were tortured.
>According to the information gathered by the Central Committee, the Tiamzons suffered severe beating in the hands of their captors. Internal reports cited witnesses who saw how the faces and bodies of the victims were smashed, apparently beaten with hard objects.
>The CPP disputes the AFP's version of the killing of the Tiamzons, which claimed they were killed after their boat exploded. The CPP says this was "all a drama … to hide all evidence of the ignominy of their fascist crime".
>In truth, the already lifeless bodies of the Tiamzons and their group were dumped on a motorboat filled with explosives, and tugged from Catbalogan midway towards Taranganan island before it was detonated
>The CPP says it took them months to confirm the deaths of the Tiamzons as it had to investigate and piece together details of the capture and "massacre" of their top leaders and the eight other rebels.

Article: https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2023/04/20/2260347/cpp-confirms-deaths-top-leaders-tiamzons-claims-they-were-tortured-and-killed
Official Party Statement by the Central Committee (in filipino): https://philippinerevolution.nu/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/20230420pi.pdf

Labanan ang pinaigting na imperyalistang pang-aapi laban sa mamamayang Pilipino!
Magiting na isulong ang digmang bayan para sa tunay na kalayaan at demokrasya!
Palagablabin at ikalat ang apoy ng digmang bayan!
Mabuhay ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan!
Mabuhay ang Partido Komunista ng PPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
139 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>Anon, neoliberalism is collapsing?
lit af
I just dont understand why some """"multipolarists""" get so upset if you point out dirigsme with decent foreign policy aren't socialist, like I want ukraine too lose and the west to fall as much as the next guy but if you claim russia or syria is socialists thats just silly


bruh he just talking about basic ass marxist talking points ur wierd for somehow getting offended by that


>>1447825 (im dat anon :3)
Even when people say weird creepy shit or act so stupid it's not even funny, it's still just a random sample of between 6-1000 people. Doesn't really mean anything, this place is a kaleidoscope.


It was the same in Nepal. And over there the Maoists won. Hopefully victory will come to the CPP.


refer to vidrel for a quick introduction on how their operations are like on the countryside
probably not relevant unless you yourself are filipino and are interested in how the local working class movement is like

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