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I wanna make a thread about military strategy for revolutionaries
How the actual fuck do we defeat the US military and its allies in the 21st Century? I’ve been reading picrel and…holy fuck the empire has a pretty good plan to revolutionize their military actually. Basically the US is planning on making their military even more high tech than it already is, so far they plan to produce
>Drone swarms (already completed)
>High tech soldiers (partially completed)
>An integrated advanced global communications architecture (already completed and constantly updated)
>Fucking super soldiers (WiP)
>Bio-signature surveillance
>Genetically engineered artificial organisms for military purposes (think new animals, new diseases, etc.)
>Integrated space combat systems (WiP)
This is on top of what they already have including the world’s greatest air power, insane naval power, and nukes

What the actual fuck is our strategy, especially if America goes full end seig?
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Fascism won't come to america because Labor is effectively dead here. Outside of Delta Airlines Starbucks, and Amazon–none of which are unionizing at the production level.


This Felin system is build for the FAMAS. It leaves me very confused because i read this also:
In 2017, the French armed forces began the retirement of the FAMAS in favor of the German-made HK 416 rifle.


>FAMAS retired
Terrorists win


golly gee, how *do* you win in an electrified society where everything is controlled by computers as bankers, attorneys and the government doesn't know how to use a flash drive

I, for one, am totally stumped guise!


it's amazing how much larger soldiers have grown over time



What does it mean that Sinn Fein now holds the largest number of seats in the Northern Irish parliament? What is the likelihood of reunification? What do you think of the IRA? Just what in the hell is going on here, and what are the implications for geopolitics, hibernian politics, bong politics, and leftist movements generally?
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ireland is part of the semi-periphery chvd, you just outed yourself as an ultra, a pmc, and an imperialist social-fascist at the same time


>ultra, a pmc, and an imperialist social-fascist
It would be impressive enough to be one imaginary thing, but three…!


>libs hate brexit, vote to stay in EU means voting for Republicanism
It's 4D chess!


He’s a seppo retard pretending to be Irish I’m guessing .


excellent shitpost


Or will like Turkey be kicked out or something idk lol
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File: 1655035078536.png (58.93 KB, 960x720, Turkey inflation.png)

Hes an traditionalist/islamist.

Pic related why hes talking shit about Greece and is planning to invade Syria. He needs external enemies because Turkish economy is going down the shitter.


All the Turks I've met are quite friendly.
All the Greeks I met end up being schizos.


What are the chances of communists doing well in the ensuing unrest outside of the usual Kurdish regions? I know they have a large amount of communist groups but I don't know the locations of them.


File: 1655038278405.jpg (87.19 KB, 958x598, noor-one.jpg)

<he cant handle greek conspiracy theory culture, simply calling all schizos instead
cope defined.


Grillpilled is here admitting to be the obvious Baltic natoid that he is. Why didn't NATO invasions stop after the West lost its peer competitor? Either they are Thomas Hobbes' sovereign and those wars/invasions were empty aggressions and you and Hobbes were wrong about unipolarity stopping wars, or, they did not yet have unipolarity and it still requires many wars for them to have military bases in every country, in which case the world is already still multipolar and the West just can't admit it. Either way, the wars will not stop and the Western project of civilizing the savages will never be completed.

File: 1652248081308.jpg (387.08 KB, 2048x1152, 1938-World-Cup-151418559.jpg)


Are sports a nationalist propaganda? Talking about national sports, not niche sports like MMA, say. I've noticed that in bourgeois nationalist states basic things like education and healthcare may get a shitty financing but the sports and the military always get as much money as they need. Heck, even Nazi Germany invested in sports and had its own sports teams. And the audience doesn't watch national sports because they genuinely enjny watching sports. They watch it because they root for their "team," which fuels the nationalist sentiments even further. What do you think?
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File: 1655069732236.webm (348.35 KB, 548x360, Lucario Is Ballin'.webm)

While they aren't inherently so, sports can certainly function as nationalist propaganda and have had a major role as such. Within sports theory/kines stuff, there are distinctions between "play", "games", "sports", and "athletics", with the modern form of "sports entertainment" being under the latter classification there. The main difference between "sports" and "athletics" are the purpose, pure sports are autotelic and completely voluntary, while athletics aren't always so, and they exist as a competition to test the physicality of the participants in various forms. Both Sports and Athletics have had their development

The main function of athletics under a capitalist society(outside of just profiting) is to further promote the ideals and belief of the ruling class upon the masses, like every other major form of media and institution. Corporate sports often alienate athletes from their own bodies, not just by turning people and their likeness into commodities, but by the way that modern athletics inherently focuses on the "winning" and "competition" part more than anything else. The body becomes a tool, a means to an end. Horrifyingly enough, this is often the most severe in combat sports, with all their weight-cutting shenanigans and shady promoter bullshit going on. While PEDs are "banned", finding any possible way to get an edge over everyone else is made into an incentive for profit, both for the athlete and for the sports industry at large, which is worth billions. TRTitor in the early 2010s is a prime example of how the name of the game is finding loopholes n shit.

Sports in relation to the spectator are an opiate, functioning much like how other media, or even religions are under capitalism. Watching real madrid play on the TV or going out to a major league game is an escape from the bullshit of life for workers(going out to a game might be more petty-booj by now with how pricey it is). Major sports promotions and the entire ritual of going out to the game sells a narrative of hope and "hard work" to people. The NFL and NBA especially do this, enticing young proletarians with the dream of making it out of poverty by being the best in the sport. A huge part of people's enjoyment of sports is identification with the whole social ritual of them too; people attach to aspects of the competition and the athletes for all kinds oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>nooo you cant enjoy and get inspired by local teams achievements, thats bourgeois propaganda
>no fun allowed!
yall nerds need to walk away from your PCs and go play some football


But they didn't achieve anything. You win just as much from your opponent playing badly as your team playing well.

I don't have a problem with sports, I just find them boring. It is weird how obsessed some guys with them, but everyone has a hobby. Watching sports and sports statistics is kind of a lame hobby IMO.


modern sports began in the 19th century alongside nascent nationalism, and they’re always draped in flags and shit and you always have to hear about people cheering on “their” team (owned by some billionaire), so it’d be a massive coincidence if they weren’t


The only fighting game that I think is actually exciting to watch is Super Smash Bros Melee. I enjoy playing the more traditional combo based fighting games casually but tournament streams for them have nothing on watching Marth dunk people with the down-air.
>DOA, which is known for being horny mf simulator
It's a legit fighting game but the horny MFs are definitely the ones spending money on the DLC. Just look at this: https://store.steampowered.com/dlc/838380/DEAD_OR_ALIVE_6/

Two dollars a costume… PER GIRL. they don't even bother with the men If you want to play dress-up with all the girls then there are SEVERAL $80 season passes.


Why is the internet (outside of woke radlib spaces) so anti-communist and what can be done about it? Sometimes the class cuckery of the anglo-web makes me question the actual humanity of Anglodom (English-speaking European dominated countries)
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who’s “everyone”? only a small subset use it for any actual utility, anyways
the supposed cost of being on the internet over time is meaningless, there’s too many complex factors in that


>Sometimes the class cuckery of the anglo-web makes me question the actual humanity of Anglodom (English-speaking European dominated countries)

Are you really non-Anglo, though? Netto-uyoku has been for a long time and still is a huge phenomenon.


>Netto-uyoku have been described as a "new breed of neo-nationalists who interact almost entirely within their own cyber community, shut off from the rest of society" by Japanese critic and writer Furuya Tsunehira. Furuya further expounds "the average age of Japan's Internet right-wingers is around 40. Some 75% of them are male," Furuya further observes that although active on the web, they lack institutional political representation offline, leading to a sense of frustration and a tendency to be more active online and to back the far-right elements of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, especially those under the administration of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
reminds of a certain someplace..


File: 1655076038130-0.png (38.99 KB, 680x680, socialismdoneleft.png)

File: 1655076038130-1.gif (1 MB, 640x480, vaush2.gif)

>woke radlibs are anticommunist too


What do you mean by 'remind you'? How new are you? That's the original /pol/, hell even before /new/ it was a big deal and actually before 4chan existed lol.

File: 1655035511797.png (536.24 KB, 640x658, ClipboardImage.png)


Cumtown has done more to prevent right wing radicalization in America than every YouTube bread personality combined, and they are hated for it
can you fathom someone going from listening to Nick Mullen to being a Nick Fuentes fan or unironically listening to Ben Shapiro, does anyone actually believe please explain how a video essay that’s longer than the Irishman, made by the most “No Pussy Getting” Type guy imaginable in stupid costumes, is doing a better job making middle class failchildren not join the proud boys than Cumtown, they can talk to normies better then anyone on the left.
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>Also listening to actual cumtown episodes is autistic, the only way to consume that shit is through clips on youtube.
those clips on youtube are produced by autists who comb the hour long episodes for the best bits. salute our brave autists


capitalism produces people who are unable to distinguish between text and subtext, sincerity and irony, significance and coincidence, individuals and groups. However w/r/t antisemitism specifically, I think a lot of nazis feel gaslit. They comb the internet for infographics that tell them that certain groups, despite making up some insignificant minority % of the total number of people, disproportionately seem to engage in certain behaviors. With black people, it's conviction of crime. With Jewish people, it's involvement in media and politics. Leftists answer them "focus on the systems, not on these groups." and they feel as though their precious statistics haven't been refuted. Ignoring that they are often exaggerated or wrong, there is some truth to groups making up a disproportionate percentage. There's systemic explanations for this. For example, Jewish involvment in finance is explainable by medieval antisemitism disallowing Jews to hold "Christian" jobs, and pigeonholing them into unsavory jobs like tax collector or usurer, for which they were often lynched. This allowed the medieval king to financially oppress his people using court jews as scapegoats, while not actually breaking laws himself. Black conviction of crime is explainable by over-policing of poor neighborhoods, the legacy of slavery, segregation, redlining, and poor education, coupled with the justice system's tendency need to funnel unwanted demographics into a prison system that uses forced labor. But they aren't patient enough for these explanations because it is abstract, and requires themselves to humanize their perceived enemies and acknowledge past injustice.


Why would i want to be distance from my politics?
Why is being passionate cringe or whatever?
Fuck these retards. they make me ashamed to be a millennial if this is what people think of us tbqh.


>hey make me ashamed to be a millennial if this is what people think of us tbqh.

dont take yourself so seriously

but especially don't take "generational" politics seriously. there's no need to identify as a "millennial" let alone care what people think about "millenials"


File: 1654820057481.png (2.09 MB, 1472x704, ClipboardImage.png)

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Geopolitics General >>1004370

Cometh ye folks, cometh into the new age.
For previous threads, check >>>/leftypol_archive/


>N.B. liveuamap.com is not to be trusted, they mostly parrot Ministry of Defence, these others may not be better, check their reporting first




Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nobody cares about butthurt nationalist history. We don't think Ukrainian doesn't exist. We think the national revolution we encountered in 1917 turned reactionary as fuck far later into the development of capitalism and imperialism. We think that development is behind this crisis, especially once it stagnated and stopped crossing historical boundaries (as proven in east Ukraine), and that this fact is externalized through a form of anti-Russian race science. The proud national identity that stands in contrast to this fascist construction is mocked a lot, occasionally with chauvinism, but its existence is not denied.


File: 1655132655824.jpg (192.67 KB, 1231x1172, 1655127872016.jpg)

>you WILL sacrifice to protect liberal imperialism


File: 1655134207995.png (192.23 KB, 534x468, glowNATO.png)

You are not even remotely on the same level as them, King Glowie


File: 1655137326391.png (611.53 KB, 1132x753, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1654805444446-0.png (4.91 KB, 200x133, 314134124124.png)

File: 1654805444446-1.jpg (14.96 KB, 268x188, 10941904901490.jpg)


Was april revolution a coup? There are some maoists who supported the Taliban. Before the april coup there was another coup in 1973. I don't know the backstory of the events. Can someone redpill me?


I don't know anything about this. But I would appreciate any literataure recommendation about the socialist Afghanistan


Nope, 100% a revolution.


Anyone calling it a coup is a bourgeois swine.


What's the best critique of this man? His rigor from first principles seems pretty impenetrable and he also surprisingly has some pretty social democratic takes about social safety nets.
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Pretty much, basically that all governments that last and function will be monarchies in some form, whether it be to a despot or to some constitution, fuhrer, or "rule of law", they must at their core require the complete supremacy of the sovereign.

I haven't read Hobbes on "the Christian Commonwealth" later in the Leviathan but I hear he is saying that while a republic with several governments is theoretically possible, it will always be weaker and more vulnerable than a strong monarchy


File: 1655058220722-0.png (286.56 KB, 600x912, Grace Leviathan.png)

I regularly bring up Hobbes in my Royal Colony
Thread >>204808
I am partial to Hobbes simply because he was my first political read.

Many people doubt whether Hobbes had royalist sympathies, but Behemoth also convinced me he was a royalist and also inclined to Monarchy.

But he does say this:
>though I have endeavoured by arguments in my tenth Chapter to gain a belief in men, that Monarchy is the most commodious government (which one thing alone I confess in this whole book not to be demonstrated, but only probably stated) yet every where I expressly say, that in all kind of Government whatsoever, there ought to be a supreme and equal power.

Keep in mind, Hobbes calls it a sin to desire a State that isn't your own kind of State.

His political treatise was a universal political treatise like how Bodin talked about sovereignty for all states.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Grace-chan has arrived in the thread
Prepare for it to go to shit


Shut the fuck up.
good book!


File: 1655067171535-0.png (1.05 MB, 3000x3000, Grace 03.png)

File: 1655067171535-1.gif (452.1 KB, 498x498, touch-grass.gif)

As if I am here to stay in this thread.
If you excuse me, I am going outside to touch grass.

File: 1653352389452.jpg (184.95 KB, 900x675, FTdI528X0AE19dE.jpg)


I wonder where that weird period of 2014-2016 neo-reaction went or where it fits into the overall fash resurgence in the West. I remember seeing, like, "anarcho-monarchist" blogs and such back then alongside texts like Land's.
My guess is that it incidentally works a lot like other fash literature in presenting the movement with this veneer of intellectualism. Generating a vast library of voluminous material on the subject makes it appear deep and thoughtful.
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people on here love to be the genius solvers of all of the problems in The Left that no one had ever thought of before them


jesus fucking christ people, the US is the literal world leader, bar fucking none, by a thousand times over, in running glow ops, disrupting movements against capitalism, formenting and defusing discontent though any means necessary, the movement literally Occupy WALL STREET, gets undercut by fucking identity politics, ten years after the government botched the AIDS response so hard that they were being called deliberate mass murderers, and CoNvEnIeNtLy all the more radical anti-capitalist members of the Pride movement died to the disease in the 90's, and just CoNvEnIeNtLy all the people who picked up the flag of identity politics end up being these fucking corporate cock-suckers.
But no, it happening IN the country that BRAGGED THEIR GLOW OPS WRECKED THE FUCKING SOVIET UNION means that if you think this shit was anything other than americans being le dumbdumb indavidualists, you're just a schzo take ur meds xdddd


keep seething, Trot boi


>CEOs and boards of directors controlling city-states like their own little absolute monarchy is largely socialist
Read Moldbug. The idea of patchwork is interesting, but Moldbug represents the worst excess of the Californian ideology. 3/10 bait.

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